3D Sex Villa 2: Is This Ultra-Modded Sex Sim Still Worth Playing?

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3D Sex Villa 2, developed by Thrixxx, is an adult video game that builds upon the foundation set by its predecessor, the original 3D Sex Villa, released in 2002.

Launched in 2008, this sequel is an interactive, virtual adult playground that offers an immersive, customizable experience for players looking to live out their dirty kinks in a thriving online space.

In basic terms: 3D Sex Villa 2 is a classic sex simulator. It delivers hot interactive sex with cyber babes in a 3D sex world. You set the scene, control the action, and watch it unfold through fluid lifelike animations.

While good ol’ SexVilla has aged considerably over the years, it still provides plenty of addictive gameplay. This is a hardcore sex game with plenty of playability and huge amounts of customisation. Sex Villa 2 adds in a raft of BDSM features — props, furniture and even fucking machines. If you can think it, you can probably bang with it.

In this 3D Sex Villa Review we take a look at one of the classic sex sims of the Noughties, plus the costs involved and what you can expect for your hard-earned subscription.

What is 3D Sex Villa 2?

A scene from 3D Sex Villa 2
A scene from 3D Sex Villa 2

3D Sex Villa is a real time multiplayer cyber sex game that lets players choose a persona with which to simulate adult roleplay.

Basically, it’s like the popular Sims game only you get to have hardcore sex with other real-life players.

3D Sex Villa 2: Everlust is the latest incarnation of this popular game and supersedes the previous version with better quality graphics and interactivity.

The graphics still aren’t as good as some of the more recent releases from other developers (particularly the boom in next generation games on Patreon), but they’re certainly good enough.

How Does 3D Sex Villa 2 Improve On The Original Sex Villa?

3D Sex Villa 2 is the sequel to the original 3D Sex Villa, which was originally released way back in 2002. Both of these titles are adult video games developed by Thrixxx.

We can’t imagine there are many gamers still playing the original 3D Sex Villa, not least because the community is now entirely dominated by Sex Villa 2.

Here are some of the major improvements over the original title:

  1. Graphics: 3D Sex Villa 2 has improved graphics compared to its predecessor, offering better character models, textures, and environments. The enhanced visuals aim to provide a more immersive and realistic experience. Still: Don’t expect HD or 4K graphics. That’s not what this series is all about!
  2. Customization: The sequel provides more extensive customization options for characters and scenes, allowing players to create unique experiences and fantasy scenes. This includes a wider range of body types, clothing, and accessories. There’s also an excellent ‘Facemaker’ Tool to give your creation a distinct look. 😉
  3. Animations: 3D Sex Villa 2 features more fluid and realistic animations, offering a greater variety of actions and interactions between characters. This improvement enhances the overall experience and user immersion.
  4. User Interface: The user interface in 3D Sex Villa 2 is much more user-friendly and intuitive, as you’d expect compared to a game that is now over 20 years old!
  5. Community & Modding Support: The sequel offers increased community support and modding capabilities, allowing players to share their custom content and expand the game’s possibilities.
review 3d sex villa 2
Cast, direct and control your own 3D porn with 3D Sex Villa 2.

How to Play 3D Sex Villa 2

The game allows you to set up an online alter ego whom you control and direct, sort of like a 3D animated version of social networking.

You can set yourself up as male or female in any guise you like before starting the game.

Your character is fully customisable once you have an unlimited subscription or via payment of XCoins (these sex coins let you customise the ultimate Interactive 3D experience).

However, even in free game play mode you can make some adjustments to your avatar – including the intensity of your sweat!

customize your character 3d sex villa 2 review
Fully customize your character with expansion packs.

The game is operated from your PC within the Game Launcher (see Technical, below) and you can explore this virtual world along with its occupants at your leisure.

Once you meet someone you can start any kind of encounter you like and direct the action including camera angles, use of toys, location and position.

It can take a while to get to know the functions of the game, so it is worth sitting through a tutorial first to get the feel for the basics.

There is a Quick Mode if you wish to dive in straight away.

Once you are in any encounter, the sky is the limit when it comes to positions including a variety of foreplay and kissing.

You can fully direct the action with thrust, position and intensity as well as cumshots (third person bukkake or first-person action). You can even record the action, so you can watch video clips later.

Watch as the excitement builds for both yourself and your partner before cumming hard; you can even activate a creampie

3D Sex Villa 2 offers you the opportunity to star in and direct your own porn movies with a whole range of sex toys, sex positions, and locations at your disposal. There is the flexibility here to really make the scenes you want to watch. The graphics aren’t quite as top notch as newer releases like JerkDolls, but they’re not far off.

It’s an exciting game with loads of playability and, once you are in Story Mode, the action really hots up.

One of the obvious differences between 3D Sex Villa and other popular virtual worlds like Yareel or Red Light Center is that the location doesn’t really tick the box of ‘Open World’. The bulk of the action is set in… a Sex Villa. Recent updates have opened up new locations (around 40+ in total), but the game world is much more contained.

But that doesn’t affect the quality or quantity of sex available.

3d sex villa 2 sex scene
You control all of the action and you can save your footage.

Additional Features

Once you have downloaded the ThriXXX Game Launcher you will also have access to several other adult games, including:

As a member of ThriXXX 3D Games you have access to the community area which is a neat way to network with other players, share and download additional content as well as to be part of an adult orientated social network.

These are some of the most popular virtual sex games in the world – with an active community that is highly engaged.

Technical Specifications

In order to play 3D Sex Villa 2 you will need to download the ThriXXX Game Launcher. Available for Windows 7/8/10 you will need at least 2GB of space available on your PC as well as:

  • 512MB, 1280×1024 pixel graphics card
  • 3GB+ RAM
  • Intel Core/AMD Athlon 52, 2 Ghz, SSE2 support of faster CPU
  • Internet connection (cable or DSL)

This game is for PC Users only.

MAC users will need to install Windows on their device in order to access the Game Launcher.

Once you have downloaded the game launcher you will need to install either a 32-Bit or 64-Bit version of the game. It is important that you do this to ensure you have the most up to date version of the game including any patches or fixes for known glitches.

thrixxx game launcher 3d sex villa 2
Once you’ve downloaded the Game Launcher you can access other ThriXXX games.

How Popular Is The Game?

3D Sex Villa 2 is a popular game with tens of thousands of active members worldwide.

40% of players are from the USA with Germans making up 11%, Italians 7% and Brits a further 5%. Other nations where 3D Sex Villa 2 is popular include Belgium, Canada, Singapore and South Africa.

While SexVilla is nowhere near the height of popularity that it enjoyed in its peak, the game still draws in a lot of regular players. Many old-timers like to revisit for nostalgia’s sake.

And presumably to live out some hot 3D sex…

Is 3D Sex Villa Free to Play?

You can play a limited version 3D Sex Villa 2 for free but much of the content is censored including blacked out genitals.

There are two ways to pay for your play time; using XCoins or via subscription.

XCoins can be purchased in bulk with bigger discounts available the more XCoins you buy. XCoins can be used to unlock various features or to access certain areas of the game and/or community. The cheapest package of XCoins is $1.98 for 1000 and ranges up to 50,000 for $49.98.

Subscription fees for playing 3D Sex Villa 2 are charged on an automatic recurring basis with options as follows:

  • 3 Day Trial: $9.95 then $29.95 every 30 days
  • 30 Days: $29.95
  • 60 Days: $49.95
  • 90 Days: $65.95

Once you pay for a recurring subscription, access to the game is unlimited and you receive all content

3d sex villa 2
The game is highly playable and includes great graphics and access to an active online community.

3D Sex Villa 2 Review: Our Verdict

Getting started with 3D Sex Villa 2 can take a while to download and if you have a slow connection you can expect set-up to take about half an hour to an hour.

However, once you have the game installed and the game launcher ready to go, accessing it is easy. The tutorial is recommended as the game has lots of features which need some explanation.

As a subscriber and with full access to the hardcore content of the game, you will not tire quickly of the multiple locations, models and variations of sexual positions you can try. It is pretty easy to lose a few hours playing the game and the action, though animated, is very engaging and quite a turn on.

The cost of membership is cheaper than topping up on XCoins all the time but it does depend on how often you are going to be enjoying the game. A trial membership would be better but only if you remember to cancel the recurring subscription (if you aren’t sold after just a few hours).

Lastly, the community is what really makes this game and connecting with other members who enjoy 3D Sex Villa 2 as much as you can really extend the game play further and you could make some interesting connections here.

A great game with value for money membership that can easily replace other social media sites for a far more interesting way to spend your time.

3D Sex Villa

Featured image via 3D Sex Villa2.


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