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Want to access ad-free, high quality, premium porn at a low, low price?

XNXX Gold is the deluxe version of the popular tube site XNXX and offers its members a way to enjoy high-end adult content with plenty of side benefits. From ad-free streaming and high-resolution downloads to exclusive new originals and feature-length movies, subscribers get a LOT for their money.

In this XNXX Gold review, we take a look at what a membership to the site will get you and why you should consider paying for your free porn to get some premium benefits.

XNXX Goes Gold

With over 8.4 million porn videos available to watch XNXX is one of the largest and most popular adult tube sites in the world.

Attracting monthly viewing figures in excess of 2.4 billion hits, the platform also ranks in the top 10 global websites of ANY genre.

what is xnxx gold

Yes, XNXX is more popular than Amazon, Netflix and eBay! As we go to press, there are literally only 8 other websites in the world that get more visitors!

With the launch of XNXX Gold, the platform join the ranks of other tube sites who offer subscription services including Pornhub Premium, XHamster Premium and XVideos Red.

But this giant of porn has built its reputation on giving visitors FREE adult content and tons of it so why have they decided to ask visitors to pay for porn with a premium membership to XNXX Gold?

Premium ‘Free’ Porn?

Wait, so you have to PAY for free porn?

Well, no. You can still browse and watch adult content on XNXX without paying for it and even a basic account won’t cost you a thing. This means you can still download clips, create your own playlists, upload content and interact with other users.

However, XNXX Gold is the next level up for enjoying porn and comes with some pretty sweet side benefits.

Want to know more?

High Quality 4K Streaming & Downloads

Watching free porn on the tube sites is often a low-quality affair with clips usually only available in standard video resolution.

xnxx gold review hd downloads 4k

With XNXX Gold, you have access to an unlimited choice of HD downloads of more than 194,000 4K resolution full length movies.

And these aren’t amateur films but premium porn content from some of the top studios and networks around including BangBros, Extreme Movie Pass and Young Libertines.

With around 250 new titles added every day, this makes XNXX Gold one of the largest online libraries of premium porn content.

Gold Originals

One of the best selling points of XNXX Gold is the fact they are creating their own exclusive content.

xnxx gold review gold originals

Gold Originals are commissioned videos featuring some of the top stars and produced by the best studios but branded as XNXX Gold.

Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime, these original series are premium new porn video that are catching a lot of attention.

Diverse Range of Genres

XNXX Gold offers premium members the same huge range of adult content to choose from.

Catering to pretty much every taste you can think of, you can find vanilla sex, big cocks and cheating wives to fetishes and kinks as diverse as BDSM and electro-sex to pissing and taboo family porn.

Ad-Free Porn

One of the side benefits of paying for your porn with XNXX Gold is that you no longer have to put up with those annoying ads and popups.

xnxx gold review ad free porn

All content streamed with a Gold membership is 100% ad-free so you get more time to enjoy watching adult videos and less time being brainwashed over where to spend your money next!

So, if you want non-stop porn without any interruptions then XNXX Gold is a solid choice.

Exclusive Content

Whilst the main XNXX site has a choice of over 10 million videos to watch, a lot of these clips are the same with multiple versions being uploaded by different users.

Most free content is also widely available across all the other tube sites so if you are looking for new content that you haven’t seen before then XNXX Gold can offer you a choice of exclusive uploads.

Premium Feature Length Movies

Again, most tube sites are heavily stuffed with clips uploaded by mainstream and indie studios who hope to generate some interest in their content so you’ll end up hitting their premium sites and paying for it.

Very generous of them too but this means that users simply get a teaser trailer.

XNXX Gold offers members far more full length videos from amateurs and studios.

xnxx gold

Straight, Gay or Trans Porn

Just like the main XNXX platform, XNXX Gold features plenty of categories and genres of porn including straight, gay or trans content.

Support Creators

Free adult content might seem like a big win for porn audiences but the proliferation of tube sites over the last decade has been really damaging for the industry.

Audiences can surf the net to get their daily dose of XXX clips without paying the price owed to the people who have created it.

And that’s a big problem.

It’s simple economics; the less money the porn industry makes, the lower the quality of their output and fewer studios can survive.

The fact is that if you enjoy great adult content then you have to pay for it and this means helping to support creators with an income.

XNXX Gold distributes a large proportion of the membership income it generates directly to the creators.

This means you can enjoy guilt-free porn knowing that you’re doing your bit to support the economy!

Flexible Streaming

All content on XNXX Gold can be enjoyed without any interruptions on any devices including mobile, desktop and even through your TV.

How Much is XNXX Gold?

You can pay for your membership to XNXX Gold in one of two ways:

  • $9.99 Monthly
  • $95.88 Annually

All payments are processed securely through Vendo using a credit card.

how much is xnxx gold

XNXX Gold Review: The New Gold Standard?

Currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, XNXX Gold marks a new era for this titan of tube sites.

The service brings together everything that we love about XNXX including a diverse and huge range of genres, performers, studios and amateurs but also gives us:

  • More content
  • Better quality
  • Less ads

Together this makes XNXX Gold a truly superior experience and means that porn fans can enjoy watching the best uninterrupted adult content.

And the uninterrupted part is worth its own weight in gold.

We all love to browse the tube channels but those ads can seriously get in the way of any viewing session.

review xnxx gold

Our favorite part of the deal is that the price is so affordable and at $9.99 per month, XNXX competes very favorably with other VOD platforms which are becoming popular; sites like Adult Empire, Adult Time and Hot Movies.

And XNXX Gold has hit upon that magic ingredient that sets them aside from these other sites: Gold Originals.

It’s no longer enough just to offer premium quality porn that you can find through hundreds of other channels. Fans want to watch new and exclusive content and for this we’re prepared to pay extra.

But what feels pretty good about shelling out ten bucks a month is that the money actually goes back into the industry so you know that your subscription is paying for more high quality content in the future. Now that’s what we call an investment!

It’s like Netflix. The more subscribers they got, the more Originals they could create and the higher quality the content they were producing. Now, Netflix is one of the best studios around with award-winning film and TV being released every week. With enough support behind it, perhaps XNXX Gold could soon be an AVN and XBiz award winning porn producer!

premium porn xnxx gold

So, is XNXX Gold worth the premium price tag?

Well, we certainly give it a gold star! They’ve managed to take something that already glitters and prove that it’s gold.

Sign up to premium XNXX Gold subscription today and enjoy ad-free premium and exclusive porn.

All featured images via XNXX Gold.


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