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Want to find out more about the smoking fetish?

Smoking might well be going out of fashion in favour of e-cigarettes, but these vape wannabes are no match for the real deal when it comes to smoking fetishism.

Fetishes like smoking, once considered to be specialist, are now more and more popular in the mainstream pornography markets. We’ve seen the emergence of several smoking porn sites and smoking fetish communities where users share their favorite pics, videos and stories. Sites like Smoking Fetish Kingdom do a roaring trade with thousands of members online at any given time.

And then you’ve got specialist smoking porn sites like SmokeCity — home to young amateur smoking fetish models who really know how handle a cigarette.

If you’ve got a smoking fetish, you are certainly not alone!

So what is it about smoking that some of us find so… sexual? And where can you find the best smoking fetish content?

In this smoke fetish guide, we take a look exactly what the smoking fetish is, the causes and links to other fetishes as well as the way this type of fetish is catered for in the porn industry.

What is a Smoking Fetish?

Smoking Fetish Guide

Also known as capnolagnia, smoking fetishism is a catch-all term for sexual arousal gained by the observation or act of smoking. Though the principle fetish is linked to tobacco use in the form of cigarettes, the term also extends to pipes, cigars and hookah.

Smoking fetishists gain gratification from the act (or fantasy of) of smoking themselves and/or watching another person smoking.

The extent of a smoking fetish can be a simple case of desire to watch or take part in the act of smoking or can form part of other fetishes, including roleplay and S&M.

It’s not clear how many people are thought to have a smoking fetish as most people do not seek any help or treatment from professionals about this kind of fetish.

However, anecdotal evidence from clinical psychologists suggest that capnolagnia is either very rare of so common that people just live happily with it.

What Causes Smoking Fetishism?

smoking fetish
What turns a regular smoker into a smoking fetishist?

The roots of a smoking fetish can be linked to many different psychological associations and triggers. The cause and mechanism of capnolagnia has been explored by many analysts with several main theories for its evolution:

  • Media: Though the extent of smoking in modern advertising has been restricted in recent decades, the traditional depictions in early films, television and print media has long glorified the cigarette smoker in a sexualised way. Smoking was a common aspect in the film noir period as well as the golden age of pornography.
  • Taboo: Culturally, smoking has become far more taboo over the last decade or so and the act of rebellion in this regard has a satisfying gratification to it.
  • Oral fixation and phall ic representation: Few fetishes could undergo analysis without some interpretation by Freud and smoking is no different. There is no denying the hand to mouth fascination of smoking and has not-too-subtle connotations with the act of fellatio.

As well as the development of individual perceptions on smoking which may include associations with wealth, power and self-confidence, smoking (as a fetish) also has connotations with sadomasochism and impulsivity.

Whilst the former lends itself to other aspects of fetishisms, the latter insinuates a certain promiscuity which helps add context to the sexualization of the habit.

exploring smoking fetish
For some, it is the aesthetics of the smoke which is the attraction.

Domination is also a prominent feature of some other theories about smoking fetishes and some pornography clearly depicts the act of someone smoking for the first time under the influence of someone else.

With obvious links to ‘defilement in an innocent’, the darker side of smoking has influenced sub-genres that include more extreme adaptations of this fetish. Certain graphical representations show smokers using submissives in the role of an ashtray which combines power play such as forniphilia (the use of a human in place of furniture for sexual pleasure) as well as masochism.

At an even darker level, some fetishists have a fascination with the ability of smoking to cause more serious harm such as lung damage. Known as ‘black lung fetish’, individuals with this level of fixation are more commonly found to be women.

There is also evidence to suggest that a smoking fetish may merely be an attraction to the aesthetics of the act alone. The visuals of inhaling and exhaling smoke as well as the mannerisms adopted by a smoker during the process.

Perceived as both a feminine and masculine trait, a smoking fetish can be just as common in straight men and women as in homosexuals.

glamour smoking fetish
Smoking can be seen as a masculine trait but has also been glamorized by film noir.

Unlike some other fetishes, smoking fetishism is not considered to be a detrimental or dangerous proclivity, beyond the regular risk of smoking to pulmonary and cardiac health.

What is certainly true in all aspects of these theories is that smoking is fast becoming a social and cultural taboo which only underpins its image as a ‘naughty’ habit. If only bad girls (and boys) smoke then this only perpetuates its appeal.

Smoking Fetishes in Popular Pornography

Most of the major tube giants have a category for the smoking fetish and you can find a wide variety of movies that either feature, or centre on, smoking.

  • Pornhub has over 3000 video clips tagged with smoking.
  • XTube has several thousands clips with ‘smoking’ as a keyword.
  • XVideos has over 16,000 videos clips tagged with smoking of which 3.3k are specifically labelled as ‘smoking fetish’. Videos include ‘pregnant smoking’, ‘mature smoking’, ‘smoking and fucking’ as well as ‘smoking weed’.
  • XHamster has a dedicated ‘Smoking’ category which contains over 400 video clips. They also have separate categories for ‘Smokey Mouths’, ‘Smoking Erotica’, ‘Smoking During Sex’, ‘Smoking Fetish’, ‘Smoking Pussy’, ‘Smoking Whore’ and ‘Smoking Weed’.

You can find a list of premium sites that are based on, or include, smoking fetish clips (see below).

The clips on all of these sites vary enormously from porn that stars amateurs simply smoking or masturbating whilst smoking to porn stars using cigarettes and cigars as props in studio directed scenes.

The people seen smoking are also widely varied and the clips can be aimed at both gay and straight individuals and couples or be totally free of any graphically sexual overtones. Some even combine other fetishes such as leather, latex and PVC or bondage and SM.

Stats on Smoking in Porn

The porn tube giant, Pornhub, runs regularly analysis of its audiences’ search tastes and the most recent data on smoking reveals the following statistics:

  • Top gaining searches in the USA for 2017 showed that ‘smoking’ porn in West Virginia is on the increase. No surprises perhaps for the state where tobacco has had such a prominent social and economic history.
  • Top searches in Luxemburg for 2017 saw ‘smoking’ hit the top 12 as well as trending searches for ‘German smoking’ and ‘smoking blowjob’ also being popular.
  • Other European countries that include ‘smoking’ as a top searched term in 2017 include Spain, Denmark and Italy.

Pornhub last focused its attention specifically on their ‘smoking’ porn in 2015 with the following results from their ‘Up in Smoke’ analysis:

  • The most common word paired with smoking when searching for porn is ‘sex’ followed by fetish, blowjob, mom, cigarette, weed, MILF, teen and mature.
  • Men were 240% more likely to be searching for porn tagged with ‘smoking’ than women.
  • The 18-24 age range were 59% less likely to be searching for smoking related porn than any other age group. The over 65s were also less likely to be interested in this kind of material with the 45-54 year olds being the main demographic.
  • The porn stars most often associated with the keyword ‘smoking’ in a search were Rachel Starr, Lisa Ann, Eva Angelina, Jasmine James and Lexi Belle.

Best Smoking Porn Sites

So where should you go to get your smoking porn fix?

There are a couple of famous smoking porn site we can recommend, and then a growing number of smaller sites where YMMV.

Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online is one of the most famous smoking porn sites and has been rolling out hot movie content since 1994. Unlike many of its rivals, it actively publishes new content with videos added every week.

The site boasts accomplished smoking, softcore smoking, sex and smoking… you name it. They’re also keen to point out that they only feature “real-life” smokers, just in case you thought an actor would do a poor imitation of the real thing!

Smoke City

Smoke City content

Another site that does a great job of rolling out new content on a regular basis, Smoke City publishes 2 video and 2 full picture sets every week.

The clips include everything from nude smoking and softcore teasing, to girls literally being fucked in the ass with a cigar. Yes indeed – there are LEVELS to the smoking fetish, folks!

Other Popular Smoking Porn Websites

The following premium porn sites are also focused on the smoking fetish:

Best Communities For Smoking Fetish Content

The smoking fetish community has plenty of places to go to find suitable content to fulfil their desires and it isn’t just mainstream porn sites that offer content with smoking.

The internet is awash with groups that provide networking opportunities, spaces to share stories, desires and fantasies as well as to upload and download media.

We’ve selected some of the best smoking fetish sites that offer a great range of online resources, forums and networking.

Of course, if you are interested in meeting with other smoking fetishists then both Fetlife and are both great sites to connect with other members of the fetish community who share your kinks.

Smoke Sigs

Part of the Smoke Signals Network, this online community was founded in 1996 and serves a huge population of smoking fetishists. This particular site is the home of the Smoke Signals magazine and online user forums.

Free to join, subscribers get free smoking pics as well as access to stories, videos and photos.

As well as the community pages, the network also operates other websites, including:

smoking fetish community website
The smoking clip store offers a variety of premium content to purchase.

Reddit (Smoking Fetish)

An active Reddit group with over 3500 readers, this group shares regular content including gifs, flash files and jpegs.

You have to be a member of Reddit to join in the conversations and if you are doing so then you might also be interested in the Gone Wild Smoking Fetish subreddit.

Smoking Fetish Kingdom

An active online community for anyone with a smoking fetish, this well-designed site has a lot to offer its 61,000+ users.

Receiving over 500,000 visits each month, the site is popular in the USA as well as the UK, Uruguay, Turkey and Germany. The site is ranked in the top 3000 adult sites in the world and offers chat forums as diverse as Smoking Paysites to Celebrity Clips, Smoking Fetish Stories to kinky combo fetishes such as femdom and pissing.

2nd Hand Smoking

Operating for over 18 years, 2nd Hand Smoking is a useful site for smoking fetishists. It has plenty of free material including stories, pictures and clips plus links to smoking models. It hasn’t been updated in a while but still has some nice free content.

The Smoking Mag

Another blog that hasn’t been updated in a while but still a good resource for links, video galleries, clips and photos.

Although you won’t get much out of this as a community site anymore, you can still access a huge selection of links and content.

Other Smoking Fetish Sites, Groups & Resources

As well as those sites we’ve listed above, the following web pages also have a good deal of interesting material, links and resources for smoking fetishists:

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