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Fancy getting paid to flirt by text?

Yes, it’s possible to get paid to sext, and in this guide we’ll show you how.

Sexting is a popular middle-ground alternative to camming or working as a phone sex operator.

Though still considered sex work, the appeal for most people is the anonymity offered. But there are plenty of other benefits too.

Easy to do on the move, with good rates of pay and flexible hours, it’s possible to get paid to sext whether you are a single mom, college student or retired professional.

Plus, there’s very little technical know-how needed in order to get involved. So, what do you need to do to start getting paid to sext?

In this feature we take a look at how to start earning money by sexting or flirting online using text-chat services.

We’ll find out more about what’s involved, how much money you can make, and the best sites to sign up where you can make money with sexting.

Sexting For Money: What’s Involved?

By now, we all know what sexting is and most of us have probably done it at some point in our lives.

Whether it was mild flirting with some sexual overtones and innuendo or whether it was sending ‘dick pics’ or a ‘clamagram’, sending naughty or explicit messages using a mobile phone is part of modern life.

how to get paid to sext what is
Image via Pro Juventute.

Sexting and adult chat, unlike the cam industry, doesn’t involve much in the way of set up. Nor do you have to send images at all. Sexting can, quite simply, be the exchange of XXX text messages.

And, believe it or not but, many people who get paid to sext don’t even get that explicit in conversation with their customers. In fact, there are quite a lot of people who use sexting services who aren’t just in it for the content but to make a connection with someone.

Think about it.

People turn to their phones when they are bored and lonely not when they are fulfilled and busy leading fun lives. And, if all they wanted was a quick wank then the internet is full of free porn. The bottom line with sexting is that most people who use it actually want to ‘talk’ as well as to get turned on.

Yet, one of the main reasons that people turn to sexting is because they want to feel the thrill of flirting with someone as if in an early relationship.

They may well be sexually frustrated but the chances are the fantasy is more about reliving those early sexting days you get when you first start dating.

So, if it’s all about making a connection, why do people want to sext instead of live cam?

There are a few reasons for this and many of them are practical ones.

  • Sexting is a lot of easier to do discretely and because it all happens on a mobile phone, it’s more flexible than being tied to your laptop/PC.
  • The cost of sexting is often a lot cheaper than using a live cam service.
  • Some people just aren’t into the visuals and would prefer to be turned on by words.
  • It might be easier for some people to share their filthiest fantasies over sext than over cam.
  • Sexting offers more anonymity.

Of course, a lot of clients who sext are just curious and may choose to do this on the spur of the moment or for a bit of a laugh.

the pros of getting paid to
One of the main pros of sexting is that you can do it anywhere.

The Benefits of Paid Sexting Jobs

Just like camming, sexting is a great way to earn money whilst working from home, for yourself and at hours that suits you.

Unlike camming though, flirting for money via text doesn’t require you to reveal your face or be seen visually in any way (unless you want to earn more by sending dirty pics or homemade porn clips).

Sexting is more flexible because you can be doing it on the move using just your mobile phone. As long as no-one is reading over your shoulder, you could be doing it on the train, at a grocery store or standing in a queue for an ATM.

It’s also a great way to build confidence if you are considering getting involved in the cam or other adult industry.

Getting paid to sext doesn’t require a lot of equipment, fancy lighting, staging, props and costumes or even a strong internet connection.

Some people prefer the reliable stream of work from becoming a phone sex operator, but there are definite benefits to just sexting.

The Drawbacks of Sexting For Money

The major downside of sexting is that the potential earnings are a lot lower than camming plus it can be quite time consuming.

You will need to be good with words and be able to respond quickly to texts from customers. Paying clients don’t want to wait half an hour between texts to get your response.

This means when a customer starts a sexting conversation with you, your focus must be on them.

the cons of getting paid to
Some people can sext easily but most people need to concentrate.


You don’t need much to get started sexting and as long as you have signed up with the right service providers and sites in order to ensure you get paid, all you really need is a mobile phone.

However, the apps and software used by many companies means that often you can also use your laptop or tablet device to access the same services.

Using platforms like WhatsApp, TextPlus and Line as third-party apps means you don’t need to reveal your personal mobile number.

Note: You should never be asked to pay up-front by any site to fund equipment like additional phones or headsets. Even if a company asks you to contribute to administrative set-up fees you should steer well clear. If a site asks you to pay before you earn then the chances are they are a scam outfit and you should run the other way.

Age Limits

All companies who offer sexting services will insist you are aged over 18 and will require photo evidence to prove this. Some have higher age limits; commonly 21 but a few set their minimum age at 25).

How Much Money Can You Earn By Sexting?

The million-dollar question and always the hardest one to answer but know that sexting is not as lucrative as camming or selling content.

The main reason for this is that you can’t earn multiple times for the same performance or photo/video.

how much money can you earn

With third party sexting agencies (see ‘Best Sites to Make Money Sexting’, below) you are paid by the number of texts you send and this can be anything from $0.01 to $0.50.

You can easily see that to make a few hundred bucks you would need to be sending thousands (if not, tens of thousands) of messages to get rich.

Don’t let this put you off as the more experienced and successful you become, the more you can earn per text.

And, whilst the stories about sexters earning $60,000+ per annum are rare, there are good opportunities to make upwards of $500-$1,000 per month through sexting part-time.

There are ways to maximize your income and this includes offering subscription services to fans.

Getting paid a monthly fee for offering access to your private Kik, Snapchat or WhatsApp channels means you can bank on a more regular income and you don’t need to track each individual sext.

However, you will need to be responsive in order to retain your fanbase which can be quite time consuming (see ‘Sexting Independently’ below).

Make Money From Sexting: Top Tips For Earning More

Sexting is all about using your imagination and creativity to tell stories.

Some people are gifted at using words to describe erotic scenarios whilst others may struggle to find the right ones. The key thing to remember is that you will get better at this the more you do it so give yourself a break if the first attempt goes badly.

  • Sexting requires an open mind and you need to remember that what goes on during a text conversation is all fantasy. This doesn’t mean you have to accept things that you wouldn’t in real life such as degrading verbal abuse or fake scenarios you aren’t comfortable with.
  • In reference to the above, you should you NOT get involved in any conversations where the focus is on an illegal sexual act.
  • If you aren’t using a third-party agency who will bill your sexting activities for you then always make sure you are getting paid up-front for your services (see ‘Sexting Independently’ below).
get paid to
If you earn money for sexting then you need to treat it like any job.
  • Try and pick up on any clues you are being given by your client about what they like. Some won’t offer much and you will need to do all the communication whilst others will explicitly set the scene for you. Most fall into the middle ground offering more subtle clues about what they want from you. It should be immediately obvious if they want to be dominated, prefer slow and sensual teasing or just want to ‘tie you up’ for rough play. A key tip is to listen (or read) and ask questions before you jump straight in with the good stuff.
  • You need to learn how to keep clients engaged for as long as possible but also to give them what they want. This requires a subtle balance of teasing as well as explicit storytelling.
  • Though you may be being paid by the text, don’t focus on quantity but on quality. The better you are at keeping a fantasy going the more your client will want you to continue and the more likely they are to use you again.
  • Be sensually descriptive and use your words to let your client know what you are wearing, what you are feeling and what you can see. Don’t ignore the other senses though; it pays to describe the sounds you make, how things taste and even smell!
  • Take advantage of any kind of training offered by your partner service company. Most will provide some good written material which should help you get started and some will even run webinars and offer coaching/mentoring. It’s in their interests that you become a better sexter as they stand to earn more if you do well.
  • If you aren’t offered training (and even if you complete some), do your own research and bone up on erotic storytelling. We’ve recently featured sites like Literotica, a free platform where members share their sexy stories. You can’t plagiarize the content here but there are thousands of great fantasies written in enticing and appealing ways which should help give you some ideas.
do your resewarch to make money
Do your research to find out how to use words better.l.
  • Think about specialising in a certain area such as fetishes but only something that you are comfortable sexting about. The reason for this is that you have a greater chance of standing out from the crowd and for getting repeat customers. Customers who sext are often seeking a fantasy from their service provider so roleplaying is a must but it pays to do some research into common kinks such as domination, bondage or cuckolding.
  • Trading nude pics isn’t a must but can earn you more money by keeping clients more engaged and have them returning for more money. Don’t feel pressured into sending them just because a client seems upset or angry about your refusal. It is your decision.
  • Never move a conversation away from your premium site or platform. Customers may suggest hitting Skype or Facebook or asking for your direct mobile number. Not only is this dangerous in terms of revealing your personal identity but you wont get paid if you do this.
  • Unless of course you want to expand the way in which you offer services. Phone sex, adult video calls and live cam streaming are all next level when it comes to earning money doing virtual sex work and pay lucratively so consider if you want to make that move.

Final Note: Even if you are making a strong connection with someone or even if they are offering a lot of money, NEVER give out any personal information or details during a sexting conversation. You should not be using your personal phone number and, if you do decide to send naughty pictures, ALWAYS ensure these cannot be used to identify you in ANY way.

make money

The Best Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Sext

Right, fancy signing up to earn money flirting through adult chat? We’ve selected some of the best sites where you can make money sexting.

If you already have a fan base of customers ready to pay to sext you then check out our ‘Sexting For Cam Girls’ section below where you can find further details of how to monetize your saucy chatting skills.

AND, even if you aren’t a cam girl, then you can use cam sites to help you build a profile for your sexting business (see ‘Using Cam Sites for Sexting: Earn As A Dummy Model’, below).


get paid to sext best sites arousr

Offering a range of ways for clients to chat with adult hosts, Arousr offers sexting, video and phone chat services.

Customers register using an Android App (or text services for iPhone), choose an available lady they want to speak to and start texting using the linked SMS number.

Hostesses earn $0.15 for each premium text they send or $0.50/min for voice calls. Video chat earnings are calculated at 40% of the total expenditure plus you can also earn 40% on any tips and adult content sales generated through the platform.

Which is one of the nice side benefits of this platform as sexters can also sell videos and photos direct (and get tipped) from their profile meaning they can earn passively when they aren’t available to sext.

Payments are made weekly each Monday as long as you have a minimum of $100 in your account.

There are no set or minimum hours but you must log in to the portal at least once a month or else the company will mark you as inactive and close your account.

Interested parties can make an application to become an Arousr chat host using their online portal.

If you like Arousr, you should also check out NiteFlirt and Extra Lunch Money which offer very similar services.


get paid to sext best sites

One of the more well-known sexting services, SextPanther works in a similar way to Arousr and customers can browse the profiles of available chat hosts before making a connection using the SMS number given on the site.

This ‘masked’ number cloaks the sender and recipients real telephone numbers and ensures that credits are deducted (and paid) to the relevant parties. Customers get charged for:

  • Sending Text Messages
  • Sending Media Messages (pictures and videos)
  • Opening Media Messages (pictures and videos)
  • Audio chat
  • Tipping a chat host

All models on SextPanther are premium hosts and must already have a fan following on social media services like Instagram or Twitter or have active followers on one of the main cam hosting sites like Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Camsoda etc.

Payments are made at the following rates:

  • 60% earnings on all text and media messages
  • 75% earnings on all audio and video calls
  • 80% earnings on all tips

All models must be located in either the United States or Canada with applications being made through the SextPanther website.


get paid to sext best sites phrendly

This Android app is more of community and social media platform where you can get paid to flirt. The idea behind it is pretty simple and men use the service to find an online ‘date’. They simply browse for a potential partner to take for a virtual drink and then they get charged for chatting with them.

So, as long as you are not the one to initiate a chat then you get the financial rewards. And what kind of money are we talking here?

Well, for each chat you get paid $0.35 per ‘volley’ as long as you respond to your new ‘Phrend’ within 24-hours.

The aim of the game on this service is to build a network of regular guys who keep coming back for more. You can earn a lot more money by converting your sexters to audio and/or video callers as these are paid for by the ‘Drink’ with each virtual glass of vino potentially netting you $10.

You get paid 70% of earnings from video and audio chats.

Your regulars can also send you virtual gifts and these can be converted into cash values of anything between $5 and $100. You get to keep 90% of the value so these can add up quickly if you invest in a decent collection of generous guys.

Recruiting women mainly from the United States and Canada, you can find further information on their website.


get paid to sext best sites flirtbucks

FlirtBucks isn’t an adult content or overly sexualized service nor is it strictly just for sexting as their operators can get also get paid for video and phone chat. However, if all you want to do is text then you can register for this side of the business too.

Text chat sessions are paid out at around $0.10 per minute which goes up to $0.12 after you have been with them for three months and $0.15 after six months.

Video chat earnings are higher and are paid at $0.40, $0.45 and $0.50 per minute commensurately with your time at FlirtBucks.

Their clients are a mixed bag of (mostly) men and though adult topics and flirting are pretty common, you might be simply asked to chat.

With FlirtBucks you don’t need to do any marketing for your services and all the clients are channelled to you from the platform. You get to choose your hours and there are no minimum requirements for working on the site.

To get started, you simply need to apply online and confirm your identity with the team. Once received, they will ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Able to type at a moderate speed (roughly 40 WPM)
  • Have good conversational skills in English
  • Have an upbeat personality
  • Have access to a high-speed internet connection
  • Have access to a webcam (not essential for texting services)

The company are currently focusing on recruiting chat hostesses from the United States, Australia and Canada but applications will be considered from other countries too.


get paid to sext best sites mygirlfund

A sort of crowdfunding social media and chat service, MyGirlFund allows guys to connect online with girls from a large collection of profiles and just chat.

Only premium members can initiate chat which ensures that they have the funds to continue a conversation with you and your earnings are based on your interactions which can be:

  • Text chat
  • Private cam shows
  • Cam to Cam chat
  • Sending pictures and videos
  • Selling content
  • Receiving tips and donations

The idea is simple and each girl choose their own targets, goals and prices for their profile with some simply saving up for a holiday whilst others want to fund cosmetic surgery.

The only thing about this site which is a pain is that you have to use the platform itself to send messages instead of using a far simpler SMS feature.

You earn credits for your interactions as well as donations and these can be cashed out with your share of the credits rising to 90% if you stay loyal to MyGirlFund but it starts at 65%.

Chat Recruit

get paid to sext best sites chatrecruit

Another platform which offers full flexibility to its hosts in terms of what services they offer, Chat Recruit provides its customers with a range of:

  • Text Messaging
  • Webcam Chat
  • Phone Chat

And its not just XXX chat that you can get involved in (through their platforms which include Xpanded, FlirtXchange and Xpanded Chat app) but operators can also chat using Psychics Live TV platform if they are gifted with the power of second sight!

The Xpanded Chat and Flirt app is much like Tinder but where users swipe for profiles of women they want to sext (or audio/video) chat with.

And for those chat hosts who are also trying to earn money by selling content then the site also supports paid subscription services for social media followers and fans.

The service is based in the United Kingdom but Chat Recruit accepts applications from other international locations.

Chat Operator Jobs

get paid to sext best sites chat operator jobs

Earnings through Chat Operators Jobs are $0.20 for every message you send and there is a good deal of work generated through the platform.

Working with a range of adult websites, you can respond to messages using your cell phone, tablet device or laptop/PC.

Applicants must be aged 23 or over and be able to respond to a minimum of 75 messages each week. The use of English in texts must be fluent and not using “TXT speak” – this means no abbreviations such as ‘spk 2moz’ (speak tomorrow) or ‘ur’ (you are) plus (weirdly) no emojis!


get paid to sext best sites

Providing chat services for a range of websites which include those with adult content TexKings is a recruitment agency hiring freelancers who can type at a minimum speed of 25 WPM.

They have a range of vacancies in a variety of languages for both sexting work as well as marketing and phone sex operators.

The rates of pay vary but you can expect to earn around €0.08 to €0.15 per message with realistic bonuses being achievable for hard workers. If you are multilingual then the earnings are better.

The site has a minimum weekly quota but flexible working hours to suit.

Lip Service

get paid to sext best sites lipservice

Predominantly a phone sex operators agency, Lip Service also trains its operators to run their own freelancing service as sexters.

The company has been running since 1996 and has pretty much helped define this industry in the United States and is popular with North, South and Central American clients.

There’s not much information available about their rates of pay but they do boast one of the highest rates for talk time via their website. They also request that their hosts can work a minimum of 25 hours per week and they must be situated in the United States or Canada.

Text121 Chat

get paid to sext best sites

Operators working with Text121 Chat must commit to being able to send a minimum of 1,000 messages per month which works out at roughly 33 messages per day. Other than this your hours may be completed to suit you.

Ostensibly an agency, they have openings for phone sex operators, text chat operators and even customer support agents.

The company is active in the United Kingdom as well as the United States with details of vacancies available through email inquiry.

Sexting For Cam Girls

Of course, you don’t have to just sext to earn money; you could be using sexting as a way to supplement an existing adult industry career as a cam girl.

Primarily, cam girls earn their money through live streaming shows using platforms like Chaturbate, CamSoda or MyFreeCams; however, many of these sites also offer models the opportunity to diversify the way they generate an income.

From selling adult content and premium subscriptions to social media accounts to fans there are opportunities through some sites to earn money from sexting as well.

The easiest way to do this is to monetize your existing social media channels such as Kik, Snapchat and Twitter by selling access to fans through platforms like OnlyFans and FanCentro.

Note: Be sure to check out our guide to the best places to sell adult content.

But did you know that you can also use adult content sales sites to sext direct to paying customers?

sexting for money

Platforms like ManyVids, JustFor.Fans and MyDirtyHobby all allow models to set up this service through their profile and earn extra income by flirting with fans via paid text messages.

Using Cam Sites for Sexting: Earn As A Dummy Model

When you sign up for a cam site you aren’t required to be online 24/7 and the platforms above will also be available for you to use even if you never offer live streaming.

All you need to do is set-up a cam model profile and upload some enticing shots and use their sexting services.

You can also update your cam model profile with details of the ways they can get in touch with you using WhatsApp, SnapChat, Kik or whatever other service you are using (see below).

Sexting Independently

Using your existing profile as a cam girl can help launch your sexting career but you don’t need to already be working in the industry or work for an agency in order to establish yourself.

Of course, it helps if you want to hit the ground running but it is worth considering launching your own sexting services independently.

sexting for money independently

Social media offers a huge reach of potential clients.

With platforms offering ways to monetize access to your Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter and Kik accounts, there really is no reason why you can’t get paid to sext on your own terms.

The important thing is to market yourself as widely as possible and develop a unique brand for the type of service you are offering.

It is far more effective to build an audience if you are working in a niche market and it does pay to look to the fetish communities to see what kinds of sexting services they might be interested in.

The fewer people who do what you do then the more likely you are to gain fans and be able to charge more for doing it.

Tips for success with this kind of endeavor include our usual caveat that you get out what you put in so be prepared to work hard.


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