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Want to become a live cam model but don’t want to go it alone?

Looking for cam girl studios that could help you get started?

Despite offering the potential for huge earnings, camming is a competitive business.

Unless you have a dedicated amount of time to spend on marketing yourself as well as camming, you may struggle to achieve that (reported) six-figure income.

Cam girl studios and agencies can help.

Every minute of every day, there are tens of thousands of women (and men) all competing for an audience online.

With dedication and consistency, you might get lucky and secure a firm fan base eventually.

However, many new models opt to use the services of a cam studio or agency to help them get started, learn the ropes and boost their reach.

In this feature guide, we take a look at the reasons behind choosing a live cam girl studio or agency to help get you started as a model.

We’ll also give you a run down on some of the best webcam studios and agencies, plus talk you through the process of how to sign up for one.

Want to get started making money from camming right away – without using a studio?

We show you which platforms offer the highest payout percentages, and the best marketing tools to grow a loyal audience (that pays well!)

Three of the top sites we recommend include:

1. Bonga Cams
2. Cam Soda
3. StripChat

Why Use Agencies or Cam Girl Studios?

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to go into the live camming industry but the two biggest motivating factors for this kind of work are money and flexibility.

So, if the flexibility of being your own boss and taking full control over your time and content is a draw, why would anyone want to partner up with an agency or studio?

The simple answer? Money.

Camming is one of the best ways to make money from the sex industry.

With attention-grabbing headlines all over the net reporting six figure incomes for the best cam models, it is easy to imagine that anyone can make a great living from being a webcam model.

The truth is that, for the majority of people, this isn’t the case.

Camming success is not just about being attractive and eager to please online. It takes a good deal of organisation, hard-work and business acumen to make it pay, and pay well.

why work with a cam studio or agency
Professional live cam studios offer high-tech equipment and dedicated performance spaces. Image via NightProwl.

Professional cam studios and agencies offer models the opportunity to take their broadcasts to the next level by providing:

  • Qualified advice and training about how to maximise your cam earnings.
  • High-quality broadcast equipment.
  • A modern, safe and secure space from which to broadcast.
  • A competent technical support team
  • Efficient admin back-up to make sure you get paid correctly and on time.
  • Access to camming industry professionals and events.

The bottom line is that using a studio or agency offers cam models the BEST possible chance of making more money – by providing the perfect setup.

While money may well be the motivating factor for most models who sign up with an agency, there are other reasons for getting some help with your camming career.

Studios and agencies make money out of their models, and it is in their interests to ensure that they look great, have the best quality broadcast feeds and understand how to convert a viewing audience to a high-paying one. With big tips from generous whales to be earned, there’s a lot of cash at stake.

In this respect, they provide access to professional advice and training plus, in the case of a studio, the best equipment.

They can do all of this by investing their profits into providing high-tech studios, employing permanent staff and sharing their experience to help you learn how to broadcast successfully.

why work with a cam agency or studio
Home camming doesn’t deliver the results of a professional studio. Image via AJ Studios.

Their experience, training and advice is key to the service that cam studios and agencies provide and makes them a great option for anyone who is:

  • new to the industry and wants to learn the ropes.
  • cam models who are struggling to break through, and
  • even experienced broadcasters who want to reach the next level.

A big part of this coaching is to help models utilize their own reach through social media and to actively promote them using their own marketing channels.

Not only that but their expertise is invaluable for informing live cam models about how to convert audiences: most cam sites now offer free services so knowing how to get viewers to pay for what they are watching is essential.

(The use of tip controlled vibrators is a big help here!)

Studios themselves also offer models the benefit of being able to separate their personal and professional lives by providing a working space from which to broadcast your channel.

It’s not every model who wants to convert their spare bedroom into a porn den, particularly if you share your home.

Speaking of which, agencies and studios can also offer their models safety and security when it comes to protecting their stars.

The best will ensure that you are broadcasting within the guidelines of the cam sites you are signed up with. Most, but not all, will also employ active watermarking to their models’ broadcasts to copyright protect their content.

Camming can also be a pretty lonely business for independent models.

Despite their interactions with the public, there is no substitute for having colleagues and work friends that you can share your experiences with. Unless you are already performing as a couple/duo.

Hey, this is a job like any other and independent cam girls are deprived of those ‘water-cooler’ moments when they can chat with people who can appreciate the ‘peculiarity’ of their latest private cam session!

Many studios and agencies provide their top models with opportunities to attend events like awards ceremonies, galas, expos and some even offer team building events or put up holidays as rewards for performance.

Of course, working in a studio means that you get to meet up with other cam models as well as the tech crew and admin teams.

working with a webcam studio
Working with a live cam studio or agency means being part of a community.

When it comes to diversity, there is a huge selection of camming sites to broadcast to, each offering different payment methods and appealing to different niches.

These studios and agencies can help models maximize their earning potential by ensuring they are promoted on only the best live cam sites.

And lastly, most of the top agencies and studios offer their models job security by providing a minimum weekly wage with some even providing healthcare and pension benefits.

Whilst you should be able to exceed the salary by following their professional coaching, this does give cam models some degree of financial security.

So, whilst studios and agencies do charge for their services, the benefits of being able to maximize your earning potential coupled with all of the above makes them a very enticing option for many cam models.

The Best Webcam Studios and Agencies

“What is the best webcam studio near me?”

Okay, so there are hundreds and thousands of cam sites which you can sign up for and start broadcasting instantly on.

Whilst these are perfect for amateurs who want to broadcast from home, which agencies and cam girl studios are worth checking out if you want to go to the next level?

The following studios are the best companies that have studios internationally; from California to Latin America and Europe, they are all recognized in the industry as providing a professional service.

International Webcam Studios

Studio 20

Studio 20 operates mainly from within Romania with 10 studio locations in the capital, Bucharest and a further four regional venues around the country. In addition, they also have international cam girl studios based in:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • Cali, Colombia
  • Budapest, Hungary

The company has won plenty of industry awards recognizing its services including the coveted titles of ‘Best Cam Studio of the Year’ at the AW Awards 2016 and ‘Best Live Cam Studio of the Year’ 2017. In 2017, they were also the first cam studio to gain Gold Certification with the popular cam site, Jasmin Live. The result of this means preferential status for their models over other Jasmin cammers.

Studio 20’s models are among the top earners online and many of their performers are bringing in an income of up to $25,000 per month.

They are known for being a collaborative and supportive team of highly professional coaches with a great technical crew.

As one of the largest cam studio companies in the world, their commissions are pretty high and models start out by earning 50% of their gross sales. However, this can increase with bonuses up to 65% depending on performance.

best cam studios and agencies studio 20
Image via website.

With a monthly budget of $100k for marketing, the team at Studio 20 have a proven track record at driving traffic to their model’s broadcasts. Latest figures suggest that the team is responsible for sending 300k visitors daily to their in-house channels. So, even with high commission paid to the agency, models still earn a lot more than they would on their own.

Unlike many agencies, Studio 20 also offers support services for live cam models who want to work from home. They also work with male camming models as well as female.

M Group

An international agency the M Groups has a presence in Europe (Romania & Hungary) as well as Colombia and Los Angeles California. They don’t offer studio spaces to broadcast from but they do provide support services including training, photography and filming plus professional advice. They can also provide help with live cam pages and interactive sex toys as well as model-transfer requests between popular platforms.

Providing consulting and staffing for more than 15 years, the M Group actively signs up talent as well as studios themselves.


Rich Girls Studio

With three studios situated in Bucharest, Romania, Rich Girls is another highly successful Eastern European camming agency.

They are a luxury brand and have won plenty of industry awards to commend their business model, including:

  • YNot Awards 2018 ‘Best Cam Studio Overall’
  • AW Wards 2018 ‘Best Training Programme’
  • LAL EXPO 2019 ‘Best International Cam Studio’
  • LiveCamAwards 2019 ‘Best Live Cam Marketing Strategy’

Operational for more than 17 years, Rich Girls Studio employees a team of over 100 people including professional consultants and coaches.

With so much experience and resources plus high-tech studios, there is little doubt that they can help boost the online presence of their models to achieve exceptional earnings.

However, not all of their services are free to their models and some of their coaching comes at a price.

The individual rooms from which models broadcast are plush and stylish offering a comfortable and contemporary space to cam from.

best cam studios and agencies rich girls studio bucharest
Image via Rich Girls Studio.

Their current sign up literature promises hiring bonuses in excess of $3,500 with first month earnings of (potentially) $10,000+.

It should be pointed out that the first month is commission free but the studio earns 50% of your revenue after this point.

With bonuses, this could decrease to around a 20% commission payable to the studio. However, the company claim that their models earn between $2,000 and $20,000 per month with an average income of $5,000.

The work schedule with Rich Girls is quite flexible but, in order to be earning the kinds of money they report, you will be expected to put in at least 40 hours per week.

Accommodation can also be provided for those models who are not based in Bucharest and this is offered in luxury suites close to the studio; additional charges apply.

Charm Group

Based in Romania, the Charm Group is the one of the largest live cam girl companies in Europe. The group incorporates several studios, including its flagship, Charm Studios. The main studios at Charm have 13 rooms with around 45 live chat models. The other brands now owned by Charm include:

  • Allure – the ‘exclusive home of femininity’, Allure was founded in 2008 but is now a part of the Charm Group.
  • Manequeen – a luxury branded camming studio with just 9 rooms and a staff of 25 models.

In addition, there are two smaller studios, Pritti and Tandress.

Each of the studios has its own distinct branding and works with a different selection of models, matching their look, style and appeal to the best cam sites for them.

To enable the cam performers to achieve their best chance of financial success, the studios are manned by a professional team of technical experts and coaching staff.

The rooms themselves are also equipped with the latest HD camera technology.

best cam studios and agencies charm studios
Image via Charm Studios.

The group reports models’ earnings to be anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 per month depending on how dedicated the girls are and the time they put into their broadcasts.

Commissions to the studios vary based on your earnings but can be anywhere from 30% to 50%.

Loyalty bonuses are also offered to try and retain their stars and if you stay at the studio for three months putting in 50 hours a week then you will receive a guaranteed bonus pay out.

A professional group of companies founded in 2012, Charm has a good reputation for treating models well and the stars at each studio compete for bonuses on top of their regular income which can include cash, holidays, cars, vouchers and even paying for a wedding dress!

Overall, the management teams have a reputation for treating their best models well and treating them richly in order to keep them on board. Certainly, they have a shed load of testimonials from their current team of stars to attest to this.

Angels Studio

Based in Timisoara, Romania near the borders with both Hungary and Serbia, the Angels Studio has been operating since 2011.

They are a professional outfit and have been granted an award by the local Chamber of Commerce for the last four years running.

Their studios are small but modern and include the latest broadcast technology including professional Sony cams and 4K screens.

Each of their models has their own individual working space plus there are communal (or ‘Zen’) areas (terrace, dining area and gaming zone). All in all, they have invested over a million Euros in creating a contemporary studio setting for their cam stars.

best cam studios and agencies europe angels studio
Image via website.

The team offer professional support and coaching for their models and they are known for being an enthusiastic and caring bunch that treat their cam stars very well; and who wouldn’t when they are your bread and butter?

In terms of potential earnings, the results speak for themselves and they have models on their books who regularly earn several thousand US dollars a month. Whilst individual earnings do vary, they guarantee that the first month’s income will be a minimum of 4,000 RON (approx. $950 or €850).

Their best performing cam stars can also access additional benefits including cars and holidays.

Overall, Angels has a good reputation as a camming agency and works hard to create a strong online presence for its performers across all the major cam sites including Flirt4Free, ImLive and CamContacts.

Lourdes Studio

A small, independent studio based in Bucharest, Lourdes is the brainchild of two award-winning cam models, Lourdes and DaemonGoddess (Fetish Model of the Year 2018). Together they have created an enviable family of niche and elite live cam models.

Lourdes herself has been a cam model since 2007 when she started broadcasting in Germany with Jasmin.

She has exceptional experience of the industry and has earned a staggering $71k in a single month. Of course, the tight team share their insights and tips to make sure they whole studio is getting the best out of their broadcasts.

Many of their 50+ models have appeared in the top five earners list on Jasmin with monthly incomes in the tens of thousands of US dollars.

Not only that but  their performers are also regular winners of notable awards including ‘Best BBW Live Cam Model’ 2018 at the LiveCamAwards and the 2017 ‘Studio Model of the Year’.

best cam studios and agencies lourdes
Insert Image via website.

Named ‘Best Romanian Cam Girl Studio’ in 2017 at the LAL EXPO Awards, Lourdes is a tight-knit agency that puts an enormous amount of effort into training the cam stars of tomorrow.

In fact, they have their own academy specifically for this very purpose. Initial coaching takes 3-6 months to complete and the Lourdes Studio puts in a lot of effort, time and capital to make sure you are at the top of your game to maximize earning potential.

Speaking of which, their commission is pretty competitive and models get to keep 80% of their gross income after they have completed their training.


Started in 2011, NightProwl Studio is a multiple award-winning Romanian live cam studio and agency.

One of the most popular names in the industry, their models have also been nominated for, and taken home, titles like ‘Glamourous Model of the Year’ and  ‘Alternative Lifestyle Model of the Year’.

The studio itself has bagged the 2019 LAL EXPO award for “Best European Studio” and the 2017 YNot Award for ‘Best Studio’.

best cam studios and agencies nightprowl
Image via website.

They offer their models a range of modern cam rooms to broadcast from and they feature the latest 4K technology with comfortable and stylish surroundings.

In addition, the studios have some communal space for the team including a beauty corner, relaxation lounge and staff kitchen. Models can also avail themselves of the free mini-bar which offers an assortment of hot and cold drinks.

The Nightprowl team includes plenty of mentors who are on hand to offer personalized coaching and training.

Earnings through NightProwl can be phenomenal with the top model last year (2018) earning a record $83,000 in just two weeks.

On average though, the earnings of a model with this studio are around $15,000 to $20,000 per month. In fact, they guarantee a minimum salary of $2,500 per month so they are obviously doing something right.

Commission rates depend on the number of hours you work and vary from 35% to 55%.

What you pay the agency is quite steep compared to some studios but the key here is the potential rewards and not how much you are making for your employers. After all, they have a great track record of increased traffic plus invest heavily in helping their models create the best broadcast experience they can.

Gloria Agency

Based in Bucharest, Romania, the Gloria Agency offers a full training and consultancy service as well as providing high-tech studios from which to broadcast as one of their live cam models.

They are an elite and premium brand with stylish rooms and a solid team of consultants and staff to help models create their ‘brand’.

best cam studios and agencies gloria agency
Image via website.

Reported earnings with the Gloria Agency are over $5,000 per month of which you are paid up to 65% of your gross sales.

They pay twice monthly and also offer incentives, rewards and a referral bonus plus they offer competitive loans for any kind of investment you make in your ‘brand’; this can be cosmetic surgery or toys, clothing.

They can even help support other financial costs such as financing a car or property…we suppose this depends on how much you are making them.

Overall, the Gloria Agency has a good reputation for its working practices and has a good name in the industry.

Caribbean Webcam Studios

Cash Cam Studios

A US based company but with a studio in Kingston, Jamaica, Cash Cam are a small outfit but one of very few agencies that operate in the Caribbean.

Their studios have 20 individual rooms from which models can broadcast and their facilities including high-speed internet, high-performance computers and professional HD webcams. 

They also provide interactive toys which have been proven to increase the number of tips received when broadcasting.

best cam studios and agencies caribean cash cam studios
Insert Image via website.

As well as offering a full training (free), styling and photo shoot service, the company also coaches its stars on the use of social media to help further promote their channel and reach a wider audience; the greater the reach, the bigger the rewards.

Models can earn up to 80% of their gross sales achieved via Cash Cam Studios which is pretty competitive; however, there are no details about typical earnings.

The studio does operate a rewards and incentive scheme offering performers the chance to win bonus cash and prizes.

Latin America Webcam Studios

Alba Studio

An innovative and creative yet professional camming agency, Alba Studio is based in Colombia. They are results driven and provide their models with two months of coaching and training to help them generate organic growth for their broadcasts.

Alba Erotic Studio also offers the in-house services of a comprehensive team of stylists from make-up and hair to wardrobe and set. They can even arrange for models to access preferential rates with a plastic surgeon for any ‘enhancements’.

Their studios are modern, stylish and feature high-tech cameras and broadcast equipment, all backed up by a support crew.

As well as providing the studio space to broadcast from, the Alba Studio is a great working environment and provides plenty of common areas for models to congregate and relax in. There is even a fitness studio and outdoor pool on site.

Set up in 2016, Alba won the 2017 ‘Best Emerging Live Cam Studio’ Award (LiveCamAwards) and prides itself on producing the best models in the industry.

With this in mind, they do have minimum standards in place as to the kinds of women they recruit and work with but the earning potential here is pretty good and can exceed $4,000 per month.

Maybe to sweeten the deal or to keep their models in a lifestyle that suits their elite status, the company also offers a great package of luxury cars and incentive schemes.

AJ Studios

Located in Cali but with offices in Medellin, Armenia, Pereira, Cartagena and Bogota, AJ Studios is a big presence in the video chat industry of Latin America and are one of the main organizers of LAL EXPO.

They are a multiple award-winning studio and have gained recognition from all of the main names including XBIZ, GFY, Bucharest Summit, LiveCamAwards and Erotic Cam Awards. They have even taken the prestigious AW Award for ‘Live Cam Studio of the Year’ in 2018.

best cam studios and agencies aj studios
Image via website.

As well as being set up to provide a technically superior service with professional transmission and recording equipment, they were also one of the first studios to offer VR capability.

Like other live cam agencies and studios, AJ provides a full training programme for its models as well as consistent and comprehensive support to help them succeed.

The company works with most of the major camming platforms including Flirt4Free, BongaCams, Streamate, Chaturbate and LiveJasmin.

Paid weekly, models can expect to receive up to 90% of their earnings with a mandatory 4% charge being paid to the company.

AJ also offers services to home camming models allowing them access to their support services (including technical and legal advice plus the ‘Model Training Academy’).

CM Studio

With three studios in Colombia (Dosquebradas, Armenia and Pereira), CM Studios is a professional live cam agency that offers coaching to improve production quality and to boost revenue for its models.

They have won and been nominated for numerous awards including from industry names like Live Cam Awards, AW awards, Adult Webcam Awards, XBIZ and YNOT Awards.

Like some other studios in Colombia they also offer a fixed fortnightly wage but there are no reports on what this is nor what kind of earnings you can expect to achieve through CM Studios.

As well as offering a secure and stylish space to broadcast from with the latest technology, they also offer the services of a professional team of stylists and mentors to help coach their models.

Interaction VC Studio

Based in Colombia with studios is Medellin and Pereira, the VMAC Premium Studio offers a premium brand studio for its cam stars to broadcast from. Their headquarters are a combination of plush,  traditional elegance and contemporary high-tech facilities.

With almost a decade in the business, they have more than 300 models working for them, some of whom are among the best-known live cam models in Latin America. Known as VC Models, these performers are earning top-dollar.

A multiple award-winning studio, they have a reputation for providing professional back up and support services including coaching, training and a full marketing programme to boost traffic.

It is the company’s vision to make the ‘creation’ process a collaborative one and to support their stars with styling as well as mentoring.

As well as supporting the careers of female cam stars, Interaction VC also works with male performers.

Models 1A

A Jasmin Certified Studio, Models 1A is one of the top camming agencies in Latin America. With over seven years’ experience in providing high-tech, high profile broadcast rooms and professional coaching, they have earned a strong reputation in the camming industry.

best cam studios and agencies latin america models 1a
Image via website.

All new models receive a start-up kit and are inducted on to their successful training programme before being offered a flexible broadcast schedule.

As well as competitive commission, the company also provides bonuses and incentives to the best performing models.

They have two studios, both in Colombia, which are modern and have all of the facilities you would expect from a camming company of international repute.

Signing Up With a Cam Girl Agency

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to become a live cam star and want to work with the professionals?

The process for signing up with a cam studio or agency direct differs for each company but most will expect you to attend an initial interview to get some idea about where you’re at and what kind of person you are.

Most do not expect you to ‘perform’ at this first meeting as it as much an opportunity for you to find out about them as it is for them to see you in person.

You should expect to be given a full tour of their facilities and be able to meet other camming models. This is important and you should never sign up with any live cam studio or agency unless you’ve had  the chance to do this.

Obviously, some of the broadcasts will be private and you may not be able to watch in but you should at least be able to see the set-up and view the public online streams.

sign up to a live cam studio
Always check out the studios themselves. Image via AJ Studios.

The studio or agency should be able to offer you some further information about their training programme and you should ask whether the initial and ongoing coaching is free or if you have to pay for it.

Also, find out what set up costs (if any) you will be expected to cover. Some agencies provide interactive toys and basic wardrobes but, for reasons of hygiene, there may be a cost for these.

Get some details about commission structure and how much the agency/studio will be taking of your revenue. This should be included within your contract which you should take away and read carefully before committing to.

Ask about the schedules that you will be expected to work as most will require a minimum time commitment from you.

The next stage is getting an offer to work with the studio. For obvious reasons, they don’t work with everyone they meet but if you are a good match for the team, have shown yourself to be dedicated and have the right talents then you can expect them to offer you some broadcasting time.

Remember that, when you are first starting out with an agency, you may not have the same flexibility of scheduled broadcast time that other established models may enjoy.

It’s a job like any other and you will have to work from the bottom up to achieve a good position in the organisation.

Yes, you may well be freelancing but the agency/studio will be doing plenty on your behalf to market you, get you trained up and provide you with the professional space and equipment to offer the highest quality camming experience.

With training and commitment, you can expect to start seeing the rewards from your efforts after a couple of months but, if you feel that your agency/studio is not doing enough to help you maximize your earning potential then speak to someone.

After all, they only make money if you do so it’s in everyone’s best interests to get it right. Not only that but keeping the talent happy is a prime motivation for good agencies….losing their stars costs them money.

interview with live cam studio
Get the full tour when you attend an interview and see exactly what your commission is paying for. Image via AJ Studios.

As for whether you’d be better off going it alone and giving the agency/studio route a miss, only you can be the judge of that.

Just remember that whilst being an independent, cam-from-home broadcaster may give you flexibility, there are lots of models offering a similar service.

In fact, at any given time, you could be competing with tens of thousands of live cam models on the same platform so any edge you can give yourself is bound to result in higher earning potential.

Good luck!

Featured image via Studio 20.


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