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Enjoy sexting but want a new way to connect with people?

Since the birth of the internet and even with simple text messaging services, cybersex has become a very popular way of getting your rocks off in this digital age. And, there’s never been so many ways to do it. From live cam sites to exchanging sexy messages on your phone, there is an inherent appeal to this. Known as ‘sexting’, there are many reasons why people do it. First of all, it’s quick and easy and you can do it discretely from anywhere. Which means there is an illicit joy of participating when you are at work, at a family dinner or on the commuter train. But why simply send your girlfriend a dick pic when you can connect with total strangers…anonymously and free?

In this review, we take a closer look at the latest sexting app, Skibbel, which offers a free service for sexting.

What is Skibbel?

Skibbel is an anonymous sexting app which allows users to connect with strangers all over the world to send naked pictures and text messages to; basically, an adult version of popular online chat services like Omegle or an alternative to Kik.

You can even use the app to open up a live sex cam feed and broadcast yourself directly to an unknown audience. Something we’ve tried with extremely mixed results!

The app has a lot in common with popular sex roulette sites like SlutRoulette.

Skibbel is also branded under a few names but basically offers the same service; this includes Sexeey, ZadoMaso (a BDSM alternative) and Gydoo (for men only).

What is Sexting?

A quick 101 for anyone who has been under a rock for the last few decades but ‘sexting’ is the name given to sending any sexually explicit message or images using digital means. This could be via text message or using instant messenger apps. Sexting takes place primarily over mobile phones but can also be done via laptops, PCs, tablet or other digital device.

So, if you send a dick pic to someone, it’s sexting. If you flirt online, it’s sexting. If you film yourself on live cam for your partner (or stranger), it’s sexting.

For most people, sexting is a liberating way of behaving in a naughty way without the pressures of being face to face or in live conversation. Some people find hiding behind a digital device an easier way to unleash their inner sex god/goddess and can be more explicit and more rude than in person.

However you sext, it is considered a safe and convenient way to explore sexual fantasies and get personal with someone. Obviously, the same caveats about personal safety online apply to sexting as they do to any other medium in which you contact strangers; don’t share personal details and if you do arrange to hook-up then make sure that you follow the necessary precautions for safety.

skibbel review free sexting app

Getting Started With Skibbel

To start using Skibbel, simply head to the website and complete some basic information:

  • Gender – Male/Female/Couple
  • Looking for – Male/Female/Both
  • Profile Text – Short sentence to summarise what you’re about

You can then load a profile image or video but this isn’t necessary to launch the service.

None of this information is stored by the site and you don’t have to register an email account or name in order to get started which means that communication is 100% anonymous.

Once you’ve entered all this information then you can enter into the free chat area.  Now, it’s worth pointing out that although you may have entered that you want to see women or couples the service is more random than that and you will find a lot of guys so be prepared to randomize your results. Certainly, there are more men using this platform than women but most guys will exit the chat before you even register you are talking with another man.

When you do get connected with someone who wants to chat then the rest is up to you in terms of how to communicate. The app comes with several means to sext and chat including texting, sharing files and live cam/microphone.

skibbel review sexting app

Skibbel: Technical

Okay, ‘app’ might be a bit misleading and you can’t actually download this platform for your Android or iOS device but you can open it up in-browser so you can launch it from a laptop or PC.

However, if you own an Android smartphone then you can launch Skibbel in your mobile browser and even use your rear camera to further protect your identity.

iOS users can only use Skibbel to send text messages and pictures.

How Much Does Skibbel Cost?

The Skibbel app is 100% free to use and there are only a handful of ads that pop up whilst you use the site. However, the service is fundamentally a way to direct audiences to live cam sites and you will find that many of the women’s profiles on the site are actually ‘bait’ to get you click on links to premium sites such as Jerkmate.

skibbel review anonymous sexting

Skibbel: We Say…

The idea behind Skibbel is a sound one and a platform that offers full anonymity and sexting opportunities with strangers is certainly one we can get on board with. However, the reality of this service is far from what you would expect. The vast majority of users on the site are male and you can easily spend several minutes randomizing people to sext with and not find a single female or a couple. When you do find a woman, invariably she is not actually on the site to sext but is simply a bot trying to direct traffic to a live cam site.

Now, before you get dissuaded from giving Skibbel a try, there are actually some real life women using  the site. And, if you are lucky, you will get some quality interaction with them. At times, we were able to conduct reasonably long ‘chats’ and exchange a few pics before being cut off. However, we were also enticed into several conversations that ended abruptly with the user leaving us a link where we could chat more.

In all, this seems to be a popular way for cam girls and independent sex workers to rustle up some interest in platforms which are monetized. This could be live cam sites but may also be paid Kik and other messenger apps.

skibbel sexting app
Image via NeedPix.

As for those genuine people you connect with, the fact that the service is anonymous works both ways so if you feel like you have made a connection and want a repeat show, there is no way to reach that person again through Skibbel. Instead, you would have to exchange contact details or alternative was to reach each other.

Overall, the results on the app vary wildly depending on the time of day you hit it and how patient you are prepared to be to get matched to a user….and how fussy you are about who that is. Certainly, if you are interested in men then the site will definitely be able to cater for you and swapping dick pics with some other guys is almost guaranteed.

It’s a shame that there aren’t more women on the app otherwise we would have absolutely no complaints. After all, free and private sexting, who could complain about that?

All featured images via Skibbel.


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