Yareel 3D Review: The Multiplayer Sex Game With A Bustling Adult Social Network

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Yareel 3D is a rare exception in the adult gaming space — a multiplayer title with full nudity that can be played on any device, from desktop computers to mobile phones (yes, even iOS devices).

We call it a sex game, but in truth, it’s closer to an adult social network— a unique mash-up between an adult chat room and a 3D sex simulator. While Yareel’s headline feature is the fully explicit virtual sex scenes — where you control everything from camera angles to sex positions — it’s arguably the social structure of the game that has the greater lasting value.

In our Yareel review, we set up our own virtual avatar and explore this thriving online world. What is it like to have sex in Yareel? How do users interact with each other? And how can you ‘progress’ through the world, leveling up your character and rising through the social hierarchy?

Let’s find out!

What Is Yareel 3D?

Yareel review

Yareel 3D is a multiplayer virtual sex game built on the Unity cross-platform game engine.

It offers a virtual social 3D environment allowing players to interact and hang out with other users. You can enter the public chat rooms to mix and mingle, drop in to ‘The Bar’ to flirt or send messages directly to other players who catch your eye.

Let’s not beat around the bush though, the main reason why users are active on Yareel is to engage in virtual cybersex with other real-life players (and their avatar creations). Most of the actions center around getting laid, but the online element adds an exciting, dynamic layer to each chat. In other words, it’s more than just a 3D sex simulator.

The Yareel world looks and feels like a pornographic version of The Sims. But trust us, some of the actions in this game are way too explicit to be found in the SimNation.

Gameplay and Mechanics

There are two main elements to the gameplay on Yareel.

  1. Personalizing your character
  2. Socialising within the game world

Like any good MMO game, the work that goes into your character is rewarded by higher status within the virtual world. Yareel manages this balancing act very well, using innovative social networking features to provide tangible value to those who play daily.

Let’s take a look at how you get started:

How to Get Started On Yareel

It’s super-easy to get started on Yareel. You don’t need a credit card to access the game. While there are hundreds of ways to customize your avatar, the game doesn’t force you to make these decisions in the early stages.

When you sign up on Yareel.com, you’ll be prompted to choose your gender and sexual orientation (heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian/gay).

Gender on Yareel

You then enter your date of birth and select a username. For obvious reasons, we recommend using an alias/nickname instead of Mr. John Doe From Littletown. Your username is how you will be seen by other players in the game, so make it snappy.

Verify your email, and the game begins. There’s no download process (in the web version), and within a few short moments, you’ll be launched head-first into an empty virtual bed.

Ahh, a virtual life of sexual conquest awaits…

Yareel empty bedroom

At first glance, it looks a lot like the old life of sexual conquest…

Introspective gazing at the bedcovers, fully clothed, melancholy, and not a female follicle in sight. Don’t worry, though, Yareel has several useful features that can turn that frown upside down in no time.

Especially the handy ‘Play with Kate‘ option on the sidebar, which is like going from 0 to 90 in the time it takes to unzip your trousers.

Play With Kate (or Mike)

The Play With Kate mode (or Play With Mike for women) is like an AI virtual sex sandbox; it doubles up as a tutorial for new players. You can test the controls on Yareel and get familiar with the ‘mechanics’ of screwing around in a virtual playground. Literally.

It all starts with… a click.

Play With Kate

Once you decide to “date” Kate, she magically teleports into the sacred space of your previously empty bed. Incidentally, Kate doesn’t look like the pic above. Her avatar is dynamic, meaning you’ll get a different Kate every time you play with her.

The main thing to know is that she’s always ready, always game, and always waiting for you to make the first move.

little minx Kate

After some charming flanter (“I want to be your slave tonight“), it’s up to you to decide what happens next. Within reason, of course. As you can see from the menu of options… a candlelit dinner is out of bounds.

It’s fuck or be fucked.

We diplomatically decided to play it slow, keep it coy, and tap the little Shirt button, which instantly removed our top. Cue the wolf whistles. Hey, you’ve got to preheat the oven before you stick in the turkey, right?

Well, no, it turns out you don’t.

Our next move was to go All In on the Cunnilingus button, and — just like that — the turkey is on fire. It’s raining sex and we didn’t even know where the rest of our clothes went.

Oral sex on Yareel

Yareel could undoubtedly benefit from transitions between the various poses and actions. For example, when you switch between actions, there’s no pause as the guy creaks and strains and shuffles back to his feet before gingerly waltzing into the next standing fuckplex. The action immediately switches to the next scene.

In reality, this writer would need a cigarette and a sports massage to spend more than 5 minutes with Kate.

That said, transition scenes are notoriously difficult to execute in sex games, partly because it’s so hard to predict the sequence in which players will choose to have sex. You’d need a gazillion different animations to cover your bases. Games like Yareel and 3DX Chat simply don’t bother with these finer points.

What we can say about the graphics is that each animation looks suitably meaty and realistic. The moans of pleasure are done well. You can control the intensity of the action with the tortoise/hare setting on the right.

  • Lean to tortoise and your virtual avatar will become rhythmic, purposeful and considered.
  • Lean to hare and it’s Sledgehammer Time.

On the left-hand side, you see a pleasure meter (Arousal Scale) that slowly fills up as the action intensifies. Work your partner into a frenzy, and she/he will edge upwards towards the mighty money shot, but push it too fast, and the session will be over quickly, and you’ll have wasted one of your limited supply of condoms.

Sure enough, a grand tour of the wheelbarrow to doggie-style to standing fuckplex is enough to max out the pleasure bar. The action ends suddenly in a cacophony of orgasmic moaning. We’re not quite sure what happened, but it looks suspiciously like our man just came on Kate’s back.

Onwards and upwards.

As we say goodbye to Kate, our Yareel stats dutifully remind us that we’ve lost a life:

Post sex condom

But at least we haven’t made a new one.

Quick Play

When you play with Kate, the action is limited to exploring sexual positions and some basic conversation.

The natural appeal of Yareel is to integrate the virtual bedroom with human interaction by roleplaying your dirty little fantasies with a real-life player (and sometimes more than one). This is where the Quick Play feature comes in very handy.

Quick Play Yareel

Quick Play connects you to other human players using the parameters you choose, without having to go through the ‘chase’ of finding and flirting with them at The Bar.

It’s like a Play With Kate option for online exhibitionists: Play with Random Strangers on the Internet.

Tap Find People and Yareel will put you in a queue with other horndogs from all over the world.


Be still, my beating heart…

Sure enough, within 5 minutes, our game is ready to begin…

YaReel game begins

How quickly you find a game will vary massively based on your search parameters and the time of day. More users are online during peak evening hours in Europe and North America. If you visit outside of these hours, you’ll be waiting longer. VIP users get a ‘fast lane’, which can also speed things up.

Once you enter a new game, you will teleport to any of Yareel’s custom or pre-programmed locations. Waiting for you will be another virtual avatar who wants to ‘quick play,’ too.

Unlike the virtual sandbox with Kate, the text chat takes on all new significance when you are in a room with real-life players. Your first impression and opening line might be the difference between a session that hits the heights and a game abruptly terminated by the other person jumping out of the window.

Hello, my name is John Doe, and I just came on my friend Kate’s back. Shall we keep our socks on?


Who dropped the connection?

What Is The Gender Divide on Yareel?

While Yareel is excellent at matching you to your desired gender in Quick Play, it goes without saying that searches for a 1-to-1 M/W connection will take a lot longer if you are a man.

This is despite a highly impressive 70/30 gender split between men and women. Of course, there’s no way of verifying whether females control the female avatars you meet, but based on what we’ve seen in Yareel’s world… nobody seems to care. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

If you play Yareel as a female, the waiting time on Quick Play will be considerably reduced.

Can You Switch Genders On Yareel?

No, you can’t change gender after your profile has been created. You must create a new user account if you wish to play as a different gender.

Other profile options, including your sexuality, remain fully customizable and can be changed anytime.

Changing Appearance

When you first play Yareel, you will be given a randomly created ‘skin’ that distinguishes you in the game world. In our case, we had some goofy board shorts and a seriously dodgy tight blue tee.

Unlike other 3D sex games in the genre, there’s very little to set your physical appearance apart from the hundreds of other ‘guests’ and newbie members checking out Yareel for the first time.

It would be nice to see a wider variety of starter skins. For men, you are restricted to choosing between three facial shapes and two hairstyles. For eyes, you can have blue or brown. Green is considered ‘premium.’

Custom character Yareel

If you want to carve out your identity in the game world, you must trade Coins for body types, new clothes and attributes.

Attributes, you say?

Yes, take dick size, for example.

Small and Medium dicks are available as standard, but if you want to flex your way around somebody’s mansion with an XXL trouser snake, it will set you back extra coins.

Dick size on Yareel

There are many ways to customize your character, from clothes to masks, to tattoos, to the various types of ‘poses’ you can perform in-game (or in the bedroom).

All of this is designed to incentivize you to earn coins so that you can ‘level up’ through the game world. As with any digital economy, the rarer the item, the more ‘status’ you’ll have when you walk into a room with it.

The system works well and hosts enough new limited items that you always have something to grind for, whether a terrifyingly long dick or a fucking machine to prop up your fancy new mansion.

Changing Location

Speaking of fancy new mansions, all newbies start the game with a basic house featuring a standard bed — like the one we used to play with Kate.

But the ultimate flex is to progress through the game and acquire one of the status symbol properties you can use to entertain your guests.

Yareel houses

A luxury mansion has various designs and can be purchased for around 55,500 coins.

If we run the maths, that’s the equivalent of 67.31 XXL dicks. A chunky investment in the Yareel game world, to be fair, but one that is sure to impress your virtual fuck buddies.

The learning curve works so that the faster you can ditch your starter pack appearance and run away from the ‘Basic House’ bedroom, the quicker you can start moving up in the world.

The amount of customization on display here just screams High Roller Gangbang waiting to happen:

Yareel high roller

Editing Your Profile

While you can spend countless hours having virtual sex with random users in Yareel (or with the relentless horny Kate), the addictive quality of any adult MMO game comes from the social aspect.

Behind every virtual avatar is a real-life user profile, which acts as your shop window to show other users what you’re all about. Without exceptions, the most popular users on Yareel are those who take the time to fill out their profiles and add real-life photos.

Makes sense.

If you’re having 3D sex and chatting dirty with another user, the sexiest part is not the animation. It’s your imagination. Interest in your virtual avatar rises exponentially when it’s tied to actual information (or pictures) that showcase the real you.

Yareel knows this and incentives you to fill out each section by offering coins as a freebie:

Yareel profile

By uploading a photo, the picture will act as your thumbnail (or display pic) when you head to The Bar or enter a shared location. You can add an entire gallery of pics if you want.

Yareel doesn’t allow uncensored pics as your default photo, but you can add them as part of a gallery. You can even charge coins to other users for unlocking your dirty pics. Many canny users have tapped into this digital economy by using intimate photo collections only available to VIP members.

Yareel VIP photos

Beyond the photo galleries, each user can list their sexual interests and fantasies. It’s a helpful way of knowing in advance what topics a user might enjoy talking about in a private chat.

There’s even a box that explicitly says what the user wants to talk about.

You can muddle through the game world, chatting randomly to anybody who listens, but the players who get the most out of Yareel pay attention to these small details and put a little TLC into private messages (and friend requests).

Yareel profiles

Finally, each player can set up a Wish List, which works as every Wish List in the world does. You can ‘gift’ her desired items and massively increase your chances of getting noticed by said user or perhaps enjoying a fleeting encounter in the virtual bedroom.

When you sign up on Yareel, don’t neglect your user profile. It will take a little while to customize your character and stand apart from the hundreds of other fleeting newbies who all look identical. In the meantime, this is your cheat code to quick success.

A compelling custom profile is an excellent way to get noticed and increase your reply rates, just like on any social network or dating site.

Making Friends

Adult MMO Yareel 3d sex game

The virtual sex is fun, but the social networking features give Yareel its replay value.

When you choose ‘Find Friends,’ you’ll see a curated mix of profiles featuring the gender you’re interested in. You can flick through these profiles and send private messages or friend requests. It works just like any other social network. Random messages saying “hi” are unlikely to move the needle, but a carefully crafted message referencing the user’s interests is much more likely to draw a response.

Note: The top users are incredibly popular and receive lots of messages. Try sending a gift to maximise your chances of a reply.

The green dot highlights users who are currently online. VIP users have a separate featured section, one of several perks designed to reward long-term players with enhanced status on the site.

It’s nice to get a feel for the users online at any given time, but if you want to bring Yareel to life, it’s best to head over to The Bar.

Heading to the Bar

The Bar is Yareel’s equivalent of a public chat room. You can switch between a couple of different venues, and a live chat window will pop up with public messages from anybody in the room.

YaReel bar

The action here is fast and furious as users come and go, taking seats in turn and flashing their wildly accessorized outfits. You can tell the newbies from the seasoned vets by how much customization each player has added to their avatar. Plain t-shirt and cookie-cutter face? Probably new.

A steady stream of messages appears in the live chat window, which you can join in with to see who’s up for a chat. Occasionally, a horndog will cut straight to the chase: “Anybody wanna fuck?“.

Find someone you like, and there’s the option to switch to their location (or yours), send messages, or add them as friends. Like Yareel’s game world, The Bar is busiest during ‘prime’ evening visiting hours when more users are online.

Quick Friend Finder

Got an itch you really need to scratch?

Discerning users can take advantage of Yareel’s Advanced Search to find users who tick one of several boxes:

Advanced search on Yareel

This feature is most effective for finding users who can speak one of the non-English languages supported on the site. Or for scouring sexual interests to find users with the same kinks and fetishes.

The Advanced Search is only available for VIP members.

Types of Sex on Yareel

Yareel sexual encounters

Yareel serves up far more than vanilla sex in plain missionary. You can have straight sex, gay sex, group sex, and several gender-combination types are supported, each with a myriad of poses that are effectively animated for maximum satisfaction.

The game also covers themes of female or male domination. You can add toys to the bedroom with everything from fluffy handcuffs to a full-blown fucking machine. There are outfits to explore, and bondage poses to exert complete control (or submission).

One sexy addition is self-destructing photos that users can trade to add real-life spice to each encounter. There are audio messages, too, for VIP members. These help to blur the lines between real life and online play.

Yareel is a highly immersive world, full of cyber sex and fantasy-driven role-play. It’s a safe virtual playground where adults can experiment with their true sexual identities. If a game makes you uncomfortable, you can leave and block the other player.

And if it all gets too much online, there’s always Kate. 😉

Berries, Coins, Condoms and Upgrades

There are three in-game currencies in the Yareel world:

  • Berries
  • Coins
  • Energy (Condoms)

So what sets them apart?

Berries are the most powerful currency, as they can be traded for almost anything in the game world. You can purchase berries with real-life cash (in USD):

Berries in Yareel

You can also earn Berries by referring friends to Yareel. At the most basic level, you’ll get 30% of any berries your friends purchase.

Some rare items are only available to buy with berries, designed to promote their exclusivity — since users can ‘grind’ coins but can’t do the same with berries.

For this reason, items tied to berries will often draw the most interest from established users.

Once you have Berries, you can trade them for Coins, the second-most valuable currency.

Yareel coins

Most items, attributes, poses and upgrades in Yareel are sold in coins. It’s the de facto currency of choice.

You also have many options for earning coins with your daily actions on Yareel. Just by logging in daily, you’ll receive coins. You can fill out your profile and add pictures for a nice coins bonus. There are also daily quests like Fast Switcher (Stay in one position for no more than 10 seconds). Completing the daily quest nets you 15 coins to put towards that fresh new pair of green eyeballs. 😉

Coins are much easier to earn than berries, but the downside is that the items you can buy with coins aren’t as rare or exclusive as those you can buy with berries. It’s a clever solution that provides dual pathways for those who want to grind vs. those who are happy to pay for status.

Finally, we have the Energy currency.

Yareel energy condoms

Every time you have sex in Yareel, you use a condom.

(Yes, this game is safer than real life.)

You start each session with five by default. Every 20 minutes, your energy meter will replenish with a new condom so you can keep on humping and pumping.

The natural question is: When would I ever need more than one condom per 20 minutes?

This is a fantasy world; it’s not the real one. There’s no post-coital “recovery period” when you’re locked in a steamy cyber chat with a beautiful babe. The arousal meter rises fast — it’s easy to blow multiple loads in a single rendezvous if you’re cycling through the Greatest Hits of Yareel’s pose catalog.

So, don’t be surprised if you reach for the condom top-up button at some point. But it will cost you coins to keep the party going.

To summarise, Berries are the most valuable currency: You can buy berry-exclusive items or trade them for coins to buy anything else. Coins are the most common currency; you will use them for most daily interactions. Energy restores every 20 minutes but may require topping-up (via Coins) if you crash and burn at somebody’s orgy.

How Can I Grind Coins on Yareel?

There are two types of players in games that involve micro-transactions (like Yareel):

  • Pay-to-win: The users are happy to buy Berries with real-world money to spend on lavish upgrades.
  • Grinders: The users are happy to accumulate coins through quests, challenges and general ‘grind’.

If you fall into the Grinding category, the good news is there are several ways you can grind coins on Yareel.

Simply remembering to log in daily will provide free coins that can be put towards upgrades. Completing the Daily Quest will earn you 15 coins. Playing with Kate has various coin bonuses if you keep her satisfied. Various unlockable achievements come with a coin bonus.

Yareel Free vs. Yareel VIP

You can play Yareel for free without ever spending a penny. It’s good fun, too. The virtual sex scenes and random adult encounters are a blast, whichever way you trigger them.

For keen players, however, there is a VIP option to speed up your progress through the social hierarchy.

This is what you get with VIP:

Yareel VIP features

Quick Play matchmaking is much faster as you start new games via the ‘Fast Lane.’ The unlimited chat history is also a valuable addition to reliving all those sexy encounters at a later date.

So what does a VIP membership cost on Yareel?

Here is the latest pricing as of September 2023:

  • One month: $9.95 (plus 300 coins)
  • Six months: $29.95 (plus 1000 coins)
  • 12 months: $49.95 (plus 5000 coins)

How Can I Play Yareel?

Download YaReel 3D game

Yareel is available to play for free via the Unity web browser or as a download for Android, Windows or Mac devices.

There is no download option for iOS users (due to Apple’s strongest third-party content rules), but you can still play it via your mobile browser.

For PC users, the developer recommends playing the Web Version rather than the downloadable game, noting that some users may run into compatibility issues with older systems. As of September 2023, Yareel is developing an alternative client to make for a smoother desktop experience.

For the latest updates, join the Yareel Discord server, a bustling chat with over 3,000 registered members.

What Is Yareel Like on Mobile?

Yareel is one of the few adult games we’ve tested that works seamlessly across all devices, including the two major iOS and Android operating systems.

A Yareel APK is available for Android users, which you can download from the site. This provides a convenient way of accessing your account and launching into a session without fiddling with your mobile browser.

Downloadable adult games for iPhone are notoriously scarce, so it’s no surprise that Apple users will have to access the game via their browsers. We tried this, and thankfully, it worked well.

Note that you’ll have to keep your phone horizontally to avoid a random reload bug:

Yareel on mobile devices

Our Yareel 3D Review

Yareel is a rare breed in the adult gaming space. A multiplayer title that delivers sexy gaming and 1-to-1 chat with real-life players… on any device. It has an addictive quality that successfully gamifies the thrill of bonking virtual avatars, with some excellent incentives to reward your grind.

The sexual exchanges are fun enough and varied to keep you coming back for more.

Will you meet your future wife (or life partner) in The Bar on Yareel?

Probably not.

This game is about exploring your sexuality and acting out fantasies in a fun, virtual playground. Yes, plenty of sex simulators let you do this already with AI bots (like Kate), but to do it in real-time with other users who are just as horny on the other side of the screen… well, it cranks up the action several notches.

Part adult chat room, part social network, part filthy version of The Sims. There’s a lot to enjoy with Yareel, one of the world’s most successful adult MMOs.

Sign up to Yareel 3D free to join the party.

There are normally at least 400+ gamers online, and considerably more if you visit from Europe or North America during the peak evening hours.

That wraps up our comprehensive Yareel review. Have you played the game before? What did you think?

Let us know what you love or hate about Yareel!


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