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If you are a fan of 3D adult games then you may already be familiar with Chathouse 3D.

A virtual 3D world and sex sim game in which you can interact with other adults, Chathouse 3D has won awards for its content including the Venus Award 2013 for Best Innovation.

In this Chathouse 3D Review, we look at the gameplay, what it costs to play, and how it stacks up to other 3D sex sims.

What is Chathouse 3D?

Chathouse 3D is a virtual environment in which you can socialise and interact with other adults.

It’s a cross between an animated version of a chat room and virtual dating. The site is part of the stable of games offered by the adult sex games developer, ThriXXX (including 3D Sex Villa 2) and complements their range of highly-addictive 3D entertainment.

As some people put it, think of Chathouse 3D as a place where ‘Second Life’ meets ‘Fetlife’.

Chathouse 3D Gameplay

In order to play Chathouse 3D you will need to register a free account with ThriXXX and download their game launcher (see ‘Technical Specifications’, below).

Once installed, you can play the game in trial mode which doesn’t feature any hardcore content, or you can upgrade to a premium account.

Basically, the gameplay is similar to online dating but you don’t have to be honest with your profile!

Create your own persona and accompanying avatar to explore the world of Chathouse 3D and become a different version of yourself.

You can create female or male characters with fully customisable physical attributes, clothing and features and imbue them with your own choice of personality.

Once set up you can then enter the social environment and start interacting with other users. The process is pretty straightforward and intuitive.

There are tutorials to guide you around the screens, controls and basic navigation but you should be able to work most of the functions out with a little dedicated play.

Unlike other similar multiplayer games, you are restricted to a limited virtual world on Chathouse 3D; in fact, just a single house (hence the name).

The world is obviously not as expansive as what you’ll find in, say, Red Light Center or Yareel. But it’s certainly more interactive than iStripper!

chathouse 3d adult sex game
The environment in Chathouse 3D is limited to the ground floor of a well-rendered mansion house.

What happens next is entirely between you and the person you are interacting with but most times it leads to on screen 3D virtual sex; either as a couple, threesome or even gangbang.

Some players meet up regularly for serial ‘dates’ with other users whilst others are freer in their networking style.

The action is performed by mutual consent with the initiator proposing a sexual act and the other player either accepting or declining the move.

It’s not a game of strategy but it is a turn on to be able to do things online you might not do for real…particularly if you have switched genders to play.

The beauty being that the choice is yours and there are no messy consequences of these virtual casual encounters. No morning after regrets and no having to ditch your one-night stand without having to leave your cell phone number.

chathouse 3d sex game
The action is hardcore and you get to control all of the camera angles so you never miss another cumshot.

The site works with virtual reality technology including headsets as well as interactive sex toys likes Kiiroo and Fleshlight vStroker.

Chathouse 3D is one of the original VR-compatible experiences that paved the way to modern single player games like SinVR and Virtual Mate.

Additional Features

Once you install the ThriXXX game launcher you will also have access to be able to play additional games from your computer, including:

  • 3D Sex Villa 2
  • 3D GoGo2
  • Hentai 3D2
  • 3D Gay Villa 2

There is an escort mode you can engage meaning you can charge other users (in system credits) for your services.

This has been a popular upgrade this year and the most popular members who have access to some skilled ‘moves’ are making the most of this feature.

The most popular bonus feature for the game is the community that being a member offers you access to.

Not only can you share and download content posted by other users but you can network with players in a more ‘real’ environment. This can make gameplay much more interesting and also offers true social networking possibilities.

The traditional chat rooms and forums are very active and there are plenty of groups you can join to discuss both the range of games being played on ThriXXX as well as other adult related topics.

custom avatar chathouse 3d
You can fully customize your character in Chathouse 3D so you can live a fantasy second life online.

Technical Specifications

In order to play Chathouse 3D you will need to register a free account with ThriXXX before downloading and installing the Game Launcher.

A version is currently only available for Windows 7/8/10 with MAC users needing to install Windows on their device.

In order to play any of the games you will need at least 2GB of space available on your PC as well as:

  • 512MB, 1280×1024 pixel graphics card
  • 3GB+ RAM
  • Intel Core/AMD Athlon 52, 2 Ghz, SSE2 support of faster CPU
  • Internet connection (cable or DSL)

Once you have a version of the Game Launcher on your computer you will need to individually install Chathouse 3D from within the software.

Depending on your download speeds, full install from initial account registration takes between 30-60 minutes.

Overall, the quality of the graphics offered by ThriXXX is very good but these will be limited to the quality of the graphics card you have installed in your computer.

Who Uses Chathouse 3D?

The vast majority of users who play Chathouse 3D are based in the USA but the game is also popular in Russia and in some areas of Europe.

chathouse 3d porn game
The beauty of playing Chathouse 3D is the anonymity when it comes to random sex with strangers. Who knows who you are getting dirty with?

What Does Playing Chathouse 3D Cost?

Playing in the basic version of Chathouse 3D doesn’t cost anything though the experience is pretty limited.

You can pay to play Chathouse 3D either with a standard subscription or by buying different expansion packs using XCoins.

You can buy XCoins in various bundle sizes; the more coins you buy, the cheaper the XCoins are.

The lowest priced bundle is $1.98 for 1000 and ranges up to 50,000 for $49.98. A typical expansion pack costs around 15,000 XCoins.

You can buy unlimited access to the game via an automatically recurring subscription as follows:

  • 3 Day Trial: $9.95 then $29.95 every 30 days
  • 30 Days: $29.95
  • 60 Days: $49.95
  • 90 Days: $65.95

You can expand your gameplay by purchasing tokens which will allow you to add hardcore sex graphics, customise your character more and generally improve your experience.

XCoins can be used in any of the games offered by ThriXXX and every purchase entitles you to be added to the daily Lucky Draw which grants a discount on your next visit to the store.

Chathouse 3D Review: Simple But Addictive

The gameplay offered in Chathouse 3D is pretty immersive and you can easily spend several hours exploring this community without realising it. Interaction levels are good and the range of sexual acts you can perform on one another (with unlimited version) is really extensive.

The graphics and sound are some of the best available online and combining the gameplay with a VR headset and interactive toy really brings the game to life.

chathouse 3d review
Chathouse 3D: ‘…a little less conversation…’.

Though the world you can explore here is limited, this does appeal to some people as the focus isn’t so much on a story mode or game style setting but allows you to focus on the people instead. The big hook of Chathouse 3D Roulette is undoubtedly the interaction of its users.

The ThriXXX community is the icing on the cake and it is the other users who make this environment the success that it is.

We think the price is competitive and offers great value for money for the amount of entertainment you can get from the experience.

Featured image via Chathouse 3D.


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