Warehouse X Review: A Very Dirty Version of Big Brother?

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Warehouse X offers access to 24/7 live feeds of real voyeur cams.

The concept is an interesting one: a huge facility has been custom-built where a bunch of people live and interact with one another erotically, like a very dirty version of Big Brother. The project has been online for just over a year now and is heavily themed toward X-rated encounters in the so-called ‘Mega Party Warehouse’.

Note that unlike the majority of cam sites online, Warehouse X is devoted to one location.

There are 60 cams to pick from, but they’re all broadcasting from the same place. They do use the word ‘voyeur’ in their advertising material, but Warehouse X actually has a few interactive tools that we’ll go into. It might not be strictly voyeur in nature, but we think most folks interested in this type of content won’t complain, so we’re happy to stick to calling it a voyeur cam platform.

We spent some time (and cash) exploring Warehouse X. Here’s our full hands-on review:

Warehouse X Review: A Dirty Interactive Big Brother?

View of the pool area on Warehouse-X

The homepage of Warehouse X (https://warehouse-x.io) is different to most of our top ranked cam sites: you’ll be dropped straight into the action with a look at a random feed from the Mega Party Warehouse (MPW).

You can look at a number of different webcams with a free account, but a lot of the wildest stuff that goes on here will be done in front of cameras that are locked.

Warehouse X runs on a freemium model of sorts. You can get lucky and catch some fun live voyeur sex on a free to watch feed, but you get a far better bang for your buck if you’re willing to spend a few dollars. It also unlocks bonus features, such as toy activation and show tipping.

Camera Details

Warehouse X generally has 60 cameras running at any one time, although they can add more in a few locations during special events. The cameras are fixed FOV: you cannot rotate them or change the area of focus. Let’s take a look at a few of the cameras and what you can expect to see:


Warehouse X has over a dozen bedrooms that you can check out. Most of these are locked behind premium camera access, but a few are available as freebies. Some bedrooms even have multiple camera angles – Room 14, for instance, has an ‘overhead’ cam that you can check out, alongside the standard orientation. Around 50% of the cams on Warehouse X are bedroom cams.

Gaming Suites

Some streamers like to fuse together gaming and sexiness. There are a few gaming areas in the MPW where guys and girls can go to challenge one another and get frisky. The gaming suites have a secondary overlay feed that shows the game they’re playing too – pretty cool.

Group Lounges

From time to time, Warehouse X will have large events. These typically take place in the group lounges – they’ll get dozens of guys and girls in and it can be real wild. Lots of games, lots of teasing, lots of sex. The group lounges have a bunch of sofas for raunchy action, ping pong tables and a kitchen area. If you’ve ever stayed at a hostel before, it’s like that – only the people are way hotter and way hornier.

Cam Rooms

A few specialist cam streams that are structured and organized take place in cam rooms. There are 6 in total at the time of writing this review. Two are free, four require paid camera access. They have exotic sounding names like Dark Whiskey, X Suite and Strawberry Legs, but they’re fairly average looking stream environments, all things considered.

Camera Quality

We care a lot about objective quality – especially for voyeur streams like those provided at Warehouse X. Given the huge area covered by these feeds, it’s imperative that great equipment is used.

Warehouse X promises 4K action via its Twitter account and the official website.

Warehouse X 4K false advertising

We were unable to find any cams on Warehouse X that were available in 4K. Even after purchasing the full camera package, the maximum resolution that we could find was 1080p. We’re not completely opposed to 1080p as a top-end format (1440p would be nice, but still): we are opposed to 4K being promised in multiple areas and only being provided with 1080p feeds.

The 1080p streams at Warehouse X are 25 FPS and have a bitrate of 2.8 Mb/s. If you’d prefer to stream in 720p, you’ll be looking at 25 FPS and 0.7 Mb/s.

Update: After contacting support, we were informed that one of the cam rooms (Strawberry Legs) streams in 1440p. While it’s true that the resolution fits the definition technical definition of 1440p, the fact that it streamed at 2.1 Mb/s left much to be desired. Also, 1440p isn’t even close to 4K.

Interactive Toys

Warehouse X has one of the most impressive interactive toy setups we’ve ever seen in a cam site.

Win a Trip

Warehouse X runs various competitions. Right now, they’re offering a lucky viewer the chance to visit the facility in Tallinn, Estonia.

It’s only open to Europeans right now, but they’ll fly you out, pay for your hotel and give you the chance to meet your favorite star. To enter, you’ll have to order one of their ‘functional beverages’. It’s $55 for 12 cans – pretty steep.

We like competitions. We’re not so thrilled that you have to buy some random product that’s unrelated to the central premise of the platform to enter. We think it’s weird – it is weird, right? The fact they spam chat with the ad every few comments is also pretty annoying.

The competition does run every month, so if you’re really keen to win, make sure you grab a crate every few weeks.


The MPW has a built-in tip goal system that allows you to contribute to things you’d like to see. People watching are allowed to add any amount of tokens to the pool – similar to goal shows that you might be familiar with elsewhere.

Warehouse X Pools and tipping

It’s quite simple to use and when the house is heavily populated, there are lots of places to put your money. It really depends on what you want to see, and the crowd sourcing of action is a cool way for dudes with cash to decide what they want to see. This takes voting with your wallet to a whole new level.

Interface & Navigation

We think the current setup, navigation and accessibility of Warehouse X is about as good as it gets.

It’s quite easy to jump between cameras, you’re given a live screenshot of what’s currently going on in each location and looking at the toys, pools and premium cam show rooms is super convenient.

Warehouse X has a simple chat interface that shows tips and messages in a relatively clean fashion. We dislike the trip advert spam, but if that’s the biggest issue we have, it’s clear this platform is doing something right.

The Mobile Experience

The website’s functionality on mobile is incredibly similar to the desktop version.

Given the nature of the platform, we’d argue that desktop viewing is preferred, but you can absolutely get by with a mobile viewing experience. The design and navigation are almost identical across devices – it’s clear they’ve put a lot of effort into support for iOS and Android devices.

Warehouse X Credits

You can visit this site for free, but don’t expect to get too much – especially since it’s a voyeur platform. If you want to make the most of your time here, you’ll need to buy credits.

Credits are 10 cents each. We really like the fact that you can select exactly how many credits you want to purchase – there are no fixed packages. Do note that having credits doesn’t entitle you to the full camera package. For that, you’ll need a separate subscription.

There is a free trial, but be warned: cancellation isn’t able to be done automatically, and you’ll have to email in to avoid rebilling.

Camera packages do come with some bonus credits. Here’s what’s available:

  • 7 days + 50 credits – $9.99
  • 30 days + 100 credits – $34.99
  • 100 days + 250 credits – $100
  • 180 days + 500 credits – $190

There is a discount offered for your first time subscribing. 100 days comes in at $50 and 180 days is $95.

Payment Methods

Currently, Warehouse X supports credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) alongside cryptocurrency. BTC, ETH and LTC are the only supported cryptocurrencies – we’d like to see XRP, XMR and BNB offered as well.

How Will Warehouse X Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When we made a purchase, this is what our bank reported to us:

How our transaction appeared in the billing for Warehouse-X.io

If you have a particularly controlling partner that will flip out if they see you spending the kids’ college fund on smut – might be best to get a burner pre-paid card or pay with crypto. Since the website URL shows in the billing information, we think it’s fair to say that Warehouse X does not have discreet billing.

Is There a Refund Policy?

We scoured the terms and conditions page of Warehouse X for information regarding its refund policy. Here’s what we found:

… You won’t be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the membership fee paid for the then-current membership period. …

… Warehouse X may, at its sole and unfettered discretion, issue a partial refund in credits to the Correspondent …


So you won’t have a partial refund on a paid membership, but you might get a partial refund on credits you’ve purchased. Note that in our experience, these are only available if you pay via card – don’t hold your breath for a refund if you paid with cryptocurrency.

The Downsides of Warehouse X

Balancing out reviews is important – let’s talk a little about why you might avoid Warehouse X and choose a competitor for your voyeur cam fix (like, say, Camarads or RealLifeCam).

Lack of 24/7 Action

Perhaps the biggest drawback: we had to visit Warehouse X a few times until we found the property occupied. Despite being a massive location, it’s not always in use. You can visit the website, look through dozens of webcams and see absolutely no one in the facility (despite regular efforts to recruit more stars).

Most voyeur houses have the performers sleeping there – that’s not the case at Warehouse X.

We understand and appreciate that you’re not always going to have fucking and sucking every minute of every day, but part of the appeal of voyeur action is the sleeping angle too – especially when it’s done naked. We’re not sure how often Warehouse X is occupied, but it’s empty a sufficient amount of the time to be a problem.

No Replay Functions

This somewhat compounds the previous issue: an inability to go back through past streams to see what happened is a massive drawback.

To their credit, Warehouse X does have a weekly highlights video section, but it’s buried at the bottom of the housemates page and they only last for a minute – a decent chunk of which is made up by a generic introduction. The video also had weird buffering issues, and wouldn’t load entirely when paused.

We love the idea of weekly highlights, but Warehouse X should really do a lot more in this regard. An average looking one-minute clip that doesn’t show much is really disappointing. We’d want at least 20 minutes, as well as a better server handling it – buffering is just plain unacceptable.

False Quality Advertising

You’re promised 4K streams multiple times, but that’s not what you receive when you sign up for a premium camera package. Warehouse X should remove its promise of 4K or enable this quality – there are no excuses for this false advertising.

Our Verdict on Warehouse X

Warehouse X Review

When the action is underway at Warehouse X, you get what you pay for. The premium camera package is competitively priced and we like being able to pay with cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, there are periods of inactivity that make recommending this spot without caveats difficult.

Our advice would be this: visit the site, see whether it has anything going on and if not, check back every so often. When the house is eventually populated, grab yourself a free trial package and make the most of it.

Warehouse X is a great live voyeur house when it gets going, but there’s still a lot it needs to work on to reach its full potential.

To see what’s going on in the Mega Party Warehouse right now, check out Warehouse-x.io. And let us know what you think!


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