How To Become a Cam Couple: Make Money Together

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Want to make money as a couple having sex on camera?

Wondering how to become a cam couple and grow your audience?

Unlike traditional live cam sex sites, couples on cam have a unique selling point; the fact they can have sex, live on camera!

Whilst there will always be a market for single cam girls and guys, there are far fewer couples in this lucrative market.

Which means the potential for earning money is greatly improved…even when you have to split it 50:50!

In this guide, we take a look at a popular kinky way to make money: webcam jobs for couples. We ask, how much do couples make on cam sites?

And what is the best way to become a cam couple?

Let’s get started!

How to Become a Cam Couple: Getting Started

Before we get in to the best practices of camming as a couple, let’s start with a quick overview of the best cam sites for couples.

Here are the sites we’d currently recommend:

The Best Cam Sites for Couples


Chaturbate for Cam Girls

The world’s largest cam site and one of the most popular places for cam couples to put on their shows.

The most watched broadcasts (on the homepage) regularly feature couples and the potential for big money tips is huge.

  • How to earn: By tokens or pay-per-minute (in private shows)
  • Share of income: 60%
  • Payout frequency: Weekly


CamSoda for cam girls

CamSoda is an all-in-one platform where couples can broadcast live shows, but also sell pictures and videos.

It doesn’t have the size of Chaturbate, but it’s growing fast and has plenty of great options for aspiring models.

  • How to earn: By tokens or by selling pics, videos, clips.
  • Share of income: 55%
  • Payout frequency: Weekly


XModels for cam girls

XModels has a large audience in Europe, meaning lots of exposure to high paying Europeans (relatively speaking!)

Cam couples do well here and it’s easy to register your partner as a ‘participant’ to get started.

  • How to earn: By pay-per-minute private shows.
  • Share of income: 45-75%
  • Payout frequency: Every 2 weeks

Why Have Sex on Cam?

There are two main reasons why couples get started in the camming game.

The first is one of hedonism and adventure.

Many of us have fantasies of being watched whilst we have sex and exhibitionism is thought to be one of the more common kinks or fetishes.

Quite simply, it can be a huge turn on to ‘perform’ for eager audiences.

Many couples who have sex on cam report that their relationships have only become stronger as a result.

However, there are potential drawbacks to starting this venture as a couple (see The Pitfalls of Camming on Camera as a Couple, below).

The second is much more obvious and is probably why you are reading this guide; couples can make a lot of money having sex on cam (especially on high earning sites like Chaturbate).

How Much Do Couples Make On Cam Sites?

There are no hard and fast figures that we could provide to you here that wouldn’t make us look like snake oil salesmen.

But what we can say is that we’ve seen several cam couples reporting earning over five figures per month from their online adventures.

The top performing solo cam models earn over $1 Million per year. While cam couples generally don’t perform as often as solo models, they do tend to earn more per show.

The amount of money you can make as a webcam couple depends on you and your strategy for marketing the performance.

Most of these factors are within your control and we will give you a step-by-step guide as to how maximize your earnings.

However, to answer the question of the potential financial rewards, you will first need to consider a few points.

The amount of money you can earn as a couple, having sex on camera, depends on:

  • The Time You Can Commit: If you are only prepared to put in a few hours a week to this kind of venture then this will limit what you can earn. Yes, there are a number of ways that you can make a passive income from content you have pre-recorded but the success of the sales for this will rely heavily on both how active you are on live sites as well as the effort you put into your marketing and diversification. When you are considering how much time you want to spend making money through camming (and associated ventures – see below) you will need to factor in the additional time you need to spend on admin.
  • The Sites You Partner With: We cannot lie, there are some brilliant cam sites out there that work hard to promote their models fairly and reward hard work with good rates of pay. However, there are equally some sites that are total wastes of time and do not pay well and/or do not generate the traffic to your channel that will make this a worthwhile venture.
  • The Ways You Diversify: Broadcasting is only way that camming couples can make money and there are lots of other ways that you can boost your earnings including multi-stream broadcasting, selling recorded content and creating subscription-only material.

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to how much you can earn but the potential for big bucks is definitely there if you are prepared to put the hours in and work both hard and smart.

The camming industry is thought to generate upwards of $2 billion a year in revenue and, with more than 25 million people thought to be using these services each month, it is a lucrative market to get involved in.

How much money can couples earn on cam?

The sky, quite literally, is the limit.

There are plenty of couples who report five-figure incomes including those who earn six-figures!

But is it all about the money?

We wanted to know what a decision of this kind could do to a relationship….

Consider the Implications of Live Camming

Having sex on camera, and in front of a potential audience of thousands of people, is a big decision for anyone and not something that should be take lightly.

There are non nude cam models, but this is rare in the couples-on-cam space.

If you want to keep this kind of activity hidden from friends, family and colleagues then there are ways you can try to protect your privacy.

But these do not offer a 100% guarantee that they won’t find out.

Tools that allow you to block traffic from certain geographical areas (regions or countries) can help but with the rise of VPN usage, you may still be recognized and ‘outed’ by someone in your area.

Some cam site visitors record footage that they watch online and upload these to porn tube hosting sites. Although this is often in breach of a cam sites rules and guidelines, it does happen.

So, you first have to consider whether you are comfortable with you and your partner’s bedroom exploits becoming public knowledge in your local community. 

Secondly, any content that you stream or produce yourself is a permanent record and could remain on tube hosting (or other) sites for years to come.

The bottom line is…if you are going to get naked on the internet then you have to be prepared for anyone on the internet to see you naked.

Something else to consider are the financial implications; whoever you are camming with effectively becomes a business partner and you should discuss how the payment process is going to work in advance.

  • Whose name and bank accounts will the money be paid to?
  • Will the money be divided equally?
  • Does some of the money need to be invested in cam equipment, toys or costumes?

If you are in a committed relationship then these issues may not be a problem, but should still be addressed.

On the same subject, it is also recommended that you find out your tax obligations in relation to your earnings on cam.

This may influence your decision on who should receive payments from your partner cam site(s).

Taking the Plunge Together

We are in no position to decide for you whether camming as a couple is right for you and your relationship but we can say that it is imperative that the decision to do so is taken jointly.

If your partner is feeling anxious or worried about the venture then take some time to discuss this before proceeding.

You may well be keen to start reaping the rewards of a side-line in making amateur porn but unless you are both 100% on board there will only be trouble ahead.

Do Your Research

Before you sign up with your favorite cam site, we would strongly recommend that you do your research. There are, quite literally, hundreds of cam sites on the market and whilst most of them offer a similar service to their paying public, they are all quite different.

There are two main elements to your research:

  • Checking out the competition.
  • Choosing the best cam site(s) to partner with

Check Out the Competition

In order to offer the best broadcasting experience and to maximize traffic to your live cam stream, it is worth doing your research on what the competition is doing.

Hit the top performing cam sites and see who the featured and top rated couples are, what they are doing, how they are doing it and make some notes about what works well.

If you have a niche offering, try and match your research to include couples who are providing the same service.

This might be BDSM or interracial content; whatever it is, find out how other broadcasting couples are doing it.

It is also worth viewing some of the channels of couples who are not doing as well in the top-rated channels to see why.

Often you can learn how to do things by first understanding how not to do them!

Choosing the Right Cam Sites

With so many live cam sites available to sign up with, the decision to choose one can be difficult.

Often, people will choose a site they are familiar with or one that is popular.

Whilst this might seem like a good idea, it is worth doing a little of background digging and planning to ensure you boost the traffic to your channel as well as maximise your earning potential.

Some cam sites specialize in the kind of streaming they offer their visitors and may have a niche area. If you are looking to broadcast specific content such as kinks and fetishes then you may find that the mainstream markets are not for you.

Lastly, you should also review the payment terms and conditions for any site that you are looking to register with.

Some only make payment once a month or once you have earned a minimum fee whilst others are more flexible with frequency of payment.

Other things to consider on finances with a live cam site are:

  • What method of payments they offer? Some will initiate direct bank transfers whilst others only pay in cryptocurrencies like BitCoin.
  • What percentage commission does the cam site take from your earnings? This can vary substantially with some sites charging as much as 60% and others just 10%. The average rate is around 35% but don’t be tempted to opt for the cheapest….weigh this up with the other factors we’ve mentioned.
  • Are there any other fees? Some cam sites charge additional fees for income earned on your other content offerings (see Diversify Your Income, below) and others have fixed fees to get you set-up on their systems.

Partnering with Multiple Cam Sites

It is possible to set yourself up with more than one cam site and you can technically do this without putting in any additional hours via multi-source live streaming.

The benefit of doing this is that it gives you more exposure without having to put in any additional broadcasts.

However, there are some pitfalls to doing this and some cam sites insist on exclusivity for your content.

If you aren’t able to take advantage of multi-source streaming then you could consider simply broadcasting on different days and times across multiple live cam platforms. Again, you will need to check the rules on whether your partner site allows for this.

Always check the Ts and Cs for your partner site before signing up.

Technical Set Up

Once you have decided on a partner site, you will need to set up your ‘studio’ space and the means to broadcast your content.

(Unless you decide to work with a cam studio or agency, who can take care of this for you.)

couples on cam getting set up

HD cameras are becoming far more popular with the viewing public and you will find that those couples who offer this service will receive more visitors than those that don’t.

Some cam sites insist on a minimum quality for your broadcasts and all should provide guidance on the kind of set-up you will need to have including internet connection speed, microphones, cameras and any rules on what you can have on display within your ‘studio’ space.

You should also consider useful accessories like tip controlled vibrators. Not only can these take the burden off your partner to perform for a whole show, but they will increase your tips.

Privacy & Security

With reference to the implications of being ‘ spotted by people you know when you are live camming, it is essential that you set up the geo-location restrictions on your broadcasts and, if this is important to you, that you choose a cam site that offers this feature.

When choosing a room in which to broadcast, make sure that the background of your ‘set’ has no distinguishable or ‘tell-tale’ identifiers of where you are and who you are.

Pinboards on the wall behind you with address labels could feasibly be enhanced with HD to allow a determined fan to find out where you live.

Never share any information with your audience about your personal identity.

Promoting Your Broadcasts

Answering how to become a cam couple is easy.

But how do you become a successful cam couple?

That boils down to self-promotion and putting on a good show.

The live cam sites take the bulk of responsibility for driving traffic to their site.

But if you really want to max out on the earning potential for your broadcasts then you can do a lot to help bring more visitors to your channel.

Establish a Fan Base

It can take time to build a fan base for your live cam broadcasts but, once you have, the benefits of having an eager audience just waiting for you to transmit is huge.

You can build a fan base in a number of ways, including being active on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat and Sharesome are also great platforms for self-promotion.

You can also build your own website and start blogging.

Enter Camming Competitions.

Your chosen cam platform may run regular (daily/weekly/monthly) competitions to reward couples for achieving certain goals.

Taking part in these important marketing promotions can really help boost your profile and get you seen more quickly.

become a cam couple
Competitions can give you a much needed boost in traffic. Image via MyFreeCams.

Get Featured

There are a lot of adult-orientated websites and blogs on the internet. You’re reading one!

If you can get featured on some of these, you will naturally pick up more fans from the exposure.

Be creative and contact some webmasters to offer them an interview or feature item on your broadcasts.

An exclusive item on how you and your partner cope with life as a couple on cam in exchange for a link on your own website could result in plenty more eager new visitors to your broadcasts.

Network With Other Cam Models

It might sound counter-intuitive to be colluding with the competition but, believe us when we say, there is enough live cam traffic to go around.

Try reaching out to popular models and establish a connection with them.

Share ideas and exchange ways to help promote each other using your existing fan base and marketing platforms.

We’d suggest doing this with cam models who aren’t in direct competition with you so maybe selecting some single performers or maybe someone who contrasts your own style.

If you reach out to people who are reasonably local then you could always promote a bit of bonus broadcasting by combining your talents to offer an exclusive threesome.

Find a Niche

In a documentary filmed for the UK broadcaster, Channel 4, Sex Diaries: Webcam Couples explored the lives of various American sex cam couples.

In the film, a couple (Daygon and Angel), quickly found that their audience were just as interested in their regular day-today activities as they were in their sex-lives.

They found that mundane tasks like vacuuming or playing cards together would draw a niche audience.

We’re not suggesting that you follow suit exactly but it is worth noting that there are paying audiences out there who will watch couples doing things other than having sex; you just need to find it.

Voyeur House is one example of a live cam site where models allow their audiences an ‘access-all-areas’ pass into their homes.

It may sound creepy to some and it might not be for everyone but these cam models simply install cameras in their homes and go about their daily lives.

We’d recommend analyzing your viewer feedback across all the platforms you use and see if there are any trends in the types of things you are being asked to perform.

Maybe one site has a higher proportion of visitors who want you to dress up and role play whilst another site might prefer you to argue before having make-up sex.

The kind of niche you might find might suit your own personality or body type such as dominatrix or BBW and it may pay to specialize on a fetish cam site rather than one of the mainstream platforms.

This diversification might need a bit of trial and error but can pay quite handsomely and might just relieve you both of the need to perform on camera ten times a day!

The Downside To Becoming a Webcam Couple

Of course, having sex on camera as a couple doesn’t come without a few downsides.

If you are an off-screen couple as well as an on-screen couple, there are some things to bear in mind.

What Happens If You Break Up?

It is worth remembering that if you and your camming partner decide to part ways then this could spell an end to your online business.

Though you might be able to replace your partner with someone else who is willing to broadcast your bedroom antics to the world, there are some considerations about doing so.

Having set up a business together, there could well be some issues about ownership of the ‘brand’ and any recorded content that you have produced together.

Just like a divorce, you may find yourself at the center of some legal wrangling over the income generated from your online career together.

Whilst we hope that this doesn’t happen to you, it is worth acknowledging this as a potential scenario before you embark on your new venture together.

Being practical about this as an outcome should mean you can agree up front what happens if it occurs.

It’s Not Possible to Perform Ten Times a Day!

If you and your partner have active libidos, what at first might seem like the ideal scenario may quickly turn sour as the reality of your schedule kicks in.

You’ve decided to put in four or five hours a day and are getting private chat requests from viewers, all demanding you have sex on camera.

Irrespective of your sex-drive, it may simply not be physically possible to recover so quickly to keep your audience happy.

In this respect, it is worth boning up (excuse the pun) on some techniques to keep your visitors happy whilst not actually performing.

Our comments about research are important here so make a note of how other couples defer the good stuff as long as possible whilst keeping their audience happy….and getting paid!

The key to this is also a great tip when it comes to broadcasting as a couple and that is not to give the milk away with the barn.

If you are broadcasting on a live cam site for a couple of hours then you don’t have to have sex constantly.

If you try to then your audience will know that they don’t need to tip you to get some action so make them pay to watch.

Teasing and building up the anticipation of the ‘main event’ can be very arousing and far less tiring than trying to ‘perform’ for the whole broadcast.

Business vs Pleasure

One of the potential downsides of performing for the cameras is that sex in your relationship simply becomes a matter of business rather than of pleasure.

Some couples find that scheduling in regular breaks from broadcasting to enjoy more private and intimate time together is essential to protect their relationship.

Diversify Your Income

Once you have established your cam channels, there are a number of other ways that you can make money as a couple.

Ideas for diversifying your income include:

As you can see, there’s a lot of ways to make money as a couple!


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