How To Cum More: Load Up Like a Porn Star

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Ever wondered how porn stars always manage to make their ‘money shots’ so explosive?

It seems like no porn scene is ever truly complete until the leading lady begs to take an enormous load somewhere on her body.

Creampies, bukkake, cum-in-face and pearl necklaces are as much a cliché  in mainstream adult movies as not having money to pay the pizza delivery driver so fucking him instead.

Whilst some of these impressive ejaculations are, in fact, a work of technical wizardry using pipes and pumps, it’s true that some guys just squirt more, harder and further than others.

So, if you are more of a ‘dribbler’ than someone who ‘erupts’, what can you do about it?

In this feature – How To Cum More – we take a look at some of the ways you can bulk up your man chowder to cum more like a porn star.

From handy lifestyle and diet advice to some tricks that might give your jizz some more jazz, we’ve got the best hints and tricks to make the most of your man juice.

How Much Cum is Normal?

‘Layonaise’, ‘Crack Wax’, ‘Erectoplasm’, ‘Liquid Silk’, ‘Jizz’, ‘Spunk’ ‘Man Chowder’ ‘Nizzle Drizzle’; it doesn’t matter what you call it but cum is an important part of sex for most guys.

Though not all men ejaculate when the orgasm (or vice versa), the power and quantity of what is produced can make some guys feel inadequate.

Yet again, porn is probably responsible for most of these hang-ups as unlike locker room envy, there’s no way most men would know what another guy’s cum actually looks like if it weren’t for those happy ending scenes.

But, anecdotal evidence from forums and social media groups suggest that there are quite a lot of men across the world who have a complex about what kind of load they are firing.

how to cum more
When porn stars cum it can be pretty impressive but is it ‘normal’?

So, what’s ‘normal’?

As ever, ‘normal’ is a myth but if you want to talk about the average amount of spunk produced during ejaculation, the World Health Organization has come up with a figure of 3.7ml per ejaculate; that’s roughly the equivalent of three-quarters of a teaspoon.

In most cases, anything between 0.7ml and 7.6ml is still considered ‘normal’ which means that some guys are firing over 1,000% more than others! But, this figure can also vary in an individual depending on factors such as:

  • How frequently they ejaculate and how recently this happened.
  • State of arousal
  • State of general health
  • State of mental health
  • Age

Medical Issues and Weak Ejaculation

If you are firing out anything less than 1.5ml then you may have a medical condition called Hypospermia. There are treatments for this which can include explorative investigations to rule out a narrowing of the seminal vesicles.

And, if you have noticed a drop in the amount of cum you normally experience then there are other underlying conditions to which this could relate which you should also have checked out by a medical professional.

This includes taking medication for high blood pressure, depression and an enlarged prostate gland or if you have been receiving any kind of radiation treatment for cancer.

Another, rarer, ejaculation disorder is when the cum doesn’t travel out of the penis properly and instead moves backwards, down into your urethra.

Known as retroactive ejaculation, this can be caused by nerve damage to the valve which controls your urinal flow. If your orgasms are particularly weak, or dry, then you may be suffering from this disorder.

All of these complaints should be checked out by medical professions to rule out any underlying conditions first, but if you are otherwise healthy and would like to increase the volume and force of your ejaculations then what can you do about it?

increase cum volume
Weak or dry ejaculations could be a sign of a medical condition.

How to Cum Like a Porn Star

There’s also the matter of how you cum with many men comparing how many ‘spurts’ is normal during one ejaculation.

Again, there is no correct answer to this and it is just as common for some men to ejaculate over a series of several spurts whilst others will erupt in one gush. And, for some, maybe this will happen in a tiny dribble.

So, when we talk about loading up like a porn star, we are talking about the volume and force of ejaculate when you cum as opposed to the number of times you can do it in one night.

That is a question of stamina and endurance.

We are also not talking here about the quality of your cum in terms of sperm count and fertility improvements.

Is Volume Important?

Okay, so guys may feel better if they can cum more like performers in a porn movie but does it matter to regular women?

According to a survey (The importance of male ejaculation for female sexual satisfaction and orgasm ability: The Journal of Sexual Medicine) published in July 2018, 30% of women surveyed said they didn’t focus at all on semen volume.

In all 65% agreed that the amount of cum did not affect their own ability to orgasm…however, 35% of women stated that they did climax harder and stronger the more cum produced by their male partners.

The study didn’t detail anything specific about actual quantities here and the report relied entirely on self-observed perceptions.

If anything there was more evidence to suggest that a woman’s orgasm was more intense if their partner’s felt more intense too. This was translated as being ‘stronger thrusting’ and ‘louder moaning’.

improve your cum volume like a porn star
Is the strength of your spray important to your partner?

Ways to Increase the Volume of Your Cum

So, now we know all about jizz and just why more of it can be a good thing (for some people), let’s have a look at some of the ways you can load up like a porn star.

Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle

Healthy ejaculate very much depends on a healthy body which is why much of the advice offered to help you increase the amount of semen released when you ejaculate will be familiar.

Applying common sense to your diet, fitness levels and lifestyle choices can all help you cum more with these basic tips being especially important.

Stay Hydrated

Semen is a water-based bodily fluid and the more water you drink the more ejaculate your body is capable of producing.  Being dehydrated can reduce the volume of fluid you have available and result in a consistency that is stickier and slower to ‘erupt’.

Quit Smoking

Smoking not only contributes to dehydration, depriving your body of vital moisture but it has also been shown to reduce the volume of semen. According to a study conducted in 2006 by BJU, the more you smoke then the less explosive your cum is.

Not only that but porn stars who reported giving oral to male performers who smoked have said that smokers’ cum is more ‘chunky’ than that of non-smokers!

ways to come like a porn star stop smoking
At least they can’t say we were never warned! Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Cut Out The Booze

Again, alcohol is another contributor to dehydration but it can also impair your liver function which may result in increased estrogen levels.

Whilst men do have the female sex hormone estrogen in their body, too much can see a decrease in your libido and the size of your load. Conversely, going teetotal might not be a good idea either.

One study shows that men who drink 4-7 units of alcohol per week had the highest semen volume.

Quit Jerking Off Daily

There have been dozens of studies supporting the correlation between abstaining from sex (and masturbation) and an increase in semen volume.

This can vary a lot in individuals but one scientific study suggested that for each day of abstinence (up to four days) showed an 11.9% increase in output.

The key here is to experiment with yourself to find your peak load window. Try not to masturbate for two or three days and see what difference this can make. It stands to reason that if you’re firing off all the time, you’re not giving your cannon a chance to reload.

Chill Out

We all know that stress plays an enormous role in our mental wellbeing but also contributes to many physical issues including  quality of our cum.

Not only can stress reduce the volume but it has also been shown to lower the total sperm count and concentration of healthy swimmers.

A Danish study in 2016 concluded that men with the highest self-reported stress scores had the lowest quality cum.

Seriously, Chill Out

By this we mean, stay away from heat in the form of saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs.

Even workers who are exposed to high levels of heat stress such as Steel Industry workers can be affected by the negative impact on their semen quality.

Heat is well known to be a factor in decreasing the concentration of sperm, impairing motility and causing the body to produce less semen. In short, keep your balls out of the fire.

Hang Loose

On the same topic, you want to give your testes some decent breathing room down there in order to let them do their business.

Avoid tight briefs and, if possible, wear something that stops you building up a sweat in the trouser department. Again, heat kills sperm and impacts upon your testes ability to produce semen.

ways to come like a porn star tight pants
Make sure you give your tackle a good airing. Image via Pixabay.

Steer Clear of Environmental Toxins

A lot of the time we have no idea of the kind of exposure we get to harmful pollution and toxic materials but there are some over which we do have control.

These include X-rays, industrial chemicals and heavy metals. All can have a negative effect on our overall health but specifically on the quality of your semen.

Hit The Sack

By which we don’t mean go to bed to jerk off or to have sex but to get some restful and restorative sleep.

Many of us fail to achieve the suggested 7-8 hours of sleep we need in order to help our mind and bodies recover and regenerate sufficiently to remain healthy and this is just as important for semen production as it is for the rest of our wellbeing.

Load Up

The right nutrients are an essential part of making sure you can produce as much cum as possible.

At the end of the day, if you don’t have the right ingredients how can you expect your nuts to fire off a big load?

Cum is water-based so we’ve covered that but it also contains around 200 proteins, vitamins and minerals too. We don’t expect you to be loading up on all of these but the most essential are zinc, vitamins B12, D and C as well as folic acid.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet that is high in antioxidants can help but there are some supplements which will add support to your goal of being able to cum more like a porn star.

Avoid Soy

A healthy addition to the diet as a low-cholesterol alternative to proteins, unfortunately soy contains phytoestrogens which can affect the healthy production of semen.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity increases testosterone which in turn helps with healthy sperm production but a fit and healthy body is also primed to perform most efficiently. It’s just common sense that if you want to fire the best shots you have to use the best weapon and keep that gun primed for action.

It’s worth pointing out here that men who have a BMI of 25 or above will have fewer sperm and those that are produced will be slower.

ways to come like a porn star healthy body
All of your body performs best when it is fit and healthy so stay in shape to improve your sexual function.

Specific Exercises

So, now you have the basics taken care of, what other things can you do to help you cum with more force and intensity?

Practice Alone

Okay, so we did tell you to cut back on your masturbation but that means frequency.

What we are talking about here is improving the quality of your masturbation without any performance related pressures. Stress, as we’ve already mentioned, contributes to a lot of erectile and ejaculation disorders and, if you are worried about intensity, volume and force of your cum then feeling under the spotlight can make that stress worse.

A Catch-22 situation, try what’s known as the ‘edging’ technique. Also called orgasm training, surfing or peaking, this technique involves prolonging climax for as long as possible. This is achieved by building up a state of arousal and then stopping when you get close to the edge.

The theory is that by heightening your pleasure to its most extreme boundaries, you will build up to an intense orgasm and (hopefully) more explosive ejaculations.

Perform Kegels

Kegel exercises are well-known to most women and certainly will have been suggested to them if they have ever had children or if they have suffered any age-related bladder incontinence. A specific type of exercise targeted to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, they are not so commonly known among men….but, they should be.

Both men and women have pelvic floor pubococcygeal (PC) muscles which help hold your bladder, bowel and urethra in place and play an important role in good sexual and urinary function.

Over time, our PC muscles weaken with age and this can have a negative impact on orgasm intensity, erectile function and ejaculation control.

There are lots of websites offering techniques to help you give your PC muscles a workout but quite simply you need to find them first.

They are the same set of muscles you contract to stop yourself mid-flow whilst urinating. If you can imagine you are having a piss and then try to stop; those are the muscles that need working. If it helps your testicles should rise a little when you do this.

Once you’ve located them and recognize the sensation as they contract you can practice flexing them.

You can do this pretty much anywhere at any time, just repeat the exercise 10-20 times in a row, three or four times a day. Gradually build up the number of contractions and the length of time you hold it for to really feel the benefits.

ways to come like a porn star kegel exercises

Get Pumping

Penis pumps have been used for decades to help men gain extra girth and length as well as training the old fella for endurance.

The art of pumping is pretty complex and should be taken in stages to gradually build up resistance to the unusual pressure.

There is no formal scientific studies to back up any claims that pumping will increase your semen volume but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that pumping can improve your ‘explosive’ action. Bear in mind our recommendations on abstinence before you set to a vigorous training regime!

Best Cum Boosting Supplements

There are a lot of supplements on the market aimed at improving the quantity of your cum and we recently reviewed one called Volume500.

What we liked about Volume500 was the fact that all of the ingredients were 100% natural and included some that are known to have positive effects on libido and male fertility.

The way we figured it, there was no harm in trying these supplements and there were a lot of potential benefits.

Other supplements on the market include:

  • Semenax
  • VigRX
  • Maxocum
  • Max Performer

Always read the label before taking any supplements as even some natural ingredients can have interactions with other medications.

ways to come like a porn star volume500

How to Cum More? Fake It Til You Make it

And finally, if (despite all of the above advice) you find you are struggling to increase the volume of your load then you could always resort to one of the tricks of the trade; fake cum!

Of course we’re not suggesting that you actually try to pass any of these recipes off as your own jizz but it is interesting to note that all of the following have actually been used in adult movies for some years.

Yes, the truth is that although many porn stars do have the capacity to hose off like a horse when they climax, some scenes are edited to make it look as though creampies are thicker and fuller. It is used particularly with bukkake fetish films where a consistently large volume of cum is required.

Shock horror, porn may have lied to you at some stage of your life!

According to some sources including ChemEurope (the leading portal for the chemical sector), fake cum used in porn shoots is actually called methylcellulose.

A chemical compound that is often used to help bind your stool together, it’s also a common ingredient for special effects in mainstream movies.

The original Ghostbusters films featured plenty of scenes with ectoplasm and this was actually a thick water solution of methylcellulose.

ways to come like a porn star fake cum porn films

Safer to use than food-based alternatives due to the risk of bacterial yeast infection if introduced near (or inside) the vagina, methylcellulose is pretty common but doesn’t actually taste that nice PLUS it’s a laxative so not something you want to have in your mouth.

No, for those scenes where porn stars are required to have cum dripping from their mouths the ingredient most often used as a spunk substitute?

Piña colada!

So, we’ll leave you with a reassuring thought that being able to hose someone down in your cum like a bukkake porn star isn’t actually realistic.

But the advice we’ve given you today should help you prepare your weapon for firing the most impressive shot you can.

Happy hunting…


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