How Does FeetFinder Work? A Model’s Guide To Banking On Foot Content

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Pretty privilege is a real thing, but any woman with the confidence to market her body will end up making serious bank if she stumbles across the right audience. Major platforms like OnlyFans are pretty saturated, but FeetFinder is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to platform for foot related content

After a traumatizing break-up with my cheating ex-boyfriend, I somehow found myself launching a new career on FeetFinder. I started selling foot pics as a side hustle, but I quickly realized just how simple it was to cash in on the male gaze. 

As someone with first-hand experience seducing guys into repeatedly paying me for foot pics, I wanted to share what I’ve learned for any other women looking to break into this lucrative market. Contrary to what you might think, foot pictures are actually the least important element of making bank on FeetFinder. 

It all boils down to your knowledge, experience, skill level, and willingness to cater towards very particular fetishes. Below I’ll take you through all the tricks I’ve learned over the years so you can learn from the mistakes I made as a newbie.

How Does FeetFinder Work For Models?

How does FeetFinder work?

FeetFinder is the most famous marketplace for cashing in on your foot pics, a side-hustle craze that is igniting attention from both amateur creators and the mainstream press.

There are other foot-fetish-friendly platforms marketing their services to models (Instafeet and Feetify to name a couple), but FeetFinder is the best option I’ve found. They let you keep 80% of your earnings, which is still a steep 20% commission — but worth it for the size of the platform. Other sites take up to 40% of your paycheck, and that’s all before you have to give the IRS a chunk of your earnings. 

Most importantly though, FeetFinder has the advantage of massive network effects. The type of guys who want to spend cash on feet content on already here waiting for yours.

Of course, a large marketplace is a double edged sword. If you want to make money on FeetFinder, you’ll need to stand out from the competition. That’s what I’ll be focusing on in this guide. 😉

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Have you ever heard the old adage: jack of all trades, master of none?

Generalists are promptly squashed by the competition, especially when it comes to producing adult content. This remains true on FeetFinder. Niching down (specializing) might seem like it’s limiting your interested pool of buyers, but you’re actually improving your chances of making a sale.

Basic foot pics are a dime a dozen, but foot pics blended with specific fetishes are bound to receive more attention. Personally, I hunt for ‘pay pigs’ that don’t mind shelling out their cash on the regular. 

Findom sellers (like myself) are especially popular on the platform, but there are a number of other fetishes you should familiarize yourself with before selling your foot pics with FeetFinder. 

Humiliation, degradation, food play, crushing, dirty socks, Master/slave dynamics, and giantess roleplay are just a few of the many closeted desires that your buyers on FeetFinder may ask for. You’re allowed to set boundaries as to what fetishes you fulfill, but findom/degradation is the big money-maker for me and most of my girlfriends on the platform. Who knows? You might like it. 

If you already have a kinky streak and know what most of these fetishes represent, you can skip the research part and dive straight into a submissive’s DMs. If you’re in the process of becoming sex-positive, it might be worth combing through the r/BDSMCommunity subreddit for more info. 

TL;DR: Putting in a few hours of research can earn you more passive income than flying blind. 

FeetFinder popular categories for inspiration
Use FeetFinder’s popular categories for inspiration

Be Proactive About Sending Messages

Still, I’d be lying if I said that FeetFinder was an entirely passive source of income.

If you want to stand out from competing sellers on the platform, you’ll need to be proactive about sending out messages and gearing your introductory DM to match the fetishes listed in your buyer’s profile. 

There’s nothing that buyers hate more than receiving boring, cookie-cutter DMs that could have been written by a robot. 

A now-deleted user on Reddit summarized it best: “As a buyer, we get bombarded with message requests. I’ll be honest, I ignore most of them. I don’t respond to any message that just says ‘Hey’ ‘Hi’ ‘How are you’ etc…if I see one that indicates my bio was read and geared towards what I’m after, I’ll respond. I have purchased from some foot models that make an appropriate message request and are easy to talk to, sometimes stuff I wouldn’t normally consider buying because somebody who’s trying hard to win my business should be rewarded.” 

That was certainly a mouthful, but you get the picture – marketing yourself as an authentic foot model will get you further than sending out hundreds of “hi baby” DMs to every buyer under the sun. Plenty of models do that, and depending on how large their platform is, it works for them. 

Still, taking a unique angle with each message and prioritizing quality over quantity can be a profitable endeavor. 10 well-written DMs will likely garner more replies from buyers than 100 copy-and-paste messages. On the flip side of that coin, not every buyer is authentic, either.

Be Wary of Scammers – Not Everyone Is There to Buy Pictures

As a general rule of thumb, you should be wary of any buyer with no prior reviews on Feetfinder. This doesn’t mean that they’re a scammer, but it does mean that you should exercise a bit more caution when selling pictures to them. It’s a good idea to address the elephant in the room, too. 

You can simply say something along the lines of, “Hey, I see that you don’t have any reviews.” If they send a message back explaining that they’re new and looking to make their first purchase,  you’re good to go. If they slide in your DMs with promises of lavish rewards, they’re a scammer.

Finding a buyer with no prior reviews that’s willing to spend $500 off the bat is rarer than finding a unicorn. If you get that lucky, I’d recommend buying scratch-offs and/or playing the Powerball. To avoid a hassle down the line, you can filter out brand-new buyers with no previous reviews. 

Give Your Clients Their Money’s Worth

Now that you’ve (hopefully) found a few legitimate buyers, whats about the specifics of pricing?

While you might find some dedicated fans willing to pay $10+ for a single picture, the onus falls on you to create seductive picture sets – each “set” can hold 15 pictures at maximum.

You’re more likely to earn repeat business if you give your clients their money’s worth – make sure your picture sets are filled to the brim. I normally charge between $8 and $15 for a full set, which seems to be the rate that most average clients are willing to pay without thinking twice. 

Remember that your target demographic is the average Joe who’s curious about exploring their foot fetish without spending an arm and a leg. If you want to entice even more potential clients, I’d suggest unblurring the first photo of each set and uploading four SFW pics onto your profile

FeetFinder pricing examples
Examples of gallery sets. Blurred by us to protect identities.

This gives your buyers a small taste of what you have to offer without giving away the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s also worth mentioning some of the fetishes you work with in your profile bio. In my own experience, buyers are more likely to spend money on a model who seems human.

Not taking the time to write up your own profile description may come across as unprofessional and lazy to some higher-income clients. Hint: those are the buyers you should want the most.

Customers also respond positively to models who have their face and feet in their profile picture.

Use FeetFinder “Boosts” Strategically: They Can Get You Paid!

FeetFinder is home to millions of models from around the world, and they’re all fishing for the same customers that you are. That’s why it’s a good idea to specialize the content you make. However, there’s another great way to passively bring more traffic to your FeetFinder profile. 

Using FeetFinder “Boosts” will show your profile to millions of buyers who might be interested in the kind of pictures you sell. Their most expensive Boost will set you back $20, but it runs for a full day. Creators debate the effectiveness of these Boosts, but used effectively, I believe they can be great marketing devices.

You should also try to upload new photo sets while you have an active Boost generating traffic to your page. Finally, don’t be afraid to break the ice with buyers who’ve seen your profile. 

It’s as simple as saying, “Hey, you want more where that came from? Be sure to follow my page (insert winky-face emoji here).” Finding customers willing to pay a pretty penny isn’t easy. That said, once you message your first pay pig, it’s like striking gold or finding an oasis in the desert.

I prefer to use Boosts close to my payday, which falls on a Friday/Saturday most of the time, in order to generate some extra income for the month. However, it really doesn’t matter when you use them so long as you make the most of your newfound popularity once a Boost is running. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Venture Into Naughtier Content!

If you’re strictly here to sell feet pics, feel free to skip this section.

For the rest of my lovely lady readers, I’ll be explaining how to make the transition from shooting feet pictures to creating the sort of content you’d usually see on OnlyFans. Don’t be afraid to venture into naughtier videos!

After you’ve established a reputation on FeetFinder, you can bring your buyers off the website onto your personal Snapchat, OnlyFans, or Instagram account for “custom requests” that show more than just your toes. Unfortunately, FeetFinder is strict about the kind of content they allow

OnlyFans sexting
OnlyFans: the obvious alternative for selling NSFW content

Just be sure that you don’t jump the gun. If you try to move your clientele off the platform while your account is fresh with no prior reviews, someone might report you for trying to scam them.

Unfortunately, plenty of scammers also try to rob their clients through Cash App and PayPal. If you take the time to prove that you’re legitimate on FeetFinder, you can use the platform to get double-paid from the clients who are dying to see what’s underneath your sundress or tank top. 

While you’re in the process of creating a reputable profile on FeetFinder, I’d suggest floating the idea of custom requests for any client who wishes your photo sets were a bit more risqué. Non-nude camming is worth exploring, too.

You can negotiate with each customer to see what they’re willing to pay for a single video or picture. 

I’ve had clients pay as much as $25 per minute for custom videos, but the standard industry rate is $10 per minute. Usually, models charge 50% of the original price for pre-made custom videos.

You can also offer “naughty pictures/videos” in DMs if you want to solicit extra tips from clients. 

Marketing, Marketing: It’s So Important on FeetFinder!

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, you can’t expect clients to flood your inbox offering cash in exchange for your feet pics. In order to make bank on Feet Finder, you need to have a strong work ethic: you might find yourself messaging hundreds of people in a single day, which can get annoying if you follow my advice of gearing each message towards buyers’ individual fetishes. 

I won’t lie and tell you that making bank on FeetFinder is easy, because it’s definitely not. You’ll be lucky to make a few hundred bucks in your first month on the platform if you follow my tips to the letter, so don’t quit your day job yet!

Still, it gets easier to create passive income over time.

Feet pics paid my rent
Got the feet? Get the merch! 😉

When I first made a FeetFinder profile, I didn’t expect my popularity to skyrocket – I was simply trying to make a few dollars on the side (and hey, probably to get the validation my cheating ex-boyfriend never gave me!). However, after my first few sales, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy repeat business.

Once your profile has gotten a handful of reviews over the course of a few weeks, FeetFinder’s algorithm tends to show your picture sets to more potential customers by default. It’s gonna be rough going until you get your first sale, but things can only go uphill from that point onwards! 

I’d suggest checking in with your previous customers whenever you see that they’re online. It’ll show them that you’re thinking of them, and it might entice them to purchase more of your pics.

Consistency & persistence will take you further than all the foot models looking for easy money. 

If you’re already an adult content creator looking to monetize their weekly pedicure, promoting your FeetFinder profile becomes that much easier. You can put a link to your bio on OnlyFans, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord, or any other medium that you regularly use to attract clientele. 

Don’t Forget About the IRS: Eventually, They Find Everybody

Once you sign up as a model with FeetFinder, you become what’s known as an independent contractor. That means you’re responsible for paying your own quarterly taxes on any income generated from the platform. They will send you a 1099 form that states your annual earnings. 

Don’t be like me and wake up to a letter from the IRS in your mailbox. Eventually, they will find out that you haven’t reported income. This can result in major penalties and even garnishment of your salary. However, being your own boss isn’t all that bad if you form a business or LLC. 

As a sole proprietor, you can use Legalzoom to purchase a DBA for your new “business.” This just stands for “doing business as,” which means you’ll have to dream up a name for your foot photo company. Otherwise, you can go the route of creating a limited liability corporation (LLC). 

No matter which option you pick, you’ll qualify for special tax breaks and have the opportunity to claim business expenses. Anything you use for your “business” (such as a tripod, smartphone, computer, or video camera) is deductible from the profits you have to pay taxes on every year. 

This cuts down your taxable income, allowing you to keep more of the cash you worked so hard to earn. When in doubt, bite the bullet and hire an accountant. Odds are, they’ll be able to spot qualifying tax exemptions you might have missed. It’s well-worth spending a few hundred bucks. 

Just in case you were curious, FeetFinder lets models keep 80% of their income before the IRS gets their slice of the pie. Luckily, the 20% of income that you don’t see is usually tax-deductible. 

Browse Public Forums for Tested Tips & Tricks

If you have any burning questions, there’s a high chance that someone else has answered them online. Do yourself a favor and stay up-to-date with public forums like r/FeetFinderAdvice. Their advice can give you the edge needed to become more successful on FeetFinder with less effort.  

Still, the best piece of advice I can give you is to niche down and be cutthroat when it comes to pricing your custom videos. No matter how much you think you’re overcharging, horny guys will pay endless amounts of money when they’re thinking with the little head instead of the big one. 

Signing Up With FeetFinder: Here’s What You Have to Do

Now we have a game plan for raking in the cash on FeetFinder, it’s pretty easy to create a new account and get the ball rolling.

1. Set Up Your New FeetFinder Account 

Once you’re on the FeetFinder website, click “Sell Feet Pics” on the homepage. Then, click the “Continue” button once you reach the paywall screen. From here, type in a preferred username and password. Then, enter your primary email address and select your country of residence. 

You’ll also need to disclose your birthday and take a selfie with your photo ID in hand. This is a requirement to prevent underaged sellers or buyers from occupying the platform. First, get your driver’s license and upload a picture in JPEG or PNG format. Then, snap a selfie with your ID! 

Finally, send both pictures to

Once that’s all said and done, click “Sign Up” and wait for the FeetFinder team to verify your age and identity. Your personal details are transmitted securely through an encrypted sign-in portal. 

If you’d rather stay anonymous, you should use a secondary email address and username. This gives you the option to keep your identity a secret while you’re selling foot pics. However, model photo sets usually gain more traction when your customers can put a face to their foot fetishes.

2. Pay FeetFinder’s Subscription Fee

In order to keep their platform up and running, FeetFinder has implemented a $4.99 monthly fee that sellers have to pay. You can also save money and pay $14.99 for the year if you’re planning to stick around for a while. They accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and major debit card brands.

3. Start Uploading Foot Pics & Build Your Following!

Once your identity has been verified on FeetFinder, the fetish world is your oyster. It’s time for you to create seductive photo sets, seduce horny guys out of their hard-earned cash, and rake in the dough with a secure stream of passive income. Don’t be afraid to message your buyers. 

I’d also recommend uploading the maximum allowable amount of four pictures to your public profile. They don’t have to include your face or legs, but showing some skin can pay dividends.

Start Making Money on FeetFinder

Foot fetishism might be a misunderstood phenomenon, but that’s what turns your pedicured toes into such a profitable asset. Your job is to make guys feel comfortable and secure in their sexual desires. Don’t be one of those models who sends copy-and-paste generic messages. 

Reading through a potential buyer’s profile and crafting a sexually suggestive DM based on their preferences is much more likely to result in making a sale. If he likes your texting game enough, there’s a 99% chance he’ll come back to the well for more sugar whenever his wife goes to bed. 

Remember – you’re not there to judge horny married men! At least, not to their faces. If you have any questions about my experiences as a foot fetish model, feel free to leave a comment!

Or head over to FeetFinder to start your side-hustle journey.


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