9 Top OnlyFans Models To Follow In 2024: Amateur NSFW Stars Doing It Right

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Okay, we get it – personalized porn isn’t everyone’s flavor, but you should check out these nine OnlyFans models if you’re looking for something a bit more in-depth than page 20 of PornHub.

It’s one thing to watch a video that’s been re-circulated hundreds of thousands of times, but it’s another thing entirely to drool over a custom clip that’s specifically tailored to your preferences.

Hottest OnlyFans Stars To Follow: Our Top Picks

Top OnlyFans Models to Follow

Whether your thing is anime baddies, gamer girls, or smoking-hot blondes with a rack to die for, there’s never been a better time to dip your ding-a-ling into the world of OnlyFans.

Here are the top OnlyFans models to follow in 2024!

1. PokeBella



Not to be confused with the even more popular Pokimane, PokeBella is the red-headed gamer girl we didn’t know we needed.

She’s a sucker for all things cute and pink, much like the pearly gates of heaven she’s hiding in between those curvaceous thighs. From her gaming chair to her stuffies, she knows her target audience. For all the readers who call themselves “Daddy” in the bedroom, PokeBella is for you. 

Unlike other content creators, PokeBella runs a “freemium” model for her OnlyFans page. That means you won’t pay for a month-to-month subscription, but you shouldn’t expect any freebies, either. The price fluctuates for PPV (pay-per-view) content, custom photos, and custom videos. 

She also replies to all her messages personally because, like any eighteen-year-old girl, she’s always online. We like PokeBella because she offers us a good look at her physical attributes without giving away too much upfront. It’s like the perfect tease (if you’re into that sort of thing). 

2. Renae Erica


Renae Erica

With long, flowing blonde hair and a beach-ready body to match, Renae Erica is nothing short of a Barbie doll. She also follows commands like a Barbie doll, preferring to power down her brain in favor of mindless obedience. There’s a reason she has the #1 nicest p-word on OnlyFans!

But, she gives a fair warning – once you’ve gotten a taste of Renae’s nectar, you’ll be insatiably hungry for more where that came from. Luckily, she films naughty amateur sex tapes on a daily basis. This nymphomaniac also makes it publicly known that she has an addiction to creampies.

Don’t take her word for it. When you subscribe to her free OnlyFans profile, you’ll see just how creative Renae can get. She’s posted 576+ lewd photos and 78+ videos that stop just short of showing off her birthday suit. Like PokeBella, Renae Erica runs a freemium OnlyFans account.

She eagerly replies to messages, but you’ll have to leave a tip in order to get her attention. She also charges her own price for PPV content, and there’s virtually nothing she won’t do for some change. Renae calls herself a nineteen-year-old “Aussie blonde slut” with a “barbie doll pussy.” 

Is it any wonder that she’s earned 151.5k+ likes on the platform to date? 

3. Julie Ambrose


Julie Ambrose

Julie Ambrose is that blonde girl next door, and she’s ready to give the neighbors something to talk about. She encourages fans to slide into her DMs unprompted, but you’ll have to send $$$ before any goodies pop up in your replies. On the bright side, she loves intimacy with her fans. 

Depending on how much money you have to burn, Julie’s natural sex drive motivates her to get online and send nudes to her paying subscribers every single day. She’s also fetish-friendly for those readers who need something extra to have a good time – sub or dom, she doesn’t mind. 

She’s an expert at doing it “sweet and slow,” but she likes getting her hands dirty with some wet and wild solo play. This blonde vixen is here to fulfill your every fantasy, so there’s no need to be shy with your approach. Best of all, she’s always online and responding to her fans’ messages. 

You can subscribe to Julie’s spicy OnlyFans page without paying a dime, but you won’t get any nude photos or videos unless you’re shelling out cash. If you’re okay with leaving a little to the imagination, drool over 504+ barely-SFW photos and 38+ videos that show off her best angles. 

Her freemium approach has been a smash-hit among subscribers, and her popularity is steadily climbing with 115k+ OnlyFans likes to date. Act soon, because her profile won’t be free forever. 

4. Maddy Mayes


Maddy Mayes

We can’t find a single thing not to love about Maddy Mayes. From her perfectly manicured nails to her impossibly curvaceous figure and gorgeous eyes, Maddy is the kind of girl that shows up in your (wet) dreams. She might not have dated you in high school, but you can watch Maddy exploit her God-given talents for $5 for 31 days. After that, subscribing will cost you $50/month. 

As if the 90% discount weren’t enough, she’s also giving out a free naughty gift for anyone who subscribes to her profile. We don’t know what it might be, but we’re willing to wager it’s not safe for work. Of course, none of the 686+ photos and videos on her profile are suitable for the office. 

She loves receiving a traditional pounding, getting freaky for some girl-on-girl action, exploring her body for the world to see, taking it up the backdoor, and squirting like a waterfall on camera. Should you have something specific in mind, she’s fetish-friendly for subscribers with extra $$$. 

Even though her discounted OnlyFans profile is worth every penny, you can check out her free OnlyFans profile for a mere taste of what’s to come. She has 169+ photos and 8 videos to ogle over. But first, get a look at the goods when you follow her on Instagram and Twitter (X). She is quite the nymphomaniac, so be prepared for an onslaught of sexts when you leave her a tip. 

5. Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova began appearing in X-rated movies over a decade ago, and she’s done thousands of porn films since 2012. She was named Twisty’s Treat of the Year for 2013, and she won the AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2014. She also won the 2017 XBIZ Award for Best Actress

Suffice to say, she hasn’t slowed down any. Rather, she’s more popular than ever before! 

You’ll see Mia Malkova at her best when you follow her on Twitter (X), Instagram, and Snapchat. As if she weren’t busy enough starring in flicks for professional porn studios, she’s taken a more creative approach with her free OnlyFans. That’s where she uploads never-before-seen videos.  

If you’ve never heard of Mia before, we’d suggest taking a quick peek at her official PornHub page to get a sense of what you’re in for. Mia is always eager to drop to her knees, bend over the table, or spread her legs open on a casting couch. Of course, she also swings both ways. 

Deep-throating qualifies as Ms. Malkova’s favorite pastime, but she’s not opposed to getting on all fours in downward doggy at the yoga studio where she does so many of her scenes. Just in case you were curious, she’s also really into feet when they’re gliding up and down your shaft. 

For a pornstar of her caliber, it’s a miracle that Mia isn’t charging her fans to see her OF feed. She’s not giving out any freebies unless you leave her a tip, but it’s easy to notice a prominent outline of her perky nips and cameltoe when you check her Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat

6. Angel Youngs


Angel Youngs

Brazzers is proud to introduce their newest contract star: let’s give a special shout-out to Angel Youngs, one of the only performers who manages to keep their audience captivated with fresh clips on a weekly basis. She goes above & beyond to fulfill her subscribers’ deepest fantasies.  

She’s a squirter at heart, and she doesn’t care how she gets to the finish line. Whether someone is licking her muff or she’s getting her twat pounded into oblivion, Ms. Youngs is a true pain taker in every sense of the word. Steamy, girl-on-girl scenes and solo play are Angel’s bread & butter. 

She’s also a huge anal lover, and her obsession with feet hasn’t gone unnoticed. In addition to providing some of the best content that Brazzers has to offer, Angel is always ready to rate her fans’ nudes and create personalized videos for the right price. Plus, she replies to DMs quickly. 

She claims that she’ll make you bust all over your computer screen, and we’re willing to take her at her word given all the reviews she has on Fanscout. Sexting with this vixen is a roller coaster ride of its own, and you can purchase an autographed pair of her panties (or a signed Polaroid). 

It’s clear that Angel is here for the long haul, and you can weasel your way into her good graces for $13.99 per month. She offers a 20% – 30% discount for subscribers who purchase three, six or twelve months of unrestricted access to her OF page. No matter what, it’s worth every penny. 

Her free OnlyFans doesn’t come pre-packed with nudes, but 60+ photos and 86+ videos show you why you should bother paying for the real thing. 

You’ll feast your eyes upon 1,868+ lewd photos, 554+ NSFW videos, and a single voice memo that adds a tangible layer of realism to your viewing experience. She responds to her messages in a hurry, but leaving a tip puts you at the front of the line when it comes to getting her attention. 

7. Alix Lynx


Alix Lynx

From a cursory glance at her OnlyFans bio, you can see that Alix lives on a sparkly pink cloud. Her whimsical personality, perfect pout, and gorgeous figure mix together for the perfect storm. There’s also no doubt that her tireless work ethic plays a major part in her continued success. 

When you subscribe to her OnlyFans for $30 per month, you’ll gain access to thousands of her never-before-seen photos and videos. To be exact, she’s posted 3,123 NSFW pictures and 695 videos that are sure to knock your socks off. Plus, she’s done a total of thirty-seven live streams.

She’s earned a total of 215.3k+ OnlyFans likes at the time of writing, and her verified reviews on Fanscout go one step further to vouch for her legitimacy. Solo fingering is her preferred manner of sexual expression, but she enjoys taking a pounding (and swallowing a load) just as much. 

You can get a 10% discount on her OnlyFans page when you purchase a 3-month subscription bundle, and subscribers who lock in for six months at a time will enjoy a 15% discount. Should you wish to support her anal adventures another way, buy a tee or hoodie from her merch shop.

Readers can also find Alix on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (X). If you like what you see, check out her Amazon wish list and surprise her with a gift! Alix loves responding to all her fans, but she saves her exclusive content and dirty words for the most generous ones. 

Finally, Alix is fetish-friendly and supremely flexible when it comes to creating custom clips. She bends over backwards to please her fans, going so far as to stream intimate moments with her perpetually growing audience in real-time. Really, her asking price is nothing short of a bargain.

8. Yumi


Yumi might not look the dominating part, but this fresh-faced dominatrix is ready to dish out orders and obey commands just the same. She loves forming an emotional connection with her subscribers, and she’s willing to bend over backwards for you. From solo play to group poundings, she does it all! 

As of right now, she’s posted 163 spicy photos and videos for her subscribers to drool over. She also warns that “you might see things you won’t normally see a girl do” before admitting that she loves a smelly pair of feet. Finally, you’ll get 31 days of unrestricted access to her profile for $3. 

Although Yumi’s regular asking price is $30 per month, we think her clips are worth every penny. She eagerly responds to her subscribers in DMs, and her dedication toward going the extra mile is duly noted. She loves making all kinds of custom content to satisfy your personal preferences. 

This tight, blonde vixen won’t be eighteen forever, and you can feast your eyes upon her supple curves without paying a dime if you follow her on social media. Finally, her free OnlyFans profile is filled with 208+ (slightly less) lewd photos and videos that leave very little to the imagination. 

9. Emily Bel


If Lana Rhoades and Lena Paul had a baby, Emily Bel would be the final result. This brunette beauty’s doe-like eyes and perpetually surprised expression mixes well with her appropriately sized milkers and child-bearing hips. She’s got quite the figure, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. 

At the tender age of nineteen, Emily is ready to explore the world around her and rid herself of any repressed sexual desires she might be harboring. She’s also looking for an online boyfriend if you’re interested in fostering a sugar baby relationship with an irresistible, girl-next-door type.

Like any true zoomer, Emily is always doing something on that smartphone of hers. That means she replies quickly to personal messages, and she enjoys creating custom content for her fans. Her popular, free OnlyFans page gives her potential subscribers a little taste of what’s to come. 

All said, she’s received a total of 135.8k+ likes on OnlyFans with more pouring in by the minute. If you decide to pull the trigger on the “free” version of Emily’s OF page, you’ll unlock access to 288+ photos and videos. Her paid profile is home to all the juicy stuff with 201+ NSFW posts. 

New subscribers will enjoy a 90% discount, paying just $3 for 31 days of unfiltered nudity from the woman of the hour. However, even her normal price of $30/month feels like highway robbery considering how often she posts high-value footage of her getting stuffed like a holiday turkey.

Who’s Your Favorite OF Model? 

After a brief scare where the people running the show threatened to ban adult content at the behest of VISA and MasterCard, OnlyFans climbed back from the pit of bankruptcy to make a complete resurgence. 

Now, the platform is saturated with adult content creators seeking their freedom from the casting couch. Since 2016, professionals and “at-home” pornstars alike have been using the platform to make their own schedule. OF also laid the groundwork for personalized content to get popular. 

With more than 1.2 million creators occupying the platform, OnlyFans is now a household name. Thousands of would-be OF models are competing for “top dog” status every single day, but it’s impossible to give everyone their chance to shine in the virtual spotlight (even if they deserve it). 

When you purchase a subscription for one of these beauties, you’re also supporting a small business!

That said, do you have a favorite OF model? How about anyone you’d like to see featured in our next round-up?


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