16 Best Swinger Forums For Adventurous Couples

Best swinger forums and lifestyle communities

Looking for the best swinger forums to reach out to other likeminded adults? Swingers are a sociable bunch and networking with others is an important part of being a lifestyle member. If you’re not willing to ‘connect’ with fellow swingers, … Read more

The Best ASMR VR Porn in 2023


Want to take your whisper porn experiences to a whole new level? We all know that Virtual Reality is an immersive visual way to enjoy adult content but a new hybrid genre is revolutionizing the way that ASMR porn fans … Read more

22 Best Itch.io Adult Games in 2023

Best adult games on itch io

Looking for the best indie adult games on the market? Then look no further than itch.io; a gaming distribution platform with a huge community of developers just ‘itching’ to find a new audience!   Launched in 2013 and ranked in … Read more

15+ Best Cuckold Dating Sites in 2023

Best cuckold dating sites

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Trans VR Porn: 6 Sites For VR Shemale Porn

best trans vr porn

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of trans VR porn? Trans porn is a niche genre and appeals to men and women, gay, bi and straight. It’s an alt-sex category which is popular with the gender curious. … Read more

Pornstar Finder: How To Find Any Porn Star!

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Seen a porn star you like – but don’t know who they are? Wondering how to find a porn star by name, face or anything else? We’ve all been there! You’re watching a clip on the tube sites and there’s … Read more

How To Sell Your Sex Tape

How to sell your sex tape online

It’s not just celebrity sex tapes that make money. Amateurs from Alabama to Wyoming and Albania to Zimbabwe are uploading their NSFW footage to sites that can earn them $$$. Of course, it’s far easier and far more profitable to … Read more

How To Sell Homemade Porn For Big Money

How to sell homemade porn

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7 Best Homemade Dildo Substitutes

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Chaturbate Gaming: A Guide to Adult Game Streams

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Love live game streaming but fancy something a little more XXX to accompany? Then the recent announcement by Chaturbate that models can now live stream a selection of games on their platform will be welcome news. Yes, Chaturbate gaming has … Read more

How Are Fleshlight Girls Made?

how do they make fleshlight girls

Ever wondered how pocket pussies are molded? The ever popular and market leading brand of male masturbation sleeves, Fleshlight, creates ‘lifelike’ replicas of porn star’s pussies. Known as the Fleshlight Girls range, they offer a selection of lady parts molded … Read more

The Best Virtual Strip Poker Games

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Looking for a way to play your favorite party game online? Wherever you are in the world, poker is one of the most popular card games to play and most people do so to win money. But there are plenty … Read more

Newgrounds Adult Games: Inside the 18+ Section

Newgrounds Adult Games - Inside the 18+ Section

You may have heard of the popular indie gaming hosting site, Newgrounds, but did you know it also had a hidden NSFW section? Yes, tucked away from general view you can find hundreds of X-rated games on this mainstream site. … Read more

45 Kinky Hotel Rooms For Sexy Getaways

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6 Best Lesbian VR Porn Sites

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225 Best Adult NSFW Subreddits

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Want to get the best adult content on Reddit? Reddit is one of the top ten social networking sites worldwide and caters to a huge variety of tastes. Offering users a space to connect and share content for any niche, … Read more

VR Porn on Reddit: 9 Best Subreddits To Follow

VR Porn on Reddit best subreddits

Love VR porn but don’t know where to find the latest news, hot scenes and releases? Reddit is one of the best socials for discussing, sharing and finding adult content online. Period. And when it comes to VR porn we … Read more

XNXX Gold Review

xnxx gold review

Want to access ad-free, high quality, premium porn at a low, low price? XNXX Gold is the deluxe version of the popular tube site XNXX and offers its members a way to enjoy high-end adult content with plenty of side … Read more

Best Vivid Sex Tapes: Celebs Gone Wild

best vivid sex tapes celebrities

“Leaked” celebrity sex tapes are two a penny these days with pretty much every Z-lister making a XXX home movie to “accidentally” go public. So which ones are worth watching? Well, Vivid Entertainment has a solid track record of paying … Read more

DezyRed Review

dezyred review

Want to be one of the first people to try out the latest immersive and interactive content? DezyRed is a brand-new VR adult game offering audiences the chance to experience choose your own adventure porn in mind-blowing 8K. Once you … Read more

8+ Best Adult Web Hosts for NSFW Websites

best adult web hosts for nsfw websites

Do you own, or are thinking of launching, an adult website? If so, then you are going to need to look carefully at which hosting solution you choose to partner with. Not every hosting company supports the use of their … Read more

EroGames Review

EroGames Review

Looking for some of the hottest hentai games to play? Needing very little introduction if you are already a massive gaming fan, EroGames is an adult entertainment platform offering free and premium desktop and mobile hentai games as well as … Read more

HotMovies Review

HotMovies Review

Want some prime adult movies but don’t want to pay for a premium porn subscription? Launched in 2003, HotMovies was one of the first internet ‘video stores’ where you could pick up the most recent releases of adult movies without … Read more

How to Make Money As A Sex Toy Tester

how to make money as a sex toy tester

Looking to earn some money on the side as a sex toy tester? Wait! You can get paid for that?! All these years you’ve been doing so much pro-bono work when you could have been coining in a small fortune, … Read more

How To Cum More: Load Up Like a Porn Star

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Ever wondered how porn stars always manage to make their ‘money shots’ so explosive? It seems like no porn scene is ever truly complete until the leading lady begs to take an enormous load somewhere on her body. Creampies, bukkake, … Read more

SexyJobs Review

sexyjobs review

Looking for a job in the adult entertainment industry? SexyJobs has been helping employers recruit the hottest talent and job seekers find the best jobs since 1998. With over two decades of experience in the industry, they’ve witnessed masses of … Read more

How to Become a Phone Sex Operator

How To Become a Phone Sex Operator and adult chat host.

Think you’ve got what it takes to turn your filthy words into cash? Want to know how to become a phone sex operator? Despite the abundance of free internet pornography, especially in the live camming sector, premium phone sex services … Read more

22 of The Hottest Tattooed Pornstars

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Sex in Second Life: A Beginner’s Guide

second life

Wondering how to have sex in Second Life? With over a million players worldwide, Second Life is one of the most popular online games around and offers players an unconventional way to explore the world of sex. From experiencing it … Read more

The Best AR Porn Apps and Games

The Best AR Porn Apps and Games

Looking for a new porn viewing experience? The best AR porn is capable of turning your home in to the setting for the action. Porn has long had a reputation for being an early-tech adopter, and has helped shape the … Read more

How Much Money Does Porn Make?

how much does porn earn

Want to know how easy it is to make money from a porn video? Wondering how much money does porn make? The porn industry is said to make around $97 billion each year. That’s no small change! With so much … Read more

What Is It Like To Be A Porn Star?

Behind the Camera what is it like to work in porn

What is it like to be a porn star? Many of us have pondered this question! Getting paid to have sex with beautiful people – who wouldn’t want a career in porn? The reality of working in porn is quite … Read more

How to Get Into Porn: An Industry Guide

How to Find Work in the Adult IndustryHow to Find Work in the Adult Industry

Looking for porn jobs? Wondering how to get into porn? Whether you are a budding fetish model, wannabe porn star or just a cameraman who wants a change of scenery, the adult industry can offer enormous rewards. Some people estimate … Read more

How Much Money Do Porn Stars Make?

how much money do porn stars get paid

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The Best Cam Girl Studios and Agencies

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Non Nude Camming: Can It Make Good Money?

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Tempted to start adult camming but worried about the implications of performing nude on camera? Looking to get started with non nude camming instead? Yes, its pretty easy to set up and become a cam girl, but many women (and men) … Read more

How To Get Paid To Sext

how to get paid to sext guide

Fancy getting paid to flirt by text? Yes, it’s possible to get paid to sext, and in this guide we’ll show you how. Sexting is a popular middle-ground alternative to camming or working as a phone sex operator. Though still … Read more

20+ Top Adult Stars on Cameo

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Looking for exclusive videos from your favorite adult stars on Cameo? Cameo is a personalized video sharing platform where celebrities can sell one-off selfie videos to their fans. It is one of several services offering instant connections to some of … Read more

Life Selector Review

life selector review

Life Selector is a unique interactive porn game offering a combination of live action footage with a role playing element. This sex game lets you change the way the story unfolds and choose your own adventure. In our Life Selector … Read more

Virtual Lust 3D Review

Virtual Lust 3d review

Looking for an immersive and realistic sex sim game? With Virtual Lust 3D, you can let your imagination run wild and create both your perfect model and setting to simulate some of the most realistic 3D sex around. You control … Read more

Hentai Clicker Review

Hentai Clicker Review

Looking for a casual game that rewards gameplay with quality hentai bonus content? If you love NSFW manga and anime then Hentai Clicker is an addictive little game that will be sure to tick all the right boxes. We’ll warn … Read more

The Best Naughty America Porn: A Complete Guide

Best Naughty America porn

Looking for the best in premium adult fantasy content? Naughty America has built its brand, not on hyper realistic gonzo hardcore but on exploring some of the most common American fantasies. From being seduced by a hot cougar or partying … Read more

The Best (And Worst) Celebrity Sex Tapes

best and worst celebrity sex tapes

Want to know which are the ultimate must-see celebrity sex tapes….and those to avoid? For better or worse, popular culture is defined by our obsession with the private lives of the rich and famous. From shelves full of magazines exposing … Read more

Lust Cinema Review: Hot Titles From ErikaLust

lust cinema review

Intrigued by ‘female gaze erotica’? Lust Cinema is a premium porn site specializing in ethical, sex-positive and feminist porn. Far from being ‘just for women’, the erotic content on this site is intelligently produced and eschews those damaging stereotypes of … Read more

The Best Sex Game Apps for Couples to Enjoy

best sex game apps for couples

Fancy playing some new sex games with your partner….on your phone? Tech might not be the first thing you think about when you hit the bedroom but in this digital age, your mobile device can offer plenty of ways to … Read more

Skibbel Review

skibbel review sexting app

Enjoy sexting but want a new way to connect with people? Since the birth of the internet and even with simple text messaging services, cybersex has become a very popular way of getting your rocks off in this digital age. … Read more

The Best Porn Forums: A Complete Guide

Best porn forums

Looking for an alternative to sharing and searching for adult content via social media? Maybe porn forums are the way to go? Considered old school by some people, porn forums actually offer a few advantages over sites like Tumblr, Reddit, … Read more