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Ever wondered – what is the kinkiest country in the world?

As we know, when it comes to kinks and fetishes, there is no one yardstick by which you can measure any fetish to decide which is the most kinky.

This is made even harder if you apply different cultural influences to a particular fetish.

For example, many of us would probably say that tentacle porn is pretty ‘out there’ but in Japan this kind of eroticism has long and established roots and is not that weird. Head to Thailand and you will be inundated with ladyboys and live sex shows featuring unusual insertions.

The world is a big place and kinks and fetishes vary across the globe. We wanted to know which country comes out on top for its diversity and cultural integration of fetishes. And from what we found… the Winner of Kinkiest Country In The World goes to none other than… Germany.

In this Kinky Countries Guide, we take a look at some of the statistics recorded in global sex surveys and reports on kinks and fetishes. We’ll score some of the world’s most prominent porn viewing nations on the weirdness of the content they like to enjoy.

And we’ll show you why Germany is King. 😉

Global Surveys: Which Country is the Kinkiest?

What is the kinkiest country

When we first came up with the question, we got a lot of answers from different people and different sources, mostly just opinion and a lot of that was based on stereotypes; the repressed Brits loving bondage or the Japanese with their unusual appetite for soiled panties dispensed from vending machines.

All very interesting but what we wanted was a definitive answer to our question.

Unfortunately, there is no single survey that accounts for the kinks, fetishes and tastes in porn that covers all the countries in the world.

So, we’ve decided to take the most recently available data using a number of global surveys, studies and reports to come up with our own take on an overall winner for the crown of Kinkiest Country in the World.

From popular porn sites, social media apps, dating platforms and even sex aids, we’ve found the following results to help us make the call.

Each country ranked in the top 10 for each survey has been allocated points based on their standings which should give us a good average across a range of sources to come up with a result.

So, without further ado, let’s kick off with….

Statistics From Whiplr

According to a study undertaken by Whiplr, the social media and messenger app for the world’s biggest BDSM and fetish community, America was the kinkiest country with seven out of ten users of their platform being into BDSM.

In second place, they judged the Brits to be the next naughtiest nation citing their love of spanking. North American neighbors,  Canada followed with half of all Whiplr users being into BDSM.


The study revealed that Brazilians were more likely than any other nation to have an odor-related kink whilst Dutch users were happiest with their leather and latex fetishes. In Germany, the biggest turn on was for filthy bedroom talk and Australians were the nation who were most likely to have handcuffs in the bedroom.

kinkiest country fetish handcuffs bdsm
The Australians win the ‘handcuffs’ category.

Italians, on the other hand, had a preference for bondage wear and kinky accessories. Interestingly the Vatican City had the second highest number of Whiplr users in Italy… the study didn’t divulge whether the Pontiff himself was one of them but we think probably not.

The French and the Greeks were less forthcoming with their own kinks and seemed happy to simply experiment in the comfort of their own homes rather than at parties and clubs; just curious.

The caveat to all this information, of course, is that the data may well be skewed by Whiplr’s own marketing campaigns. Are Americans really the kinkiest? Or is Whiplr just very popular in the USA?

Let’s look elsewhere…


With 28.5 billion annual visits each year, Pornhub is the one of the top three most popular adult website in the world.

Although the content on the site isn’t all fetish or kinks, it does have its own fair share of porn content that is less than ‘vanilla’. Out of 90 categories on their site, ‘Fetish’ content ranks 69th; this has fallen in recent years and was much higher, at 48th, in 2014.

The reason for including the site in our calculations is that, handily, they produce an annual summary of the global viewing statistics by country. This gives us some great insights into the tastes and trends for porn viewing by nation.

Firstly, some key general statistics according to Pornhub:

  1. Men are 7% more likely to be viewing fetish content women.
  2. Fetish content is (relatively) more popular with the 55-64 year old age group

Which Countries Love BDSM?

Pornhub found the term ‘BDSM’ most popular in the following countries:


Which Countries Love Golden Showers?

Countries most often searching for ‘Golden Shower’ porn where recorded as follows:

1Czech Republic10

Which Countries Love Feederism?

Another very specific fetish and one that features one partner gaining sexual arousal from feeding another is feederism.

It is an off-shoot of BDSM and typically a fetish that has elements of power exchange, feederism has been growing in popularity on Pornhub with searches for this term gaining 600%.

The latest insights report in 2019 revealed the Russians were more likely to be viewing porn content on this fetish than in any other country in the world.

4Czech Republic7
5Puerto Rico6

Which Countries Love Foot Related Porn?

A sub-genre of foot worship sneaker fetishes aren’t nearly as rare as you’d think and appear in the top twenty searches for apparel-related porn.

Foot fetish videogames and even foot fetish escorts are big business all across the globe.

Despite being Pornhub’s biggest source of traffic, you might also think that the USA would have this one in the bag, but no – the results for most sneaker-driven fetishists goes to Poland with America not even making the cut!

4Czech Republic7

Durex Global Sex Survey

Though the data is a little old, Durex’s Global Sex Survey of 2005, was one of the first and largest study of its kind to include questions on the kind of sexual experiences had by the general population in those countries it reported on.

Whilst Pornhub’s audience are in the market for porn and Whiplr users are already self-confessed fetishists (of one sort of another), the respondents in the Durex survey represented a more generalized approach to the questions and could therefore be more indicative of the population as a whole.

Only 41 countries were included in the report but largely covered much of the main European, North American and Asian countries.

We’ve combined the results of those countries that notched up the highest percentages for people who had experience of sadomasochism and/or had used masks, blindfolds or other forms of bondage.

The results where these were more popular reveal the following nations as our top ten:

= 5New Zealand6
= 5Greece6
= 7South Africa4
= 7Denmark4
= 8Norway3
= 8Spain3
= 9Sweden2
= 9Netherlands2
= 9Austria2
= 9Croatia2
durex global sex survey kinkiest country


The adult entertainment app developer, Laveeza, conducted a global survey to report on the most sexually positive cities in the world. Although kinks and fetishes were not a specific target category of this study, the methodology took into consideration factors such as:

  • How sexually active its residents were
  • How sexually experimental its residents were
  • Sex toy consumption
  • Porn consumption
  • Access to swinger clubs and adult entertainment
  • Sexual satisfaction

The top ten cities were:

1France (Paris)10
2Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)9
3U.K. (London)8
4U.S.A. (Los Angeles7
5Germany (Berlin)6
6U.S.A. (New York)5
7Brazil (Sao Paolo)4
8U.S.A. (Las Vegas) 3
9Spain (Ibiza)2
10Netherlands (Amsterdam)1

Results of the Kinkiest Country

Using the points scored in our selection of surveys, studies and statistical reports, we’ve calculated the kinkiest country (or sex-positive with a good love for kinks) in the world to be… Germany!

Who saw that one coming? 😉

5Czech Republic24

So, at the half way stage, we have seven European countries vs two North Americans and one South American.

In general, there aren’t many surprises on this list but there are a couple of countries that are conspicuous by their absence… notably, Japan and Australia. They ranked 29th and 13th on our lists respectively.

We decided to look at this from another angle altogether to make sure we were being fair….

kinkiest country germany
Germany…the world’s kinkiest country?

Subjective View: Which Country is the Kinkiest?

The above set of results is a very objective view and only takes into consideration those surveys and reports that are available (in the English language) and, to be honest, there aren’t that many global surveys around that address kinks and fetishes.

We realize that there is more than one way to skin a cat so, we’ve taken a second approach to this question and looked more carefully at the subjective views on a country’s global reputation for kinks and fetishes.

Here we give the top ten contestants (plus Australia and Japan) another crack at the whip for some bonus kink points.


Australia has a reputation for being a kinky nation and has a good number of BDSM service providers in its main cities. There are also some national groups and communities and plenty of legal brothels where BDSM and kinks are well catered for.

As per the Whiplr survey, Australians are the most likely nation where you can find handcuffs in the bedroom.

According to a recent national survey undertaken by the Australian Study of Health and Relationships only 2% of respondents had involved in BDSM during the previous 12 months with 8% having taken part in role-play during sex.

Other findings were compared with data taken a decade ago and the report’s authors concluded (among other things) that ‘Australians appear to be having sex less frequently, but they have broader repertoires of sexual practice’.

Australia is home to the world’s longest running adult exhibition, Sexpo, or ‘The Sexuality and Adult Lifestyle Exhibition’. Though reasonably ‘vanilla’ in terms of its overall offering with celebrity porn stars, strippers and pole dancers the event does draw some kinksters particularly when it comes to showcasing the latest in kinky toys.

Bonus Kink Points: We give Australia a 5/10.


In a European wide survey conduced by YouGov, Austria ranked in second place with the number of respondents who had had sex in a public place (38%) and who had filmed or taken explicit photographs during sex (12%).

They are largely regarded as a conservative bunch but, like the Brits (see below) it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

There are quite a few BDSM clubs around the country including some more niche fetish venues, dungeons and private studios to rent.

Bonus Kink Points: We’ll award Austria an extra 4/10.


This South American country has one of the largest subcultures of BDSM in the world and the capital of Brasília as well as Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro have many ‘love hotels’ to cater for this market.

Offered to rent by the hour, and similar to those you might find in Asia, these love motels provide an important service to the young people of Brazil where one in four 25-34 year-olds still live with their parents.

However, they don’t just offer a space for having sex but also include naughty add-ons like sex toys, mirrored walls and ceilings as well as chains, cages and whips. In fact, you can find specialist BDSM rooms at many of the larger love hotels.

There are also BDSM clubs and erotic resorts around the country and Brazil has gotten itself a reputation for being a kinkster’s dream vacation destination.

Don’t forget that they were also reported by Whiplr as the country where most people had odor-related fetishes….

Bonus Kink Points: We give Brazil an extra 8/10.


In a recent survey published by the Loop, 11% of Canadians said they were kinky in the bedroom and 47% rated themselves as ‘adventurous’ when it comes to sex.

A staggering 54% of respondents said they had tried some form of BDSM with:

  • 42% having been tied up or tied someone else up.
  • 34% having used a blindfold.
  • 14% having hit or been hit during sex.
  • 10% having whipped or been whipped during sex.

Almost three quarters of people (74%) had tried outdoor sex with the most popular location being the car (34%) followed by a park (22%), the beach (18%) and 6% on a sports field. Unusual places that respondents claimed to have had sex, included in church, inside a Bobcat, on a Ferris Wheel and in an elevator (please, no Aerosmith jokes).

16% of people responding to the same survey owned handcuffs and 6% admitting to having whips.

Bonus Kink Points: We can only stretch to an extra 6/10.

which country is the kinkiest

Czech Republic

The Czechs have a very healthy and liberal attitude towards sexuality and both pornography and prostitution are legal and the country has a lot of brothels that cater for BDSM and fetish lovers. You can also find a lot of sex clubs and private dungeons in and around the larger cities, particularly in Prague.

If the Czech porn scene is anything to go by, there is a big appetite for fetish and BDSM in the Czech Republic.

In a recent (2016) nationwide survey on sexual preferences, 43% of Czech men had experience of exhibitionism and 36% with voyeurism. Women were more likely to have taken part in the latter (19%) whilst 6% had exhibitionist tendencies.

Bonus Kink Points: We’ll give the Czechs and extra 8/10.


Home to the Kutemajrvi Sex Festival, Finland is a famously liberal Scandi country where fetishes and kinks are almost commonplace.

In a European sex survey, Finland took the top spot when it comes to:

  • Having filmed themselves having sex (15%).
  • Used costume during sex (14%).
  • Used a sex toy (39%).
  • Watch pornography (63%).

However, the BDSM scene in Finland is small by comparison to the rest of the world although most of the larger towns and cities have at least one fetish club.

Bonus Kink Points: An extra 7/10 for Finland.


Sex is not taboo in France and the nation is well known (perhaps rather stereotypically) as a nation of lovers. There is a big culture of swinging and casual sex; however, this freedom (or libertine behavior) is perhaps considered enough on its own without the need to resort to fetishes and fantasies to spice things up.

You can certainly find BDSM and fetish clubs but not nearly in the same number as libertine clubs. It would seem that the French are happy to have a lot of sex and not need to kink it up as much as their European neighbors.

Certainly, in a YouGov study of several European countries, France ranked very low on the number of respondents who had used sex toys (just 19% compared to Finland top-ranking with 39%).

They were also the second lowest ranking when asked if they had had sex in a public place recording just 19% compared to Denmark who came out on top with 41%. Interestingly, the same survey revealed that France had the lowest number of people who watched pornography (38%) compared to the highest nations, Denmark and Finland (63%).

Irrespective of these results, the French were one of the most satisfied with their sex lives of all correspondents. Perhaps the key to a satisfied sex life is a vanilla one? Nah….. it’s got to be the wine and cheese!

Bonus Kink Points: We give the French an extra 2/10.

france kinky country national porn trends


Germany is known for its liberal attitude towards sex and is very open to all kinds of sexual fetishism. It is the home of the world’s largest bondage and fetish party, the Torture Ship, which takes place on a lake in Germany. Taking place annually for the last 22 years, 500 guests take to the cruising barge to celebrate their kinks.

It is estimated that one in seven Germans are into BDSM and they have a mass of sex clubs, specifically, BDSM and fetish clubs to explore this in. Cities like Berlin have more than their fair share and there is a great deal of local interest in the kink scene.

In an exercise completed by a Reddit user mapping forum and social media users who were into furrydom, Germany came out top….by quite some margin!

Bonus Kink Points: We have to give Germany 9/10.


Perhaps it is because, compared to the West, Japan has a lot of creative and innovative outlets for sexual practices that we consider them pretty kinky. And this, in a country that is considered pretty sexually repressed.

From hourly love hotels with themed fetish rooms like hospitals, dungeons and subway cars to the infamous vending machines that dispense used underwear, Japan has a ludicrous reputation for the insanely kinky and almost unbelievable fetishes.

We think Japan deserves a full set on bonus kink points for inventing:

  • Oshouji – the practice of writing degrading words on your partners body. An ancient tradition.
  • Nyotaimori – eating sushi from the naked body of a woman.
  • Kinbaku – Japanese bondage
  • Bukakke – the art of the cum-in-face fest
  • Tsubashanpu – similar to bukkake but where girls spit on the face of a man lying down

There are also some fantastically ‘out there’ kinks such as unagi; yes, it is a common sushi dish and a type of freshwater eel but it also refers to the practice of inserting a live eel into the vagina.

S&M is immensely popular in Japan where it is the art of prolonging and withholding the orgasm that is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and not the orgasm itself.

Bonus Kink Points: We give Japan an extra 10/10.

kinky japanese bondage national porn trend japan


Home of the world’s most famous red-light district and hedonistic city, Amsterdam, the Netherlands is well known for its liberal views on sexuality. Whilst prostitution does not mean kinks, the Dutch view on sexuality and fetishes is very progressive and you can find a lot of BDSM and fetish clubs in the Netherlands.

For some Europeans, Holland is the centre of kinky activities in Europe yet only 2.2% of men and 0.9% of women in the Netherlands practice BDSM.

Bonus Kink Points: We give the Netherlands a 4/10.


Many people might have a stereotypical view of sex in the UK but those ‘repressed’ Brits certainly make up for their stiff upper lip exteriors when it comes to the bedroom.

Funded by YouGov and commissioned by Channel 4, the Great British Sex Survey revealed that Brits were have the following top ten fetishes:

  1. Sex toys
  2. BDSM
  3. Sexy selfies
  4. Threesomes
  5. Material fetishism (latex/rubber)
  6. Uniforms
  7. Humiliation
  8. Body fetishes
  9. Watersports
  10. Cross dressing

Though most of the kinks on the list are reasonably common, the TV show went on to details the stories of some more unusual fetishes including looners, formicophiliacs and people who live with sex dolls in ‘marital bliss’.

In a more recent survey (2018) conducted by British Condoms, a quarter of respondents admitted to having a sexual fetish.

Popular national newspaper, The Sun, has also conducted a national sex survey with their results published in October 2018. In the survey, men and women were asked to share their favorite fantasies; BDSM appeared as the second most popular fantasy for women whilst men ranked this as their 6th most common fantasy.

Foot fetish fantasies were ranked 11th and 10th by women and men respectively.

Bonus Kink Points: We have to give the UK a solid extra 7/10.


The U.S.A. is a tricky one to pin down as the country ranges from the ultra-conservative states to those that are more liberal like California, New York and Nevada where attitudes towards sex is more open-minded.

That’s not to say that BDSM isn’t popular across the country and that kinks aren’t just as prevalent in the deep South as they are in Los Angeles – they might just be more discreet and less likely to broadcast it.

There are many reasons why the U.S. deserves its rank in the top 10 kinkiest countries. Studies and surveys on national appetites for kinky behavior abound with some reporting that as many as 36% of Americans having taken part in BDSM activities.

The Folsom Street Fair is an annual leather event which takes place in San Francisco, CA and is the world’s largest gathering of his kind and spreads over 13 city blocks. It includes public floggings and bondage demonstrations attracting thousands of latex and leather clad fet-fans from across North America and beyond.

BDSM and fetishes do remain fairly stigmatized in the U.S. and there is a polarized view of the culture.

Yet, the country has an amazing number of clubs, groups and organisations where a staggering amount of fetishes are practiced and it is in the U.S. that we find perhaps the most diverse range of kinks.

That’s not to say that other countries don’t share the same proclivities, it’s just in the U.S.A. there is more openness about them (in general)…particularly in online forums.

Bonus Kink Points: We’ll give the U.S.A. a healthy 8/10.

usa kinkiest country folsom street fair
Folsom Street Fair, CA.

The Final Results: World’s Kinkiest Country

Taking into account the bonus points, the final standings in our take on the answer to the question, which country is the kinkiest in the world find that Germany is the winner followed by the U.S.A. and the U.K.

5Czech Republic32

Poor old Japan came in 14th even with their extra kink points!

And Finally….The Kinkiest Sounding Places

We thought we’d finish with a quick round up of the literal kinkiest places in the world with our list of some kinky place names. Interestingly, Austria, Germany, U.K. and the U.S.A. also tops our list in this category too…

  • Fucking, Austria
  • Wet Beaver Creek, U.S.A.
  • Intercourse Village, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
  • Vagina, Russia
  • Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Wank Mountain, Germany
  • Cumming Street, London, U.K.
  • Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire, U.K.
  • Back Passage, London, U.K.
  • Muff, County Donegal, Ireland
  • Tit, Algeria
  • Anus, France
  • Climax City, Georgia, U.S.A.
rude place names fucking austria national kinks

Featured image (Folsom Street Fair) via Flickr.


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