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Looking for an interactive multiplayer sex game and heard about the MNF Club?

The MNF Club is a free MMO sex game with over a million players.

This web-based Flash game makes it possible to connect with other horny adults, build an online profile and enjoy taking control when it comes to sex.

The game combines a chat room, online social community and some decent graphics to bring a highly playable adult game to the market.

In this MNF Club review, we take a look at exactly what the game offers.

We’ll look at how you play and what it costs. We will also review the sex features, what kinds of scenes you can play, and exactly what Petnises are!

What is MNF Club?

Also known as the ‘Meet n Fuck’ Club, MNF Club is a massively multiplayer virtual sex game set on a fictional island.

There are multiple locations to try out and plenty of characters to meet using a 2D avatar that you navigate around using your mouse.

The game involves playing mini fuck games to earn cash and meeting other players to have sex with.

The sex is controlled by each player, a scene at a time with 3D flash animated graphics making for some quirky free porn. MNF Club incorporates a simple chat and messaging service to offer a basic adult social network.

The game currently has 1,117,523 registered players.

MMO sex game MNF Club
MNF Club has been likened to Club Penguin in its design. Meet Chat and Fuck.

Using MNF Club

In order to play MNF Club, you will need to register for an account which is 100% free; however this is a basic membership only and does not unlock all the features of the game (see below).

Registration is simple and requires you to submit a valid email address and confirm an activation code. You can also use your Facebook login credentials to sign up.

To get started you will first need to set up an avatar to represent you during gameplay. Choose first from male or female and choose a unique player name. You can then customize your avatars body, face and outfit.

  • Skin Color
  • Hair Color and Style
  • Torso Type
  • Body Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Facial Features

Premium members get to design up to six avatars but basic membership only gives you a single choice.

Once you have established what you want to look like in the game, you must then choose the server you want to play the game in.

You will be given a list of options that provides you with information about the number of other players who are already logged on and playing on that server plus an approximate ration of the gender balance of players.

Some servers are in a foreign language (often Spanish) and this will be indicated.

You will then be transported into the game where you can interact with both the characters and the environment. You start homeless with just the outfit you chose and an in-game cash balance of $1,000.

Start exploring straight away by selecting any point on the screen and your avatar will travel there. Or, you can select the main map and change location. At present, there are 13 locations in the game:

  • Petnis Forest
  • Meadows Park
  • MnF Alley
  • Lagoon Beach
  • Wild West
  • Suburbs
  • Southern MnF
  • MnF Metropolis
  • Oasis
  • Waterfall
  • Sacred Mountan
  • Red Heat
  • Shaman Tower

Each location has different mini-games, shopping opportunities and non-player characters plus opportunities to meet real players.

Select one of the MNF Club characters and you will be able to start chatting or play a Mini-Game where you can earn more cash.

Take the Glory Hole Frenzy mini-game for example, playable when you select Pamela Andrews in the Lagoon Beach where you have to service as many cocks through 4 holes as you can without upsetting any ‘customers’ by failing to match their preference of hole or making them wait too long.

MNF Club Mini Game
Mini games earn you cash to spend in the game but are also a fun way to extend gameplay.

However, select a real life player and you will get the chance to invite them to be your friend and, when you have a place of your own to stay (or hotel room), invite them back to your place for some XXX action.

When you send an invitation to another player, they will get the chance to accept or deny your request and you don’t always get lucky so perseverance is key.

You can also send and receive private messages in addition to the group chat.

Ah, yes…the group chat. This is one of the key features of the game and transforms the space from being a very standard sex game into a fully interactive one.

Though simplistic at best, you can message everyone else in the game or send a direct message.

The best part is when you get to hosting your own sex scene, where you can chat with the other player(s).

The sex functions here are pretty damned good and you go through a series of ‘Rounds’ with each player taking turns at controlling the action until the progress bars indicates you have reached the next stage.

If you are enjoying being in control then you can eke out the action but once you have hit the target it’s best to stop and let other players have a go at being in charge.

Initially, you will need to rent a room in a hotel or motel to have sex in which can be quite costly and limits the number of people you want to get dirty with but, don’t forget that, you can earn more money by playing the mini-games.

sex game MNF CLub Sex game
Wait your turn to be able to control the sex positions.

When you have had your fun, you can always stay in touch by adding them as a friend and maybe make plans to hook up online again soon.

Or, if you get a bit tired of hooking up (or getting declined) constantly as a new player then you can always concentrate on building your online profile; earn more cash, get a property, build a network of friends.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy your very own ‘Petnis’.

Petnises are a cute pet penis that follows you around the game.

They cost $3000 (in-game cash) but can be used to pleasure other players within the MNF Club game….head to Petnis Forest and part with $300 for a demonstration of just what they are capable of and you might find yourself saving up your in-game cash to purchase one.

Lastly, the MNF Club has an active members forum where players can share experiences of the site including any technical issues.

It’s an active community and you will quickly find players here that will be willing to show you the ropes and even make friends so you have other characters online that you can network (or have sex) with.

The vibe is similar to what you will find in other multiplayer sex worlds like Red Light Center or Yareel.

Technical Specifications

MNF Club is an online game which uses Flash and can be played in any browser that supports Flash.

You can play the game using your iPad, iPhone or Android devices as long as you download and install the Puffin web browser to launch it in.

You will need an internet connection but there is no sound in the game so don’t worry about speakers.

The quality of the graphics can be toggled between Low, Medium and High to help with poor connection speeds.

mnf club game review
NPC’s man he Mini-Game so you can earn extra cash to advance gameplay.

What Does Playing MNF Club Cost?

Whilst you can easily spend many hours on the game without parting with a dime, MNF Club does offer a more richly rewarding experience if you have a premium membership.

The cost to subscribe to the game is currently (December 2018) charged as follows:

  • 30 Days – $9.95 per month
  • 90 Days – $8.32 per month
  • 180 Days – $6.65 per month
  • 365 Days – $5.83 per month

Premium members can access additional sex positions and unlock all the characters for intimate encounters as well as collect clothing and other accessories.

They are also able to create up to 6 avatars and buy and use ‘Petnises’. There’s no doubt that some other players wont interact with players who aren’t paid-up members so that’s another incentive!

If you enjoy the game, then you can also gift a subscription to friends and family using a Premium Gift Certificate.

Payment can be made via credit card, online check and via Direct Pay.

MNF Club Review: Is It Any Good?

We really enjoyed our trial of the MNF Club and easily found a few hours slipping by just playing mini porn games, hooking up with some random players and chatting on the group pages.

We found that there are quite a lot of players who are clique and don’t want to hook up with newbies but perseverance showed that we could get our end away with at least one in ten of the players we tried to hook up with….once we’d found a hotel room in the Metropolis.

MNF CLub Sex game
Basic membership limits you to a choice of just a few sex positions per ’round’.

There are other kinds of players using the game including some professional cam girls who seem to be scouting for customers.

They were the ones who made contact with us using Private Messages and then sending us links to some saucy snaps before inviting us to watch them get naked in a private show.

There’s no harm in them trying and is quite an inventive way to seek out new business.

A few things we would like to see developed including a more responsive way to move around the screen as this can be a little slow and limiting.

Plus there is no option (in the basic membership at least) to use sounds which might really enhance the sex scenes.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable game that is addictive and can be very rewarding quite quickly.

We loved the fact that it is so playable without having to spend any money but can also see that after a while we would definitely want access to more choice in sex positions as well as maybe having some alternative avatars to play around with.

We say, try this game and you will not be disappointed.

All featured images via MNF Club.


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