Sex Like Real Review: The World’s Largest VR Porn Aggregator

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We weren’t joking — SexLikeReal (SLR) is not your average VR porn site. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it’s the most unique one we’ve reviewed thus far. Why? Because it isn’t a single studio or bundle offer. Instead, it’s a massive catalog of more than 25,240 scenes from a collection of high-quality VR porn providers. 

At first glance, SLR is the best-stocked VR porn site in the business. After all, you’ll be hard-pushed to find another site offering a free-to-use app, over 25,240 scenes, and one, easy subscription. But we’re going deeper than the first glance in this SexLikeReal review to see how it truly stacks up against the competition. 

The SexLikeReal Content Library (Where Size Does Matter)

Sex Like Real review

Size doesn’t matter in the sheets, but when it comes to VR porn libraries, size absolutely matters — the more, the merrier. 

And luckily, SLR doesn’t disappoint. 

They currently have over 25,240 movies to enjoy. They cater to all kinds of tastes, so you’re bound to find something to whet your appetite. Whether you like Japanese, girl-on-girl, blowjobs, pussy pumps, anal, or BDSM, you are bound to lust over the seriously huge selection. 

Remember when we said it isn’t your average VR porn site? Well, that’s because they partner with a range of other producers and curate them into one, easy-to-use app. You’ll find movies from BaDoinkVR, VRBangers, WankitNowVR, and around 50 other studios. 

As for their update schedule, SLR posts brand-new movies every week. While 25,240 scenes are more than enough for even the most avid VR porn watcher, you’ll certainly never get bored of them same old content here. Consider it the Netflix of the VR porn world.

Enter SLR Originals for Even More Pleasure-Inducing Value

One thing we love about the premium Sex Like Real subscription: SLR Originals.

It’s a series of oh-so-high-quality VR porn videos shot for SexLikeReal only. That’s right; you can’t find them anywhere else. It’s safe to say that this made them far more than a VR porn aggregator (and it certainly boosted our opinion of it).

They refresh the series every week with new piping-hot movies, so there will always be something (or somebody) new to watch. 

But What About Video Quality?

We should probably come clean — we thought the quality would be a little lax considering the number of providers they source from. But we couldn’t have been more wrong; they have countless 4K and 5K movies for maximum climax-reaching enjoyment.

However, do be mindful of the quality variance. The huge selection means you’ll likely find a few rocks among the diamonds (we did, at least). Although, it shouldn’t be enough to totally put you off your viewing pleasure (pleasure being the operative word). 

In fact, SLR has begun working with certain studios to improve their contributions’ base level quality, ensuring that most of their stuff is top-notch by the time it reaches your eyes. 

Videos are available as they are released by the studios and come in a range of resolutions and viewing choices, including:

  • Sitting
  • Laying
  • Leaning
  • Standing

SexLikeReal’s Stars: Will You Know Their Faces?

Sex Like Real vr porn site

Whether you recognize these ladies’ faces will depend on two things — how much porn you watch and how much you’re actually paying attention to their faces

But regardless of whether you know them already, you’ll undoubtedly want to get to know them. And SLR’s VR porn is the closest you’ll get to having sex with one of these pornstar hotties. 

You’ll typically find lesser-known stars on SLR. But one thing is for sure — they’re seriously sexy. From Anna Claire Clouds to Scarlett Alexis to Chanel Camryn to Kama Oxi to Sophia Locke, there are plenty of gorgeous girls to spice up your night (or afternoon… or morning).

The SexLikeReal App Doesn’t Care What Device You Use

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can just start watching. And you can do that with the SexLikeReal app, which seriously doesn’t care what device you use. Whether you’re an Oculus-Quest-wearing fapper or prefer to get off using a Pimax 8K, you can get the easy-to-use app. 

We value convenience, especially when it’s technology and especially when it’s about porn. After all, navigable applications make for a more pleasurable user experience (if the movies weren’t enough, that is).

If you’ve used VRBangers before, you’ll love their app. It’s fantastic and makes consuming their ridiculously hot content that much better. However, we like SLR’s app that little bit more since it’s available on every platform. Not to mention you get 24 free full-length VR movies to watch to see if you like it before parting with your hard-earned cash. 

Think of it as a massive VR porn movie theater that you can search through and play directly. Of course, this magic only begins once you’ve downloaded it. 

And if you want to download a scene? Do it straight from inside the app. You can even add them to your favorites list for unlimited lightning-fast access. 

On top of that, you can restrict your selection to certain viewing angles or specific resolutions, depending on the headset or categories you want to use or view.

The SexLikeReal Experience

Out of all the VR porn sites we’ve had the pleasure of viewing, SexLikeReal provides the best overall experience in terms of choice. However, it’s worth knowing that some major studios (like VRBangers) don’t offer their ultra-high resolution scenes to SLR anymore. Plus, the catalog can change (not always for the better, sadly) depending on the studios they’re partnered with. 

That said, the app is a completely integrated phenomenon, ensuring you get access to every scene available on the site and includes any other feature you could possibly want from your desktop or mobile experience.

Just take note of the Premium subscription content before signing up. Since any studio can add their content to this section, it’s often littered with smaller studios. Although, that isn’t always as bad as it sounds — you’ll find some super rare (and super sexy) niche content unavailable elsewhere. 

The main thing we love about Premium is the 6K scenes. Granted, there aren’t as many as there could be. But that section of the site is consistently growing, so the only way is up from here.  

Let’s Talk Pricing

You don’t have to be the world’s biggest VR porn fan to enjoy SLR. Although, let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you be? Virtual reality porn is essentially the future of masturbation, and we certainly want to catapult ourselves into that orgasmic era. 

But if you aren’t keen to spend money every month to enjoy the delights of the Premium subscription ($29.99 per month for recurring subscribers, $37.99 for non-recurring), then you can choose SLR’s pay-per-scene option. As you can imagine, prices range a lot. However, every scene typically costs roughly $1 to $10. 

If your favorite drop-dead-gorgeous pornstars are from one site, though, you might be better off subscribing to that particular studio. Why spend $5 on a StasyQ VR scene from SLR when you can subscribe to the company for $6.25?

SexLikeReal competitors
How SexLikeReal compares to VR porn alternatives, including the unspoken rival POVR

So, Is SexLikeReal Where to Go for Your “You” Time?

The adult VR world is seriously blessed to have SexLikeReal, and we’re sure headset-wearing-masturbators around the world would agree with us. The site offers a decent flexibility of payments (subscribe or pay-per-scene), colossal selection of full-length movies, and mostly brilliant video quality.

We say “mostly” because it’s true that the quality on SLR does vary considerably more than the videos on a dedicated service like VR Bangers or Wankz. That’s the price you pay for a diverse mix of movies from different studios.

The concept of a one-stop-shop for all your VR porn content is exciting and the ease of access to some of the biggest VR porn studios is also a big draw.

While Sex Like Real has the aura of a ‘Netflix for VR Porn’, this isn’t yet reflected in the pricing. The studios aren’t rushing to give away their content libraries for a reduced price – and why would they? – so upgrades or single VOD purchases are required to unlock the best videos.

It’s more of a promotional platform to showcase the best content than the free buffet you might have been hoping for.

Still, sites like SLR are the closest any of us will get to actually banging the lady of our dreams. Even though it’s your hand doing the work, it will feel like hers! This is a great place to get started with VR porn.

And if you don’t have the cash to pay right now, no sweat. You can get hot and heavy with the 24 free scenes. Check it out and see what you think!


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