10 Best Bad Dragon Dildos – #1 For Fantasy Pleasure

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Looking to move on from vanilla dildos and downright boring-looking sex toys? Aren’t we all!

And boy has Bad Dragon allowed us to do just that. 

BD is the biggest name in the game. They’re lauded for their oh-so-customizable, unique designs, and orgasmic features. So whether you want to get down and dirty with a veiny throbbing beast or fancy bouncing on a sea monster’s tentacle, you can live out your deepest desires with these fantasy dildos.

It’s safe to say Bad Dragon Ika and Nova could spice up your bedroom solo play. But if you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with Echo to ease yourself into the mind-blowing world of fantasy and sci-fi sex toys.

If you’re looking for the best Bad Dragon alternative, we highly recommend the fantasy and sci-fi dildo collection on Hankey’s Toys. Superb quality and excellent prices.

Let’s take a closer look!

What’s Bad Dragon?

The best Bad Dragon Dildos

Okay, before we jump into our reviews of the ten best Bad Dragon dildos (and the top five cheaper alternatives), let’s learn more about the company. 

Founded in June 2008 out of a shared desire for a better selection of fantasy sex toys, Bad Dragon has been satisfying people with unique textures, unparalleled designs, and massive sizes ever since. It’s the ultimate store for people who want to fully immerse themselves in their monster-esque fantasies.

But Are They Really Different from Normal Dildos?

One glance at their shop will tell you that, yes, they really are different from your run-of-the-mill vanilla dildos. In fact, they couldn’t be less alike if they tried!

Bad Dragon’s commitment to offering a wholly unique pleasure-filled experience with every dildo makes each one unbelievably special. Their attention to detail shines through in all aspects, from the materials to the colors to the texture to the unmatchable customizations.

Consider it a “build-your-own-dragon-dick” utopia.

The Top 10 Bad Dragon Dildos for Living Out Your Wildest Fantasies

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top ten Bad Dragon dildos that’ll certainly help you reach your oh.

#1 Nova — Best for Ridged and Textured Fun

Bad Dragon Nova Dildo
5.74″ to 11″ (small to extra large)
4.5″ to 9″ 
5″ to 9″
$85 to $200
– Pointed tip equals easy insertion
– Can choose a firm base
– Varying sensations thanks to various knots and textures
– Hard work on the wrist due to its heavy base
– Lots of lube needed

Nova is a textured, ridge-filled beauty available in too many colors to count!

As soon as you insert its head, you’ll experience the bliss of the unique backward-facing layered design. Each ridge provides a touch of resistance when you start thrusting, helping you reach your peak like never before.

But that knot at the base… seriously, buckle up for fireworks. That feeling of fullness is enough to drive anyone crazy.

The silicone is skin-like, creating a realistic (yet even more pleasurable) sensation whether you’re sliding it slowly or wildly pumping. 

#2 Ika — Best for Earth-Shattering Stimulation

Ika Dildo
5.25″ to 12″ (mini to extra large)
2″ to 4.5″
6″ to 14″
$65 to $200
– Taper makes it great for stretching
– Wonderfully multi-functional
– Suction cups on the tentacle are great for clit play
– Doesn’t come with a suction base
– Not compatible with BD’s cumtube

Bad Dragon went all out with Ika’s design. From the exhilarating curvature to the prominent suckers, it gives you everything — clit stimulation and all.

With a narrow tip, Ika’s taper works wonders to challenge yourself. Can you take all those sumptuous inches?

Plus, opting for the medium or soft firmness means the tip won’t unpleasantly poke around inside you, ensuring you stay comfy no matter how deep you slide.

Depending on the size you choose, the tentacle is either a sweet little octopus or a rampant Kraken. Whatever works to get you off!

The only disappointment? You can’t fit a suction base for hands-free fun. 

#3 Echo — Best for Beginner Fantasy Pleasure Seekers

Echo Bad Dragon
4.75″ to 9″ (mini to extra large)
3.5″ to 6.5″
4.75″ to 9″
$65 to $200
– Semi-realistic with a medial ring
– Simple design and smooth texture
– Great for beginners
– Needs very little prep
– Doesn’t come with a suction cup, nor can you fit one

If you’re new to fantasy dildos, Echo’s semi-realistic appeal with some added boons is perfect. And, of course, it comes in a range of gorgeous colors to suit your aesthetic.

Unlike BD’s other toys, the smooth-textured dildo requires very little prep work. In fact, it’s almost “regular” enough to use for everyday orgasms. 

That said, the medial ring sitting pretty two-thirds down the shaft adds a little spice to your life. Trust us; it definitely lets you know that this isn’t your typical dick!

#4 Nocturne — Best for G- and P-Spot Stimulation

Nocturne Bad Dragon Dildo
5″ to 9.73″ (mini to extra large)
3.6″ to 7″
4.25″ to 8.25″
5″ to 10″
$65 to $200
– Cumtube compatible
– Pointed tip for unparalleled p- and g-spot stimulation
– Thick shaft
– Drool-worthy curvature
– Heavy base, so we recommend a suction cup for long sessions

Want a super versatile dildo? We highly recommend Nocturne. It works wonders for solo or couple play, and the characteristically tapered tip pinpoints your g-spot and p-spot.

But that isn’t even the best part!

The thick shaft with eye-roll-inducing bulges will take you over the edge time and time again. If you take your time, you’ll feel every bump along the way — and those spikes on the base make it one of our personal favorites. 

You can even add a cumtube, so it ejaculates on demand. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

#5 Winston’s Tongue — Best for Clit Stimulation

Winston's Tongue
5″ to 10.5″ (small to extra large)
1.75″ to 2.75″
5.25″ to 10.8″
$85 to $200
– Sensational clitoral and internal stimulator
– Wide base for easy maneuvering
– The tapered tip can be great for anal play
– Extreme curves for intense vaginal stimulation
– Not much texture

Okay, Ika takes the cake for all-around earth-shattering stimulation, but Winston’s Tongue is our favorite clit stimulator. While you can, of course, slide that delightful tongue inside, it’s best used to simulate oral sex. And it does an orgasmic job. 

The broad base makes it easy to move around, ensuring it hits every inch of you.

Once Winston’s given you head, nothing else will ever be the same again. You’ll never want to put it down (we certainly don’t).

Although, we don’t recommend it for texture lovers since the tongue isn’t overly detailed. 

#6 Chance Flared — Best for Large Head Lovers

Chance Flared Dildo
6.75″ to 15″ (small to extra large)
5″ to 10.75″
3.75″ to 8″
$85 to $200
– Bad Dragon’s longest dildo
– Smooth ride once you slide past the head
– Soft option falls too easily
– Zero suction cup
– Wide head isn’t for everybody

Packing 6.75″ at its smallest and a whopping 15″ at its longest, it doesn’t get lengthier than Bad Dragon’s Chance Flared; this is like something straight out of a horror porno.

Plus, it has girth from the very start. Flared heads aren’t for the faint-hearted; think fist.

Once you’ve slid yourself over the head, the remainder of the shaft is thinner until you hit the medial ring. As for texture, expect a few small ridges and a couple of veins, but nothing as wild as the others we’ve discussed. 

As for the base, it’s heavy enough to stay upright despite the lack of a suction cup! Oh, and you can get an unflared option for an easier ride. However, we can’t imagine wanting less of a challenge — you’re already looking at the market’s longest dildo!

#7 Pearce — Best for Thickness Fans

Pearce Dildo
3.8″ to 9.25″ (mini to extra large)
4.25″ to 11″
5.35″ to 12.8″
$65 to $200
– Cumtube compatible
– Realistic feel and design
– Girthy without being overly long
– Subtle texture
– No suction cup capability
– Looks ordinary compared to others
– Not the best for those who love extreme texture

Pearce is a showstopper for all the right reasons. It’s near-impossible to take your eyes off this girthy beast. Rest assured, it’ll leave its mark on you (provided you’re a lover of thickness). 

For such a massive shaft, it’s surprisingly easy to handle and control. While you can’t fit a suction base, you can fit a cumtube for simulated ejaculation.

Sadly, there isn’t any major texture going on with this one. But is it really necessary when it’s so god-damn thick?

#8 Flint — Best for Prostate Orgasms

Flint bad dragon
4.15″ to 10″ (mini to extra large)
4.5″ to 8.75″
5.75″ to 13.5″
$65 to $200
Oh-so-stimulating texture
– Available in mini
– Firm enough to stand up unaided, yet soft for comfortable
– Heavy
– No suction cup

Flint is adorned with rivets, scales, and studs to hit every single spot on the way in and out.

Not to mention it’s got some real meat to it! He’s hefty and might tire your hands and wrists, but it’s certainly worth the strain. The orgasms are simply out of this world — and isn’t that what we all want from the best fantasy dildos?

The shaft is luxuriously thick and boasts impeccable curvature that hits your p-spot just right. That said, it’s pretty damn intense, so newbies better leave this one to the pros. 

#9 Rex + Suction Cup — Best for Hands-Free Play

Rex suction cup
5″ to 12″ (mini to extra large)
2.75″ to 6.25″
3.25″ to 7.5″
$65 to $200
– Easy to hold
– Gentler texture than some of the others
– Knot locks it inside you for the ultimate fullness
– Suction cup capability in the largest three sizes
– Great value for money
– Soft or medium firmness options fall over too easily (and no suction cup available for mini or small sizes)
– No cumtube capability

Rex is available in two densities and five sizes. Amazingly, even the largest model with soft firmness holds its shape when upright. 

If you love deep thrusting, you’ll drool over Rex’s long, textured shaft with its toe-curling knot in the middle. Climax is just inevitable.

You can even attach a suction cup to the three largest sizes. Unfortunately, you’ll go without if you choose a mini or small Rex, and you cannot connect a cumtube to any size or firmness.

#10 Stan — Best for Orgasmic Fullness

Stan Bad Dragon
4.5″ to 12″ (mini to extra large)
5.5″ to 13.5″
6″ to 15.25″
$65 to $200
– Blunt head for a wholly unique feeling
– Suction cup compatible
– Gives the most amazing “full” feeling
– Not designed for pinpointing g-spot or a-spot

Stan is an absolute unit. He’s the king of all kings. Stacked with curves and veins, his musculature will make you feel things you never thought possible.

However, he isn’t for everyone. Stan’s hugeness gives you that intense full feeling right from the get-go.

Its blunt head is different from all the other toys on our list, offering a unique experience. Attach a suction cup and endless hands-free fun for an even greater ride to orgasm heaven. 

The 5 Best Bad Dragon Alternatives

As you now know, Bad Dragon makes some unbeatable fantasy dildos. However, the custom-made nature of their sex toys means you could be waiting for several weeks!

So, if you aren’t the patient kind (or want to spend a little less), don’t worry. Our top five alternatives ship much faster and are as high-quality as Bad Dragon toys.

Alternatively, you could always try designing some yourself. 😉

You can find them in Mr. Hankey’s Fantasy and Sci-Fi section.

#1 Mr. Hankey’s Dragon — Best Overall Bad Dragon Alternative

Mr Hankey Dragon Dildo
8.5″ to 14″ (small to extra, extra, extra large)
6.75″ to 11.25″
7.5″ to 12.75″
$129.95 to $220.90
– Incredibly detailed
– Overwhelmingly stimulating texture
– Compatible with sex machines and strap-ons if you purchase the vac-u-lock model
– The small version is still pretty big by most standards
– Only four color choices

The scales and plates along Mr. Hankey’s Dragon are to die for. It’s essentially a work of art. 

With prominent ridges on the head and a vac-u-lock option, so you can attach it to your sex machine, there isn’t anything less-than swoon-worthy. 

However, the size choices are… intimidating. The smallest is still a whopping 8.5″, making it a problematic choice for beginners.

But, as an experienced user, you’ll love the bulging shaft — it fills you up and boasts an eye-rolling texture that’ll make you scream (probably time to warn the neighbors).

#2 Mr. Hankey’s Beowulf — Best Knotted Bad Dragon Alternative

Beowulf Dildo
9″ to 13″ (small to extra large)
4.25″ to 6.75″
7″ to 9.75″
8″ to 12″
$119.95 to $191.90
– Smooth silicone (almost silk-like)
– Pronounced ridges and bulges
– Works great for stretching exercises
– Narrow base could be hard to keep a grasp on
– Knot only reached by those experienced

Beowulf slides inside easily with the right lube despite its length and thickness. The texture is smooth compared to the others we’ve discussed here, ensuring it glides in and out effortlessly.

The extra ripples, tapered fit, and leg-shaking size makes it perfect for anal stretching. Start at the beginning and work toward the knot as you get comfy. And if you ever manage to traverse the knot, you’re part of an elite club that has devoured the beast.

#3 Mr. Hankey’s Taintacle — Best P and G-Spot Stimulator

Mr Hankey Taintacle
8″ to 14″ (small to extra, extra large)
2″ to 4″
7″ to 12.5″
$114.95 to $202.90
– Precise g-spot and p-spot stimulation thanks to the curve, pointed tip
– Suckers on the tentacle are smooth yet stimulate well
– S-shaped shaft for intense stimulation
– Falls over sometimes
– Not compatible with harness
– Beginners may find the intense curvature too harsh

Taintacle is your chance to live out your sea monster fantasies. Add a thick load of lube, and it will further enhance your fantasy.

Granted, the suction cups along the shaft aren’t as prominent as Ika’s. However, the intense curve presses against your g-spot or p-spot for harder, pressure-based stimulation.

Ideally, you’d have Ika and the Taintacle — one for clit-stimulating texture and the other for wall-pushing orgasms. Aren’t two tentacles the dream?

#4 Mr. Hankey’s Alien Breeder — Best Bad Dragon Alternative for Sci-Fi Aficionados

Alien Breeder Dildo
7.5″ to 13.4″ (small to extra, extra, extra large)
4.75″ to 8″
6.87″ to 12.5″
$124.95 to $219.90
– Unparalleled artistic detailing
– Bulges in the middle for that full feeling
– Highly textured
– Needs a load of lube
– Less-than-stellar color choices

If you’ve dreamed about an alien ravishing you within an inch of your life, this meticulously detailed dildo is your perfect match. Smooth on one side and textured on the other, rotating it provides various sensation combinations.

The only potential con is the limited color choice. But does that matter when it’s deep inside?

#5 Mr. Hankey’s Scimitar — Best Alternative for Curve Lovers

Scimitar dildo
6.25″ to 10.5″ (small to extra, extra large)
5″ to 8.75″
6″ to 10″
$129.95 to $202.90
– Curvature stimulates g-spot
– Loads of scale-like ridges for amazing orgasms
– Grooves for subtle texture
– Only four color choices
– Too intense for beginners

If you love curves, the Scimitar will drive you buck wild. It’s perfect for extra stimulation — the dramatic curvature hits every spot you’ve got.

Not to mention the ridges! The scale-esque layers on the underside give a subtle yet oh-so-noticeable texture. They’ll grind alongside your pressure receptors, bringing you to climax after toe-curling climax. 

On top of that, it comes in a bunch of different sizes, colors, and firmness, so you can craft your ideal weapon.


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