How To Make Money From Sex: A Guide to High Paying Adult Jobs (NSFW)

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Looking for ways to make money from sex?

Here we look at some dirty ways to make money online. From selling nude pics, to becoming a webcam model, to selling used panties(!).

There are many different methods to profiting from the sex industry. You don’t have to be a performer or a model.

The web is full of weird and unusual marketplaces where sexual services are traded and fetish products are sold.

The rise of platforms like OnlyFans, Cameo and SnapChat has led to amateur adult content creators earning thousands from building their own followings. You can, too.

In this guide we showcase some of the top adult social media platforms, as well as kinky ways to make money from sex (and the wider adult industry) in 2023.

Kinky Ways to Make Money in 2023

Sell Nudes and Intimate Pics

Sell my nudes

Want to get paid for pictures of your body?

Already a fan of posting your nudes and want to get paid for them, too?

You would be amazed how much money amateur models are able to earn from selling nudes (and other intimate photos) to fans.

How this normally works is that you give away some ‘teaser’ photos, interact with your fans, and slowly build an audience.

Meanwhile, you save the best content for paid subscribers.

Where can I sell my nudes?

Using platforms like SquarePeep (sell per image) or OnlyFans (subscriber-only content), you can turn your distant admirers in to a legitimate source of income.

Where to Sell Nudes For Money

  1. ManyVids
  2. OnlyFans
  3. BentBox

Sell Homemade Videos

Sell homemade porn with ManyVids

Nude photos are in high demand, but guess what works even better?

That’s right: homemade videos.

This doesn’t have to mean porn (although you can certainly push those boundaries if you so desire).

Many women (and men) have built up large recurring income from daily videos sent out to paying subscribers.

Let’s do the math:

If you take $10 per subscription on a platform like ManyVids, and you reach 300 subscribers, that’s $3000 per month purely for ‘engaging’ with your super fans.

There are plenty of ways to make money from homemade videos.

You can sell homemade porn clips using sites like Clips4Sale. (Ever wanted to sell your sex tape?!)

You can sell even personalised videos using services like Extra Lunch Money or Cameo.

It’s a sign of the times we live in!

There is a large and growing audience of people willing to pay a premium for access to private material from their favorite content creators.

Become a Webcam Model

How to be a cam girl, via Chaturbate

The camming industry has been around for a while, and it remains one of the most reliable ways to earn money from sex work.

We’ve seen reports of some cam girls earning over $1 million per year through webcam modelling alone.

The majority do no get close to this, but you can certainly earn a primary income through cam sites. Or a lot of extra change on top of your day job!

Sites like Chaturbate, Bonga Cams and MFC draw in millions of visitors every month.

With thousands of viewers watching a cam show at any given time, the main ways of earning are by racking up tips or selling access to private shows.

It can be a very lucrative business, indeed.

Are there downsides to becoming a webcam model?


By nature, providing this particular service puts you in the public eye.

The chances of being spotted or exposed are much higher if your bedroom striptease cracks the homepage of a mega-site like Chaturbate!

The flip side to this argument is that it’s also a fantastic way to build a loyal following fast.

A large number of cam models use their shows as a marketing platform for other fan subscriptions they might offer (e.g. on OnlyFans or Snapchat).

Get Paid to Sext and Chat

Sexting for money

Sexting, flirting, dirty chat… whatever you want to call it, there’s a huge number of customers who will pay to chat.

There are several networks connecting the horny and lonely with service providers who get paid to sext.

You can get paid to talk to guys – usually a flat rate per message ($0.15 to $0.30) – or to chat on the phone.

Some models also choose to offer video chat, which can pay $1 per minute.

Sexting is more discreet than camming, and the extra intimacy of 1-to-1 chat means that it’s possible to earn a lot of money from a smaller number of paying customers.

The best way to make money from sex chat is to specialise in a single fetish or one popular area of ‘interest’.

Take a look at existing chat sites like Arousr or NiteFlirt for inspiration.

The most successful earners are those who do one thing very well.

It could be providing the ultimate GFE (girlfriend experience), or unleashing a tirade of dirty talk, or bullying your callers under the guise of a dominatrix!

A lot of customers use sexting, or adult chat services, to live out their suppressed desires.

Tap in to those desires and you can make a lot of money fast.

Where to Make Money From Sex Chat & Dirty Talk

  1. Arousr
  2. NiteFlirt
  3. IWantPhone

Sell Used Panties and Underwear

Selling dirty underwear online

Nobody ever dreamed of growing up to sell dirty panties on the Internet, did they?

Well, that’s precisely what a lot of canny models are doing on marketplaces like Snifffr and Sofia Gray!

This is a bizarre business model that turns the concept of ‘Used’ on its head.

Models can create personal stores and list items of clothing – from panties, to socks, to worn-in shoes.

Unlike a conventional marketplace, your average buyer isn’t looking for new. In most cases, the dirtier the better.

Yep, there’s a premium on used, smelly, dirty, cummy and stained.

Models typically increase the price of items based on the number of days worn.

Panties worn for a day? That’ll be $20.

Panties worn for 4 days straight? Make that $40.

Stained panties used for masturbation? Better remortage, buddy.

OK, so we’re exaggerating, but this is a weird and profitable marketplace where you can earn money without ever revealing your face.

Selling used panties online is not going to make you a millionaire overnight, but it could certainly make a nice pile of cash on the side.

(Cash that you will need, no doubt, to replenish your knickers supply…)

Where to Sell Used Panties & Clothes

  1. Snifffr
  2. Sofia Gray
  3. All Things Worn

Enter the Porn Industry

Enter the porn industry

The porn industry is the pinnacle of adult entertainment.

A multi-billion dollar industry that combines fame, glamour, notoriety and a career full of sex.

However, the reality of working in porn is somewhat different to what you might expect when watching clips from your favorite tube site!

A typical porn star career is full of highs and lows: both in terms of earning potential, but social status, too.

A porn star might earn several thousand dollars for doing what comes natural in front of a camera, but finding the work is tough, the hours are long, and an intense vetting process is required.

While it’s never been easier to sell homemade content direct to the consumer (see above), entering the traditional porn industry is a complex career decision that will have long-term ramifications if/when you decide to leave it!

Of course, there are plenty of porn industry jobs that don’t involve getting your clothes off in front of the camera.

From producers, to photographers, to media work… just like any other industry, there are a lot of supporting roles that pay well and are indispensable to the craft.

The porn industry is also a great platform for self-promotion.

Many porn stars use their exposure on the screen to grow an audience of followers that they can monetise through additional business opportunities. A classic example is personalised videos on Cameo.

Become a Sugar Baby

Become a Sugar Baby

Sugar Dating is a mutually beneficial arrangement where one partner financially supports the other in return for intimacy.

It typically follows the dynamic where a rich and established ‘sugar daddy’ seeks to spoil his ‘sugar baby’ in return for sexual favours.

But not always.

You can find sugar mommas, too.

The relationship doesn’t always involve sex, but it doesn’t take a genius to see how the most profitable (and lasting) arrangements will head in that direction.

How much does a sugar baby earn?

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average sugar daddy is 38 with an annual salary of $250K. The average sugar baby is 25 and makes $2800 per month from her daddies.


Yes, it’s possible for a sugar baby to have more than one sugar daddy.

Ultimately, the arrangement boils down to intimacy and affection in exchange for gifts and money.

Many cynics would argue that it’s not too far removed from traditional dating!

Whatever your beliefs, sugaring has become a viable means for attractive women (and men) to earn a lot of money.

The Best Sugar Baby Websites

  1. Seeking Arrangement
  2. SugarBook
  3. Secret Benefits

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