How To Make A Homemade Fleshlight: 17 DIY Pocket Pussies

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Ever wondered how to make a homemade fleshlight?

Of course you have, you sick pervert. Why else would you be here?

Fleshlights are a popular male sex toy – also known as a pocket pussy. They offer a satisfying alternative to your own wrist action. Unfortunately, if you want to give a night off to your old friend Righty (or Lefty), you’ll need to pay a decent chunk of cash for an actual Fleshlight. They don’t come cheap.

But we’ve got the perfect alternative – 17 of them, in fact.

Yes, welcome to the ultimate DIY Fleshlight guide.

Here you will learn how to make a Fleshlight using a bunch of random shit you might already have sitting around the house.

We can’t promise these creations will win any pocket pussy awards. If you want the full sensual Fleshlight experience, you’ll have to stop being cheap and go and buy one yourself. But if you want to know how to get the most out of a melon, a hollowed out cucumber, or a conspicuously innocent can of Pringles, boy – you’ve really come to the right place.

Let’s make some Fleshlights!

How to Make A Homemade Fleshlight

How to make a homemade fleshlight (diy fleshlights)

Who makes their own sex toys?

Please! Is that a serious question?

Men have been creating makeshift sex toys since time immemorial.

The first sex dolls (Dutch Wives and Dames de Voyage) were created by bored and lonely sailors using nothing more than rope and sewn up cloth.

Sometimes, needs must and if you haven’t yet seen the light of investing in a Fleshlight or are away from home and forgot to bring it with you, then we’ve got some innovative ways to help you get your rocks off.

Of course, most of the methods we’ve detailed below involve creating a tube of some kind – or putting a hole in something you might already have. Without giving away the spoilers, that’s where your dick is going to go.

But one of the great things about custom making your own pocket pussy is that you can make the holes to suit you – and these can be adjusted to be tighter, longer or as textured as you want.

However, to protect yourself from any chaffing we’d recommend using lots of lube – with some methods best to be used with a condom.

We’ve given an indication of the cost of each method and assumed that you have a good supply of a few basic household items including rubber bands and duct tape. However, you will also need some useful bedroom accessories like condoms or latex gloves for many of these hacks.

1. The Melon

Skill Level: Easy

Time: 10 Minutes

Materials: Melon of your choice and a knife

Cost: Under $5

homemade fleshlight

We kick off with a simple classic and one that many guys may have experimented with during their teen years. All you need to do is carve a hole in the centre of this humble but sizable fruit and use a spoon to remove some of the flesh.

The type of melon can make for different sensations with a watermelon having more ‘give’ than a cantaloupe.

Best used with a condom if you don’t want a seed in your dillhole!

2. The Hollowed-Out Cucumber

Skill Level: Medium

Time: 20 minutes

Materials: Large cucumber, rubber bands and duct tape. Condom (optional).

Cost: Under $5

make your own fleshlight cucumber

Another food related home masturbation hack, you need to buy a cucumber that is larger in girth, and longer, than your own penis.

Start by cutting one end off but so that the length is still longer than your dick.

Now cut the cucumber lengthwise in half and scoop out the seeds and flesh to create a channel which will fit snugly over your penis. You may need to check this as you go but once the desired fit has been achieved you can reform the two halves together using elastic bands.

Now wrap the cucumber up with some duct tape.

Like the melon, it is recommend that you wear a condom to avoid any flesh going inside your snake’s eye. But if you’d prefer to go bareback then you can always slip a condom inside the channel and stretch the rim over the edges of the cucumber and secure with more duct tape.

You’re already fucking a cucumber – why not go the whole hog, right?

3. Banana Pussy

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5 Minutes

Materials: Banana, condom, scissors, knife and tape.

Cost:  Under $5

make your own fleshlight banana

Another food-based option which gives some surprising results.

Choose a large (and straight) banana and cut off both ends.

Now push, or squeeze, out the flesh from the inside to produce a banana tube.

Next you will need to snip the tip off a condom and feed this through your banana so that the ends come out of each opening.

Roll the open ends of the condom over the entrance and exit of your banana tube and secure these in place with tape.

Finally, wrap the whole tube up in tape to make it stiffer to use.

Tip: Some guys don’t even bother to wrap the banana up or use the condom as the inside is slippery and wet enough to use on its own. The wrapping just makes it last a little longer but as this is a single-use technique the choice is yours.

4. Towel Roll

Skill Level: Medium

Time:  5 Minutes

Materials: Hand towel, latex glove and rubber bands.

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight towel roll

Fold a hand towel into quarters and then place the latex glove on top of the towel with the wrist cuff overhanging the side.

Next, roll the towel up around the glove to achieve a tight ‘hole’ This can take a few attempts as anything too loose won’t give you the necessary friction whilst anything too tight can make penetration difficult.

Tip: Place something like a tube of toothpaste inside the glove as you roll the towel to guide you.

Once you have achieved a good tightness in the roll, secure the towel in place using some rubber bands.

Next, curl back the cuff of the glove to cover the edges of the towel and secure this with another rubber band.

Tip: You can add more or less rubber bands to your end towel roll to achieve different levels of tightness and vary the sensations.

5. Sock Sandwich

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5 minutes

Materials: Several socks, rubber bands and a latex glove

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight sock sandwich

A variation on the towel roll method you start by placing a latex glove in between two pairs of socks. You can choose the thickness and how many but two underneath and two on top should be fine.

Now, roll back the cuff of the glove over the sandwich and secure with a couple of rubber bands.

Next, you need to wrap another couple of socks around the whole thing to give you some rigidity and then secure this with some more bands.

It is up to you how tight you go with the extra socks and bands so these can be adjusted as you go.

6. Warm and Wet Towel Roll

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5 Minutes

Materials: Hand Towel, three latex gloves and rubber bands.

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight warm and wet towel roll

Using exactly the same principle as the Towel Roll, this method offers a slightly more… premium version. But you have to work fast!

Half fill two latex gloves with warm water (or hot if you are working slowly) and when sandwiching the latex glove inside the towel, just place one water-filled glove on top and underneath.

Now, curl the cuff back over the roll and secure the whole thing with rubber bands.

The result will be a warm and squishy sensation.

7. Plush Toy Pussy

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5 Minutes

Materials: Spare stuffed toy and a pair of scissors.

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight plush toy

Editor’s note: Oh FFS, what’s going on here?

We’d recommend NOT using any favorite plush toy kicking around that someone might miss but most guys will have stumbled upon the duality of these childhood bedtime buddies for some masturbatory pleasure.

All you need is a plush toy – and to cut a hole out wherever you fancy sticking your dick in.

You can simply use it as you find it or add/remove filling to your desired tightness.

Tip: Unless you want to throw this away after use, we’d recommend using a condom.

8. Pillow Pumper

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  Instant

Materials: Pillow or cushion

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight pillow

Another teen classic that most guys will have tried at some point in their lives, this one just involves a cushion or pillow placed at the right height on top of a sofa or mattress.

All you need to do is hold the pillow down on both sides and press it as hard as you like down against a soft surface and just pump in and out.

Unless you want to deal with the mess afterwards, it is strongly recommended to use a condom.

9. Sofa Surfing

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5 Minutes

Materials: Sandwich bag or latex glove and a sofa.

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight sofa cushion

No, we don’t mean sofa surfing like spending a few nights on a friend’s couch but if you do find yourself spending the night on a sofa then this method for masturbating is super easy to do.

Most couches have cushions which meet somewhere in the middle and these gaps offer some decent resistance to penetration. However, upholstery fabric can be quite tough on your cock – even with a condom on.

Editor’s note: Somebody get the guy who wrote this a job at Ikea.

To combat any friction burns, just slip a latex glove or sandwich bag in between the cushions before you start pumping and away you go.

10. Toilet Roll Pussy

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5 Minutes

Materials: One toilet roll and one latex glove.

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight toilet roll

A really easy one this, you simply start by pushing out the cardboard insert from a roll of toilet paper.

What you are left with is a doughnut of tissue which you can adjust to be as big as you like by simply removing paper from the inside.

Once you are happy with the size of the hole, feed through a latex glove through the middle of the toilet roll and secure this in place by stretching the wrist over the outside.

Secure it in place using some rubber bands and away you go.

11. Little Miss Pringle

Skill Level: Medium (fiddly)

Time:  15-20 minutes

Materials: Used tube of Pringles (not snack-size), two sponges, duct tape, latex glove and a sharp knife.

Cost: Under $5 

make your own fleshlight pringles can

The neat thing about this method is that you can vary up some of the filling to achieve some different sensations.

Start with an empty can of Pringles and remove the lid. Make a small hole in the base to prevent any suction from building up during use.

Next, take a couple of household sponges and place a latex glove in between with the wrist cuff overhanging the edges to make a ‘glove sandwich’.

Now push the sandwich into the Pringles tube and insert it so just the edge with the latex glove is sticking out.

Tip: If the sponges don’t fill the base of the tube, you may need to pack this with some crumpled up kitchen towel. There should be no gaps in the tube.

Next, fold back the wrist of the latex glove around the rim of the Pringles tube and secure this with duct tape.

For some extra ribbing, you can make the ‘sandwich’ using some freezer bags partially filled with dry lentils, rice or other similar knobbly dry staples. Other good things to add inside this device are jelly sweets or beads. If you don’t have sponges to hand then substitute with any kind of soft filling like pillow stuffing or foam. Bubble wrap is also a decent texture to try insider one of the tubes.

Tip: If you don’t have a Pringles can then you can always use a plastic bottle with the top cut off. Just be sure to cover the raw edges with duct taps so you don’t cut your balls to shreds on the rough bits.

12. Hot Water Bottle Roll

Skill Level: Easy

Time:  5-10 minutes

Materials: A hot water bottle, elastic band, duct tape and a latex glove.

Cost:  Free

make your own fleshlight hot water bottle

Start by filling the hot water bottle with warm water up to about a quarter full then lay a latex glove on top with the wrist cuff overhanging the long edge.

Now, roll up the hot water bottle and tape securely with duct tape.

Peel the cuff of the glove tightly over the roll and secure this with an elastic band and tape.

Note: Don’t use boiling hot water (you utter masochist) and always make sure you have screwed the top on tightly with the air removed from the bottle before use.

13. ‘Nerf’ Football Pussy

Skill Level: Medium

Time:  10-15 minutes

Materials: Nerf ball, latex glove, duct tape and a sharp knife.

Cost:  Under $10

make your own fleshlight nerf football

If you have an old Nerf ball lying around, then great – why not fuck it?

You can pick up a cheap one for a few bucks at most supermarkets. It doesn’t have to be a Nerf brand, just a foam football.

Start by carefully cutting off the top of the football to expose the foam inner which should have a hollow central core. Mmm, nice to meet you, core.

All you need to do is slip a glove or condom inside, secure the edge around the rim of the hole, and enjoy.

Note: If the football you purchase doesn’t have a hollow central channel, then you may need to core out some of the interior to create one.

14.  Pool Noodle Pussy

Skill Level: Medium

Time:  15-20 minutes

Materials: Section of pool noodle or pipe insulation, latex glove, elastic band and duct tape plus sharp knife.

Cost:  Under $10

make your own fleshlight pool noodle

Obviously if you have an old pool noodle knocking around then this homemade DIY Fleshlight is a better option than spending ten bucks on a new one. And, if you don’t have a pool noodle then you can always use pipe insulation instead.

All you need to do is cut a section of the noodle to a length which is about 2” longer than your dick.

Next, insert a glove and pull the cuff over the end of the noodle before securing with an elastic band.

The beauty of this project is that a pool noodle is already quite rigid so you don’t need to do much more however, the inner hollow can often be quite ‘roomy’ so you may need to fill it first.

Tip: In order to customize the inner sleeve of your pool noodle pussy, you will need to cut along the length of the section to open it up. You can line the inside with whatever kind of texture you want including some sponge, jelly sweets or beads. Once satisfied with the lining, just insert the glove and seal up the length using duct tape.

15. Inflatable Pussy

Skill Level: Medium (fiddly)

Time:  20-25 minutes

Materials: Four round balloons, Sellotape, duct tape, latex glove and a small container

Cost:  Under $5

make your own fleshlight balloons

The key to this technique is finding the right sized canister but the results for this are pretty squishy plus there is the added appeal for any balloon fetishists that this pussy can POP at any time!

Warning: This method is VERY fiddly but worth the effort if you can be bothered.

You need to find a safe container (no glass) which is around 10cm in diameter and deep enough for you to penetrate.

Start by placing all four balloons over the rim of your container. You will need to partially inflate each one so that they are almost touching inside and semi-secure these as you go using Sellotape.

Once you have a done this, place a latex glove in the centre of the balloons with the fingers pointing down and around an inch of cuff remaining above the balloons.

Next, inflate the balloons a little more to achieve the desired tightness inside and secure the ends of these to the outer rim of your container using duct tape.

Once done you can now pull the cuff of the glove outwards to fold around the outside of the container.

Tip: You may need to cut off the right top few mm of the glove to give you some extra stretchability.

Once the wrist of the glove has been secured around the outside with duct tape you are good to go.

16. Corn Starch Mold

Skill Level: Advanced

Time: Couple of hours

Materials: Tall glass, cornstarch and a large carrot (or similar) plus a pointed implement for making a vacuum release hole.

Cost: Free

This takes a while to prepare so needs doing in advance of being required but will keep so is worth having a go at if you are handy.

First up, choose a glass that is longer and wider than your cock and one that is straight all the way down (NOT wider at the bottom).

In a measuring jug, mix up a solution of 1:2 cornstarch and water. So, for every 100g of cornstarch use 200ml of water

You will need to add the water a bit at a time and you should make sure that the whole thing is combined well before moving on to the next stage.

Pour into your chosen glass.

Microwave the solution in the glass for about 60-90 seconds on full power (900w) and it should begain to solidify to the point that you can insert your carrot into the middle to form a channel.

Make sure that the carrot doesn’t go all the way to the bottom but is suspended about 1-2cm from the base.

Put the glass with the carrot back into the microwave for another 30-60 seconds until the liquid solidifies further and then put the whole thing into the fridge to fully set.

It takes about an hour before it is ready but once it has cooled and firmed up you should be able to slide the mold out of the glass and remove the carrot.

Voila! You now have your own flexible pocket pussy.

You will probably want it to warm up to at least room temperature before using and it will only be good for one go but it is a solid but flexible little toy which has a really nice texture to it. You can play around with what you use to make the channel to add more texture but it should be microwave safe.

Tip: Using a kebab stick or skewer, create a small air hole in the base of your mold when it has been removed from the glass. This will ensure that a vacuum isn’t created during use.

17. Create Your Own Silicone Mold

Skill Level: Advanced

Time: Several Days (for Curing)

Materials: You will need a couple of tubes of silicone, a large candle and something to carve with.

Cost: Approx. $15

make your own fleshlight silicone mold

This one takes some time to prepare and definitely needs a little skill but the effort is worthwhile to create a custom designed silicone vagina which can be used again and again.

Choose a candle that is larger than your penis in both length and girth and start by whittling it down so that it is about 20% smaller than your cock. Add texture by creating lumps, waves and nodules before coating the candle in a thick layer of silicone (1/2”). You’ll need to leave the base free so you can slide the candle out when it is set.

It can take several weeks for the silicone to dry but when it has finally set you can remove and dispose with the candle. The result is your own personalised pocket pussy which can be reused.

Tip: Because it takes several weeks to dry, it is worth making several molds at the same time with different inner textures and sizes so you don’t have to wait if the first couple of attempts aren’t successful.

You can also buy silicone mold making kits which are fast drying but these are quite expensive at $30-$50; however, the results can be a lot more effective.

DIY Fleshlight Safety Advice & User Instructions

As we’ve already mentioned, you will no doubt need to use a good lubricant with most of these methods. But in terms of increasing pleasure and giving these homemade Fleshlights a more realistic feel – you might want to warm them up before trying them out.

Each method demands a different approach but consider these leaving them on a radiator before use or immerse them in hot water before use.

Some of can also be microwaved for a few seconds first but only if they do not contain any metal elements. For instance, Little Miss Pringle is lined with metallic foil so can’t be placed in a microwave.

There’s nothing like a house fire to kill your boner.

You should also make sure that the device isn’t roasting hot when you use it so please folks – do exercise some caution before entry.

In terms of safety, all of the methods listed above have some guidance on how to make them safe but pay attention to the general advice on:

  • Sharp Edges – always make sure your homemade Fleshlight is free from any rough or sharp edges including paper, card and plastic which can cause nasty cuts. Never use glass for any of these methods.
  • Beware of Vacuums – By which we mean the build of a negative pressure causing too much suction. Again, we have indicated in our designs which methods need a release hole including so ensure that this is done to avoid injury. You can always cover the holes with your fingers during use to give you extra suction but release when necessary.

So, all that’s left for us to do is to wish you luck with your crafting and we hope you enjoy your end-results.

You absolute mad men, you.

Don’t forget that these won’t be nearly as satisfying as the real deal but until you can afford yourself your own Fleshlight, enjoy.

Want to know how they make the REAL Fleshlight Girls? Check out our ‘Making Of’ guide. 😉

Also check out our “sister guide” featuring homemade dildos (yikes!).

Got any suggestions about making a homemade Fleshlight? Have you tried one of these methods and found a way to improve it? Let us know about your designs for making your own pocket pussy.


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