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Want some prime adult movies but don’t want to pay for a premium porn subscription?

Launched in 2003, HotMovies was one of the first internet ‘video stores’ where you could pick up the most recent releases of adult movies without having to pay a subscription fee for stuff you didn’t want.

Giving customers the option to buy, rent or pay-per-minute this premium porn platform offers the most flexible way to enjoy exactly what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

In this HotMovies review, we take a closer look at their original adult video-on-demand service, including a peek at what kind of content you can buy, how the platform works and what it costs.

What is HotMovies?

Officially launched in January 2003, HotMovies initially offered audiences a choice of just over 7,000 adult titles to watch on-demand from the comfort of their own homes.

Since then, the platform has expanded massively and now boasts a selection of over 100,000 porn movies all available to rent or buy.

porn streaming service hotmovies review

An American company, LM Management is based in Philadelphia, PA but the site is an international one offering a diverse mix of content in truly international genres including foreign-language flicks.

The platform has won plenty of adult industry awards over the years including back-to-back wins of the VOD Company of the Year and VOD Site of the Year (XBiz).

Why Choose HotMovies?

Maybe you are someone who just likes to watch the latest releases or a superfan keen to enjoy every title featuring a certain performer. Or maybe you just like to binge-watch content from a certain genre.

Whatever kind of porn you enjoy, HotMovies has it in abundance and the reason people choose to purchase their content here is because you can simply stream or download those titles you actually want to enjoy.

Yes, there are some great premium porn sites out there which can certainly satisfy fans of a particular genre, style, studio or pornstar but what if you get bored and fancy a change?

The alternative is to use a premium adult movie subscription streaming service like Adult Time but even then you will have to pay a fixed fee when you might just want a couple of specific films.

HotMovies offers the ultimate in flexibility where you only pay for what you want. This could be a single title or a subscription where you can stream unlimited porn. And, HotMovies is constantly adding content all of the time with an estimated 20+ new titles joining the stable every month.

Prices are competitive (see below) but, far more than just that, it is the huge diversity in choice which makes this platform such a popular one.

Trusted by millions for almost two decades, the quality on HotMovies is also pretty good and if you aren’t satisfied then their customer services are renowned for being responsive and fair.

There are, of course, alternatives.

Be sure to check out AdultVisor’s comparison of rival adult on demand sites, including: AEBN, Adult Time, FyreTV, and Adult Empire.

porn on demand hotmovies review

Content on HotMovies

With so many movies to choose from there literally isn’t any kind of porn content here that you can’t find. If it’s legal and it’s been made then the chances are that you’re going to be able to watch it with HotMovies.

Genre-wise, they offer one of the most extensive ranges of adult content available anywhere online.

And the diversity isn’t the best part!

The best part is that you can actually find the content you want with HotMovies employing an incredible cataloguing system so that all keywords are searchable and films are categorised in all applicable genres.

Plus you can also search by pornstar, studio, series, year of release or director. And if you are still struggling to land on something suitable then you can even filter results using some popular playlists including:

  • New Releases
  • Top Rated Movies
  • Top Lists
  • Hot 100
  • Recently Added
  • Featured Movies

For those really indecisive types then the final option is to use the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ tool which will give you a totally random mix of titles to enjoy.

So, what kind of things can you find on HotMovies?

review HotMovies porn on demand

Mainstream Porn

The bulk of the content you can find on HotMovies comes from those traditional genres we all love to love including:

  • Anal
  • Big Tits
  • Group Sex
  • Interracial
  • Masturbation
  • Mature
  • Oral
  • Public
  • Teen

Yet, within these main genres, you can also find plenty of sub-genres and styles including POV, Gonzo, Plot-Orientated, Instructional and Reality Porn.

Organised by studio as well as porn star there are even more than 41,000 ‘amateur’ films including popular sub-genres:

  • Castings/Auditions
  • Pickup
  • Up & Coming Stars

Fetish, Kink and Niche

To complement their mainstream porn video selection, HotMovies also has a great choice in its huge library for kinksters and fet-fans.

With over 75,000 fetish videos to enjoy and a further 2,700+ ‘Niche’ interest titles, you can work your way through an A-Z of fetishes, including:

  • ASMR
  • Balloons
  • BDSM
  • Enemas
  • Farting
  • Latex & Ruber
  • Medical Play
  • Pony Play
  • Shaving
  • Smoking
  • Spanking
  • Tickling
  • Watersports
  • Wet & Messy
  • Wrestling
fetish porn on hotmovies

There are tons of special interest movies available and if you are curious then we can recommend checking out their ‘WTF’ category too. A sort of dogpile of titles which (almost) defy classification you can find such gems as 92 and Still Banging, Troll Orgie, Midgets on Wheels and Clown Porn.

If fetish porn is your thing then you can hit up the kinky version of HotMovies at

AVN Top 500 & Award Winning/Nominated Adult Movies

A popular category, and one which we loved taking a tour through, is the AVN Top 500 and other titles which have been recognised in the industry with award nominations and trophies.

You can use this selection to filter only the very best porn content on the site and take a look at the red-carpet of porn stars which make up this list.

Though the AVN Top 500 only showcase those movies ranked by the industry magazine as the all-time best pornos, the ‘Awards’ category is far more diverse in its offerings.

With more than 3,000 titles available you can search using some great filters including:

  • Best Films by Year
  • Feminist Porn Awards
  • XBiz Award Winners
  • AVN Award Winners
  • Urban Spice Award Winners
  • Venus/Eroticline Award Winners
  • XRCO Award Winners
  • XRCO Hall of Fame
avn top 500 hotmovies

For Women

A category which has been gaining in popularity over the last few years, finally porn peddlers have recognized the fact that ladies love to fap too!

Female-Friendly porn is a hot and trending genre in the adult industry and there are more than 61,800 adult movies tagged as being ‘For Women’ on HotMovies and these can be sorted using plenty of sub-categories including:

  • Bisexual
  • Fantasies
  • Instructional
  • Lesbian
  • Fetishes

On HotMovies you can find more than 5,500 films which have been made by female led studios.

Though not all advocates of ethical driven production values, the vast majority of content in this category is.


Though the site is based in the United States and a large percentage of their content is produced right here, the platform also offers an impressive selection of titles from around the world.

In total, there are 54,000+ international movies available ranging from across Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

The most popular genre (of course!) are the Japanese titles and HotMovies has a selection of both the uncensored versions made for export and the authentic censored (mosiac) ones produced for domestic enjoyment.

What’s great about the range of choice on offer here is that many are available in foreign-language so you can enjoy them, as intended. However, some can also be viewed with English-subtitles.

Vintage & Classic Porn

If you are fan of the Golden Age, Antique or Classic Vintage Porn then HotMovies can certainly oblige with a smart selection of more than 15,000 movies including:

All taken from a bygone age when men where men (with lots of facial hair) and women sported big hairy bushes, the vintage collection of porn includes movies from every classic studio you can think of and starring those legendary names such as:

  • Christy Canyon
  • Ginger Lynn
  • Marilyn Chambers
  • Annette Haven

There are lots of great titles here and some pretty rare movies which you might find hard to source anywhere else. In fact, HotMovies is the only officially licensed reseller of Cecil Howard’s catalog of Command Cinema titles released in the 1970s and early 1980s.

classic porn films on hotmovies


HotMovies has a good selection of titles that are centered around LGBTQ+ themes including:

  • 23,000+ movies in the Lesbian category
  • 2,300+ movies in the Bisexual category
  • 600+ movies in the Alt-Porn category

And, for male-only interest you can head on over to the GayHotMovies website.

Exclusive Titles

And finally, if you think that all of these titles on HotMovies are just duplicated old titles which you can find on any old site (including many tube platforms), think again.

Not only does HotMovies offer the latest releases from some of the best studios around but more than 3,000 of their films are exclusive to this site.

How Much Does HotMovies Cost?

Now we get to the best part…

HotMovies offers one of the most flexible ways to enjoy porn that you can find anywhere online and there is definitely a package to suit every kind of porn fan.

Whether you want to sign up for a regular subscription to their Select Movies Unlimited range, buy individual titles or just pay-per-minute to stream what you want to watch, HotMovies can oblige.

Not only that but almost all of the movies available on HotMovies has a short free trailer to enjoy so you can check a title out before committing to buy.

Pay Per Minute

One of the easiest ways to watch content on HotMovies is to purchase minutes and then watch content as you please. For each minute of porn you watch, your account balance will be charged accordingly and you just need to top up when you need to.

Minutes are available in packages as follows:

  • 69 Minutes for $9.95
  • 240 Minutes for $19.95
  • 340 Minutes for $29.95
  • 555 Minutes for $49.95
  • 1040 Minutes for $86.95
  • 2340 Minutes for $199.95

When you first sign up for an account you will get 20 minutes’ worth of viewing for free plus each top-up you make will earn you a free video clip.

how much is hotmovies

Rent or Buy

If you’d rather just purchase a single title then you can do so either through renting it or buying it to own.

Prices vary by title but are typically charged as follows:

  • Rent: Available to Stream for 7 Days – $4.95-$9.95
  • Own: Lifetime Streaming – $9.95
  • Own: Lifetime Streaming and Download – $14.95-$19.95

Select Unlimited Membership

And the final option you have is to pay a fixed monthly subscription which will give you instant and unlimited access to more than 30,754 movies (160,923 clips).

This cost of a Select Unlimited Membership is a flat $24.95 per month.

HotMovies Review: One of the Best Adult VOD Sites?

Apart from the obvious benefits mentioned above, one of the things we liked most about HotMovies is the fact that it is far more than just a porn site – but also a source of great information for porn aficionados.

Every title includes a breakdown of important information including Studio, Series, Director and approximate running time as well as a full listing of all performers. You also get a decent description as well as a preview clip.

Each of these bits of information can be clicked on to reveal further information so you can find yourself falling down a rabbit hole but not unhelpfully. Liked a film by one director or studio?

With HotMovies you can easily find out more about them and what other films they’ve turned out. And it’s the same with pornstars. If someone took your eye in a movie then clicking on their details will give you a full bio and a summary of the clips and movies you can enjoy them in on the site.

Another feature which is pretty useful is that members can build their own playlists of favorite clips as well as offer comments, likes and dislikes to a title. Based on this kind of information, the site generates recommended movies to watch plus updates their Most Popular movies category.

porn star search facial recognition hotmovies review

And finally, we loved the facial recognition search tool they offer so you can upload a URL or photo of a star and their database returns any matches of content they think features that face. It’s far from flawless but is a neat little feature.

Overall, there isn’t much to dislike about this behemoth of a porn library and the flexibility of ways to pay for what you watch makes this a great option for anyone who likes diversity in their adult content.

Definitely a site to side with and certainly one to bookmark for reference.

Sign up on HotMovies to get stuck in to their extensive content library.

All featured images via HotMovies.


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