How To Become a Cam Couple: Make Money Live Streaming With Your Partner

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Unlike solo performers, couples on cam have a unique selling point; the fact they can have sex, live on camera!

If you look on Chaturbate, you’ll find thousands of solo cam girls no matter when you log in. However, couple camming is a bit less common.

No matter your gender, kinks, or sexual orientation, getting down and dirty with your partner is a major turn-on for many viewers. And it’s perfect for exhibitionists who enjoy the thrill of being watched.

Depending on how many cam sites you target, there’s plenty of money to be made as a couple on sites like Chaturbate. I routinely live stream steamy sessions with my wife on Chaturbate and StripChat. We’ve been a cam couple for several years now, and there’s a few things I wanted to share.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the advantages (and disadvantages) of camming individually, working as a couple, and even doing both solo and couples-play. I’ll also touch on the best platforms to get started with and recount the mistakes we made as complete beginners.

First up, let’s dive into all the different advantages of camming side-by-side with your partner!

What Are The Advantages of Camming As A Couple?

Cam Couple

Camming is a profession that feels as old as the Internet itself. Well, almost.

The first-ever webcam site launched in 2002 – ImLive. It’s now an industry stalwart alongside Chaturbate and CamSoda, and a raft of other popular platforms. These sites have been established for two decades, so the long-term financial aspect of sex camming is hardly in doubt.

Whether you’re thinking about camming to get quick cash, fulfill your exhibitionist fantasies, or spice up your relationship; there’s never been a better time to get started.

Yes, the market is filled with competition, but there are more ways to stand out from a never-ending sea of models than ever. 

One of the easiest (and most tantalizing) ways of differentiating your schtick from everyone else is bringing your partner into the fold. When I first started camming with my spouse back in 2017, we both felt a bit nervous. So, I solicited advice on a mega-popular cam forum known as WeCamGirls.


At the time, an industry veteran was kind enough to clarify a few things for me. My first and most important question for them was: “If this doesn’t make any money, am I gonna regret sharing my partner with the Internet?” They said something along the lines of, “You might regret camming later based on principle, but there’s no way you won’t make any money if you’re fucking your wife.

A bit crude, I know, but the message was delivered loud and clear. Couples are in high demand, especially because you can only do so much with solo streams and sex toys.

Once you bring another person on, you’re both offering more perceived value than either of you could do alone.

Plus, camming with your partner more closely resembles traditional Internet porn than anything else. My advice is to invest in a GoPro, especially if you’re a dude. Then, you can get that POV!

Why Did I Start Camming, And Do I Regret My Decision?

Personally, I started camming with my wife after we’d been married for quite some time. Sexual energy tends to fade over the years, especially once kids come into the picture and your 9-to-5 turns into an 8-to-8 with all the overtime you have to work.

I digress, but really, I wasn’t feeling the spark that I know my wife and I used to share. 

We had a long, helpful, and honestly marriage-saving conversation at some point during the end of 2017. As we went through our New Year’s resolutions with each other, she floated the idea of camming together. Pretty fucking crazy, I know, but we’re both… let’s just say, open to new ideas.

I’ll admit that my motive for saying yeah, sure wasn’t exactly altruistic, either.

She’d never explained that she got off on being watched, but over the years, I’d seen signs that she had an underlying exhibitionist streak. Even though I was a bit hesitant and nervous at first, I agreed in hopes of A.) getting laid more often and B.) being a loving, open-minded husband. 

The first few streams felt weird, but once we started getting into a nightly groove, we fell in love. It was slow going for the first couple of weeks, but eventually, the positive comments from fans started pouring in. “Love your vibes!” “You’re so hot!” “Can you do ______ with the wife next?”

As a result of camming together, my wife and I have tried things we probably wouldn’t have if we didn’t have that push from eager viewers. Aside from being awesome and fun, keeping an open mind to different positions (and power dynamics) in the bedroom increased the level of trust we had for each other. This seems to be a recurring trend for many couples.

Of course, sometimes if neither of us are really feeling it, we’ll just sit next to each other and help each other masturbate. Either way, the fans seem to love our streams. 

Can You Cam Solo And Cam With Your Partner for Double the Money?

I have to be completely honest when I say that I’ve never really tried to run a stream on my own. From the very beginning, camming was something I’d always done with my partner right beside me. More than a money-making hustle, it felt like a way for us to bond, have fun, and reconnect. 

Depending on how your relationship is oriented, you might feel a certain kind of way if your partner decides to go on stream without you. It’s very similar to how you can still cheat in an open marriage if you’re fucking people behind your partner’s back and they don’t know about it.

Before you decide to go solo and solicit attention from strangers, clear the air with your partner and make sure they’d be okay with you doing that. Ethical and anecdotal implications aside, there’s no reason you can’t make more $$$$ camming solo and streaming with someone else.

The only real downside of doing both is that it sounds like a whole lot of work. You might also begin to hate sex if you’re turning that into a full-time job, so keep that in mind before you get money-hungry.

An easier way to make more money for doing the same exact thing is buying yourself a webcam splitter. This novel piece of software lets you broadcast the same stream to multiple cam sites at the same exact time.

What Are The Best Cam Sites For Couples?

Cam sites for couples

Speaking of different cam sites, not every porn-adjacent platform is created equal. When you take commission rates, competing models, viewer traffic, and the money made per “token” (or stream) into consideration, some cam sites are much better for aspiring models than others. 

Adult Friend Finder (AFF)

Adult Friend Finder is more of a platform for casual liaisons than anything else, but all the pervs who don’t feel like leaving the house tune into their live cams. With 123+ million members and counting, you’ll always have an audience. They’re also great if you’re into fetish-related content. 

Regardless, there’s a strong swinger community on AdultFriendFinder. Who knows? You might end up meeting another pair of exhibitionists & joining forces for a foursome (that’s a lot of for’s). 

Models get paid more than Chaturbate, but there’s also more competition standing in the way. 

It wouldn’t be my first choice for complete beginners unless you and your partner are exclusively into fetish content. AFF tends to attract customers with a more…let’s say, defined sexual palate. 


LiveJasmin Model Center

Live Jasmin is a more premium cam site that we’ve had sporadic luck with over the years. They get mad if you’re naked in the free chat rooms, so that’s something to keep in mind. On the flip side, models keep up to 80% of what they’ve earned. The more you earn, the more you’ll make.

During your first two months with the platform, you’ll enjoy perks like enhanced visibility and the chance to do private shows at $1.99/minute. This isn’t very much, but if you guys want to find some regulars, the viewers at LiveJasmin are known for tipping very well. It’s a premium site!

It’s also more popular than Adult Friend Finder by a smidge. 136 million people use LiveJasmin in the United States alone, so you should have your pick of the litter when it comes to viewers. 

Finally, new sign-ups can earn awards based on their activity with the site. Affectionately known as “Newbie Awards”, they can increase your earning potential over time. There are nine levels to achieve, with the final level being unlocked once you’ve earned $30,000 or more with the site. 

Again, I wouldn’t put this site as my first choice for beginners, but you should give them a try at some point. 


CamSoda homepage

CamSoda is another site that’s grown in popularity over the past decade, but from my experience it can be very hit or miss. It’s like playing roulette and putting it all on black. We’ve either made hundreds of dollars or $20 in one session with no real middle ground.

Models get $0.05 per token, and the earnings split is 60/40, which theoretically puts them on par with Chaturbate. Their referral program is also pretty nifty, and you can get up to $70 per model that creates a new account and starts broadcasting with your invite link. 

Of course, your mileage may vary, and we haven’t been on CamSoda in quite some time. If you have faith in your niche as a couple, you’ll thrive doing private shows here. Most of the viewers who drop in are looking for a…personalized experience, and you can charge $10/minute. 

They also have a #newgirl tag if you’re trying to drum up business faster, which is a nice touch. 

BongaCams / BongaModels

Bonga Models

Having launched shortly after Chaturbate in 2012, BongaCams is one of the original cam sites. Over the years, they’ve consistently attracted fewer couples than competing platforms. Although the competition for solo cam girls is pretty nutty, couples have their niche carved out by default.

Unfortunately, I can’t call this site my favorite – the scaling percentage earnings are not great. If you’re simply camming as a passion project, however, you might enjoy the attention you guys receive here. We haven’t made much money at BongaCams, but we’ve sure had loads of fun. 

On the bright side, if you’re trying to undercut the competition, you might find yourself getting more tips on BongaCams because each token is cheaper for customers to purchase. It really depends on your prerogative, but I’d suggest leaving this site alone until you’re in the groove. 



Chaturbate gets thrown around a lot, but that’s because they’re the go-to platform for everybody. After all, when you think of a cam site, you probably picture some variation of yellow & white. That’s just Chaturbate’s excellent marketing working subconsciously! 

In all seriousness, Chaturbate is (by far) the busiest of all the platforms I’ve streamed on, and if you’re lucky, you can land some very nice tips. No matter what time of day you decide to kick off a stream, chances are high that you’ll get 10 or so viewers almost immediately. It’s the best camsite for beginners learning how to be performers. 

Even though you’re theoretically going up against the most competition, being a couple and also being around millions of active viewers will insulate you guys from the onslaught of solo models.

The kind of people who normally use Chaturbate are also more vanilla leaning, which is good if you’re not equipped to deal with creepy fetishists. It’s also where my wife and I started camming seven years ago, so maybe I do have a little bit of hidden bias for the platform.

What Can You Earn While Camming With Your Partner?

If you’re concerned with the earning potential of couples camming versus battling horndogs on your own, well, I hate to burst your bubble. But you’re definitely not going to make double what you would as a lone creator. Yes, we were disappointed about it.

However, you can meet or exceed the average weekly salary of a semi-popular model fairly fast. I would hesitate to say that you should expect any kind of solid benchmark, but I can only speak from personal experience. During the first month we started camming, we made less than $150. Not the best start.

A few weeks later, things started looking up slightly – by the time we’d done our twentieth joint session, we’d made a little over $1,000 for the month. Months 3 – 6 were more of the same, but our streams started taking off shortly after my wife and I celebrated our camming anniversary.  

At this point, we’d also scaled up the number of cam sites we’d use to stream simultaneously. If you want a quantitative estimate, I’d say that making the switch from just Chaturbate to five sites was the biggest “pay raise” we received. Not long afterwards, we started breaking $6,000/month pretty consistently. At one point during the later half of 2019, we were making $8,000 per month. 

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic eliminating so many jobs pushed a bunch of people to start camming. This resulted in more competition for us, which meant that we made significantly less. Over the past few years, we’ve climbed back from making $4,000/month to $7,000/month again.

If we take a look at the latest figures on Statbate (see below), the top earning couple on Chaturbate are netting over $30,000 per month just on Chaturbate.

Statbate couple earnings

And I would bet those numbers are much higher if we include earnings outside Chaturbate…

Couple Cam Tips: Learn From My Mistakes

If we could go back and start couple camming all over again, this would be our approach. 

Take Strategic Photos for Socials

If you happen to have a social media page (such as a fake Twitter or separate Instagram) ready, you guys might want to snap a couple of pictures beforehand. These are your “thumbnails” for a carefully planned out campaign! You can also post your best pics on Reddit to drive organic traffic. 

My wife and I learned this lesson through trial and error, but we discovered that posting pictures a few hours before you go live is the best way to advertise your upcoming live stream. In a best case scenario, creating mini-ads for your new camming “business” can give you more viewers.

Test Your Wi-Fi, Sound and Webcam

This tidbit is fairly simple, but I’ve had one too many live streams where my Internet connection wasn’t able to keep up. I’ve also broken at least one webcam in the past few years. When you have a bunch of spit, lube and sweat next to a slew of electronic devices, anything can happen. 

In order to make sure we have a good time every time we decide to cam, I will test my Wi-Fi using SpeedTest ahead of time. It’s 100% free to use. Plus, it’s especially helpful when the wife and I are streaming to multiple cam sites at once. I also test my cam and microphone for good measure.

Choose Your Niche Wisely

In a documentary filmed for the UK broadcaster, Channel 4, Sex Diaries: Webcam Couples explored the lives of various American sex cam couples.

In the film, a couple (Daygon and Angel), quickly found that their audience were just as interested in their regular day-today activities as they were in their sex-lives.

They found that mundane tasks like vacuuming or playing cards together would draw a niche audience.

I’m not suggesting that you follow suit exactly but it is worth noting that there are paying audiences out there who will watch couples doing things other than having sex; you just need to find it.

Voyeur House is one example of a live cam site where models allow their audiences an ‘access-all-areas’ pass into their homes.

It may sound creepy to some and it might not be for everyone but these cam models simply install cameras in their homes and go about their daily lives.

I’d recommend analyzing your viewer feedback across all the platforms you use and see if there are any trends in the types of things you are being asked to perform.

Maybe one site has a higher proportion of visitors who want you to dress up and roleplay whilst another site might prefer you to argue before having make-up sex.

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

Take it from someone who’s seen it all happen before – the last thing you want to do is break momentum during a live stream. Once you guys have set the mood, nothing kills it faster than switching lanes to look for a dildo, vibrator, condom, or bottle of lube that’s gone missing. 

This is a good way to end your night early once everyone decides to move onto the next chat room. When you have an audience at your disposal, your first priority should be keeping them engaged. There’s so much competition that you can’t afford not to be personable & charming. 

Don’t Invest in Boatloads of Equipment

At the very beginning of your cam journey, there’s no need to invest in boatloads of equipment. Back when my wife and I first dipped our toes in the water, we were using an old Dell desktop computer hooked up to a $20 webcam from Amazon. It did the trick until we chose to upgrade.

There’s no way to know if you’ll enjoy live-streaming your intimate moments until you’ve actually gone out and done it. On the off chance that you decide camming isn’t right for you, neither of you will be stuck with useless and expensive paperweights such as a new, pricey sound bar. 

Once the money starts rolling in, then you can upgrade to whatever kind of equipment you want. Until then, hang tight and let things unfold before you and your partner make any impulse buys. 

Check In With Your Partner Along The Way

When you’re camming on your own, the only person you have to worry about is you. When you open up your relationship (virtually), you need to be cognizant of your partner’s feelings about the entire thing. If you don’t check in with your partner every so often, resentments might build up. 

At the end of the day, my marriage with my wife is worth more than any sexual satisfaction or financial benefit that camming affords me. She’s my most important priority, and if she decided to stop camming tomorrow, I’d fully support her in that decision.

Beyond the whole romantic side of things, coercing your wife into stripping for strangers isn’t a great look! So, keep that in mind when you’re considering your partner’s feedback and desires.

And it applies the other way, too, of course.

There’s a lot of pressure on guys to perform in couple cam shows.

The Downside To Becoming a Webcam Couple

Cam couple downsides

Of course, having sex on camera as a couple doesn’t come without a few downsides.

If you are an off-screen couple as well as an on-screen couple, there are some things to bear in mind.

What Happens If You Break Up?

It is worth remembering that if you and your camming partner decide to part ways then this could spell an end to your online business.

Though you might be able to replace your partner with someone else who is willing to broadcast, this is obviously quite a dramatic change from streaming as a couple.

Having set up a business together, there could well be some issues about ownership of the ‘brand’ and any recorded content that you have produced together.

Just like a divorce, you may find yourself at the center of some legal wrangling over the income generated from your online career together.

Whilst I hope that this doesn’t happen to you, it is worth acknowledging the worst case as a potential scenario before you embark on your new venture together.

It’s Not Possible to Perform Ten Times a Day!

If you and your partner have active libidos, what at first might seem like the ideal scenario may quickly turn sour as the reality of your schedule kicks in. Trust me, it’s hard work camming!

You’ve decided to put in four or five hours a day and are getting private chat requests from viewers, all demanding you have sex on camera.

Irrespective of your sex-drive, it may simply not be physically possible to recover so quickly to keep your audience happy. In this respect, it is worth boning up (excuse the pun) on some techniques to keep your visitors happy whilst not actually performing.

Many couples defer the good stuff as long as possible, whilst keeping their audience happy – and getting paid!

The key to this is also a great tip when it comes to broadcasting as a couple and that is not to give the milk away with the barn. If you are broadcasting on a live cam site for a couple of hours then you don’t have to have sex constantly.

If you give away too much, your audience will know that they don’t need to tip to get some action. Teasing and building up the anticipation of the ‘main event’ can be very arousing and far less tiring than trying to ‘perform’ for the whole broadcast.

Business vs Pleasure

One of the potential downsides of performing for the cameras is that sex in your relationship simply becomes a matter of business rather than of pleasure. This doesn’t apply to every couple. We found it exciting, but every couple has different expectations.

Some couples find that scheduling in regular breaks from broadcasting to enjoy more private and intimate time together is essential to protect their relationship. Pretty good advice I’d say.

Consider the Implications of Live Camming

Live on cam

Having sex on camera, and in front of a potential audience of thousands of people, is a big decision for anyone and not something that should be take lightly.

There are non-nude cam models, but this is rare in the couples-on-cam space.

If you want to keep this kind of activity hidden from friends, family and colleagues then there are ways you can try to protect your privacy. But these do not offer a 100% guarantee that they won’t find out.

Tools that allow you to block traffic from certain geographical areas (regions or countries) can help but with the rise of VPN usage, you may still be recognized and ‘outed’ by someone in your area.

Some cam site visitors record footage that they watch online and upload these to porn tube hosting sites. Although this is often in breach of a cam sites rules and guidelines, it does happen.

So, you first have to consider whether you are comfortable with you and your partner’s bedroom exploits becoming public knowledge in your local community. Secondly, any content that you stream or produce yourself is a permanent record and could remain on tube hosting (or other) sites for years to come.

The bottom line is… if you are going to get naked on the internet then you have to be prepared for anyone on the internet to see you naked.

Something else to consider are the financial implications; whoever you are camming with effectively becomes a business partner and you should discuss how the payment process is going to work in advance.

  • Whose name and bank accounts will the money be paid to?
  • Will the money be divided equally?
  • Does some of the money need to be invested in cam equipment, toys or costumes?

If you are in a committed relationship then these issues may not be a problem, but should still be addressed.

How to Build An Audience When You’re Both New to Camming

There’s more competition on Chaturbate and other streaming sites than ever before, and we built a fanbase before anyone had ever heard of the COVID pandemic.

Even though your mileage may vary, the same basic tenets still stand. 

Here’s what worked for me and my wife when we were beginning our journey to sexual healing. First, we blasted Marvin Gaye from the rooftops (just kidding) and tentatively made a new profile with Chaturbate. Next, we made sure we had all the appropriate toys for our first joint session.

The first month was pretty slow. I don’t think we made more than $150, and we spent 3-4 nights a week trying to get our chat room noticed. Finally, our luck began to change for the better after Week 7. By that point, we had been streaming long enough to have a few consistent viewers who we’d been engaging with on a regular basis.

Tip: Don’t forget to chat to your viewers! You never know when a fan with deep pockets could be watching. 

By the end of our first year, we’d settled into a nightly streaming routine. I was never really into camming for the financial aspect, but it was certainly a nice weekly bonus!

There’s no “best” time to start doing a show. Instead, we try to stream when our best customers are usually online. After you’ve built up a smaller fanbase, gear your sessions to accommodate their schedule. Because streams with people are seen before streams without people, this is the best way to attract more random viewers. Think of it like a snowball effect or exponential graph. 

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot – if you’re going to be indulging in certain kinks during your streams, don’t forget to tag your stream. This shows your stream to viewers who enjoy the same things that you do. For example, femdom content attracts a very specific audience most of the time. 

Finally, once you’ve gotten into the groove of everything, try to relax and have fun. The viewers want to see authenticity. If they wanted to see a false caricature, they’d simply watch any porn video made by a professional studio. Here’s looking at you, Bang Bros! Or was it Sis Loves Me?

Anyway, don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Most importantly, try to be yourself! Personality goes a long way, especially in the camming industry. I’d reckon that each stream is 30% sexual and 70% interactive. Sex is a huge part of everything, but keeping a smile is just as important.

Camming Together: A Whole New Adventure

Once you get those first-time jitters out of your system, camming as a couple doesn’t seem that scary. In fact, you might surprise yourself and have more fun in the bedroom than you’ve had in years. The only way to know if camming is right for your partnership is trying it out for yourself

There’s a weird, wild, and wacky world of cam sites for you to explore. But if you’re anything like me, the best part about camming as a couple is having a chance to enjoy some wild playtime with your partner.

The extra eyeballs just adds to the fun.

Is camming together something you’d consider? Got any experiences to share – good or bad?

Let us know!


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