How to Start A Cam Show: A Checklist For Beginners

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So you’ve decided to become a cam girl…


If you’re wondering how to start a cam show, there are a few things you need to know before you can start broadcasting.

Camming is one of the most popular ways to make money from sex, but it requires some preparation.

With the world of live streaming being so competitive, it’s important that cam models carefully consider the staging of the space they broadcast from as well as the technical set-up.

From sound and lighting, to the right choice of webcam, the difference in quality can mean a lot in terms of the traffic (and revenue) you generate.

Have you considered what personal toys, costumes and accessories you might need to ensure your shows go with a bang?

How do I start a cam show?

We’ve pulled together a complete checklist of all the equipment, accessories, tools and toys that you will need to make your cam broadcasts a success.

Let’s get started!

How To Start A Cam Show: The Checklist

If you want to make your cam shows a success then you will need to make your channel as ‘sticky’ as possible.

By this, we don’t mean smearing caramel over yourself and looking edible (though this might help!) we mean a broadcast that grabs the audience’s attention and has them returning again and again for longer periods.

Making yourself a sticky cam girl has as much to do with your set-up as it does your personality and broadcast techniques.

The latter is something that you can hone and work on yourself but we can help you produce the right technical set-up and staging to give yourself the best chance of sticky success!

sex cam show checklist ready to start camming
Are you ready to start a cam show?

We’ve produced a checklist of all the important areas that you need to address, including:

  • Essential technical equipment for broadcasting
  • Transformation kit for turning yourself into a ‘cam girl’
  • Staging kit for converting your space into a sexy ‘cam-den’
  • Props, accessories and sex toys
  • Bonus items for those ‘extra’ requests

What Gear Do I Need to Start Camming?

First up is the technical side of things.

Dull though this might be, without these essential items you are simply someone who is masturbating alone and not making any money.

We’d consider all of these items as essential if you want to make some serious money from your live cam shows.

So, whilst you can skimp on some of them or miss them out completely and still broadcast, your chances of attracting and keeping audiences will be greatly improved if you invest in all these items.

It might be that you have to get by in the short term with some cheaper alternatives and upgrade as your cam career progresses.

But our advice would always be to buy the best you can afford; it will pay dividends over time.

sex cam show checklist technical set up


The first thing you will need is something you probably already own; a laptop or PC.

A laptop obviously offers the advantage of being portable so you can switch up your broadcast location and would be our recommended choice but work with what you have to begin with.

Your computer simply needs to have internet access and a decent enough processor to be able to handle your streaming output.

This varies a lot and some cam sites indicate their own recommended technical specifications but broadly should be a minimum of:

  • Quad-Core CPU i7 processor or similar with minimum 2.7 GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dedicated graphics card, 512MB VRAM
  • Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Hard drive of 1TB+

If you are a Mac user then it’s worth checking that the cam site you have chosen to broadcast on is iOS friendly.

If you need to upgrade your existing laptop or are buying from new then you should be looking for a machine that is capable at streaming 1080 HD quality video.


In order to broadcast online then you’ll need a cam; simple.

However, you do have the choice between a webcam or a standalone video camera. We do not recommend using your mobile phone.


Most modern laptops come with a built-in webcam but unless you are spending a small fortune on your device then the chances are that the specification will be, at best, pretty standard.

It is therefore worth investing in a USB HD webcam that can stream videos at 720p and above. Anything less than this is poor quality and will have a negative impact on how ‘sticky’ your show will be.

sex cam show checklist webcam

Video Camera

There are some advantages to using a video camera over a USB webcam and that is principally one of quality.

You can also use a remote control with a video camera and they also have additional features including zoom control.

They are more expensive and unless you already a high quality cam then it may not be the best investment of your money to begin with. Worth considering an upgrade at the right time though.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Some models don’t consider a wireless mouse and keyboard essential and you can often see women leaning across beds and into the camera to respond to audiences.

Whilst you can operate a broadcast like this, it is far more preferable for your ease of use and for the viewers enjoyment if you have a wireless version to use instead.

High Speed Internet

The better the quality of your camera, the more data it will require in order to be broadcast which means you will need a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Each camming service has their own recommendations as to the minimum speed specifications but at least 10 Mbps is optimal.

The faster your upload speed, the better the quality of your broadcast which helps to keep audiences glued to your channel.

If you are having problems with your upload speed then consider switching provider or you could make some tweaks to your own set-up to improve the speed:

  • Switch from WiFi to an Ethernet cable
  • Close other programs that are uploading/downloading data
  • Restrict the number of other users on your internet connection
  • Don’t cam-split (see below) on multiple sites


One of the biggest areas that are overlooked when people first start camming is their source of lighting. Whilst it is entirely possible to use your room lights, the results will be poor no matter how much money you’ve spent on HD cams and high-tech laptops.

In fact, the higher the quality of your broadcast, the worse you will look without the aid of some additional lighting.

And you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve good results, but you do need to add some lighting sources.

The best way to do this is to consider a three-point lighting system which gives you:

  • Main light – directed on you, this should be the brightest source of light and be positioned at a 45-degree angle to the camera.
  • Fill light – placed on the opposite side of the camera and focused on you, this source of light should be delivering about 50-75% of the light from the main source. This will help counter any shadows.
  • Back light – a subtle low intensity and diffused light source, a back light will help light the rest of the space and give you an appealing ‘shine’ or ‘halo’ that is quite professional.

If you really want a top-quality finish to the lighting then you could also consider umbrella diffusers which bounce the light rather than shine it directly on your face; it’s less harsh.

Your choice of bulb is also important and it’s best to opt for LEDs that are cold white or daylight white.

These deliver a more even and natural tone and help you look your absolute best and stop your broadcasts from appearing too amateurish.

Above all, always work with lighting that flatters you the most; a stark single source bulb is rarely the way to achieve this!

sex cam show checklist lighting
Image via Wikimedia.


Just as your laptop may include a built-in webcam they may also have a microphone.

However, these don’t tend to be of a very high standard and you can improve the interactions on your show if you have a better-quality mic. The prices vary depending on what you go for and you can pay over $100 for the best brands.

External Speakers

The same thing said of microphones is true of speakers and if you are hosting one-to-one shows with viewers then it pays to be able to hear them if they are going cam-to-cam.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to mishear some things!

Cam Splitter

An optional bit of a kit is a cam-splitter.

A piece of software that you can use to simultaneously stream your broadcast to multiple sites at the same time, a cam splitter can slow down your internet speeds but is a way to improve your earning potential.

It’s worth weighing up the impact using one has on your upload speed and decide on whether the added benefits are worthwhile.

Staging Kit

Okay, so you’ve got all of your broadcast equipment sorted out. The next part is Staging.

Setting up the space you broadcast from is almost as essential as transforming yourself (see below) and there are a lot of camgirls out there who fail to do this properly. Consider this aspect carefully as there are many things to consider other than simply the aesthetics.

Choosing a Room

First of all, choose the space which you will use to broadcast your live cam shows.

This should be somewhere that (primarily) offers privacy. You don’t want your flatmate interrupting you or be worried that the neighbours can hear through the walls! Or maybe you do..

Think also of your own comfort as well as the kind of space you need in order to perform.

This may be determined by the kind of acts you are offering shows of and if this includes large props or furniture then this will be a factor.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you are likely going to be semi-naked during the majority of your broadcast so the space you choose should be warm enough.

Most cam girls opt for a bedroom environment as this offers a comfortable place to be whilst you wait for audiences and is also an apt setting for the kinds of hi-jinks that models get up to.

Once you have chosen your room, you can set up the technical equipment as detailed in the previous section before starting on the Staging.


The next thing to think about once you have set up your camera position is your backdrop.

This is something that a lot of people don’t consider and we can all be guilty of not seeing things that are right in front of our faces…until someone points them out.

sex cam show checklist backdrop

What we mean by this is taking a look at the space your webcam is seeing. Look closely at the screenshot of your room and take note of everything from what’s on the walls to what’s on the bedside tables.

Ask yourself:

Is there is anything that is out of place or that shouldn’t be there?

By this we mean any items that could be off-putting to your audiences when they are tuning in for a sexy vibe.

You may well be short of space and using your spare room to broadcast from but watching a cam girl try to get sexual when she is surrounded by drying clothes, a vacuum cleaner and stacks of boxes isn’t that hot.

That is unless you are trying to channel a slutty housewife….

Could any of the items on show be used to identify you?  

Your anonymity is essential for safety reasons as well as avoiding being ‘outed’ to friends, family or colleagues.

You might not think that your Degree certificate is out of place on the wall behind you nor could someone read it but with HD broadcasting you’d be surprised just how much detail can be observed, if someone really wants to be nosey.

Remove anything from screen shot that could have personal information about who you are and where you live.

Does the backdrop ‘complement’ your on-screen personality

If you are intending to adopt an on-screen persona of dominance with a BDSM vibe then you might want to reconsider those cute kitten snapshots on the wall.

Likewise, your innocent, virginal teen girl performance might be a little less believable if you have wedding photos of you and your husband on your nightstand.

Teddies are a common prop (see below) that girls use to invoke a vibe of ‘innocence’ and youth. Props are a good way to subtly communicate your style and approach but make sure you choose the right ones.

Some cam girls use sheets to create a backdrop and to set the mood. You can see this time and again if you do your research and is easily achieved by draping fabric behind the bed.

sex cam show checklist bedroom staging

For a more professional setting you could consider a green screen or backdrop of your own; these aren’t essential but could be worth considering in the future.


We’ve covered the lighting in the section above so just be sure to adjust this for the space you have created. Drapes can help diffuse light as well as adding atmosphere with color.

You can see a lot of this on cam broadcasting with some models opting for an ‘Amsterdam’ style approach to their lighting with red drapes over side lamps.

Again, opt for tones that work well with your style of broadcast and that flatter the way you look.


Lastly, on the subject of staging, consider music as part of your mood setting.

A good choice of music can help set the ambiance and also relax and entertain you and your audience. Be careful with the volume though and only use music if you have a very high-speed connection.

If you don’t, then the result is a staccato soundtrack that can become annoying to listen to and may result in audiences switching channel.

If in doubt, don’t use music at all.

Camgirl Transformation Kit

Next, we move on to you.

Many cam girls are happy enough to appear on camera in a more natural state and this might be fine for them. Some have already built up a fan-base or have perfected their ‘girl next door’ appeal.

However, most newcomers will need to put in the effort in order to attract a following.

This means taking the time to prepare yourself for your audience; the extent to which you do this will depend on the kind of persona you are aiming for (vamp, sophisticated MILF, naughty college grad, bored housewife etc).

Many cam site visitors are looking for something different; maybe a bit of fantasy roleplay, maybe someone who just stands out from the crowd. Couples on cam are very popular for this reason.

You should by now have given some thought to the kind of persona you want to channel and you will need to ensure that you prepare yourself accordingly for your shows.


Your choice of outfit with be determined by your USP but it goes without saying that you should be making the most of your assets and any clothes you wear should be sexy and appealing.

Lingerie is an absolute winner and there is a lot of choice in this from matching bra and pantie sets to nylons and stockings, corsets and bustiers to teddys and push-up bras.

sex cam show checklist lingerie

Likewise, what you wear on your feet can also be a big draw and the addition of high heels, stilettos and knee high boots with your outfit can boost your traffic and make people stay.

Then there are the fans of fantasy and roleplay. If you can offer private performances to these audiences then you may find yourself having an edge over your competition.

Popular costume requests include:

  • Naughty Schoolgirl (plaid skirt, knee high socks, blouse, glasses)
  • Secretary (Pencil skirt, high heels, pantyhose, glasses, silky blouse)
  • Dominatrix (leather boots, tight black corset, stockings)

You may decide to specialize in something like Cosplay, furry fandom or other niche area.

Some cam girls also prefer to perform using wigs, masks and disguises.

This can be to protect their anonymity but also as way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

That Tank Girl perfect platinum hair or pink wig can certainly make you stand out on a thumbnail as well as making you a bit more memorable.

Choosing a suitable outfit is particularly important if you want to become a non nude cam model, which requires a little more creativity on the model’s part.


Just like your outfit, your makeup will be determined by your style and persona.

However, you might want to consider shine control powder to help you look better under the lights or even some bronzing lotion for perfect skin.

Fake eyelashes are pretty appealing to enlarge your eyes and some black eye liner will also help.

For obvious reasons, bright red lipstick is still very much high on men’s lists when it comes to what looks sexy but anything you can do to accentuate your mouth is a plus.

sex cam show checklist makeup

Props and Sex Toys

So, the room and tech equipment are all set and you’re good to go, right?

Not quite.

The business of performing live on camera for eager fans comes with a need for some accessories, props and (most importantly) sex toys.

These are a great way to make money on Chaturbate.

sex cam show checklist props

Props & Accessories

The extent of your prop selection will largely be determined by the kind of show you are running.

If your persona is one of a femdom then you might have things on hand like chains, whips and bondage gear whilst models who are perfecting the innocent, barely legal teen will probably be displaying teddy bears and sucking on lollipops.

Actually, a lollipop is a pretty good prop for a lot of cam models or anything that focuses the attention of the viewer on the mouth and what you can do with your lips, tongue and teeth.

Other props are those that naturally go with your choices of costume (see above). So, if you are offering an experience with a secretary then you might have a clipboard, pens/pencils to suck and a pair of glasses.

The point is to think ahead about those things that will enhance your performance and that should be on hand; it can kill the mood if you have to run off and rummage through drawers to find things once the show has started.

Again, think about what is sexy to play with using your hands and mouth.

If you can do this then you’ll have the advantage over all those models who sit around waiting for an audience and play on their phones.

Sex Toys

So, we come to one of the most essential items of equipment….sex toys.

sex cam show checklist cam girl sex toys

There is a massive range of sex toys available to choose from and you should be comfortable with your choices.

Don’t pick a massive dildo just for show if you don’t want to use it. It’s far better to select something suitable for you and your body; after all, you should be enjoying the performance as much as your fans.

At a bare minimum, we would recommend a dildo and a vibrator but the sky is the limit if you want to be more adventurous.

The wand vibrator style is a popular choice for cam girls but butt plugs and strap ons are also popular requests, as are squirting dildos. The more inventive the toy, the more audiences seem to be motivated to get tipping.

But, if you really want to produce some good tips and get interactive with your audience then you will want to consider something from the teledildonics range.

Designed to be used remotely, these interactive sex toys connect via BlueTooth to an app which can then allow the device to be operated by your audiences in exchange for tips.

The first sex toy manufacturer to enable this feature with their products was Lovense and they are still one of the best companies to choose from if you want tip-controlled toys.

Their range in this category is pretty impressive and includes some diverse looking insertables, wearables and hand-held vibrators.

They can be set up to respond to individual but small tips or you can offer full control of the device to those happy to flash the cash on extravagant tips.

Additionally, you can also pass over control of your sex toy during a private virtual sex session.

Your choice of product will very much depend on your own preferences but Lovense does supply sex tech that should suit most people:

  • Nora – rabbit vibrator
  • Lush – curved vibrator combo insertable and wearable
  • Hush – butt plug
  • Ambi – bullet vibrator
  • Domi – wand vibrator
  • Osci – G-spot toy
sex cam show checklist sex toys
Image via Lovense.

There are also interactive devices for men and Lovense has toys which can be paired (Nora and Max).

So, if your audience is set up with a corresponding device then you can experience a fully immersive and synchronized connection.

Extra Items

And finally, we come to some additional items that you should keep on hand but out of sight.

  • Massage oils – always useful as a prop or something to do with your hands and nothing turns an audience on more than watching a woman rub herself all over.
  • Lubricant – if you are using sex toys then lube is a good idea, particularly if you are performing for a long shift.
  • Towels and extra sheets for the bed are always useful, particularly when using lots of the above!
  • Baby wipes for taking off the makeup at the end of your show.

So… that’s quite the checklist!

Wondering how to start a cam show?

We hope this has given you a nudge in the right direction!

If you’re worried that you don’t have the necessary equipment or space to start camming, you might consider working for a cam studio instead, although many of these are location-dependent.


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