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3DXChat is an adult MMO initially released in 2012 and developed by the much-loved Sex Game Devil. Fitting in with the likes of Second LifeAChat, and Red Light Center, it has gained a loyal following and remains one of the most popular interactive sex games in the world.

The big sell of this Lovense-compatible game is that you can have virtual sex with real-life users, not just AI-bots.

There are many porn simulators on the market — but none that come close to 3DXChat in the immersion stakes. There’s just something satisfying about bonking other real-life avatars. In recent years, 3DX has become something of a cult classic, and you can even find NSFW streamers playing it on platforms like Chaturbate and Joystick!

In this 3DXChat sex game review, we’ll rate everything from the game’s central premise to the avatar customization to the sexual interactions to the membership costs and beyond. 3DXChat has won multiple industry awards, including: ‘Most Innovative 3D Sex Game of the Year’, ‘Best Virtual Sex’ and ‘Best Adult MMO Graphics’.

Does it live up to the hype? Spoiler: We think it comes pretty close…

Let’s take a closer look!

What Is 3DXChat?

3DXChat Review

3DXChat is a multiplayer virtual world where you have the chance to network and socialize with other users as well as interact sexually.

It is a downloadable game that also functions as a chat service where you create a virtual version of yourself in the form of an avatar so you can live a fantasy online life.

The nature of MMOs means all players are in the same place at once and can interact. As such, the game offers a wonderfully immersive and authentic virtual world, enhancing your ability to connect with others through its graphically gorgeous digital landscape. After creating your customizable avatar, you can chat with new friends, meet virtual lovers, and participate in erotic adventures. 

It isn’t the only game like this out there, but it does come out on top in many categories.

For instance, while Second Life boasts many diverse locations, 3DXChat has better graphics quality and more realistic sex animations. However, that isn’t necessarily a surprise, considering sex is only a tiny part of Second Life‘s offerings. 3DXChat is unashamedly about the sex.

However, getting laid is not a walk in the park in 3DXChat compared to similar games like AChat and Chathouse 3D. Arguably, it gives 3DXChat a much more realistic feel — prepare to graft if you want to get it on with those random strangers. 😉

How Do You Play 3DXChat?

How to play 3DXChat

3DXChat is understandably best known for its highly explicit sex scenes and X-rated interactions. But you don’t have to engage in sex acts to have a good time here. Some people log in to meet up with virtual friends and have a chat. 

Admittedly, the “virtual friendship” may have spawned from a hardcore round of cybersex the day before, but who’s keeping track? 😉

You can talk in the global (World) chat that’s always displayed or the local chat if you’re in a User World or general location. As you make friends (and lovers), they may invite you to group chats only available to group members and private chats with 1-to-1 interaction.

Since the main aim is to woo individuals and create genuine connections, you can use the in-game currency (XGold) to buy others virtual gifts.

Plus, you can create all-new worlds using the World Editor to fulfill any fantasy and customize your avatar as much as you want. While it’s fair to say that sex is at the heart of the game, not all interactions involve sex, and you can certainly spend some time in the game world without having to get your virtual kit off.

How Do You Create Your Virtual Avatar in 3DXChat?

One of the great features of 3DXChat is that you can create as many profiles as you like (you get three slots by default), meaning you can play as female or male, living out a vastly different experience in a safe virtual space.

Before you can enter the game world, however, you will need to create a virtual avatar.

The character customization options vary, so we’ll review each part separately to make your introduction into 3DXChat easier. 

Pick Your Name and Write Your Profile

After signing up and picking your character’s gender, you’ll need to come up with a name. We recommend not using your real name (it’s always funny to bump into Mr. John Smith) and thinking hard about the alias you use instead. You won’t be able to change it later.

With your name set, the next step is to fill in your profile. Contrary to newbie belief, this greatly matters — only a few people don’t read profiles. Experienced players always read them before responding or initiating conversations. 

Hit the “Edit Profile” button to make the following changes:

  • Age — Naturally, 18 is the minimum age. Perhaps strangely, many players set their ages as 99 to imply that this factor is unimportant. It’s OK to do, but it’s worth understanding that people don’t tend to put their actual ages in such profiles. 
  • Location — This can be a time zone, country, or city. No, it doesn’t have to be your actual location. 
  • Interested in — Check the box to indicate which way you swing. If you don’t want to check it, the platform puts a question mark in its place, publicizing that you either don’t care about sexual orientation or are open to suggestions. For many users, this implies: “Whatever I can get, baby.”
  • About me — Write some information about yourself and your interests. Some people write in-depth paragraphs, while others retain a sense of mystery. Since this is a sex game, we recommend explaining your preferences and the boundaries you have for all interactions. Of course, mention other interests if you see fit, but try not to write an essay.

Once you’re done, hit “Save” and move on to your appearance (arguably the most enjoyable section of the character creation process). 

Note: If you don’t bother filling out your profile, you will appear in the game world with “I love 3dx chat” next to your name, sure to be mistaken for either a newbie or a bot.

Customize Your Appearance in 3DXChat

3DX Character Design

This screen’s options are plentiful and split into handy groups to make finding the bits and pieces you want to change a breeze. At the time of writing (August 2023), the groups are:

  • Face
  • Hair
  • Hats
  • Glasses and masks
  • Jewelry
  • Collars
  • Accessories
  • Body shape and color
  • Top wear
  • Bottom wear
  • Dresses
  • Bra
  • Panties
  • Stockings
  • Shoes
  • Bracelets

No matter what you’re customizing, you can change its size, color, and shape. 

One great aspect of 3DXChat is the never-ending factory line of mods and character accessories. You can create some genuinely unique avatars. The only downside is that some users go so overboard in the character creation phase that browsing the game world can feel like a giant virtual fancy-dress party.

What Locations Are Available in the 3DX World?

You pick from My World, standard, and custom locations whenever you load the game. Each one has its characteristics that are worth exploring to get the most out of 3DXChat

My World

Game World Creation on 3dx chat

Consider this your virtual hometown. You can completely overhaul it or modify certain elements to make it your own. Whether you want a small, cozy condo, an expansive mansion or a high-end nightclub, you can create it in My World. 

You’ll need to use the game’s world editor to do this. It’s perhaps one of the most intuitive editors we’ve come across in any 3D sex game. And while that’s undoubtedly a good thing, it comes with a reasonably steep learning curve. 

Ultimately, getting to grips with it is worth your energy. You can add objects (e.g., ornaments, beds, drinks, vehicles, shelves, dance poles, etc.), manipulate them, rotate them, place them, recolor them, construct buildings, and essentially create your dream world. 

After finishing your world, you can invite other players for raunchy fun.

As you might imagine, when designing a location, much of the thought goes into how characters might sexually interact with the world. It’s like playing The Sims but with an “I only want to fuck” mindset.

Standard Locations

Group party on 3dx chat

You receive seven locations as soon as you fire up 3DXChat. They’re considered the standard places for users to meet and chase sexy encounters with other real-life characters.

The seven are as follows:

  • Beach — Think exotic, sexy beach party. It’s that sort of vibe. 
  • Saloon — If you’ve ever thought about humping a cowgirl, the saloon may be the perfect place for you. Themed around the stereotypical Wild Wild West aesthetic, it’s a fitting in-game location for those who consider themselves cowboys. 
  • Love Island — Imagine a nightclub but on an island. 
  • Yacht — This is the height of luxury. It’s perfect for small, private, bespoke parties with a few filthy friends. Plus, every Wednesday at 9pm CEST, there’s an in-game Queen of the Sea Yacht Party that can get pretty wild. 
  • Sin Club — It’s as popular as it is infamous. The party never stops here. And yes, the activities inside earn the club its “Sin” name. It’s the core BDSM section of the game. 
  • Night Club — Like the former but without the BDSM element.
  • Fresco Club — As the newest standard location to hit the game, it boasts a more professional sheen than the others. However, it’s essentially just another nightclub. 

As you can see, most in-world locations are based on having a good time. Bars, clubs… and more clubs.

3DXChat Game Review

Other User Locations

These are custom locations made by others who may (or may not) choose to share access with you. You can find them listed on the right-hand side of the interface. Naturally, this area won’t exist if you’re yet to be invited to other people’s locations. 

Navigating is easy and is done by pointing and clicking with your mouse. You can also use the mouse to change camera angles.

Icons change on the screen when you select another action, such as running, sitting, dancing etc.

The sex part of the game is just as straightforward, and once you’ve connected with someone and dispensed with the requisite flirting, you can engage in a massive number of sexual positions.

How Do You Have Virtual Sex in 3DXChat?

Bald guy sex scene on 3dxchat

And now, for the real reason you’re here — the virtual sex. It’s not known as the “3DX Sex Game” for nothing!

It’s important to remember that even though 3DXChat is a sex game, you shouldn’t assume that everybody wants to have sex with you. Just like in real life, they don’t. So, you’ll need to get to know your partner (or partners) before inviting them to fulfill your horndog desires. 

Sending cold invites (i.e., invitations to your apartment, kissing requests, sex invites, and similar without knowing the other person) is strictly frowned upon. You don’t want to be that guy. 

So, once you’ve chatted with your preferred sexual partner for a while and it’s going well, you can left-click on the person and select “Partner” from the pop-up context menu. You can send partner requests for joint sitting or sex, and the other person can accept or decline your offer. How very formal.

But for our purpose, let’s assume they accept. 

You have two menus at this stage — sex or star. The former contains poses you and your partner can perform regardless of where you are. The latter (left-click the green star) shows poses with your partner or interactions with the surrounding environment (i.e. furniture, pool).

Unlike a solo sex simulator game, the sex can feel pretty clunky when trading positions and controls with another real-life player. But for the most part, it’s pretty rewarding. The graphics are a treat, a leap beyond the fidelity of sexual interactions in rival adult MMOs like YaReel or Red Light Center.

Fucking on 3DXChat

As you build up to a cumshot, your pleasure bar will increase, so you will know when to take the money-shot. Don’t forget to try out as many camera angles as possible to get the best view.

Want to see precisely how a sex scene unfolds on 3DXChat? You can always head over to Pornhub, where there are dozens of user-submitted videos of live sexual encounters in the game world.

How Does XGold Work?

XGold is the game world currency in 3DXChat. Your balance is per account, not per character, and is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the interface alongside a “Get XGold” button. 

You can buy the in-game currency through the members area or the game client. You’ll pay:

  • $4.98 for 3,000.
  • $9.98 for 7,000.
  • $24.98 for 20,000.
  • $49.98 for 50,000.
  • $89.98 for 100,000.
  • $249 for 300,000.

Although there are two free methods: refer your friends to earn 5,000 XGold or play the game daily for XGold rewards. Alternatively, join the 3DX Adult Chat Discord and wait to receive XGold bonuses. 

Daily rewards on 3DXChat

XGold is an essential part of the experience on 3DXChat, which comes as no surprise when you consider it the primary way the developer makes money.

You can use XGold to pay for various upgrades and premium features, including:

  • Photo slots (i.e., additional picture storage for your profile page)
  • Character slots
  • Gifts for other players
  • Beer (the virtual kind, sadly)
  • Marriage (and divorce, if it comes to that!)

The options are pretty limited compared to Red Light Center, where an entire digital ecosystem exists for adult work, and you can hire (or become) a virtual escort with in-game coins.

Given the extensive customization and modding options, the game has no marketplace, which is a shame. The developers have done this so you focus on relationships instead of making money. 

Some people can’t stand this, while others like the even playing field a zero-marketplace policy provides.

Interactive Sex Toys and VR Integration

VStroker on 3dx Chat

Unlike many MMO sex games, 3DXChat has made a concerted effort to keep up with immersive sex tech trends, even though the execution doesn’t always live up to the promise.

3DXChat is compatible with various Lovense toys for a completely immersive, tangible experience. And yes, it works for all genders and even supports up to two toy pairings simultaneously. 

As for the poses it supports, you can use your Lovense device with all positions with a speed control slider, including everything from masturbation poses to threesome sex.

Not only that, but you can use the Fleshlight vStroker to get the most out of the game. An innovative ‘penis controller’ transmits penetration to the vStroker to create an advanced virtual sex system.

Alongside teledildonics, you can also connect a VR headset. Unfortunately, the game only supports Oculus at the moment. While other headsets may be available soon, Quest owners are out of luck. 

3DXChat is among the most played adult games on NSFW streaming platforms, like Joystick and Chaturbate. Many viewers enjoy watching beautiful models navigating the game world and interacting with other dirty gaming fans. It’s a niche, but it shows the cult following that 3DXChat has attracted over the last decade.

What Could Be Improved in 3DXChat?

There’s no denying that 3DXChat does a lot of things right. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows; a few things require improvement.

The lack of free trial or free-to-access sections puts people off (and for good reason), although we can understand how it may hurt the game community to have too many ‘new’ faces coming and going. Still, adding a free trial would build trust before asking you to part ways with your money. Whether or not the devs will add this feature remains to be seen. 

Not to mention that it’s only available on Windows PCs. While Mac users can download Bootcamp, install Windows, and run the game that way, it isn’t a sleek experience and excludes a large market. 

The character customization options are somewhat limited compared to similar games like Second Life. In that same vein, the animations and sounds could do with some tweaks, such as:

  • Pose transitions — Nothing will take you more out of the otherwise immersive interactive sex scenes than the teleportation from pose to pose. Seamless transitions would increase immersion and ensure a more realistic experience. 
  • Pose positioning — While two-person encounters are seamless, threesomes and group activities can lead to a messy view.
  • Head movements — As you’ll quickly notice, characters stare blankly at the nearest person. In our (humble) opinion, realism would be improved if the mouse cursor/keyboard controls dictated where characters looked. 
  • Sound effects — There is no differentiation between climax and moaning sounds; it’s the same effect. Adding distinctions (and some spanking sounds for good measure) would enhance the realism.

We’re nit-picking here. As far as multiplayer sex games are concerned, it’s hard to think of a title that does a better job of combining character creation with virtual fucking. But a few tweaks here or there and the overall experience would go up a notch.

Is 3DXChat Worth Playing?

3DXChat on Screen

3DXChat sits at the top of our list of multiplayer sex games, even though it lacks some of the depth of other titles in the space.

If you don’t mind splashing a bit of cash to try it out and are okay with the somewhat lackluster VR integration, 3DXChat is undoubtedly worth your time.

It has a small but mighty community for exploring your wild side.

Games built around sexual encounters will always be judged by the quality and realism of the sex. Overall, 3DXChat does an excellent job of providing a satisfying adults-only virtual playground. The sex scenes are beautifully depicted, and while the transitions between positions are a little stilted, they shouldn’t affect your overall enjoyment.

Is 3DXChat Safe to Play?


Provided you download it from the official website, 3DXChat is safe to play. 

Of course, there are a few less-than-pleasant characters — an unfortunate but unavoidable fact about any virtual world. If you bump into unsavory characters that are spoiling your experience, you have two options available:

  • In the context menu (shown when you left-click an avatar), you can select Ignore to ensure the person immediately disappears from your screen. You’ll also be invisible to them, and their chat messages will no longer appear for you (and vice versa).
  • If someone is exhibiting unacceptable behavior, such as racism, you can Report them. The button is located just below the “Ignore” option. 

The moderators on 3DXChat do an excellent job of keeping the community safe and free from spam and trolls. This is partly thanks to the lack of a free option, which provides a barrier of entry against users who are there for the wrong reasons.

What Does It Cost to Play 3DXChat?

There is no free option available on 3DXChat. Instead, you’ll need to purchase a membership using Crypto or a debit/credit card for one month, six months, or 12 months.

Membership LengthNormal PriceCurrent Discounted Price
1 month$19.99 per month$9.99 per month
6 months$59.99 per 6 months ($9.99 per month)$29.99 per 6 months ($4.90 per month)
12 months$91.99 per year ($7.66 per month)$45 per year ($3.80 per month)

It might seem expensive to some, but purchasing the membership from the official SexGameDevil website unlocks 3DXChat alongside the past five other games made by the developer, including:

  • Juliet Sex Session (3D sex game)
  • Venus Hostage (3D adult adventure game)
  • Night Party (3D adult adventure game)
  • Nemo’s Whores (3D sex game)
  • Anal Masters (casual arcade)

Remember to cancel your membership if you don’t want your membership to renew automatically. Luckily, the platform allows you to cancel anytime, so there’s no need to worry about being locked in.

As for billing, it’s discreet — no adult information will appear on your statement!

3DXChat System Requirements

3DXChat is a downloadable game playable only on a Windows PC with the following system requirements:

Feature3DXChat Specifications
OSWindows (64 bit)
ProcessorIntel Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom II X4 Processor or better 
GraphicsVideo card must be 2 GB or more and it should also be a DirectX 11-compatible with Pixel Shader 5.0 for support 
NetworkBroadband internet connection
Memory4 GB RAM
Storage10 GB available space

Netbooks and older laptops aren’t supported. The same goes for mobile devices. 

Want to explore the virtual fucking and sucking of 3DXChat? You can join the action by signing up for an account over on the 3DXChat website.

Have you played 3DX Chat? What did you make of the virtual sandbox world?

Let us know your 3DXChat reviews and 3DXChat ratings below!


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