20 Famous Twin Pornstars: The Real Life Sisters Who Star In Porn Together

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“What are you doing, stepbro?” 

If you’ve ever heard this fateful phrase at the very beginning of a porn video, you know exactly what’s about to come next – sweaty, salacious, and raunchy relations between two people who look like they could be siblings. Porn is breaking familial and social taboos at an alarming rate. 

Step-brother/step-sister themed porn videos, often referred to as “fauxcest”, has grown by more than 1,000% as a genre since 2011. It’s not exactly new, and one of the most famous examples of incest porn is the Taboo film series of the 1980s. Over the past four decades, it’s grown more popular than ever. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to kick things up a notch from “fauxcest” porn to twin pornstars.

So, I did the research to find twenty real pairs of identical twins who dove into the porn industry together. Many of them have also done scenes alongside each other, which adds a twisted layer of excitement to your next wank session. Without further ado, let’s jump into the good stuff!

Who Are The Hottest Twin Pornstars?

Twin Pornstars

Alright horndogs, I’ve laid down a marker below of twenty famous twin pornstar duos, but let’s face it – you’re getting two for the price of one here. Technically we’re going to be looking at 40 twin pornstars.

Who cares about the semantics?!

Let’s get down and dirty with our first pair of sisters in porn

1. Joey White and Sami White

Joey White and Sami White stand at 5’4”, weigh 125 pounds, and know just how to work as a team. They’re no stranger to threesomes, foursomes, and joint blowjobs.

After all, two pairs of wet lips are always better than one. This dynamic duo started sucking cocks together in 2019 at the tender age of 21. They’re not fresh out of college anymore, but this 25-year-old pair of twin vixens isn’t exactly knocking on retirement’s door. Best of all, they both love role-playing! 

Don’t let their mosquito bite nips fool you, either. Letting your eyes wander a bit further reveals a slim waist attached to a pair of child-bearing hips and a juicy, apple-shaped bottom. They’re the kind of women you just want to fling over your shoulder and (gently) throw onto the master bed. 

Knowing how to work the room, Joey and Sami work all the right angles. They’ve fully grown into playing the role of slutty sisters, stopping at nothing to drain fat cocks for every drop they can. 

Whether they’re fighting over stepdad’s dick or getting blacked with no condom in sight, Joey and Sami authentically love what they do for a living. Their joint passion for well-endowed men (and each other, depending on the scene) is a major turn-on.

2. Lady Zee and Sandra Zee

Lady Zee and Sandra Zee

Lady Zee and Sandra Zee started filming sensual scenes together when they were barely legal. These fresh twin teens were chomping at the bit to suck their first cock together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave up their shared virginity on a casting couch somewhere in Hollywood. 

As if doing scenes together and touching each other in sensitive places wasn’t hot enough, this pair gets way freakier than the average bimbo bending over on camera. They love begging for mercy, taking golden showers, drinking piss/cum, deepthroating huge cocks, and getting DPed. 

If you’ve never seen the Zee twins taking it in all their holes or fingering each other to an orgasm with resounding moans, you’re missing out. They also do hardcore interracial scenes with dudes that are so hung it’s like watching someone try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole. 

The blonde-brunette combo is underrated, especially in porn. Lady has the “Bad Girl” tat on the back of her thighs, and you can read it right-side-up when she’s on all fours. 

Like Joey and Sami, Lady and Sandra have been sucking and fucking their way to a huge following for the past five years. Their willingness to do anything and everything makes them irresistible. 

3. Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon

Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon
Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon. Image CC via Glenn Francis

If I saw Karissa Shannon or Kristina Shannon taking my order at a homely diner in the southern United States, I would never anticipate just how freaky they get in bed. These big-tittied blondies could be mistaken as Marilyn Monroe’s long-lost relatives. I don’t have any proof of that, though. 

With come-hither eyes, a rack that stretches on for days, and a juicy bubble butt that jiggles up and down with every pounding, these twins are nothing short of a sleazebag porn director’s wet dream. They suck cock hand-in-hand, swap cum-covered kisses at the finish line, and get each other’s rocks off like they were born to fuck on the casting couch. There’s nothing they won’t do.

Watch this pair of blonde bimbos get leashed and railed, share stepdad’s banana, take it up the backdoor, and absorb massive dongs while they play video games.

Kristina and Karissa haven’t taken part in any insane orgies just yet, but they’re no stranger to having threesomes and foursomes with girls and guys. The hottest girls always go both ways. 😉

4. Natalia Starr and Natasha Starr

Starr twin pornstars
The Starr twin pornstars, image CC vis Shawn Perez

Next on the list, we have Polish bombshells Natalia Starr and Natasha Starr. Since 2011, they have participated in upwards of 400+ scenes. At least 100 of them were joint ventures. Never afraid to embrace sisterhood, Natalia and Natasha enjoy having threesomes with hung men. 

A smattering of well-placed, girlish tattoos adds to the “hot” factor. It’s no wonder these hotties were chosen to be Penthouse Pets in 2013. They were the first pair of siblings to be picked for the role! Natalia was up first in July, and her brief reign was followed by Natasha in August. The sisters hit it big and even ended up presenting for The Sex Awards.

As for the appeal? Oh my. Watch Natasha spread her legs wide open, drool over the twins as they go les, and drop your drawers as Natalia’s 34C tits bounce to the clapping sound of her getting drilled in missionary. They’re always swapping dick, and using their God-given talents on each other for the camera. These beautiful girls turn literal incest into a flawless work of art. 

That’s why they’ve been scooped up by nearly every major porn studio, chosen for several AVN Awards, and paired up to film scenes with adult superstars like Dahlia Sky and Kurt Lockwood. 

5. Gia Hill and Noma Hill

Gia Hill and Nora Hill, sisters in porn

Gia Hill and Noma Hill, who also go by the names Romi and Raylene, were born on August 15th, 1991. As the 6-foot-tall pair approaches MILF-hood, these Amazonian twins keep their focus squarely on satisfying the male gaze with tandem fetish content & girl-on-girl scenes. They’re blessed with perky tits and hips that just won’t quit. 

When they’re not busy in girl-on-girl action, they’re probably taking some alone time. They have done quite a number of solo scenes, and they get more creative than just fingering. You’ll watch them pull out all kinds of dildos, vibrators, and anal beads to enhance their next orgasm. 

They’ve been scooped up by porn studios like Twisty’s, FTV Girls, Morey Studio & LSG Models. As you might imagine, they’ve starred in a number of step-fetish videos.

Although you can find plenty of videos starring the pair on various tube sites, they’re not actually mentioned by name on Pornhub.

6. Kacey Quinn and Kylie Quinn 

Kacey Quinn and Kylie Quinn have ridden their way to the top of the charts, and the alt-aesthetic they possess is only accentuated by skimpy short-shorts and “bad-girl-next-door” looks. These Canadian cuties spread their legs wide for some of the biggest (pun intended) guy talent out there. They’ve already satisfied the entire team over at MormonGirlz and BangBros. 

Still, before they made their leap into the porn industry, they earned their following on hit cam-sites CamSoda and Chaturbate. Kacey Quinn’s fifteen-minute video of her trying to squirt with an original Hitachi Wand is one of the hottest videos you’ll see this week. Trust me on that one!

In a similar vein, Kylie Quinn’s willingness to embrace familial taboos makes her tiny twat gleam with moisture and excitement for the likes of Alex Adams, Luke Cooper, Blake Blossom, and My Family Pies. Whether she’s role-playing as a klepto babysitter or doing an interracial blowbang with thirteen chocolate-flavored cocks, Kacey and Kylie bend over backwards to satisfy the fans. 

Rough sex is their middle name. They’re spending most of their time doing scenes for Sis Loves Me nowadays, but they’ll make the occasional venture into tamer porn with studios like MOFOs and Skeet Society. 

7. Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai

Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai

Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai hail from the Czech Republic, and they both weigh a slender 106 pounds. These twins are equal parts petite and kinky. Still, they make the most of their 32B titties and flexibility when they’re getting bent into contortionist-worthy shapes. 

Some pornstar twins might only go as far as posing for pictures together, because of, you know, the whole incest factor that’s very much illegal. That’s not the case for these Czechoslovakian girls! They’re too busy spreading each other’s assholes wide open for male stars on set. 

They don’t need to speak English to sail through the director’s orders. When the male talent for the day drops his underwear to the floor, the Dellai twins know exactly what time it is. They’re eager about sharing a single cock, but they’d prefer to have at least one dong for themselves. 

When possible, these greedy starlets hog up two or more guys a piece. All it takes is the lovely Silvia lifting up Eveline’s see-through top and tongue-flicking her nipples for the camera. They’ll even compete with each other to win their stepdad’s favor once that post-nut clarity hits!

8. Marica Chanel and Tina Chanel

Marica Chanel and Tina Chanel

Marica Chanel and Tina Chanel aren’t associated with the luxury handbag company, but they’re giving the word “Chanel” an entirely new meaning. Being identical on the outside usually means being identical on the inside. In other words, Marica & Tina share the same insatiable sex drive. 

Most of the time, they’re hot and horny for each other, but their preferences differ on occasion. If Tina is a gangbang queen, Marica is on the other side of the spectrum deflowering Italian men in more ways than one. Submissive or dominant, these cockhungry beauties promise satisfaction.

They got their career started back in 2018, but there aren’t a whole lot of videos featuring the couple online. Thankfully, studios like Sinsheed and Pink O Club prioritize quality over quantity. Their deepthroat skills are on the web forever!

9. Krissy Lynn and Cassidy Lynn

Krissy Lynn and Cassidy Lynn
Krissy Lynn and Cassidy Lynn. The famous pornstar twins, via TeamSkeet

Nymphomaniac stunners Krissy Lynn and Cassidy Lynn were born in Mormon-famous Utah, and they’re known for expressing their sexual freedom.

They’re also one of the few pornstar twin duos that didn’t enter the industry at the exact same time. For a few years, Krissy had to shoot scenes alone, but I’m sure she was excited and aroused (I know I’d be!) when Cassidy announced that she’d be following in her sister’s dirty footsteps. 

Cassidy’s been scooped up by the likes of Spicevids, Anarchy, ChickPass, and the iconic She Fucked Her (an obligatory ode to lesbian chicks who turn straight once a man enters the room). 

It’s hard to find scenes of them starring side-by-side, but TeamSkeet did the honors of recording an hour-long video where Krissy Lynn and Cassidy Lynn swallow up the same cock before getting handsy with each other. The sexual tension between these twins is damn near palpable. 

Finally, Krissy coaxes her male co-star’s money shot onto her sister’s eagerly anticipatory face. I wanted to see them indulge the viewers with a few cum-swapping kisses, but nothing is perfect. As it is, these pornstar MILFs are sensual enough to make a viewer think they’re scissoring off-cam. 

10. Kayla Kayden & Kendall Kayden

Kayden porn sisters

Kayla Kayden and Kendall Kayden aren’t exactly identical twins, but they look similar enough to give a Puritanical porn viewer pause. They’ve spent hours in the gym, toning the perfect bodies for countless men to struggle to resist during every scene. Best of all, it’s hot when they fight over the same prize.

Of course, Kayla and Kendall are far too pretty to settle for just one hard cock. Whether Kendall is taking Isiah Maxwell’s BBC or the twin duo is kneeling side-by-side to slurp up four dicks at once, neither of them walk straight afterwards. 

Eventually, they realize that sharing is caring. After all, with the amount of Viagra their co-stars are taking, there’s more than enough juicy cock to go around. These extra naughty MYLFs also go both ways. As they’re filming on the set of She Seduced Me, they team up to tease each other. 

Kayla & Kendall are down for anything. Anal, double penetration, and sloppy blow-bangs are just another day at the office for this pair of stunning nymphos. They’re at their sexiest when they’re spitting in the face of taboos and getting each other to reach earth-shattering climaxes in record-time. If you can think of something, they’ve probably been recorded in the act of doing it. 

11. Sandra Romain and Alice Romain

Romain porn sisters

I’m not a huge salad guy, but when I hear the word “romain”, I think of the lettuce. That was until I found Sandra Romain & Alice Romain sucking cock to perfection on the front page of Pornhub! Standing at a demure 5’3” and weighing a mere 119 pounds, these Romanian-born beauties are rail-thin. Luckily, their slender torso never takes away from their double D cleavage. 

Just from drooling over the smutty thumbnails on each scene they’ve participated in, I can see exactly why this pair of Eurobabes is in such high demand. They blow their co-stars to kingdom come and offer up their curvaceous thighs for a pounding you have to see to believe. 

But the best part about their reign over the porn industry is their shared kinky versatility. 

When they’re not puckering their asshole in eager anticipation of what’s to come next, the twins aren’t afraid to inflict as much pleasurable pain as they love to receive. Pegging extraordinaires in their own right, Sandra and Alice turn the heat up every time they wear a massive strap-on. 

12. Ava Rose and Mia Rose

The Rose sisters
The Rose sisters, image CC via LukeIsBack

Ava Rose and Mia Rose are due for their yearly checkup, which is exactly why Dr. Tim Wetman had to make sure that Mia’s pussy was working as God intended. Her twin sister & co-star Ava thoroughly enjoys getting down on all fours and lapping up cum from the floor. Yep, these two have filmed some wild twin pornstar action.

They also thoroughly enjoy skinnydipping, cuckqueaning, raceplay, threesomes, and concerning age-gap relations. Even though they’re willing to blow grandpas who are old enough to be World War II veterans, they haven’t crossed the line of fingering each other or fucking side-by-side yet. 

Goth is their preferred aesthetic, but they’re no stranger to role-playing, either. When Mia steps into the role of snow bunny bimbo, four guys magically appear on set to stuff her in every way imaginable. Similarly, when she adopts a character from World of Whorecraft (hahahaha, we do love a parody), she goes all-out. 

As they continue sucking and fucking their way to the top of the charts, many viewers are still hoping that fate brings them closer together in a more intimate way.

13. Havana and Savana Ginger

Havana and Savana Ginger have quite the pair of knockers on them, and they’re more or less worshiped by the small community of areola-lovers on Pornhub. If booty is the word of the day, they’re not lacking in that department, either – if you don’t believe me, watch Havana take a ride!

They’re not quite comfortable enough with each other’s sexuality to bump clits with each other, but they can handle group orgies with no problem. They’re also very comfortable with wearing strap-ons. Whether they’re pegging guys or fucking girls, this bisexual pair is highly arousing in the heat of the moment. Still, a personal favorite video from Havana is her jerk-off instructions.

Both of these confident cuties know how to submit to their superiors, but they’re not afraid to take charge when needed. Their versatility and beauty make them strong contenders for this list, and we’re willing to bet you can’t find a hotter twin pair of ebony/Latina chicks doing porn. 

14. Delilah Strong and Daisy Strong

Delilah Strong and Daisy Strong 

Delilah and Daisy Strong are not really active in today’s porn industry, but their brief run from 2008 – 2009 was notable enough for me to give them a mention on this list. If you don’t mind enjoying a blast from the past, they’ve co-starred in several professional flicks. 

Keeping the focus on Daisy for a moment, she’s been a participant in numerous movies hosted by 1000 Facials, Ass Parade, Facial Fest, Vivid, and the ever-popular MOFOs network. They’ve immortalized their place in the porn industry with a demure, 5’5” figure and natural, 32C breasts. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any scenes during which these blonde bombshells turned their sex skills on each other for a battle of the ages. However, topless and full frontal are their first and last names. They preferred solo masturbation back in the day, but they’ve been involved in more than enough MMF threesomes and MMMF foursomes to let their inner sex goddess shine on camera. 

Still, given that Delilah has slightly bigger tits than her twin sister, I like her just a little bit more than Daisy. If you’re a #littleboobiesmatter kind of dude, you’ll probably pick Daisy. They’re both smoking hot.

15. Shana Lane and Roxy Lane

Shana Lane and Roxy Lane are the bisexual bimbo twins we didn’t know we needed to see get down and dirty on camera. They’re also bringing back the Y2K aesthetic with every scene they film. Born September 30 1992, these burning-hot vixens go both ways for our viewing pleasure. 

At 31 years young, they’re just beginning the “MILF” chapter of their storied porn career. It’s not known when they decided to take the plunge, but given their impressive archive of porn videos, it’s not a far stretch to say that Shana and Roxy paid dues as barely-legal teenie entertainers. 

Best of all, they’ve done scenes hand-in-hand. While they’re real-life twin sisters, they have a shared love of getting railed at the same time. They’ve been featured by the likes of 3WayPorn, Pegas Productions, Purgatory X, and Shake the Snake to enjoy A Lady’s Touch: Vol 1 Part 1. 

They’ve also been filmed taking dick together and having one hell of a time in the process. They took a trip to France, where a natural European stud had his way with both of them at once. As you’ll discover by watching their videos, Shana and Roxy love teaming up – double the trouble. 😉

16. Alex Blake and Taylor Blake

Alex Blake and Taylor Blake

Alex Blake and Taylor Blake dove into the porn industry as fresh-faced eighteen year olds, and they’ve since celebrated their sixth straight year of getting down and dirty on the casting couch! Born in the year 2000, Alex and Taylor have plenty of years ahead of them as porn twin superstars. 

While they haven’t done any scenes together just yet, their career is still young, and we’ve seen twin pornstars start porking each other in their early 30s so nothing would surprise us! Plus, they’re both super-kinky as it is. Taylor likes public peeing, twerking as a cheerleader, and playing the rusty trombone (rimming).  

Still, they’ve marketed themselves as gamer girls and e-thots. That’s what got Amouranth into the golden girls club, so why not them? As we’d expect from any pair of twin p-stars worth their weight in salt, Taylor and Alex have equal enthusiasm for draining fat cocks & devouring pussy. 

At least one of them also has a daddy kink, which also checks out perfectly when you consider what they do for a living. They both stand at 5’5”, weigh 138 pounds, and boast figures to get your blood pumping.

17. The Milton Twins

Milton Twins Porn

The Milton twins are the only set of pornstar bombshells on this list that share a profile on the Hub. This unforgettable duo has two parts that go by the name of Cali Marie and Cherish, but the only thing I found myself cherishing about their fetishes is that ATM scene.

And no, before you ask, I’m not talking about a machine where you get cash from the bank. I’m talking about this impressive ass-to-mouth scene featured on PornHub. They’ve recorded at least 25 scenes together, and they look just as good while they’re jilling off next to each other. 

Cherish and Cali Marie are identical twins, which means their measurements are more or less identical if you want to picture them in your mind’s eye. They stand at 5’5”, weigh a mere 105 pounds, and boast a 34B cup size. Unfortunately, they only filmed videos from 2004 until 2012.

Little boobies need love too, and it would be a travesty to neglect those perky nips. After all, it’s like their on switch. Cherish is the anal-loving queen, and Cali loves taking facials from hung men. Together, they’re an unstoppable duo. They’ve never actually done a scene apart from each other, which says a lot more about their personal preferences than you might imagine.

Cherish has a few more tattoos than the lovely Cali Marie, but they’re both subject to numerous scandals. Firstly, they (allegedly) attempted to defraud a porn studio. The rumor soon changed, and people began saying that a studio tried to defraud them in return. Either way, who knows? The Miltons are hot stuff.

18. Priya Young and Priyanka Young

Priya Young and Priyanka Young haven’t broken as many taboos as some of the other twins I’ve discussed, but piss-play is their favorite.

They’ve also been featured in quite a few “step-parent” scenes, which (unsurprisingly) they’ve chosen to blend with their insatiable desire for golden showers. The kinkiest thing Priya has done is shoving a cucumber up her asshole. Well, technically, her boyfriend plugged it for her – but you get the picture.

When Priya isn’t busy seducing her next man, she’s pleasuring herself in the bathroom using the showerhead to get her rocks off. If you’re a sucker for exotic women, Priya and Priyanka’s storied career is a breath of fresh air from all the European and American models we’ve already covered in this list. 

19. Sheila Ortega and Kesha Ortega

Sheila Ortega and Kesha Ortega

Kesha and Sheila Ortega speak English, but when they’re getting drilled by the unnecessarily hung Jordi El Nino Polla, they start screaming in native tongues. They’re also not afraid to fuck their landlord when rent & bills are due. Actually, it’s one of their favorite scenarios to re-enact! 

These Latina bombshells can suck cock like you wouldn’t believe, and when they envelop their male co-stars in the Throat Vortex 3000 for extended periods of time, we can’t blame them for busting a nut earlier than expected.

But, of course, these twin pornstars wouldn’t be twinning hard enough if they didn’t get on their knees for whichever lucky male star is railing them into another dimension. They’re both team players! They always help each other, with a generous amount of spit as lube.

Teamwork makes the dream work, am I right? 

20. Taylor and Tati Russo

Russo porn twins

Last but certainly not least, we’ve brought Russian stripper sisters Taylor and Tati Russo into the fold. They’re known for starring in smash-hit films like In Her Head, Introducing the Russo Twins, One Night Stands, and the iconic My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother. What a mouthful! 

They have a questionable penchant for intentionally getting caught in the act of sucking cock by the other sister. After all, Don’t Tell My Wife I Assfucked the Babysitter 8 gives it all away in the title. Standing at 5’3” and weighing 115 pounds, these girls took their pole-dancing skills to the next level in their documentary-style porno flick: The Russo Twins: From Russia to Hollywood. 

They’re exhibitionists at their core, and these vodka-loving babes drink more than hard liquor once a scene is about to wrap up. They’re known for swallowing every drop after the male talent finally pops his load, but they’re equally comfortable with lapping up lesbian juices when the guy is too tuckered out to keep shooting. They’ve even licked each other’s landing strips on camera! 

These Cheap Trixxx (yes, that’s another of their best joint scenes) stop at nothing to deliver oral, anal & vaginal satisfaction.

Who Are Your Favorite Pornstar Twin Sisters?

You might be surprised at just how many identical twins have accepted the idea of performing sexual acts in tandem. Even though it’s hot when you sit back and think about it, the sheer number of twin pairs willing to jack (and jill) each other off is really nothing short of astounding

Keeping this sentiment in mind, we want to know if we missed any notable pairs of twins that do porn. If you have a favorite duo that we somehow missed, feel free to drop the names.

As always, thanks for reading! 


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