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From the Ancient Greek meaning ‘brotherly love’, the word philia be is used as a suffix for many fetishes. The opposite of phobia, a philia is defined as having a fondness for something or, more usually, an ‘abnormal love’ for a specific thing.

A fetish is a type of philia where the ‘abnormal love’ is sexual where arousal and/or orgasm are dependent on the object of the philia.

Fetishes can be traced back to inciting events or moments but can just as likely occur from nowhere. Most fetishes aren’t considered a problem but in some people can cause significant problems. This could be a result of their fetish being illegal or dangerous such as bestiality or auto asphyxiation, the fetish may be so rare that it is difficult to satisfy or it could prevent the formation of satisfying relationships.

ultimate fetish guide
If it turns you on then it’s probably a fetish and there’s probably a Greek name for it. Image via Flickr.

In rare cases, fetishes can become so compulsive that the resultant behaviour could be described as a mania. People who find that their fetish has reached this level usually consider some sort of therapy to prevent losing control of their paraphilia.

In this guide we take a look at the most common (and uncommon) fetishes that you are likely to come across but, in accordance with ‘Rule 34: Anything and Everything’, stick the word ‘philia’ after any word and you’ve  probably found a fetish.

Rule 34: A Fetish for Everything

A widely held universal truth is Rule 34; the idea that any imaginable thing has some relatable sexual content and, when it comes to the internet, pornography to cater for it. Rule 34 states that, “If it exists, there is porn of it – no exceptions”.

Whether this is 100% true or not, it does go a long way to explaining the wide variety of sexual fetishes that can be found on the web. Rule 35 (often referred to as Rule 34b) states that if there is no porn on a subject at the moment, there will be.

Popularized in 2004, the term is partially credited to Peter Morley Souter who used it in his web-comic to express his shock at seeing a sexual parody of Calvin and Hobbes. The full ‘Rules of the Internet’ was first published on the image board website, 4chan.

Abasiophilia: A sexual attraction for people who have limited mobility such as those who leg braces, wheelchairs or casts. The fetish was used as the basis of popular novelist Michael Connelly’s thriller, The Scarecrow.

Ablutophilia: Used to describe the sexual arousal that people achieve from baths or showers. See Liquidophilia.

Ablutophilia fetish guide
Ablutophilia: A fetish for baths and showers. Image via Flickr.

Acomoclitism: The preference for hairless genitalia, acomoclitism is not necessarily associated with Age Play.

Acousticophilia: Sexual stimulation relating to noises of any kind. This can be the sounds made by another person including panting, groaning, moaning and shouting or could simply be music or foreign languages and accents. Jamie Lee Curtis was probably channelling an acousticophilia in A Fish Called Wanda when John Cleese spoke Russian to her.

Acrophilia: The sexual excitement gained by heights, usually extreme ones, and specifically performing an activity at a great height.

Acrotomophilia: The attraction towards amputees. Acrotomophiles seem to prefer leg amputation to arm amputation and single limb amputees over double. The film Boxing Helena was an extreme exploration of this paraphilia in which a surgeon, obsessed by a woman, amputates both her legs and arms, holding her captive in his home.

Acucullophilia: A specific arousal for circumcised penises or, more specifically, a penis where healthy, erogenous tissue has been removed.

Adult Baby Syndrome: See Autonepiophilia.

Agalmatophilia: Remember the 1980s movie Mannequin starring a young Andrew McCarthy? His attraction to the shop window display dummy (Kim Cattrall) could be described as agalmatophilia. Yes, this fetish relates to the arousal gained from figurative objects such as dolls, statues or mannequins.

Agalmatophilia fetish guide
Agalmatophilia: The attraction to dolls, mannequins and statues. Image via Flickr.

Agonophilia: A complicated fetish that, strictly speaking, involves an element of power play, struggle and overpowering before sex, agonophilia is consensual with one partner pretending to struggle before being dominated. The fetish has become popular with boxing and wrestling play and has been extended to include the fetish surrounding the paraphernalia that this involves, including satin shorts, mouth guards and boxing gloves.

Agrexophilia: The arousal of knowing that other people have caught, or could catch, you having sex. The act of discovery seems to underpin this particular fetish with some people finding it enough simply for others to hear them having loud sex whilst others desire to be caught in the act itself.

Algolagnia: Also known as sadomasochism, algolagniacs gain sexual gratification from inflicting pain on others or themselves.

Allorgasmia: Known as allondrism in heterosexual woman and gay men or allogynia in lesbians and heterosexual men, allorgasmia is a condition where orgasm can only occur whilst the subject fantasizes about someone other than their partner during sex, usually someone more attractive….might be more common than any other fetish on this list!

Altocalciphilia:A fetish for high heels.

Alvinolagnia: Being partial to the stomach of someone else, alvinolagnia fetishists can get their kicks by touching or stroking the belly as well as a range of other turn ons like navel piercings, tattoos and even fat.

Anasteemaphilia: A fetish or attraction to partners of a very different height to your own.

Androidism: A sexual attraction for robots with human characteristics.

Androidism fetish guide
I, Robot will never be the same again. Androidism; a fetish for androids. Image via Flickr.

Andromimetophilia: An attraction to women who look like men or transgendered men (female to male).

Anililagnia: The world of MILFs and cougars just got technical, anililagnia is an attraction by younger guys to older women.

Animal Transformation: A part of the fetish world that covers a lot of paraphilias that include human to animal transformations. Some devotees may find plushies and fursuits a turn on whilst others prefer Hentai representations or folk tales that include stories like werewolf transformations.

Antholagnia: From the Greek Anthos meaning flower, antholagnia fetishists are aroused by the sight, smell and touch of flowers. Public gardens might just open up a new world to the casual observer.

Archnephilia: A type of zoophilia, archnephilia is a sexual attraction to spiders, not Toby McGuire.

Arsenosadism: A specific form of sadism, arsenosadists focus their cruelty and punishment to men only.

Asphyxiophilia: A fetish where subjects are aroused from and by strangulation or asphyxiation.

Autagonistophilia: A paraphilia where orgasm can only be achieved by being on stage or on camera.

Autassassinophilia: A fetish where the subject is aroused by being in life-threatening danger.

Autoandrophilia: A paraphilia where a biological female gets aroused by imagining that she is a man.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation: A fetish where gratification is gained by self-asphyxiation.

Autogynephilia: Where biological men imagine themselves (to the point of arousal) to be a woman.

Auto-haemofetishism: The arousal gained from letting your own blood.

Autonepiophilia: Also known as Adult Baby Syndrome of Paraphilic Infantilism, autonepiophilia is a fetish where the participants become aroused from dressing up and behaving like a baby. This can include role play such as bottle drinking, wearing diapers and breast feeding from a partner.

Axillism: Essentially the specific practice of using the armpit to masturbate with.

Balloon Fetish: Also known as looning (with fetishists being referred to as looners), sexual arousal can be gained from balloons being popped or being inflated. Also see Inflatophilia.

balloon fetish guide
‘Looning’: the fetish for inflated, or inflating, balloons. Once you pop, you can’t stop. Image via Pixabay.

Bastinado: A specific form of BDSM where the soles of the feet are subject to abuse by caning, whipping or other form of torture.

Bathroom denial: As the name would suggest, denying someone the use of the toilet is a form of punishment often used in Dom/Sub play with some people being greatly aroused by the continued urgent need to use the bathroom.

Bathysadism: The act of taking pleasure from the suffering and pain of others, bathysadists are not usually the instigators of violence. If they do, they tend to become known as sadists.

BDSM: The blanket acronym for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominant and Submissive (DS) and Sadism & Masochism (SM).

Belonephilia: Arousal from pins and needles.

Blood Play: Also known as Hematolagnia, this term refers to any kind of scene which involves blood. Can include biting, cutting and blood letting as well as medical play. A form of edgeplay. See Vampirism

Body Inflation: Using a variety of techniques, sometimes balloons or specially designed suits and implants, this is a sub-culture where participants exaggerate their body shape, often grotesquely.

Bondage: The art of restraining a partner during a sexual session. Restraints can be simple rope, chains and cuffs or elaborate methods of securing someone to an item of furniture. Bondage can also refer to the state of being a submissive.

Brachioproctism: The act of slowly inserting a body part that is not the penis into the anus. This could be a fist or foot.

Branding: A type of extreme S&M, branding involves the temporary or permanent scarring of a sub with a hot implement; effectively, a third-degree burn.

Brassierolagnia: Whilst most men admit to being afraid of bras, a brassierolagniac is someone who has an erotic interest in them.

Brassierolagnia fetish guide
Love ’em or loathe ’em, Brassierolagniacs can’t get enough. Image via Flickr.

Bukkake: Not necessarily a fetish but the act of several men cumming over another person.

Burping fetish: A type of expectoration fetish that is likened to the sneezing fetish community, this particular paraphilia focuses on the world of belching where burps are erotic.

Candaulism: Similar to a flasher, candaulism is when a man exposes his female partner to other people; a form of voyeurism.

Capnolagnia: See Smoking Fetish.

Castration fantasy: A nightmare idea for many men, the castration fantasy is a singular one and can stand alone or form part of a desire to be transgendered. It can sometimes be linked to medical play.

Catheterophilia: The arousal derived from the idea of using a catheter or watching someone else use one.

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture): The blanket term used for any BDSM play where the penis and/or testicles are subjected to some form of torture such as clamps, urethral or electro play where pain is the primary objective.

CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude male or variations such as CMNM etc.: This fantasy is usually one of humiliation as the naked recipient is objectified by the clothed dominant partner. See Endytophilia.

Chasmophilia: An arousal from being in a small space, chasmophilia is the exact opposite of claustrophobia.

Chemical play: Used during intercourse or a BDSM scene to intensify sensations, chemical play refers to the use of lotions, liquids and substances that evoke a physical response when used on the body. They include chilli peppers, mint, tabasco, tiger balm and deep heat.

Chremastistophilia: A fetish where the subject is aroused at the idea of being kidnapped, robbed or held up.

Chremastistophilia kidnap fetish guide
Chremastistophilia: Bound, gagged and held prisoner. Image via Flickr.

Coprolalia: Arousal from using profanity or being around other people who swear profusely.

Coprophilia: See Scat.

Cosplay: Short for costume play, any sexual activity that involves dressing up.

Cough Fetish: Just like burping and sneezing fetishes, this sub-genre of expectoration turn ons focuses on the arousal derived from coughing (either doing it yourself, making others cough or being around people who are coughing.

Coulrophilia: Stephen King’s IT would be a porn film for people with coulrophilia; a sexual attraction to clowns, jesters and mimes.

Cross-dressing: Also known as transvestism, cross dressing occurs when a man dresses up as a woman (drag queen) and vice versa (drag king). Not to be confused with transgenderism where the subject identifies as being the opposite sex to their biological gender.

Crurophilia: A fixation and fetish for legs.

Crush Freaks: A paraphilia where subjects sexually enjoy the sight and sound of things being crushed (usually underfoot) from food and inanimate objects to insects. Though the latter is not illegal in itself, the production and distribution of material that depicts it is.

Cuckolding: The act of humiliating your partner by sleeping with another person, usually in front of them. It is more common to use this term when a person is in a long-term relationship such as marriage. A woman with an adulterous husband is known as a cuckquean whereas a man with an adulterous wife is the cuckold. There are various cuckold dating sites appealing to bulls, cucks and hotwives.

Cutting fetish: See Blood Play.

D/s: The acronym used for domination/submission; note that the lower case ‘s’ is deliberate.

Dacryphilia: A fetish for tears and crying, subjects of this paraphilia can either take pleasure in making someone cry or just the sight of another person in distress. They may be turned on by their own tears. See Hygrophilia.

Dacryphilia crying fetish
Dacryphiles find the sight of tears a turn on. Image via Pixabay.

Daddies: A term used for the dominant male in a BDSM relationship.

Dendrophilia: A fetish for trees.

Dollification: The act of turning a submissive partner into a doll. Not to be confused with feminisation or cross-dressing, dollification very specifically relates to the artificial kind of dolls such as plastic figures and blow up dolls. Specialist suits are available to help with this to achieve a latex or plastic feeling. This is a rapidly growing market with some dolls now powered by AI and sold as ‘sex robots’.

Doraphilia: The arousal gained from the touch, smell or sight of fur, skin or leather.

Dracophilia: A sexual fetish for dragons.

Edgeplay: Refers to any kind of BDSM activity that is slightly dangerous, either physically or mentally and includes some form of risk. Some edgeplay is deemed less safe than others with bondage carrying low, consensual risks whilst knife play or asphyxiation can be potentially life-threatening.

Electro Play: Any kind of BDSM activity which involves electric stimulation (also known as e-stim). This can range from clamps which emit a charge like a TENS machine or be very specific forms of probes and equipment. Urethral sounds are an example of a variant of this play.

Electrophilia: The arousal by electro-play.

Emetophilia: Also referred to as Rainbow Play, this fetish is all about sexual pleasure derived from vomit; either watching someone be sick, making someone sick or being sick yourself.

Endytophilia: A term used when sexual gratification is gained only when a partner is clothed during intercourse. See CFNM.

Eproctophilia: See Flatulophilia.

Exhibitionism: The act of exposing yourself either naked or sexually to others with or without their consent. arousal from exposing oneself sexually to others, with or without the consent of others or even the one being exposed. See Peodeiktophilia.

Expectoration Fetish: A blanket term covering various other fetishes where the sexual pleasure is derived from some form of emission from the body such as a sneeze, fart or burp. See Burp Fetish, Cough Fetish, Flatulophilia and Sneeze Fetish.

Fecophilia: See Scat.

Feederism: The act of providing nourishment to another person with the express wish of making then fatter.

Female masking: See dollification.

Femdom: A term for a female dominant partner or dominatrix.

Feminisation: Also known as sissification, the act of making a man more like a woman. Not to be confused with cross-dressing or transvestism, feminisation is part of humiliation play where the submissive is emasculated.

Figging: Inserting a finger or, more specifically, a carved piece of ginger into the vagina or anus.

Financial domination: A specific form of Dom/Sub relationship whereby the submissive allows partial or total control of all finances, sometimes to the point of ruination. Some dominatrix perform these services online, never meeting their clients but taking substantial sums of money from their bank accounts.

Flagellation: Another name, used as blanket coverage, for whipping, beating, spanking and caning.

flagellation fetish guide
Flagellation: A cornerstone of BDSM. Image via Wikimedia.

Flatulophilia: Also known as eproctophilia, flatulophilia is being aroused by farts. This can be the sound or smell of the fart or the sight of a person trying to discreetly ‘let one go’.

Formicophilia: A specific insect fetish, subjects are aroused from the thought or act of being bitten or crawled on by bugs.

Forniphilia: See Human furniture.

Frotteurism: A fetish where arousal is gained from rubbing against someone else, usually in public and in an ‘innocent’ way who is non-consenting. See Toucherism.

Furverts: Someone who takes pleasure in furry toys and/or costume. See Animal Transformation, Plushophiles and Ursusagalmatophilia.

Futanari: A Japanese term for a style of anime that depicts women with penises.

Gerontophilia: Being attracted to people who are much older than you, or the elderly.

Giant fetish: See Macrophilia.

Glasses fetish: A paraphilia whereby the focus of sexual attention is on spectacles. Fetishists may find it difficult to be aroused without the use of these as a prop.

Golden Showers: See Urolagnia.

Gun Fetish: See Hoplophilia.

Gymnophilia: A fetish for nudity, gymnophilies may like being nude or seeing other people nude.

Gynemimetophilia: An attraction to women who were born men also referred to as shemales, trannys or trans-women. Also known as Gynandromorphophilia.

Haptephilia: The extreme arousal from being touched, not just on the genitals or an erogenous zone but can be somewhere most people would find innocent.

Harmatophilia: An arousal formed by being with an inept of sexually inexperienced partner. The subject of this fetish may derive great sexual pleasure from clumsy mistakes made by their awkward partner.

Hematolagnia: See Blood Play.

Hierophilia: A fetish for sacred objects, ritual or religious artefacts. Can form part of role play. See Sacrilegious Sex

Hirsutophilia: The attraction to hairy men or women. See Hyphephilia and Trichophilia.

Hirsutophilia fetish hair guide
Hirsutophilia: A hair raising fetish. Image via Flickr.

Hodophilia: Phileas Fogg may well have been travelling to cross the globe as fast as possible or he could just have been sating his fetish for travelling to new and strange places as a hodophile.

Homeovestism: The opposite of transvestism, homovestism is the extreme sexual arousal from dressing in gender-correct clothing. Also known as Dressing for Pleasure (DFP).

Hoplophilia: The 2nd Amendment has it’s own fetishists with the right to bear arms….and be aroused by them. Yes, Hoplophilia is a fetish for firearms.

Human Furniture: The specific art of treating and using a submissive partner as an item of furniture. This kind of play is a form of humiliation and degradation that can also be supplemented by bondage. Also known as Forniphilia.

Humiliation: A psychological form of edgeplay, humiliation is used in BDSM to enforce dominance in one partner whilst instilling subservience in the other.

Hybristophilia: The attraction to people who have committed crimes and usually those who have been convicted of heinous acts.

Hygrophilia: A term covering arousal from any human excretion such as tears, semen, vaginal discharge, sweat and saliva. See Dacryphilia

Hypersexual disorder: A global term referring to the intense preoccupation with any fetish and fantasy which may impede ‘normal’ behaviour and activity. People who suffer from Hypersexual disorder can find functioning in ‘normal’ social settings very difficult due to their particular paraphilia.

Hyphephilia: A specific paraphilia where the subject is aroused by hair, specifically rubbing and touching other people’s hair. Also see Trichophilia.

Hypoxyphilia: See Autoerotic Asphyxiation.

Iantronudia: The Bane of every health professional’s life is the iantronudia; a person who gets aroused by getting naked in front of their doctor.

Ice play: See Psychorophilia. Ice play can form part of BDSM torture and refers to any kind of scene where ice features.

Icolagnia: A form of voyeurism, icolagnia is an arousal from viewing nude sculptures, statues and pictures.

Idrophrodisia: Sexual arousal from sweating, idrophrodisia can be related to your own sweat or another persons.

Idrophrodisia sweating fetish guide
Idrophrodisia: The arousal from sweat and sweaty people. Image via Flickr.

Impregnation fetish: Often a desire by men to role play as a pregnant woman, the impregnanation fetish can be a sustained role play or simply a desire to bare back.

Infantilism: See Autonepiophilia:

Inflatophilia: A fetish for things that are inflated such as balloons or blow up dolls.

Insect fetish: See Formicophilia.

Keraunophilia: Arousal gained from storms, particularly thunderstorms.

Kleptophilia: The act of stealing to gain sexual pleasure, also known as kleptolagnia.

Klismaphilia: A fetish for using enemas.

Knicker Wetting: See Omorashi.

Lactophilia: A fetish for breast milk. See Autonepiophilia and Pregnant Women.

Liquidophilia: A very specific kind of fetish where the subject gets aroused by dipping the lower portion of their body (specifically, their genitals) in liquid (usually just water)…so getting in to a bath, swimming pool or jacuzzi is enough to send them off.

Lolitas: Named after the protagonist of the 1955 novel of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov, lolitas is the term given to barely legal teens.

Macrophilia: A fetish for giants with the focus of the arousal usually being on some form of domination.

Maschalagnia: A fetish where the focus of arousal is on the armpit. See Axillism

Masochism: The act of being turned on by being hurt or humiliated by another person or yourself

Mazophilia: We may all purport to have this fetish but mazophilia is more than just an arousal caused by female breasts, this is a highly focused partialism. Also known as mammaphilia.

Mechanophilia: Also known as Mechaphilia, this is a fetish where a person is aroused by cars or large machinery. A bizarre example of this particular paraphilia resulted in one woman tying the knot with a roller coaster named Bruce.

Mechanophilia fetish roller coaster
Mechanophiles can form strong sexual attractions to various mechanical objects. Image via Wikimedia.

Medical Play: A fetish where participants have a strong attraction to an or any aspect of medical role play. This can manifest with toys, costume, accessories or even location.

Melolagnia: Arousal from music….can be specific or non-specific music, genres, sounds.

Menophilia: A fetish involving menstruation, participants may only be aroused by having intercourse during the ‘time of the month’; can be a woman who only wants penetration during this period or a man who prefers sex at this time.

Metrophilia: Deriving sexual gratification from poetry….best brush up on your Milton, Hughes and Wordsworth.

Military Fetish: A strong arousal to all aspects of the military, fetishists can get turned on by clothing, role play and other accessories.

Morphophilia: A type of partialism that focuses the arousal on very specific body shapes and sizes, often very different to our own.

Mucophilia: An expectoration fetish whereby subjects are aroused by mucus usually consuming it.

Mudlarking: See Wet and Messy.

Mysophilia: Maybe this is why teenagers don’t tidy their rooms….mysophilia is the arousal from dirty or soiled things.

Narratophilia: The act of being aroused by obscene words or dirty talk.

Nasophilia: A fetish for noses.

Nebulophilia: Arousal to fog, mist and smoke. Can be part of a smoking fetish.

Objectification: Not to be confused with objectophilia, objectification is the process of degrading or humiliating someone by treating them as though they were just an object rather than a person.

Objectophilia: A term used for any fetish where the subject providing arousal is anything inanimate. This covers a diverse range of objects including roller coasters, furniture and buildings.

Oculophilia: Also known as ‘worming’ this is a fetish for eyeball licking.

eyeball licking occulophilia
Thought to have originated in Japan as the new ‘second base’, eyeball licking Occulophilia. Image via Flickr.

Olfactophilia: Being aroused by certain scents and smells.

Omorashi: A Japanese term for the fetish of having a full bladder or wetting yourself.

Paraphilic Infantilism: See Autonepiophilia

Partialism: If you have a particular liking for the elbow then you have partialism, being aroused by an area of the body that is not the genitals.

Peodeiktophilia: A posh name for a flasher, this fetish is the arousal from exposing yourself in public, specifically, the penis.

Pictophilia: We all have this fetishism to some degree and relates to the arousal from pornographic art and pictures.

Plushophilia: The attraction to stuffed animals, plushies and plush toys.

Podophilia: A fetish for feet.

Pony Play: A form of animal roleplay where the participants dresses and/or behaves like a horse. Can include accessories such as tail butt plugs.

pony play fetish
A type of zoophilia, pony play can include costume and accessories. Image via Flickr.

Pregnant Women: The erotic phenomenon of being attracted to and aroused by women who are pregnant, it is referred to as ‘preggophilia’ but is actually termed maiesophilia. Various aspects of the pregnancy may cause arousal from the body shape to lactation, impregnation and childbirth.

Psellismophilia: The arousal from a speech impediment such as a stammer or a stutter.

Psychorophilia: A fetish where the subject is aroused by being frozen or watching others freeze via contact with extremely cold environments or objects.

Pygophilia: A specific sexual fascination with the buttocks.

Ramenophelia: Not one you will come across very often and certainly a very specific one. A type of food play where participants rub noodles on either their own or another person’s genitals.

Retifism: A fetish for feet, shoes and heels.

retifism shoe fetish guide
Retifism: Some fetishes can be a real heel..(sorry!). Image via Flickr.

Rhytiphilia: Related to gerontophilia, people with this fetish are aroused by wrinkles on the body, usually the face.

Robot Fetish: See Technosexuality.

S&M (Sadomasochism): Giving or receiving pain for the purposes of sexual arousal.

Sacofricosis: A very specific term used for the act of making a purpose built hole in your pocket so that you masturbate in public.

Sacrilegious Sex: Any act where pleasure and gratification is gained by blasphemous, sinful or irreligious means. This can include ‘inappropriate’ use of religious items or form part of a religious roleplay. See Hierophilia.

Sadism: Where sexual pleasure and gratification is gained from causing pain to another person.

Salirophilia: A fetish where arousal is gained by messing up, dirtying or soiling other people (usually very attractive people). The act can be a simple dishevelling or hair and clothes or could be the application of mud, dirt and scat play. Closely linked to Wet and Messy, Scat and Bukkake, salirophilia can manifest itself with people defacing property such as statues, posters and images of celebrities. Cumming over a photograph is also another form of this fetish.

Scat: Also known as Brown Showers or Fecophilia, scat play involves the use of faeces during sex.

School Play: Any kind of costume or role play where school forms the basis of the scene.

Scoptophilia: See Voyeurism

Sensory Deprivation: Usually a part of BDSM, sensory deprivation can be whole or partial and involves the use of gags, headphones, masks and hoods to deprive a sub of one (or more) of their senses. Doing so heightens the experience of other sense for greater pleasure.

Shoe Fetish: See Reitifism.

Shrimping: Can mean to suck on someone’s toes for sexual pleasure or sucking the cum out of the ass of another person when someone has shot their load inside.

Sleeping/’Drunk’ Women: Roleplay where a partner pretends to be non-consenting. Note that this is not rape but a ‘scene’.

Smoking Fetish: As you would expect, a fetish for smoke and smoking. Fetishists gain enormous arousal from watching someone smoke, usually a cigarette, often with some sort of costume and role play. See Nebulophilia and Capnolagnia.

Sneeze Fetish: It’s not hard to see why sneezing can be enjoyable with some people likening that pre-sneeze build up to orgasm.

Somnophilia: A fetish for watching people whilst they are asleep.

Sophophilia: We don’t remember this at school but sophophilia is a sexual arousal for learning. Could form the basis for school-play.

Spanking: An easy one. Spanking can form part of many people’s bedroom activities but can also be a part of heavy BDSM. Spanking can include equipment such as paddles of just the bare hand.

spanking fetish guide
Spanking is a common fetish for both the giver and receiver. Image via Flickr.

Splanchnophilia: Butchers beware, this is fetish for entrails.

Sploshing: See Wet and Messy (WAM).

Sthenolagnia: Also known as muscle worship, people with this fetish are aroused by displays or strength or the visual attraction of muscles.

Stigmatophilia: An attraction to body art such as tattoos and body piercings.

Suspension Play: An area of BDSM, suspension play is the term used when a sub is either partially or fully suspended using ropes, chains or other equipment to take some or all of their body weight. Suspension play is risky and achieves the goal of making someone more vulnerable and helpless.

Symorophilia: The arousal gained by staging or watching disasters….more than just your average rubber-necker on the highway but someone who enjoys the drama and tension of big catastrophes in a sexual way.

Taphephilia: Not something that Kiefer Sutherland had in The Vanishing taphephiles are turned on by the thought or act of being buried alive.

taphephilia fetish guide
Taphephilia: The arousal at the thought or act of being buried alive. Image via Flickr.

Technosexuality: The attraction to people dressed as robots or, indeed, actual robots.

Telephone Scatologia: Also known as telephonicophilia, fetishists of this persuasion get aroused from making dirty phone calls.

Teratophilia: An attraction to monstrous or deformed people.

Textophilia: Ever wondered why some people spend so much time in the haberdashery department? Well they might just be textophiles, people who gain arousal from fabric. They may well be browsing for the next piece of chiffon to rub against their naked skin.

Tickling: Yes, some people derive an awful lot of pleasure from being tickled or being the tickler. A form of torture for some, tickling can form lots of different kinds of play.

Toucherism: A type of frotteurism, toucherism is a type of arousal gained from grabbing (or rubbing your hands) against someone’s genitals or breasts unexpectedly.

Toxophilia: Simply, an arousal for all things related to archery including the weapons themselves as well as archers.

Trampling: A sub-genre of S&M, trampling fetishists gain pleasure from walking over someone, usually a women over a man with bare feet.

Transvestophilia: If you enjoy Rocky Horror Picture Show a little too much then you might be a transvestophile…..attraction to a transvestite.

Trichophilia: An arousal gained from hair. Also see Hyphephilia.

Troilism: A form of cuckoldism, troilism is the term used when you watch your partner have sex with another person without the third parties consent. See Cuckoldiing.

Urolagnia: The act of being aroused from any play associated with urine, this could be golden showers or simply peeing in public.

Ursusagalmatophilia: A specific term for plushies, this is a fetish for teddy bears.

Vampirism: Any kind of fetish where blood play is central to the session. This can be blood-letting or simply a kind of fantasy role-play involving the fantasy creatures, vampires. See Blood Play.

Vampire fetish
Vampire fetishism can include blood play or simply be a form of role play. Image via Flickr.

Voyeurism: A common fetish where participants want others to watch them whilst naked or having sex. Also known as scoptophilia.

Wet and messy fetish (WAM): Sometimes referred to as ‘sploshing’, wet and messy play can be applied to any session where arousal is gained from applying foodstuffs or other items that are (quite literally) wet and messy to the body; most commonly the naked skin.

X-ray porn: Can refer to the arousal gained from looking at ‘naked’ images of the human body produced by x-ray machines or simply from the desire to have x-ray vision. This is often simulated in comic form.

Yeasteality: Sex with baked products such as bread or unbaked dough. There’s a word for that scene in American Pie.

Yiaourtiphilia: We told you there was something for everyone. Yiaourtiphilia is the arousal gained from yoghurt. This comes in many forms but is a specialist food fetish.

Zelophilia: One for the cuckolds in the group, zelophilia is the arousal of evoking jealousy in a partner (or yourself) and can extend to acts of infidelity to produce these emotions. See Cuckolding.

Phew! That wraps up our gigantic list of fetishes! Why not see some of them in action? Check out this guide to our favorite fetish movies.

Featured image via Flickr.


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