Non Nude Camming: Can It Make Good Money?

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Tempted to start adult camming but worried about the implications of performing nude on camera?

Looking to get started with non nude camming instead?

Yes, its pretty easy to set up and become a cam girl, but many women (and men) are cautious about how an online adult career might affect them.

Whilst most cam sites offer ways to protect their performers identities with plenty of features like privacy set-up and geographical region blocking, the idea of being naked in front of a global audience can be a barrier.

So, it may surprise you to learn that there is actually a good market for adult camming which doesn’t involve nudity.

Yes, there are kinky ways to make money that don’t involve taking your clothes off!

But can this be as profitable as a traditional nude camming career?

In this feature we aim to answer this question and find out more about non nude camming.

What Does a Non Nude Cam Model Do?

To understand non nude camming, it’s important to understand the psychology of why people (mostly men) visit live cam sites in the first place.

Obviously, men use the services of a camming platform to get their rocks off.

Of course it’s that simple!

Cam sites offer a virtual sexual service that is similar to a strip club or brothel and the internet allows guys to easily access women from all across the world.

In fact, it’s so popular that many strippers do camming for a secondary income.

It’s cheap (cheaper than hiring a hooker or spending a night at a lap dance bar anyway), it’s easy and there is plenty of variety to shop around for.

But, there are also a different set of factors at play too.

Men also visit cam sites because they are bored and/or lonely.

They may have limited options for connecting with women in a traditional way and many cam models may also find themselves acting as counsellors, confidantes and ‘friends’ to their fans.

Yes, what many men are reaching out for when they visit live camming sites is more than just simple porn.

They want interactions and connections, they are looking for friendship, attention and understanding; in short, they are looking for a virtual girlfriend experience.

Non nude cam models basically offer this service and are prepared to chat and be intimate with their fans without resorting to stripping off or masturbating on camera.

Non-nude adult cam models rely instead on their personalities and ability to talk, listen and entertain.

tips for non nude cam modelling
Non-nude cam models can still make shows sexy.

This doesn’t mean that non-nude cam models aren’t sexual or that their services aren’t NSFW; far from it.

The content that these performers provide can be very overt; in fact, some non-nude cam models specialize in fetish fap content such as JOI, ASMR or financial domination (findom) none of which requires them to be naked.

Others might choose to sell physical items, like used panties, to their distant admirers.

In Asia, there are even more opportunities for speciality non-nude cam models where cosplay and role play are popular.

Non-nude camming can also cover those broadcasts where models are dressed skimpily in sexy lingerie but who don’t get fully naked. In fact, for some men they prefer their models to be less overt or explicit and, instead, simply tease.

Some men just find it far sexier to see a little bit of cleavage than the whole milk barn!

Non-nude modelling means different things to different people but whatever they do, this kind of cam modelling does not include getting naked.

Which (perversely) is also one of the reasons that some men enjoy this kind of broadcast…they see it as a challenge.

It isn’t unheard of for some non-nude cam models to show a little bit extra for their loyal fans in private rooms, particularly if they have built up a long-term relationship with them.

But, long story short, this is rare and if you want to watch women getting naked then there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are willing to perform nude so if that’s what you want then head to the nude rooms.

How Much Can You Earn as a Non Nude Cam Model?

There is no doubt that non-nude cam models have the potential to earn high incomes but the fact is that it is harder and more competitive to do so.

how much money can you make as a cam model non nude
So, how much cash can a non-nude model make?

The main reason for this is of course that there is less of a market for non-nude cam models.

If you’re looking to make money on a site like Chaturbate, you’ll be competing with a lot of nudity. This is offset by the huge audience and the potential of large Chaturbate tips.

Yes, as we’ve said above there are audiences who want to pay for non-nude cam broadcasts but by and large more men want to see nudity and explicit sexual acts on cam.

Yet, there are many models who make a very decent living by broadcasting without getting naked.

You can still use tip controlled vibrators, like nude models, to increase your earnings.

Few models are prepared to disclose exactly what their incomes are but most reveal that they earn far more by camming than they could in other careers and, often, without working long hours to do so.

Check out YouTube for various interviews and Q&A sessions where ex-lawyers, doctors and saleswomen claim to make twice what they used to and all from the comfort of their own homes, working hours to suit and without a ‘boss’.

What Does It Take To Be a Successful Non Nude Cam Model?

So, what’s the secret to their success?

The secret to being a successful non-nude cam model is no different at all to being a successful web cam mode of any kind, namely:

  • Create a brand around yourself
  • Use as many channels as possible to market your content and live streams
  • Build a loyal fan base and community
  • Put in the hours and the effort

It helps if you are attractive and have a seductive personality and you absolutely need to have a great personality, be fun loving and open minded.

Simply, in answer to the question of how much money can you make as a non-nude cam model, the limit is only how much effort and time you put in.

Realistically, if you are working smart for 20-30 hours per week then you can at least expect to match an average deskjob salary. It may take some time to build this up but the potential rewards are there and, for the lucky and hardworking few, big bucks beckon!

There are cam studios and agencies that can speed up the process, but the majority focus on full nudity cams.

Don’t forget that the same opportunities for earning a passive income also exist for non-nude cam models as much as they do for nude models.

Using sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids, non-nude models can sell photos, videos and other content including Snapchat, Twitter, Discord and other social media subscriptions.

Types of Non Nude Cam Shows

Just as there is a huge variety of cam shows for nude models, the non-nude market is equally as diverse.

The fetish community, for instance, has lots of niche opportunities for cam models who don’t get nude.

There are far too many kinks to mention but shows featuring trampling, smoking, diapers, balloons and foot fetishes are all lucrative ways to earn some cash.

While you aren’t likely to find as many couples on cam in the non-nude market, there are still a few duos that have made it work.

However, you would need to do your research to find out what appeals to fetishists and which cam sites are best to do this.

When it comes to more mainstream offerings, there are two kinds of non-nude cam models that seem to appeal most to audiences:

  • Dominatrix
  • Girl Next Door

Though there are plenty of variations on these two stereotypes (and more besides them), research suggests that these two ‘characters’ have greater success.

make money non nude cam modelling bdsm dominatrix fetish
Personality is EVERYTHING with non-nude cam modelling, so build a brand and define your USP.

Tips for Non-Nude Cam Modelling

If you are considering getting started in the cam industry and would prefer to do so without taking your clothes off (or want to transition from nude to non-nude modelling) then we’ve got a couple of key pieces of advice to bear in mind:

If you aren’t getting naked then be prepared to give more of something else.

All cam models make an effort on their brand and their appearance but this is more important with non-nude cam modelling. With this in mind:

  • Dress to impress and match your clothes to your ‘brand’. Consider lingerie or costume and although you wont be naked, a sneak peak of some thigh, ass or cleavage doesn’t go amiss.
  • Stage your broadcast space so that it supports your style. Use good lighting and make the environment around you sexy.

Be prepared to have to (repeatedly) explain that you don’t get nude.

New visitors to your cam shows will always expect more and often be surprised and disappointed that you won’t get your kit off.

It will happen a lot and even when you have built of a fan base and community around yourself, there will always be the occasional customer who gets confused.

It might become annoying and at some times people can be rude or even insulting so find a way to deal with this in good grace.

An irritated cam model who becomes a bitch can turn an audience off very quickly….unless this is your ‘thing’!

Find unique ways to keep your shows sexy and give your audiences something ‘extra’.

Though you won’t be taking your clothes off, you could always tease in lingerie or strip to just a thong. Some models masturbate whilst the camera remains on their face in a beautiful agony show.

make money non nude cam modelling
Even if you don’t strip off, you can make your non-nude shows sexy.

Focus on your fans and make connections with people.

After all, regular customers are tuning in for your personality and not your body so building a relationship with them will help maintain their attention, keep the coming back for more and (hopefully) tip that much bigger. Remember people’s names and engage them during your shows.

Be consistent.

If you are a non-nude model that has built a following and a reputation for being sexy without getting naked then don’t be tempted to strip down just because the price is high enough.

Though there is nothing wrong with transitioning from non-nude to nude cam modelling, you run the risk of alienating those customers who value your non-nude status.

Let’s face it, if the appeal is all about what lies beneath those sexy clothes then once you’ve given them what they wanted, what makes you special?

There will always be some customers who assume that, if the price is right, they can get you to strip off.

These are often the best kinds of visitors as they can make it their challenge to ‘corrupt’ you!

As long as you are up front about what you will and wont do, if they end up spending money to try and turn your focus then you will wind up winning!

Which Sites Broadcast Non-Nude Cam Models?

Believe it or not but you can get started as a non-nude cam model on all of the major live cam sites.

None of the top channels insist that your content features exclusive nudity or sexual acts and you can find performers who don’t get naked across all of the major cam sites, including:

Your choice of cam site partner will very much depend on your own research with each one offering different features, varying levels of commission and types of incoming traffic.

We can’t tell you which site is best for you as this will depend on what it is you are offering.

For instance, if you intend non-nude camming as a fetish model then you might prefer to sign up with Kink Live.

tips for non nude cam models
A career as a non-nude cam model requires just as much thought.

And finally, just remember that non-nude cam modelling in no way makes you ‘superior’ to those models who get naked during their shows.

When it comes to perception with the general public, working on a live cam site is viewed in the same way whether you keep your clothes on or not.

So, if you are considering a career as a non-nude cam model because you want to protect your reputation or maintain a moral high ground over other sex workers then forget it.

A future employer, family member or partner who would disapprove of a nude modelling career would likely feel the same way irrespective of whether you get naked or not.

As with any job in the adult industry, think it over very carefully before you get started, with online visibility of this scale, there is no going back.


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