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It’s not just celebrity sex tapes that make money. Amateurs from Alabama to Wyoming and Albania to Zimbabwe are uploading their NSFW footage to sites that can earn them $$$.

Of course, it’s far easier and far more profitable to sell a sex tape if you’re as high profile as Kim Kardashian – but amateur couples can earn big bucks. The key is to produce red-hot content and promote it well.

From cashing in on the tube sites and clips sales, to starting your own fan club and members-only site, you could soon become the next rising amateur porn star.

If you want to sell your sex tape, a great place to start is the community-driven fan site ManyVids. This platform has seen rapid growth in recent years and allows amateur couples (or solo performers!) to sell videos directly to their fans. You can tap in to their camming platform to drive publicity and sales to your video content. And those sales add up fast. If you’re looking for a wider audience, the no-brainer choice is ModelHub. This site is owned and curated by none other than PornHub.

In this guide to Selling Sex Clips, we’ll give you a full breakdown of how to sell your sex tape; from sites that pay instant cash to those that pay you again and again for selling your XXX home movie.

Let’s get to it!

The Market for Amateur Sex Tapes

How to sell your sex tape online

Amateur porn is perhaps THE most popular kind of adult content online.


It might be an unpopular opinion but experts suggest that a lot of audiences are turned off by watching over-produced and derivative studio pornography featuring impossibly beautiful women and insanely hung men.

Amateur porn is just more REAL and there is an appeal to this that psychologists think is due to both relatability and the fact it is less predictable.

In 2019, the word ‘Amateur’ was the most searched for term on the Pornhub platform and the Amateur Porn category moved up 8 places to the third most watched spot.

can you sell home sex videos
Amateur content is in demand so NOW is a great time to start selling sex videos.

The upward trend continued in 2020 with more amateur porn being uploaded than ever before as a result of global lockdowns.

And not all of this content is being watched for free either.

In fact, Pornhub’s Verified Amateurs Program is also gaining traction. This category has risen through the ranks to the top 16 and interest continues to soar.

And it’s not just on Pornhub either.

Right across the adult industry, amateurs are selling their homemade content to a growing army of fans who want to get closer to real life stars.

Yes, these audiences prefer to watch porn made by regular folk like you so and they’re prepared to pay for it.

Why? Well, there’s a ton of reasons.

Firstly, there’s the appeal of realism but also the content they are buying is more exclusive. Your videos aren’t reaching an audience of millions but a few thousand.

Secondly, fans believe they are getting a more intimate relationship with the amateur stars they are buying from.

Next, there’s the matter of niche content. Yes, there’s a ton of porn out there but fans are prepared to pay extra for custom content. If they have a specific fetish and want to see you have sex on a bed of cabbage leaves or wearing a Barack Obama mask then why not?

Lastly, paying for porn is fast becoming a more acceptable way to get your kicks. Yes, free porn has been great and we’re not suggesting that this will end anytime soon but, thankfully, there is a growing acceptance that for quality content you have to pay. And fans seem happier to pay amateur performers directly.

In short, there’s never been a better time to start selling your amateur sex tapes.

So, you wanna know how?

Making a Saleable Sex Tape

Let’s kick off with that all important first step.

In order to sell a sex tape, you first have to make one.

Sounds pretty obvious, right?

Well, there’s more to successfully being able to sell a sex tape than you’d think.

Whilst your film will undoubtedly feature sex it’s essential that you are creating a quality product that people will want to buy.

That doesn’t mean that you have to invest in expensive cameras, lighting and sound equipment. Nor do you have to go to huge efforts to create a porn set at home.

However, you DO have to make sure that your viewers can see and hear the good stuff.

Most standard smartphones are more than capable of producing a good quality video but you may need to experiment with lighting and who is holding the camera phone.

You might even want to consider asking a third party to help you film the action.

Sure, you can get some great mounts that mean you don’t have to hold the camera. Plus, if you can film from a couple of angles then this will all help in the edit.

And the edit is just as important as the action itself. Few people will want to watch a 45-minute clip where 50% of the screentime is you and your partner moving between rooms or fumbling with clothes.

A good edit will strip out a lot of the dead airtime and leave a seamless 10-20 minute clip or foreplay, action and a good ole’ fashioned money shot.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that there is a market for hidden cam sex tapes and this genre is pretty popular.

In this case, camerawork and sound is expected to be pretty poor because the camera and/or camera operator is usually hidden in a closet or something.

As long as you have permission from the parties being filmed then ‘faking’ a hidden cam sex tape is fine.

At the end of the day, amateur sex tapes sell because they are authentic and genuine. If audiences wanted something slick featuring flawless models then they’d just download studio porn.

BUT, because the amateur adult video market is so competitive (including plenty of content which is available for free) you still need to produce something of a high enough quality to charge for it

Another thing to consider is finding a niche angle to market your tapes in.

So, if there are plenty of amateurs who make money selling their sex tapes, think about how you can stand out from the crowd.

We’ve covered some of the best tips for marketing your sex tape in a later section but at this stage it’s worth considering how you can MAKE your video differently.

Perhaps you and your partner are doing the business al fresco? Maybe you enjoy kinks and fetishes? What about roleplay and costume?

The beauty of having a unique selling point is that it sets you apart from the crowd and makes it easier to sell new content of a similar style. After all, once you build up an audience and fan base they’re going to want to buy more, right?

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Amateur Sex Tapes?

So, with that out of the way, how much money can you earn with your amateur porn?

Always a tricky question to answer simply, the truth is that this depends on a couple of things.

First of all, whether you are selling a one-off custom video or whether you are creating a clip which can be downloaded again and again.

It also depends on the quality and content of your video (see above). If you and your partner are attractive and the sex looks good and is filmed in high definition with a great edit then this will sell better than a grainy clip of two overweight middle aged people fumbling ineffectually in near darkness.

Don’t get us wrong though, there is a market for that kind of thing but the truth is that quality of content and quality of production will help you boost your profits.

Next, there’s the matter of where you are selling the content.

If you have your own marketing and want to sell direct to an audience then you won’t be paying commission but you could be seriously limiting your potential market.

However, clip sales sites do charge a pretty hefty set of fees so this will reduce your income.

For us, we’d always opt for the economy of scale and use an adult content sales platform to get as many customers as possible.

It’s simple. Sell 10 videos for a higher profit direct or sell 100 videos for a lower profit; you do the math!

And lastly, the money you make depends on how many videos you make and how long they are.

make money selling sex videos
How much money you make selling sex videos depends on a few factors.

On average, the industry sets a standard fee of $1 per minute so if you create 4 high quality sex videos of 15 minutes each per month then you have a potential revenue of $60 per sale.

And this is where it gets exciting!

Selling sex tapes isn’t limited to single transactions as each clip can be resold numerous times per month.

In fact, there is nothing to stop you selling your sex tape over and over again, for life!

Known as a residual revenue stream, the lifetime value of each sex tape is incalculable!!

The way to make big money selling your sex tapes is all about how much effort you put into the creation, sales and marketing.

Make a great video, upload it to the best sites and market the crap out of it and you could be raking in 5-6 figures each and every year!

Things To Remember When You Sell Your Sex Tape

Before you run off and start uploading that sex tape you made last summer there are a couple more important things you need to know.


First up, you need to make 100% sure that both yourself and anyone who appears on your film is of legal age.

In most countries this is a minimum of 18 years old but in some places it can be as high as 21 or even 25.

You should be asked to provide proof of age verification with the sites you use to sell your videos but even if you are not asked it is worth keeping a record of all participant’s photo ID.

As long as you have their consent to do this then that’s fine. We’d recommend that they sign the copy of their ID along with a statement that they’re fine with you using the video (see below).


Just as it’s important to ensure that you and your partner(s) are of legal age, it should go without saying that what you get up to on the video should also not break any laws.

For the most part, explicit and hardcore acts are fine but if you are getting kinky then you might need to check the laws out.

Anything to do with animals and minors is an obvious no-no but there are other ways you could get into trouble too.

Check out the prevailing laws in your country and make sure you stay well within the legal limits when it comes to content.

tips on how to make money selling sex videos
No matter who your videos feature, your partner needs to be of age and must consent to their sale.


As well as checking that your sex partner is of legal age to contribute to your content you will also need their consent to be selling the work.

So, whilst they may have been okay with you filming some bedroom action for your own private memory box, they need to know that you are going to be sharing it with the rest of the world.

If they are NOT okay with this then you CANNOT use the video. Period.

It’s illegal to sell content without the consent of all participants, even if you’re in a relationship with them.


Whilst you can resell your videos as many times as you like, if you create a custom video for a customer then you’ll find that the Ts and Cs of the sale forbid you from selling it to another user.

Likewise, some platforms require you to sell unique content on their site so always check the small print, particularly if you are thinking of using more than one place to see your sex tape.


Whilst you can get started making your content with just a camera phone, you might want to consider upgrading your equipment as soon as you can in order to make higher quality and better sex tapes.

Don’t forget to keep the receipts as these expenses will all be tax deductible.

tips on how to make money selling amateur sex videos
If you want to get serious in this game, set aside some of your profits to invest in upgrading your tech. HD videos sell better.


Lastly, but no less important than anything else, you need to ensure that you keep records of all the income you receive from selling your sex tapes.

There is no difference between making money as a sales clerk and being an amateur porn star when it comes to the IRS. You will still need to pay your taxes on any money you earn from this venture.

But remember, anything that you buy or spend out on which is essential to your new business can be legitimately claimed against your taxes.

Just keep receipts and make sure you log all of your fees from any sales.

Best Places to Sell Your Sex Tapes

Finally, with all of  that out of the way, you’re hopefully sitting on some high quality sex videos ready to be sold to an eager audience but where do you upload them?

While there are plenty of celebrity sex tape sites that pay an absolute premium, we’re guessing you’re not already famous. Or you’re probably already speaking to Vivid!

Fan Subscription and Clip Sales Sites

Possibly one of the easiest and best ways to sell your sex tape is through one of these well-established adult content sales platforms.

Offering adult entertainers, amateur porn stars and cam models a quick way to monetize their pics and clips, you can set up a profile quickly and start uploading your content today.

Each site operates in a similar way, providing you with a way to create a fanbase to which you can sell your videos.

where to sell sex videos
Sites like JustFor.Fans let you sell your videos direct to your followers.

Fees and commissions do vary by site and which one you choose is entirely up to you. Some are more focused on fetishes whilst others will be better suited to people who already have a fan following through adult cams:

  • AP Clips
  • BentBox
  • Clips4Sale
  • Erotifix
  • Extra Lunch Money
  • FanCentro
  • iWantClips
  • JustFor Fans
  • LoyalFans
  • ManyVids )
  • MFC Share
  • Modetize
  • My Dirty Hobby
  • OnlyFans
  • Unlockd              

If we had to recommend a site to get started, it would be ManyVids. It has a great community that is ripe for promoting your content, and you can make a good chunk of change from each clip.

If you are doing this on a semi-professional level and want to reach the maximum possible audience, consider ModelHub. But only if you’re happy with your videos appearing on sites like PornHub!

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you using multiple platforms to sell your sex videos. Just be sure to check the small print of the Ts and Cs to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules in doing so.

Tube Sites

Our next suggestions is to leverage the huge market share that the tube sites have.

When people watch porn, the chances are that they are doing so via one of the main tube hosting sites.

Of the top 10 adult websites in the world, half are porn tube sites and include the likes of Pornhub, XHamster, xVideos, XNXX and Spankbang.

Receiving more than 10 billion hits a month between them, there are few bigger marketplaces to choose from.

But, wait, isn’t the porn on the tube sites free?

Well, yes.

But there is still money to be made.

Porn tube sites know that they can’t operate without fresh new content being uploaded so they’re happy to use revenue sharing as a way to incentivize amateurs to share their videos.

So, if you upload a video that gets a lot of views then you get more income.

Plus a lot of these sites now operate premium versions of their services for paying VIP members. And the point of offering upgraded subscriptions is that users can access exclusive porn….including yours.

where to sell sex videos pornhub
Pornhub is just one of dozens of tube site that pay amateurs to share their content.

Each site offers slightly different terms of service and features but we can recommend checking out:

  • Pornhub: Join their Amateur Model program to get revenue share against your videos plus you can sell your own videos at 65% profit, earn tips and even launch your own fan club. Plenty of competition prizes to win too plus earn referral fees for any new models.
  • Get 25%-35% revenue share against all ads plus use their PaidPerView platform to get direct revenue for your content.
  • YouPorn: Part of the Pornhub network (see above).
  • XVideos: Get up to 50% revenue share on advertising plus get your own branded channel where you can link to your own website or clip sales store.
  • XHamster: You’ll need to have a cam account to access the revenue share with this tube site but they do pay handsomely at 100%.
  • XTube: Sell your own content direct as well as get paid for camming and chat.

Personal Website

If you’re pretty confident in your own marketing skills then you might want to consider running your own website to sell your sex tapes through.

Tip: Be sure to use a NSFW friendly adult web host.

Doing it this way ensures that you stay in full control of your content and that you keep the lion’s share of the cash.

Obviously you’ll still have to pay processing fees on your transactions but otherwise the income is commission free.

The downside is that you’ll have to drive your own traffic and unless you have an existing fanbase then this can be an uphill struggle.

You’ll also need to factor in the start up costs of designing and building your own website as well as setting up secure payment processing.

It’s not the best way to get started but for those amateur models who have their own fanbase it might just pay better.

Again, we’re all about the economy of scale here and whilst you may make more money per video by selling it yourself, if you can sell 10 times more through a clip sales site then it seems like a no-brainer to us to stick to a mainstream platform.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from doing both and it’s pretty easy to register a domain, set up a WordPress site and sell content from your own platform.

Fortunately, for those people who want the best of both worlds, there’s ModelCentro.

where to sell sex videos modelcentro
Create your own website with ModelCentro to monetize all your interactions with fans as well as selling your sex videos.

A service which lets adult performers create their own website for free and turn them into paysites, this easy to use platform also integrates with VerifiedCall, SkyPrivate and Streamate so you can cam, sext and sell Skype shows all from your own website.

Other solutions which offer a similar service to ModelCentro include Adult Member Sites and xMember.

The beauty of using these services is that you don’t need to have much technical knowledge but you get the advantages of having your own independent sales platform.

Cam Platforms

Lastly, if you’re already making sex videos with your partner then you should definitely consider the live version of the same thing.

Couples camming are a pretty rare thing and audiences love to watch real sex live.

You’ll find that even a few short hours on cam can earn you plenty in tips but even if you don’t fancy regular showtimes on cam you can still earn residual income from your sex tapes here too.

Once you’ve established a profile on a cam site, most will let you upload your adult content so that your audience can download you in action even when you’re not online.

There are dozens of great camming sites to join up with and each has their own pros and cons as well as commission rates.

We’d definitely recommend checking out the main protagonists:

  • CamSoda
  • Chaturbate
  • Strip Chat
  • JerkMate
  • LiveJasmin
  • Flirt4Free
  • MyFreeCams
  • XCams
  • Bonga Cams
  • Cam4
  • IMLive
  • Streamate
where to sell sex videos cam platform
Using a cam platform can help boost sales of your sex videos.

Tips for How To Sell Your Sex Tape

In order to make the most money from your sex tapes you’ll need to make sure they get the best chance of being seen. This means promoting the crap out of your own content and the best way to do this is to create a brand of yourself.

We think one of the best ways to do this is to use the power of tube sites as they already have huge audiences who want to watch the best porn around.

We’ve already touched on those tube site that will let you sell content and receive revenue sharing but there are other sites worth considering too.

Now these platforms won’t pay you directly for uploading content but they will let you create a model page (or channel) where you can start marketing yourself to a wider audience.

From here you can add your own links to clip sales sites or your own website which should hopefully allow you to funnel new customers to those platforms where you WILL be making money from them.

The key here is to upload teasers and trailers or even some shorter free videos to get some attention and drive traffic to your premium content.

Our picks of the best tube sites to do this with include those already mentioned above plus:

  • PornTube
  • TNAFlix
  • RedTube
  • Extreme Tube
  • KeezMovies
  • NuVid
  • Tube8
marketing tips sell sex videos
Don’t give the milk away with the barn. Learn to tease your audiences with free content in order to create interest.

Ways to Boost Your Sales of Sex Tapes

And finally, we have a little advice on some ways you can maximise your earning potential through selling adult videos.

Firstly, always remember to treat your fans well.

This goes for paying customers and subscribers to your fan club but also to those people who comment on your videos. Today’s ‘lookie-lou’ could be tomorrow’s next customer.

If you want to make repeat sales then it’s well worth developing relationships with your regular customers. We’re not saying you have to take them to dinner but be courteous, responds to queries promptly and always stay professional.

Secondly, think about specializing your content. Whilst amateur porn is a big market it can be pretty competitive, particularly if you are offering the same kind of mainstream regular XXX action.

Fetish and kink content is far more niche but can pay particularly well because fewer people are doing it.

We can’t say what you should be considering but check out some of the alternative sites or fetish categories on platforms like Clips4Sale.

BDSM is hugely popular but more specialist kinks like pissing, smoking, tickling and face sitting (queening) could pay big.

marketing tips sell sex videos fetish
Fetish content can really boost your income. Think you have what it takes?

Lastly, consider offering custom videos to your fans. Sure, they might take a little longer to produce and you might not get the residual sales from them but they are a neat way to drive new traffic to your site/channel and secure new customers.


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