The Best Sex Game Apps for Couples to Enjoy

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Fancy playing some new sex games with your partner….on your phone?

Tech might not be the first thing you think about when you hit the bedroom but in this digital age, your mobile device can offer plenty of ways to spice up your sex life. From apps with thousands of risqué dares and new positions to try to sex roulette, fantasy challenges, icebreakers and even online board games. In fact, far from being a barrier to intimacy, the humble smartphone or tablet has dozens of ways to bring couples closer together.

In this feature, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the best sex game apps that you can enjoy with your partner so you can turn on more than just your phone in the bedroom.

Couples That Play Together, Stay Together

Studies have shown that the simple act of having your phone out and present can have a damaging effect on intimacy in relationships. And whilst our smart devices can be a help in many areas of our lives, they are often cited as being a problem when it comes to connecting with our partners.

Yet, our smartphones and tablets can offer some great tools to help stimulate playfulness and develop erotic play with a nice range of apps that have specifically been developed to help couples get more intimate.

The key is knowing when to shut down social media use and when to launch that game….

Best Sex Game Apps for Couples

So, what games are available to help fuel sexual chemistry with your lover?

We’ve selected the best apps for Android and iOS devices that we think offer the best fun, have been developed to aid intimacy and/or create a playful approach to sex that can help ramp up an adventurous side to your bedroom antics.

Where possible, we’ve included one of the web links for either the App Store or Google Play; please note that not all of these sex game apps are available on both popular devices. Prices, where quoted are correct as of the date of our review.

69 Places

best sex game apps for couples 69 places
Image via App Store.

69 Places designed by ShovelMate is a fun game to play with an adventurous partner who wants to try out some new places to have sex.

Originally launched to be a companion app to the wildly popular 69 Positions which achieved a massive five million downloads, this game could start a new craze.

There are actually almost 100 different location suggestions to try out and for some these may be one step too far; a couch or elevator might be fine but on a fire truck or at a fast food drive thru could be pushing some people’s boundaries.

Irrespective of where your own limitations lie, the app is a great way to shake up where you have sex. Far too many of us have become bound by the traditions of only getting intimate with our partners in the bedroom but 69 Places will open your eyes to a world of new opportunities.

Featuring pros and cons of each location and conveniently categorized into six types of place you can store your favorites, keep track of your conquered spots and randomize a new suggestion.

With more than 90% of these being in and around the home, there’s no reason why you can’t start ticking these off today before building up to the more obscure places.

69 Places is available free on iOS for both iPhone and iPod exclusively.

Dirty Dares: Hot Sex Game For Couples

best sex game apps for couples dirty dares hot sex game for couples
Image via App Store.

A game that does exactly what it says on the tine, Dirty Dares is a fun app that couples can use to compete with ever more risqué challenges.

From naughty new positions and vanilla sexual acts to extreme sex dares and unusual ideas to get intimate. The app can be customized so you can add your own challenges in as well as set the timer to play this in quick fire mode or enjoy the ensuing entertainment at a more leisurely pace. You can even add more players if you don’t just want to play as a couple and the app is proving popular with swingers.

What’s nice about this app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection and, once downloaded, you can play to your heart’s content without worrying over a lost signal.

Our only grumble is over the random nature of the acts and when they pop up; our trial of the app started with a pretty hardcore act and then reverted to something more sensual and considered as foreplay by most people. It would be nice if you could customize how the ‘heat’ is notched up by introducing levels of dare. Other than that, this is a great fun way to introduce some spice to your sex life.

You can download the Dirty Dares app for free on the App Store or Google Play. However, you can upgrade your version to premium for a cost of $4.99 which will remove the ads and provide you with unlimited access to the best features. You can even customize the dares, as well as tweak settings such as the timer and create your own topics.


best sex game apps for couples ipassion
Image via App Store.

In a bid to turn the tables on the accusation that phones prevent communication in couples, iPassion is an app that has been designed around getting intimate with your partner in new ways.

The premise is straightforward, you answer some questions about what you like sexually and then your partner has to guess your answer. For every question they get right, they win points; the first person to reach a certain amount of points receives a sexual favor.

This is a rewarding game to play with your other half on two levels. Firstly, you may both find out some interesting  things about what the other enjoys that could lead to new adventures behind closed doors (or not, depending on your fantasy!) Secondly, the winner of the game gets some kind of intimate and sexual treat; surely, everyone’s a winner with this outcome?

Lastly, the game doesn’t even have to be played when you are in the same room as your selections can be made independently. This means you could find out some very enticing ideas whilst you are out at the store, on a train or even at a family dinner.

Available for free for both iOS and Android, iPassion offers in-app purchases.


best sex game apps for couples fantasy app
Image via App Store.

This next app is not just for couples but can be used by individuals as well. It’s based around the mutual sharing of fantasies in the hope that if you can find a match of your desires with your partner without actually having to discuss it then you could find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

Sort of like a Tinder for sexual fantasies, you can use the app to invite your partner to a private room whereby you will each get to swipe left or right on a selection of fantasy cards. Only if you match do they get revealed to your partner.

As well as providing a safe space to find out more about what it is that turns you both on, the app is stuffed full of erotic features designed to promote positive sexual outlooks and enhanced pleasure. From sexy stories and sexual health blogs to self-pleasure, reflection and mindfulness.

Be aware that using  the app also offers you access to a wider network with a huge community of other open-minded souls.

Available to download on iOS devices, you can find out more about the Fantasy App by visiting their official website.

Sex Positions 3D

best sex game apps for couples 3d sex positions

This wouldn’t be a very good list of couples sex game apps if we didn’t have at least one offering that focused on the positions of the Kama Sutra. And there are a lot of apps out there that provide this service. Many feature very basic drawings, illustrations or photos of the positions and if, like us, you are left scratching your head over how to achieve those shapes then this app will be ideal.

Contrary to popular belief, the Kama Sutra only describes around 60 sexual positions even though the modern world has found hundreds more, albeit similar but with subtle variations. So, the 30 free positions on offer here (or optional 110) should be more than enough to get the party started.

Each one is described well and features clear 3D illustrations plus includes instructions for both you and your partner. The best part is that you can use your finger to control the aspect of view so the details of where which limb goes aren’t lost. You can even get a better image by using 3D specs.

What we like about the app is that you can rate those positions you have tried and keep them in your favorites folder or just randomize your next challenge.

You can download this app for free on your iOS device by visiting the App Store but the premium version does cost $3.99.

Want to try out even more positions? Consider investing in a tantra chair.


best sex game apps for couples kindu

Another app that can be used without being in the same room as one another, Kindu is aimed at improving communication and intimacy between couples.

What the app does is create a non-judgmental space for partners to share their desires and discover more about each other without being face to face. Each person can generate an idea card which is shared with the other person among randomly generated ones. If they ‘Like’ the same ideas as you then it generates a match and these get added to your ‘To Do’ list.

It’s a great little app for romantic date night ideas, sexy surprises and could open the door for new adventures.

It is similar to the Fantasy app but is less kinky and is strictly between the two of you.

The app is available on both Android and iOS for free but there are in-app purchases for expansion card decks.

OhMiBod: Love Motion

best sex game apps for couples ohmibod
Image via App Store.

This next app won’t work unless you invest in some extra technology too but it is well worth spending on if you want to seriously notch up your sex games.

For anyone who doesn’t know, OhMiBod are a sex toy manufacturer that specializes in remote controlled vibrating ‘personal massage‘ devices. Often used by cam models to allow remote viewers to participate in giving them pleasure live online, they are an exceptionally sexy way to connect couples, especially those in long distance relationships.

From bullet and panty vibrators to other wearable sex tech, the OhMiBod Love Motion app allows your partner to control the speed and intensity of your intimate toys.

Also offering a way to communicate via chat and photo sharing, it is an interesting addition to any Skype call and could even be used in combination with some of the other games on this list.

There is even a dashboard where you can keep track of your lovelife with the aptly named Oh!dometer.

The app needs to be synced to your OhMiBod device and can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Sex Roulette

best sex game apps for couples sex roulette

This fun little app is actually four games in one including a sex positions roulette wheel, red-hot dice, truth or dare cards and naughty scenarios.

Adapted for use by straight, gay and lesbian couples, there are plenty of challenges to complete here ranging from hot foreplay to wilder and kinkier options.

All games can be played in free-play fun mode or you can take up the challenge to compete against your partner in a battle of stamina.

The app is free to download on your iOS or Android device but in-app purchases are required to open expansion packs and get the most varied play experience. Prices for in-app purchases range from $2.99 to $5.99 depending on the pack.


best sex game apps for couples desire
Image via App Store.

Desire is a simple game of daring and adventurous sexual challenges to be played with your partner. Sort of like Truth or Dare but without the honesty!

From softcore date ideas and foreplay suggestions to more kinky and unusual dares there are more than 70,000 ideas for couples to get their heads around.

Each dare has an associated value of points awarded to whoever successfully completes it so there is a constant competition to be played to see who is the more daring.

Simply choose a dare, send it to your partner who can decide whether or not to accept the challenge and watch as the points rack up. Each challenge has a deadline so you have to act fast to avoid losing.

Additional features which enhance the experience including earning badges for completed dares, couples private chat and a private journal which stores the details of all your intimate moments together.

Available to download on the App Store or Google Play, Desire is free to play but you can use coins in-app to upgrade your options and unlock more features.

Bliss: A Game For Lovers

best sex game apps for couples bliss
Image via App Store.

Instead of being focused on just sex, Bliss puts the emphasis on intimacy and communication as well as romance. Yes, there are ways to customize the actions but don’t expect this game to deliver kink.

The app is based around a board game format in which you roll the digital dice to move around a board. Each space has a corresponding action to complete which is randomly generated based on what you’re wearing so, if you’re naked then you can expect more raunchy moves as opposed to being fully clothed.

With more than 500 actions, 60 clothing options and 25 toys to incorporate into your play, this is a nice alternative to some of the ‘fruitier’ games on our list. The app also lets you save your favorite mood music.

The game comes in two versions; Lite with restricted features and limited number of actions or the full version which offers additional actions and two extra passion levels (Volcanic and Nuclear).

Free to download from the App Store or Google Play, Bliss is an old-fashioned game brought to modern life in this extremely playable app.


best sex game apps for couples pillow
Image via official Pillow website.

We know that some of the games we’ve already described on this list might send cold shivers down some people’s spines, especially those who struggle with physical intimacy. Which is why we’ve included this more gentle approach to exploring your sex life with a partner.

Pillow is a cross between a sexual health mentoring programme and a coaching buddy to help people overcome any issues in the bedroom department. Created by therapists, sex coaches and tantra teachers the exercises are a useful way to explore sex with your partner in a more nurturing way than some of the alternatives on our list.

Some of the exercise are designed to be more playful and the whole experience is one to share with your partner on a journey to rekindle and discover your desires for one another.

This 30-day programme can really help boost the confidence of anyone who struggles with this aspect of a relationship and encourages communication and closeness .

You can download a copy of the digital audio files at a cost of $47 by visiting the Pillow website.

Can U

best sex game apps for couples can u
Image via App Store.

Winner of a SexTech France Award, Can U is another take on the dare format but this one has a unique twist.

With more than 1,000 interesting and raunchy challenges, the challenger simply selects a category and then a random dare will be sent to their partner. If they accept, they will be given a time limit to complete it but you won’t know what the dare is! This means that there is a tantalizing element of suspense as you wait to find out what the challenge is….or was if it doesn’t include you!

There are several levels of naughtiness to choose from, such as:

  • Romantic
  • Naughty
  • Hot
  • Very Hot
  • Extreme
  • Role Play
  • While Away

There are also regular expansion packs such as Sex On The Beach, Extra Hot and more can further extend game-play.

The game is free to play but features in-app purchases; find out further information from either the Google Play or App Store.

Sex Dice

best sex game apps for couples sex dice
Image via App Store.

A very simple little sex game app that takes the classic game of dice onto a digital platform.

Full customization means you can add your own actions and then let the dice decide what you to next.

Free to download, Sex Dice is available from any good app store.


best sex game apps for couples honi
Image via App Store.

Downloaded by more than 300,000 lovers, completing over 1.4 million challenges between them, Honi is another app that aims to spice up your love life.

The missions themselves can be pretty innocuous but if you complete them then you can work towards a more fulfilling reward. Choose the passion level of the challenges you set your partner and customize their prize for completing them.

Additional features include a personalized timeline where you can store photos and memories of your journey towards a more intimate relationship.

You can get more information on the Honi app and where to download it from via the official website.


best sex game apps for couples feeld
Image via App Store.

Not technically a game but this casual dating app could help some of the above named apps go with more of a swing. Feeld is basically a version of Tinder in which couples can seek a third person to join them for a threesome. It’s used by swingers as well as open-minded singles and people with willing partners.

The format will no doubt be familiar to anyone who has used geo-location dating apps and you and your partner can simply sit back and swipe your way through the nearest interested parties.

There’s a lot of polyamorous couples who use the app as well as those people in alternative relationships as well as some pretty kinky sorts.

The Feeld app can be downloaded direct from the App Store so you can start playing the field together today.

Featured image via Pick Pik.


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