WankzVR Review: A Multi Award-Winning Platform That Nails The VR Formula

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Promising 7K, 60 FPS VR scenes featuring the best pornstars in the game, Wankz VR’s tour tells you from the get go what you can expect to find inside. The collection here is allegedly 800+ scenes strong and second to that, 100% exclusive. I didn’t even have to scroll down on the homepage to be excited about signing up for a membership here: Wankz VR looks stellar.

Their blog hasn’t updated since May of 2020, nor their Twitter since mid-2023. These aren’t great signs, but we recently reviewed POVR and found the exact same issue – despite that studio actively making new and exclusive productions weekly.

There are preview trailers on the tour that average about 3 minutes and you can watch a decent number of them before you’re prompted to create an account. Today, I’m headed inside with my Meta Quest 2 to see what premium members get when signing up to Wankz VR.

Want to know if the premium subscription is worth paying for? Take a look at my full WankzVR review below.

WankzVR Review: First Impressions

WankzVR Review

It’s always a good idea to consider the awards a platform has won to contextualize their success and position amongst their peers: WankzVR’s biggest claim to fame is taking down XBIZ’s VR Site of the Year in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

This isn’t a fluff award with no merit: competition is stiff, and it’s a good indication that they’re good at what they do. They’ve also picked up a few awards at AVN for specific scenes in 2018 and 2020 – I plan to watch these in the content analysis section to see just how good they really are.

After doing a little digging, I discovered that WankzVR is actually operated by the same parent company as POVR: now it’s little surprise that they’ve gone cold on their blogs and Twitter accounts. They also operate MILF VR and Tranz VR, but I’m not planning to cover those projects for now, since they’re not as big as WankzVR and POVR.

The great news is that when you sign up for WankzVR, you also get access to POVR as a whole. I’ll focus my content analysis on WankzVR, but for the majority of this review, a general look at POVR will be the approach that I take. You can also read my full review of POVR – particularly for content analysis on the broader scale.

Here are your signup options for premium memberships:

Wankz VR membership options and pricing

Ignore the text at the top: there are far more than 2,100 scenes inside!

Wankz VR offers a highly competitive lifetime membership cost – the biggest rivals in the space are Sex Like Real and VRPorn.com – both of which charge around $450 for the same type of account. You’ll have to pay $19.95 for a month or $79.95 for a year. Sometimes, they’ll have special deal for a monthly membership that comes in at just $9.95.

There are no pre-checked cross sales – sign up, log in and you’re immediately taken through to the member’s area. This is where the fun begins!

The WankzVR Member’s Area

WankzVR is the second largest studio behind Virtual Real Porn that contributes content to the POVR platform. You technically log into POVR from this point onward, but for convenience, I’m going to continue to refer to it as WankzVR.

I recommend heading into the settings area of your account and selecting the VR device you’re utilizing: it’ll automatically adjust the stream and download options that are offered by default.

There are quite a few other tools and features here too, such as your landing page preference, cookie management, viewing history/favorites resetting (for suggested content algorithm purposes) and even 2FA. I can’t think of why anyone would need 2FA for a porn site – but WankzVR offers it.

Wankz VR login screen

I’m pleased to see that despite no Twitter or blog updates, Wankz VR still produces fresh scenes. Two new uploads per week is pretty awesome, but there are 100+ across all the sites that come as a bonus.

Some of the releases are exclusives of the company that owns Wankz VR, whereas others are licensed by other studios. There’s a real mixed bag of virtual reality content to discover and engage with. Each outlet has its own approaches, flare and so on.

There’s a specific area on the website where people can discuss scenes – it’s like a forum and it’s pretty active, all things considered. The areas are broken down into studio-themed sections: here’s a look at the most active discussions for WankzVR.

WankzVR Forum section - pretty useful

Considering that dozens of scenes here have 100+ comments, it’s quite evident that people love to talk about their VR porn flicks with one another. I had a browse through and man – folks here are taking a lot of time to give really focused and valuable feedback to the studio and the stars.

In all honesty, the feedback is 90% positive too – and not just “good scene, cheers” – entire paragraphs on what’s good and what they enjoyed. Wankz VR seems to care about giving members what they want – don’t hesitate to throw in your two cents after you join!

Video Analysis


As of February 2024, WankzVR has a total of 825 from its own studio and around 17,500 from other outlets.

That’s right: this network is on course to have over 20k scenes before the end of the year. These numbers are pretty incredible, but believe it or not, VR Porn and Sex Like Real have slightly more (21.6k and 27.2k respectively). For practical purposes, little difference between these services and the total quantity of scenes they have.

Uploads here average between 45 and 50 minutes, although a few uploads are well over an hour in length. Generally speaking, the group sex uploads are the ones that go for longer. I couldn’t find a single recent upload that was below 40 minutes in length: if you like lengthy videos, WankzVR has you covered. It’s also possible to filter by scene length with a slider.


WankzVR’s first scene was released way back at the start of 2016: that’s over 8 years ago. Naturally, the quality of the uploads back then wasn’t as good as it currently is.

In fact, there are just 3 formats available: 1600p, 1080p and 720p. Unless you’ve really got a thirst for early VR material, I’d stick to the scenes from the last few years – the technology these days is so much better. In fact, it’s worth watching these types of scenes just to see how far we’ve come.

These days, WankzVR offers you scenes in 7K, 6K, 4K and 1920p for Meta Quest devices. You can also grab scenes optimized for smartphones, HTC Vive, PSVR and Valve Index. Here’s a look at the technical specifications of the latest 7K and 4K scenes:

My analysis of WankzVR video quality (bitrate charts)

Impressive stuff: 7K running at 43 Mb/s is fantastic, as plenty of studios run their 8K uploads at lower bitrates. The 4K having a 29 Mb/s bitrate is very much overkill too: I doubt if you doubled this, it would even be possible to notice. Quality comes at a price, though: storage space. For a 61-minute scene, the 7K was 19.5 GB and the 4K was 13.2 GB.

Download Speed

The files are big, but the great news is: the download servers are able to provide you with a lot of speed. I tested WankzVR videos with a gigabit connection and averaged around 90 Mb/s, but could burst up to 120 Mb/s at random times. The 19.5 GB file from above took me just under 4 minutes to download.

WankzVR download speed test

File names could be better, especially since they don’t reference the format. Scenes have the same name regardless of their resolution as a result. It’s not likely to impact many users, but it’s moderately inconvenient to me, the reviewer, and that’s what matters most.

Content Analysis

This section is a lot easier to write when studios pick a theme – outside of just being vanilla hardcore content, WankzVR has nothing that really separates it from the other major VR hubs out there.

They’re good at creating great sex scenes with top talent – I think that’s probably the main take-home message here. You’ll find a mixture of boy/girl scenes and MFF threesomes too. WankzVR does have anal, but it’s not a mainstay of the collection. 72 of the 800+ scenes here feature butt fucking, whereas 135 are threesomes.

Example of content on Wankz

I mentioned earlier about the forums and how people love to discuss scenes – I think it’s an idea to look at the pornstars on WankzVR who have received the most amount of praise. I love the fact that Kenzie Reeves has featured here – as have the likes of Elena Koshka, August Taylor, Leah Gotti, Summer Brooks and Harley Dean.

WankzVR tends to pick names that are well-known in the space, although they can also give breaks to up-and-coming talent in the group scenes.

Since you get 18k bonus scenes with WankzVR, expect there to be a lot of options for you when it comes to niches. Some other studios with pointed genres include MILF VR, VR Latina, Asian Sex Diary VR and All Anal VR. There are convenient categories for all major preferences too: we’re talking amateur, bondage, footjob, gangbang, Latina, massage and beyond.

One small complaint I’ll make about earlier works from WankzVR: they have produced scenes that can induce motion sickness. The Wanking Dead: Special Injection is one example of an upload that several users complained about – I tried it for myself and they’re completely right. The good news is that they do appear to have adjusted to feedback: recent scenes don’t have any motion sickness concerns.

Design & Navigation


Great website designs are often overlooked, but I’m confident that most people will find the functionality and accessibility here far better than what other platforms offer. The star of the show is the filter dropdown bar, take a look:

Navigation and site design assessment

Fantastic level of control: pick your studios, hair color, model age, scene length and so on – all with one convenient filter dropdown. My only issue is the fact that you cannot pick multiple categories, so if you’re looking at ebony uploads and you want to focus on anal scenes – you can’t pick both things at once. If WankzVR added this, it’d be damn near perfect in terms of accessibility.

There are adverts, but they make up an incredibly minor part of the website. Having just written up on Naughty America VR – which spams you with upsells – it’s refreshing to find a hub that doesn’t sour the experience with a huge number of ads. I’d like to see them switch their webcam stream ads to VR alternatives though – we reviewed Strip Chat and they’ve got great virtual reality sex cam shows.

VR Headset

If you want immersive access to the site’s collection, you’ll need to go to the website first and then select ‘VR Porn Room’. If I’m being completely honest with you, I think browsing via the website is better – mainly because it has better filtering tools. I’m a fan of desktop environments fundamentally, so I might be biased here, but the immersive feature at WankzVR is too much for me. Take a look:

My headset view of the WankzVR interface

It’s a full 180-degree setup, with the scenes in the middle and filtering tools on either side. You have to twist your head in order to select and mess with the display – if it was all condensed into 120 degrees or something, that would be fine, but the sheer width here turns WankzVR into a virtual goon cave of sorts. I prefer a more traditional approach to content access, but you might like it.


I was incredibly impressed with the desktop tour and the lengthy trailers they offer for you to try before you buy: the opposite is the case on mobile. If you visit WankzVR on a phone, you cannot watch any sample material. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, and I’m hoping that they work toward giving mobile users a far better tour than is currently available.

You can use Google Cardboard and other smartphone VR technology, but it isn’t the best. If you’re serious about being a VR porn consumer, grab a Meta Quest 2 – fantastic bang for the buck.

Billing Information

Membership here currently costs $19.95 for a month, $79.95 for a year and $299.95 for a lifetime account. There are deals from time to time – I managed to get in the door for just $9.95 thanks to a promotion they had going on. The lifetime account is fantastic when we compare its cost to the competition – VR Porn and Sex Like Real charge $450 if you want to sign up forever.

You can pay with debit and credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrency. I was quoted 0.12 ETH for the lifetime membership – a quick check on my Binance account converted this to exactly $300. Alongside ETH, you can also pay with BTC, LTC, USDT and USDC. Litecoin is the only option here with a negligible transaction fee: I wouldn’t mind support for BNB, XRP and DOGE.

How Will WankzVR Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When I made a payment, here’s what my bank reported to me:

How a WankzVR transaction appeared on my bank statement

There is exactly one result for that phrase that links back to a review for POVR. You have to scroll down to find it, but if you were hellbent on knowing what the purchase was – it’s possible to find out. I’d describe WankzVR’s billing as semi-discreet.

Downsides of WankzVR

If I had to convince you that this website was a bad one to sign up for, here are a few things I’d mention.

Firstly, the lack of updates on social media and on their blog might signal some issues within the company. Whether this is financial, managerial or otherwise – it could indicate problems that would jeopardize the value you get from a lifetime membership. Switching to another monthly, or even yearly, subscription isn’t that expensive though, so if WankzVR does go under (which I actually doubt it will), it’s hardly a huge sunk cost.

With so many videos, it’s important that accessing them is as simple as possible. There are some great filtering features here, but I want WankzVR to have additional support for multi-tag selection. Additionally, some tags here are completely redundant. Many need to be merged, such as housewife/housewifes/housewives and hairy/hairy bush/hairy cunt/hairy pussy.

I’d also like to see them add one-click unsubscribe. You have to visit Epoch and enter details if you want to cancel your recurring membership. I know that this feature would reduce their revenue, but websites shouldn’t make you jump through hoops to stop a subscription.

Our Verdict on WankzVR

As an independent studio, WankzVR has created some of the best virtual reality content out there – it’s clear why XBIZ has given them the title of best VR site in 3 different years. They’ve worked with world-class girls and users here have their feedback respected and taken on board so the team can create better and better productions.

Rival platforms VR Porn and Sex Like Real have a higher quantity of total videos, as well as a few extra features that some users might treat as deal breakers (passthrough scenes and teledildonics being the main ones). But Wankz VR is still a great project that comes in at a super low price.

I rate WankzVR as one of the better VR spots. It’s not the absolute best, but if you love value for money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal.

Sign up over on WankzVR.com to check it out.


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