Non-Nude Camming: Can It Make Good Money In 2024?

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As a camgirl who dipped her toes in the water with non-nude camming, I have a thing or two to say about using Chaturbate and other platforms to stream fully clothed content. Well, maybe fully clothed is a stretch, but I didn’t show more than a two-piece bikini on a stream for months. 

When I first joined the industry back in 2016, I was looking for an escape from my hellish retail job. I picked the wrong major, got myself into major debt, and had no clue that Biden wanted to forgive any of it. So, I moved past the mistake of getting a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and decided to try my hand at camming. At the time, I had no intentions of going back to university. 

However, I wasn’t too keen on showing random guys my private areas (especially when I didn’t know if this whole camgirl thing would pan out in the end). Even though non-nude camming was probably the slowest way to build my following, I wouldn’t have done it using any other method. 

Now I do strip naked, but I make guys (and their pockets) work for the privilege of seeing my full body. I have two rules – I never strip on stream, and I always dictate my own custom clip prices. 

You don’t have to follow my recipe to achieve success, but I wanted to write this article in lieu of all the stuff I’ve been seeing on TikTok lately. Camming, especially when you’re not naked, isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme of any sort. However, it’s very possible to monetize your confidence. 

With the social acceptability of various fetishes on the rise, non-nude cam girls are more valued than ever before. I’ll walk you through some of my personal strategies and explain what I would have done differently if I could go back and do it all over again. Please learn from my mistakes!

Why Are Non-Nude Cam Girls Currently In Demand?

Non Nude Camming

Back when I first started camming on sites like Chaturbate and MFC (My Free Cams), femdom wasn’t nearly as popular as it is right now. If you believe what everyone on TikTok is saying now, most boyfriends are calling their girlfriends “mommy” left and right – it’s almost the new trend. 

And you know what? Good, I never liked double standards to begin with. We’ve been calling our boyfriends “Daddy” for decades, and turning the tables is just a healthy dose of feminist equality. 

All jokes aside, a number of popular niches don’t require you to remove any clothing in order to keep your fans entertained – in fact, some fetishes thrive on the whole CFNM (clothed female, naked male) dynamic. Femdom, JOI, findom, foot play and ASMR are the five biggest turn-ons. 

I tried my luck with femdom at one point, but you really have to get into it in order to be good at it. Faking it till you make it goes a long way, and most submissive guys are content with paying for the confidence you bring (especially if they get off on feeling embarrassed in the bedroom). 

Additionally, non-nude cam girls stand out from the swaths of fully nude models advertising their money-makers for free on various platforms. Men like the chase, and making them shell out $$ before seeing you in all your glory can actually work in your favor once you’ve built a community. 

Of course, you don’t ever have to get naked online to be successful as a cam model. 

How Much Do Clothed Cam Girls Usually Make?

I’m not that well-known on Chaturbate, but I get a few hundred viewers with each stream I run. I always start my live-stream dressed in a sexy outfit. Depending on whatever vibe I’m feeling, I’ll don my skimpiest schoolgirl skirt or throw on an oversized hoodie that doubles as a long dress. 

I also tend to circulate between a handful of different fetishes, all of which go hand-in-hand with the “online domme” persona that’s been earning me a six-figure salary since the pandemic hit. 

Sometimes, my audience will tip me in exchange for absolutely nothing because they know that I deserve to be spoiled. If I happen to be feeling generous, I might wave my pedicured toes at the camera. Still, the confident smirk that never leaves my face inspires people to tip me. 

I usually get naked during one-on-one streams (or private Skype shows) with a select number of trusted fans that pay me handsomely for the privilege of watching me pleasure myself on cam. I also hand out JOI (jerk-off instructions) that often involves a bit of sadism and sexual frustration.

Keeping my viewers horny and “on-edge” for me gets them to come back and pay me more $$ in hopes that I’ll finally let them finish. I milk their desperation for a few hundred dollars before I relent. It took some getting used to, but I thoroughly enjoy taking on a more dominant position. 😉

When it comes to spending money on hot girls, men usually think with the head in between their legs instead of the head on top of their shoulders.

If you don’t feel bad about exploiting men’s sexual frustrations for your own financial benefit, you might even consider findomthis sub-brand of femdom exclusively targets “pay pigs”, who are men that get off on paying you money in exchange for humiliation, ridicule and embarrassment. 

How Do Non-Nude Models Convince Their Fans To Pay?

When it comes to enticing their fans, non-nude cam models have a myriad of ways to separate men from their hard-earned cash. The first (and likely easiest) way to do this is by promising to remove a certain segment of clothing in exchange for a tip goal that everyone works to achieve. 

You’ll find plenty of models that use the #nonnude hashtag on Chaturbate offering to remove an article of clothing like their panties, lingerie, bra, or even socks if they’re running a livestream for men with a foot fetish. Some models also sell their used panties or lingerie off-platform if that’s something you might be more comfortable with. Regardless, there’s a million ways to skin a cat. 

Non Nude Cam Models on Chaturbate

As you can see from the above screenshot, girls tend to goad their fans into paying extra tips. If you’re really creative, you might also decide to record your fitness journey or even walk around in public while you’re just speaking into the microphone. Voyeurs don’t necessarily want nudity. 

So long as you have the confidence to demand what you want from your viewers, someone out there is willing to pay. Sex is the oldest industry in the book, and even cavemen were bartering their way to a pre-historic blowjob in exchange for hunting wild beasts and protecting the family. 

In Japan, women lick doorknobs. You don’t have to do that (I don’t!), but it’s just another example of how creative the porn industry can get for clothed models. Those Japanese girls don’t have to strip naked, but they do have to lick the surface of something that’s just as dirty as a toilet seat.

Anyone who’s up for humiliation and degradation (but still doesn’t want to take their clothes off) might consider spraying their doorknob with Lysol and getting on their knees in exchange for a flurry of well-deserved tips. Even grosser things like picking your nose, sneezing, and dying in a vat of quicksand are all big turn-ons for specific groups of men. Yes, I know, I don’t get it either. 

And, how could I forget? Investing in a latex catsuit and marketing yourself as an online domme will bring all the boys to the yard for an arousing dose of embarrassment. As a dominatrix, you’ll do whatever you want & still find viewers who are willing to pay for absolutely nothing in return. 

On the other hand, you could take the opposite approach and try roleplaying as the shy girl next door. With enough feigned innocence, you’ll attract all the unhappily married men who wish they could pork their colege-aged daughter’s friends. Of course, this only works if you’re young enough. 

If you’re gonna join the industry as a 30 – 35 year old, do yourself a favor and lean into the MILF aesthetic. You’ll get a lot farther that way, but please don’t ask me how I know that to be true. 

Finally, I believe sploshing deserves a subcategory of its own. It doesn’t matter what you get pelted with – whether it’s slime, fresh-baked pie, or sitting on a birthday cake, you’re bound to give some pervert an erection. Just make sure you have a pair of dirty clothes on beforehand. 

What Are The Different Kinds of Non-Nude Cam Shows?

Attractive girl smoking
Some guys just like watching attractive girls smoke on cam!

Just like traditional camming, non-nude models have the liberty of choosing from a multitude of shows. You can run public outdoor streams where you’re going on a hike, you can make things feel a bit more sexually charged with a POV of your bedroom, or you can really up the ante by tricking your audience into believing that you’ll take off a piece of clothing.

You can then move the goalposts as far as you want before following through in a private show or just ending the stream. You can also charge a specific number of tokens per minute for a one-on-one session.

Depending on the fetish you’re trying to break into, you’ll need to make up for wearing clothes by leaning into your confident side. A submissive man won’t question why you’re still wearing a bra if you get in his head and make him believe that he’s worth less than the gunk on your shoe.

However, as a former non-nude model myself, I will say that keeping your clothes on attracts a certain kind of audience – needy men who will just about do anything you say if you make them feel bad about themselves. Plus, once you get into it, teasing men feels satisfying. Sorry, not sorry.

It’s not all peaches and cream, though. You’ll need to have an assertive personality & set clear boundaries during each stream. The hardest part is doing all this without sounding like you’re sorry. A bit of entitlement can go a long way, especially if you’re getting paid to act like a bitch. 

Smoking, trampling, diapers, inflatable rubber-suits, anthropomorphic roleplay (e.g.: a fursuit), and crushing/giantess roleplay are all good ideas to consider. However, in my own experience, being a dominatrix and/or being the “girl next door” are the most profitable niches to break into.  

My Tips & Tricks for Banking From Non-Nude Camming

Cam girl in her bedroom

In the time I’ve been working as a cam model, I spent the first 6-ish months without flashing so much as a nipple for the camera. During the first month, I made $150 because nobody actually knew who I was. After that rough “breaking-in” period, I saw a positive reflection in my finances. 

By the end of my non-nude modeling stint, I was routinely pulling in $250 – $300 per livestream. That’s not to mention the $250 I charged for each ten-minute private show where I did nothing but tell men how to get themselves off. Half the time, I stopped the stream before they finished. 

Nine out of ten times, they came back next week begging me for more degradation. I wasn’t all that into it at first, but I soon began to fall in love with the sense of power and control that being an online domme gave me. You wouldn’t believe how thrilling it can be to put men in their place. Yes, it’s a roleplay, but it’s hard not to get caught up in the hedonism of the performance.

All that being said, I took the dominatrix route more often than not. This doesn’t have to be your blueprint to success, but I would suggest following these five tips no matter how you choose to incorporate them. 

Pick A Fetish & Niche Down

Being a jack of all trades and master of none, especially in the camming industry, won’t get you very far. Generalists face international competition, because, let’s face it – there’s not much of a need to build a connection with your viewers if they’re only there to watch you striptease online.

Niching down with a particular fetish (or a handful of related fetishes, such as femdom/CFNM or findom, feet and degradation) might hamper your fan base for a moment, but you’ll soon begin to stand out from the crowd. ASMR streamers who show cleavage get viewers by the boatload

Taking a small hit to your income right now is worth the eventual payoff of marketing yourself as a dominatrix or even the shy girl next door. Over time, establishing your persona with a personal community of trusted fans will (hopefully) spur repeat business & a consistent line-up of viewers.

Goad Your Fans Into Spending

As a cam model, nude or non-nude, your main goal is to incentivize your viewers to spend cash on whatever you have to offer.

Since you’re not going to be offering a nude flash in exchange for tips, you need to compensate for that elsewhere. Taking on a seductive tone of voice is the best place to start, especially if you’re trying to break into the cam industry as an online dominatrix. If you’re going for the “girl-next-door” role, you might sound a bit less sultry and a bit more naive. 

Either way, in order to goad your fans into spending money without seeing you in the nude, you need to work on your public speaking skills and be confident enough to demand what you think you’re worth. Clothes or no clothes, confidence will get you more than stripping down to nothing. 

You can also bring your viewers off the platform to Skype or Whatsapp if you’d rather have them send cash through another medium. The same principle goes for any cam girls who’d like to sell their used panties, lingerie, socks, or even bathwater (cue Bella Delphine music). 

Hell, Amouranth sold Cutie Pa-Toot-ies (farts in a jar) for $1,000 and made a killing on Twitch. If you can come up with a creative angle like that, you’ll make more than most of the models who strip naked for tips. 

Set Up Challenges and Goals

Setting up challenges and goals is the easiest way to incentivize your viewers – it’s like a bunny chasing a carrot on a stick. Men are more willing to pay when they know there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In this case, the “gold” is you removing an article of clothing for the cam. 

Alternatively, if you don’t mind your fans watching you squirm, you can use a teledildonic sex toy (such as an interactive vibrator) that buzzes whenever someone sends you a tip on stream. You can add a tip goal with the end result of making you orgasm (or faking the finish, I’m not a cop). 

Set up your Lovense so that higher tips lead to more intense vibrations. If you’re using Chaturbate (or one if its many clones), you can also unlock access to your social media pages in exchange for tips. Finally, if you don’t mind getting a little risqué, you can put your private pictures behind a hefty paywall. 

None of your private pics have to be nudes, but they should probably be a little more sultry than your fans are used to seeing on a public livestream. A “come-hither” smirk goes a very long way. 

Get Prepared To Repeat Yourself

Last I checked, dicks don’t have ears. Men who join your stream aren’t necessarily thinking with the right head. You should be prepared to repeat yourself over…and over…and over…and over again. Did I mention that your viewers will almost always try to pressure you into getting naked? 

This is where having an assertive personality (or picking the right niche) can save you time and energy. You should always stick to your guns on a public live-stream. If you do end up changing your mind (not that you have to), you should milk your figure for all it’s worth on a private show. 

Remember that you’re the one in control of what people see. Take power in knowing that you’re able to end a stream at any time, and most cam sites worth their salt give you an option to report your fans if they’re harassing you to no end. The best part of camming is your freedom to close the laptop.

Be Funny, Personable & Confident

Some people are innately wired to be funny, personable, and confident. After my son-of-a-bitch cheating ex-husband noped out of our 10-year marriage to bang some street whore working at Hooters (Gianna, if you’re reading this, go fuck yourself), I lost my character flair to depression. 

Through camming, I’ve been able to work on being more extroverted and “fake” having a good deal of confidence until it became my reality once again. Over the past few years (and with the help of a fantastic therapist), I’ve been able to regain portions of my self-esteem I thought were gone forever. Humor, a smile, and friendliness create good vibes and set the tone for a stream.

Don’t worry if you’re normally an introvert. Being shy, especially when it’s coming from the heart, is a huge turn-on for most guys. However, if you prefer to be in control of your everyday life, you might find that becoming a bitchy, brooding, sour-faced, latex-clad dominatrix is the best option. 

It all depends on who you are off the camera. Even though the world is your oyster, it’s a good idea to stay where you’re comfortable for the most part. It’s easier for different people to cater towards different fetishes, and that’s okay too. Just make sure to show a sliver of authenticity. 

How Do You Build A Community As A Non-Nude Camgirl?

Building a community as a non-nude camgirl is a bit more difficult than relying on your cleavage to retain viewers. Still, even if it’s slow going, it can certainly be done – here’s how I decided to go about it. Firstly, I marketed myself as a dominatrix with all the toys and outfits you’d imagine.

She also has the right idea – all she’s doing is sitting there on her phone, ignoring her viewers in exchange for tips. She’s established herself as a findomme, which is a path you could also take. 

Getting back to my origin story, I made an account with Chaturbate before migrating to platforms like My Free Cams (MFC), Flirt4Free, and LiveJasmin. It was slow going for me the first month. I made around $150 total even though I was streaming 4 – 5 hours a night under three hashtags. 

After the first month came and went, I started watching my streams get more and more popular. People that originally saw me came back for seconds, and other viewers started tipping me with regularity. I was also doing private sessions where I showed a little bit of skin, but not too much. 

Each session got me $200 for 10 minutes of me telling some horndog how to choke his chicken. I eventually saw the value in getting nude after six-ish months. By that point, I was also a lot more comfortable with streaming. Still, I made approximately $20k in 6 months as a non-nude model.

Picking your hashtags according to your niche and streaming at points of the day where each platform is the most popular are the two easiest ways to build a community of fans as a camgirl. Once you have an unwavering community of fans, try to live-stream when they’re usually online. 

It doesn’t get much simpler than that, but consistency and persistence are your two best friends until you’ve gotten your online presence established across multiple cam sites. Your camera and equipment should give you the option to host a stream on more than one cam website at a time.

Which Platforms Are the Best Options for Non-Nude Models?

That brings me to the next section of this guide, where I’ll explain the ins and outs of how each major platform works. Chaturbate, My Free Cams, and Live Jasmin are my favorite options. 


Free Tokens For Cam Sites The Best Intro Deals chaturbate

Chaturbate is arguably the largest cam site on the Internet. It’s like the Pornhub of cam sites. It usually brings in 780,000+ individual visitors per day, but a few hundred models are competing for their attention at any given time. Still, it’s a great (free) website to dip your toes in the water.

While they take between 40% and 50% of your earnings as commission, that’s standard across the industry. They’ll pay you $0.05 per token once it’s all said and done. This isn’t a super great pay rate, but Chaturbate offers the most creative freedom to play around with different fetishes. 

You’ll also have the easiest time bringing in web traffic on Chaturbate, which usually makes up for the price difference once you’ve managed to establish a loyal community of fans. They also let you set your own price for private shows, which are going to be the biggest money-maker. 

My Free Cams (MFC)


My Free Cams (MFC) is another popular cam site that generates around the same web traffic as Chaturbate. If I’m being honest, you can expect the same kind of experience with either platform and you can even stream with both platforms at the same time. You’re paid $0.05 per token, too.

However, if you’re going to split-cam, as it’s called, you might want to use a re-streaming service to ensure that your bandwidth doesn’t suffer too much. After all, the last thing you want is laggy video footage. SplitCam, Streamster,, and can help you keep it all together.

Anecdotally, my friends working in the field say that customers on MFC are a bit more generous when it comes to tipping. Additionally, while they get around four times less website traffic than Chaturbate, you’re only competing against 25% of the number of girls you’d find on Chaturbate. 

As such, you’re dealing with fewer cam girls and getting more attention from viewers by default.



Last but not least, I’ve taken my talents over to LiveJasmin for extended periods of time. It’s more of a luxury cam site than Chaturbate or My Free Cams, which bodes well for girls who like the finer things in life. They have fewer web visitors, but they’re also of much higher quality. 

If you manage to build a community on LiveJasmin, you could easily make at least double what you’d earn on a site like Chaturbate. However, it’s not the best option for beginners because it’s a lot harder to convert fans. Private shows can net you thousands of dollars if they’re done right!

Models get to keep between 65% and 80% of the money they make on LiveJasmin, so they get extra points in my book. Once you have some fans on the easier cam sites, you can try to bring them over to LiveJasmin or approach their platform safe in the knowledge that you’re desirable. 

Examples From Successful, Non-Nude Camgirls!

I earned a platform before most of these girls were old enough to start streaming their ta-tas on Chaturbate, but their rise to fame is worth studying – each streamer I’ve listed down below has created a community of fans without taking their clothes off (except for Amouranth nowadays!). 

Amouranth – The Original Non-Nude Twitch Streamer Turned Pornstar

Amouranth is best known for selling her bathwater and fart jars, which is just a smidge more lewd than selling your panties and used socks online. Either way, she got her start on Twitch as a hot tub streamer who frequently pushed the boundaries before giving her community what they wanted.

Before she started working with Pornhub, she got famous as a result of her suggestive dancing videos and ASMR clips. Although she currently strips naked every chance she gets, there’s a lot to be learned from Amouranth’s rise to the top: she’s comfortable with being creative on stream.

Pokimane – Gamer Girl Who Refuses To Make An OnlyFans

Pokimane is the quintessential gamer girl who gets paid for being cute while she plays Fortnite on Twitch. She doesn’t usually push the limits of what’s acceptable like Amouranth was known for doing, but then again, she’s not interested in making an OnlyFans account for her viewers. 

She believes that she could make up to $10 million per month on OnlyFans, but she’s content with her current degree of success. She is also against creating adult content of her own, and her concise explanation was, “I know that’s not the career path for me.

Pokimane also proved herself an icon when she famously clapped back at a fan asking if she’d ever create an OnlyFans. “Bitch, do you think I do? Do you think if I had an OnlyFans you’d be asking if I had an OnlyFans?” She prefers to bake and sell Midnight Cookies instead of nudes. 

Busy B ASMR – The Best “Virtual Girlfriend” You’ve Ever Seen

Busy B ASMR is a popular Youtuber who largely avoids creating content that’s too suggestive, but she has the virtual GF marketplace on lock. She used to write songs, make tapping and crinkle videos, and do Q&A sessions. Now, she’s leaned into her preferred niche as a dream girlfriend for lonely simps. 

She makes her audience feel loved and cared for with ASMR videos that range from watching you sleep and being your doting GF to role-playing as your nurse and recording gentle mouth sounds. She also has a dedicated cosplay channel that shows off her body without any nudity.

Busy B earned mainstream success as the result of her creativity, willingness to feign intimacy, and high patience levels to match. After all, dealing with needy men all day long gets tiring.

If you want to follow her blueprint, she mixes a hint of naughtiness with a heaping dose of hugs.

Cherry Crush, Emma Ruby, Lively ASMR, HeatheredEffect, and Veronika ASMR are even more examples I don’t have room to talk about. But, feel free to check them out and copy their style if you like what you see! 

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself, Even As A Non-Nude Model

On the path to establishing yourself as a non-nude model, I have a word of warning for anyone who’s seriously considering it. Once you associate your name with camming, you can’t take it back. Clothes or no clothes, the Internet is forever, so just be careful. 

On that cheery note, let me know if you have any questions for me! I’m more than happy to talk about my personal experiences as a camgirl, elaborate on strategies that worked for me, and reveal some horror stories that might make you nope out altogether. 

All jokes aside, non-nude modeling is a great and (relatively) less risky way to make money as a camgirl. You get to decide whether or not it’s worth continuing, and nobody has any screenshots of your nudes. Alongside a steady monthly paycheck that usually keeps growing, it’s a win-win. 

Just be sure to pick your audience carefully, settle down with a niche, and stay consistent.


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