Nurse Fetish Guide: The Medical Fetish Porn Scene

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Find yourself fantasizing about naughty nurses or cruel but kinky carers?

Then you may well have a nurse fetish – it’s one of the most popular fantasy within the wider medical fetish community!

More common than you might think, having a thing for the caregivers of the medical world is one of those kinks that crosses over the vanilla and fetish boundaries.

Whilst for some, it is simply all about the costume, for others they may be more drawn to the surgical procedures and clinical settings. Whatever way you are drawn to nurses, there are plenty of resources within the fetish community to help you explore this kink safely.

If you are looking specifically for the best nurse porn, two of the top sites to check out are Exposed Nurses and Sperm Hospital (for cougar cock-loving nurses). We also love Spy Hospital which takes on much more of a voyeuristic feel. For those who want to combine their nurse fetish with a love for cute Japanese girls, JP Nurse is a must-visit.

In this medical fetish guide, we take a closer look at the nurse fetish and how this relates to other medical related kinks. We’ll cover some of the links and psychology behind it and how popular this fetish is in the porn industry.

Finally, we’ll give you some online resources for ways to connect with others in the community.

What is a Nurse Fetish?

Nurse fetish and medical porn sites

As with any fetishism, a nurse fetish is far more than just finding nurses sexy although this is quite a commons subject of fantasy (see below). What distinguishes this as a fetish is that nurses become a primary focus of sexual desire and fulfillment and may even be an exclusive part of a nurse fetishists sex life.

Often linked with a medical fetish, a nurse fetish can be both dominant and submissive. Nurses are often seen as the caregivers and the ones administering the treatments but role play can also see them seduced by patients or other medical staff including doctors.

Fantasies can also involve lesbianism with two (or more) nurses indulging in some work-based sexual fun.

It may be the clinical setting which sparks the fetish, the uniform or the role itself.

Why Are Nurses Sexy?

Whilst many fetishes are way outside the comfort zone for most of the vanilla community, finding nurses sexy is something that is shared by many men (and women) no matter how kinky they are.

In fact, it would seem that irrespective of age, culture, race, religion and geography, the appeal of those in the nursing profession is universal.

But what is it about nurses that make them so sexy?

There are lots of reasons, psychologically, which attract us to people in the medical profession and most of these are hardwired in to us from an early age.

By and large, nurses are:

  • Compassionate
  • Intelligent
  • Caring
  • Self Reliant

They have also seen everything before, are okay with getting their hands stuck in and can handle an emergency!

Principally, in a fetish situation, nurses are in control and their patients are usually helpless in their care. It is also true that the majority of nurses (certainly in our youth) are (or were) female and this plays into the femdom (or powerful woman) role that is prevalent in many kinks.

And then there are the uniforms!

Okay, so the modern theater scrubs and plastic shoes are not nearly as exciting as the ‘traditional’ nurses outfit from the pre-1980s era. However, this ‘costume’ still invokes plenty of fantasies for both men and women based on early childhood experiences.

nurse fetish model august ames
Image via PornPics.

Nurse Fetishism: Causes and Links to Other Medical Fetishes

Whilst it is acknowledged that there is (typically) no single cause for any particular fetish or partialism, it is widely believed that sexual imprinting takes place during adolescence.

Whilst some people may be able to recall being in hospital during their childhood or teenage years and being cared for by a nurse, others could associate the beginnings of their fascinations through popular culture’s depictions of the ‘nurse’. And this is quite key.

The ‘nurse’ as a stereotype has been sexualized for generations and few people will have grown up without seeing some form of ‘sexy/naughty nurse’ reference.

Doctors and nurses is also a very common game which we play when we are younger and it is thought that this childhood exploration of our bodies may be one of the triggers for the subsequent sexual fascination with the profession.

Historically nurses have been seen as ‘angelic’ and ‘selfless’ which could also link into subversion fantasies of ‘sullying’ an innocent. This is particularly prevalent with ‘candystripers’ or junior nurses.

There is also some evidence to suggest that nurses may have also been viewed as being women of ill repute. This may be linked to the demands of their career in being attached to army camps. The only other women who followed camps were, of course, whores.

Another theory around the history of the sexualization of nurses is due to the fact that many nurses were unmarried making them a ‘legitimate’ fantasy for male patients to pursue.

nurse fetish medical fetish
A nurse fetish is closely linked to other medical kinks. Image via GynClub.

One of the closest links with nurse fetishism is, of course, a medical fetish (or ‘medfet’). The two are intrinsically linked and revolve around similar themes, roles and settings. This can extend, but is not limited, to:

  • Medical and surgical procedures
  • Intimate examinations
  • Use of specialist devices
  • Insertions
  • Injections
  • Enemas
  • Catheterization
  • Diapering
  • Restraints, gags and anesthesia
  • Uniforms/costumes
  • Role play of various medical practitioners including surgeons, nurses, dentists

Each of these elements can easily be associated with a variety of other fetishes including BDSM, needle/blood play, adult baby syndrome, diaper fetish, urethral and anal fetishes, electra-stim and many more. In this way, the nurse fetish is quite a common crossover kink.

Nurse Fetish Porn

There are few more popular careers depicted in porn than nursing and women (and men) of this profession can be seen in many adult movies.

Stats on Nurse Fetishes in Porn

The last time that Pornhub ran some analysis on how popular various occupations were on its site was back in 2014. At that time, the stats showed that ‘Teachers’ were the most searched for occupation followed closely by ‘Babysitters’. Nurses came third in the list.

nurse fetish in porn
Image via Pornhub Insights.

However, a survey in 2013 by Pornhub also revealed that Pornhub viewers thought that a ‘Naughty Nurse’ outfit was the 3rd sexiest costume a woman could wear. With 14% of the votes, the medical profession was once again runner up but this time to ‘School Girl’ (24%) and a ‘Naughty Disney Princess’ (19%).

Nurse costumes are a perennial favorite at Halloween and the latest stats on searches during this period also reveal that ‘nurse’ comes high on the list yet has been falling in popularity for the last four years:


Premium Nurse Porn Sites

And finally, for the best selection of premium and exclusive nurse (and medical) fetish porn, we’ve selected the following sites:

  • JP Nurse – with more than 540 clips of Japanese nurses administering intimate treatments and being boned by doctors and patients, this site from the All Japanese Pass network is a hot Asian feast. Access to the site starts from $12.99 per month and includes an additional 20+ premium sites.
  • Exposed Nurses – formerly, this hot site showcases the best uniform babes in clinical settings using medical instruments. Plenty of gaping, spreading and pumping all shot in HD. Membership includes four bonus sites.
  • Fetish Clinic – A niche German medical porn site with European and American models participating in fetishized clinical procedures. Updated every week and with 100+ clips and galleries from the last few years, this is a specialized site.
nurse fetish porn fetish clinic
Image via Fetish Clinic.
  • Sperm Hospital – mature nurses jerk off young patients for donations in this niche nurse site.
  • Medically Sado – a Kink exclusive site featuring Spanish femdoms medical specializing in sadism, bondage, latex, fetish & sissification.
  • Spy Hospital – a great site for any medical fetish fans who also love voyeurism. The spy hospital is set up with a hidden cam in the gyno suite so you can enjoy secretly filmed footage.
  • Fake Hospital – a site from the popular set-up kings at Fake Hub, this clinic features pretend nurses and doctors instigating medical examinations and procedures. Access to this site starts at $1 per day for a trial and includes plenty of bonus content.
  • Clinic Fuck – a specialist porn site with all scenes shot in a medical setting, there is a variety of procedures and role play here to enjoy with a trial membership starting at just $1.00
  • Doctor Tushy – revamped for 2020, this unique medical fetish action site features gyno and rectal exams, strip searches, spanking and enemas.
  • Doctor Adventures – nor merged with the Brazzers Network, this site features naughty nurses, horny patients and sexy doctors. There are more than 600 scenes to enjoy plus your membership here gets you access across an additional 30+ niche sites. Membership rates start at around $9.99 per month.
  • Sex With Doctors – whilst the majority of clips on this site feature doctors, there are some nurses in action too plus they are all set in a medical environment.
  • Boob Exam Scam – a small but specialist channel on the Pink Visual network, you can watch around 70 breast examinations being performed by dirty doctors. Membership here also gets you access to 35 additional sites and offering more than 5,250 exclusive scenes.

Of course, one of the best premium porn sites for medical fetishes is GynClub, although all content is based around a gynecologist’s clinic.

nurse fetish porn gynclub
Image via GynClub.

Nurse Fetishes: Communities and Resources

Most fetish communities have a link in to the clinical world of kink nursing and you can find many femdom studios well set up to cater for this.

In fact, along with the BDSM dungeon, a medical playroom is one of the most popular rooms on request at most fetish studios.

You can also find clinics and medical play rooms in many swingers clubs. Some may even run specific fantasy nights based on doctors and nurses or other medical themes so always check your local area for sex clubs near you.

Finding a Professional Fetish Nurse

As with all fetishes, there is a limit to how much realism can be created in a home setting and with amateur accessories, props and furniture.

Plus, if you don’t have access to a partner with whom to role play then finding a professional medical clinic and playmate is a must.

We’ve found a couple of good places to start your research specifically for nurse fetishes but, again, checking the national femdom listings can also help you locate a local mistress who can offer nurse role play:

  • Dickie Virgin – Worldwide directory of femdoms with some who provide specialist medical fetish services.
  • Mistress Guide – another international listing of professional mistresses who can offer nurse fetish fun.
  • Sin Search – mainly UK and US based mistresses, there are several who specialize in nurse and medical fetishes.
  • Pandemos – this database of femdoms allows you to narrow your search down for those professionals who specialize in medical play, enemas and needle play.
  • Max Fisch – primarily a US based directory with some worldwide listings.
  • Domina Guide – able to search for keywords like ‘nurse’ and ‘medical’, the results show dominas in North & South America, Australia and Europe.
  • Medical Fetish Guide – This UK based directory of professional domme mistresses and nurses has a great list of clinics where you can get a full medical service.
  • Mistress Envy – London/Devon/Bristol, UK
  • Nurse Nasty – Winsted, CT
  • Nurse Gypsy & Associates – Sunny Isles Beach, Delray Beach, & Coral Springs, FL
nurse fetish guide medical fetish find a mistress
Image via Medical Fetish Guide.

Events and Community Resources

Again, most fetish clubs run their own medical themed events so always check the listings of local studios and members-only groups for details.

The Medical Toys site also has a great list of US fetish groups and clubs which have clinics.

Regular and annual fetish events may also include medical interest and some can be themed around nurses, doctors and clinical play.

The Bloodfeast Medical Fetish Ball, though cancelled for 2020, is an annual event which attracts naughty nurses, dirty doctors and all manner of fetishists looking to sate their appetite for all things clinical. Held in San Antonio, TX, you can find details through their Facebook pages.

As far as groups go, there are several around which cater just for nurse fetishists as well as more general medical kinks. One of the best is Fetlife (Medical Play – Doctor/Nurse Fetish). With 8,520 members, they are a fairly active bunch discussing a wide range of related topics. There is also a private group set up on Facebook with 1100+ members called Medical Fetish.

The kink-positive dating site Fetish also has a great guide on medical play and is a good resource for finding like-minded kinksters.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Naughty Nurses Twitter feed too for a regular dose of ‘naughty bathroom selfie scrub pics/vids’.

Medical Fetish Toys and Accessories

Whilst most sex toy stores will sell some basic nurse and medical related accessories, the true nurse fetishist will want access to more realistic props, accessories and costumes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online sites where you can buy medical grade equipment specifically aimed at the kink community.

Medical Toys is a great store for all your indoor adventure gear. They have a huge stock of products. From basic clinic supplies to specialist surgical tools and props.

They do a good range of institutional restraints, catheter and enema kits as well as sharp objects, sound sets and stainless steel toys. Based in North America, they ship internationally.

nurse fetish community resources shopping medical toys
Image via Medical Toys.

MedFetUK is a British supplier of medical grade fetish items for your clinical kinks, they ship internationally and supply a wide selection of needles, blades, protective gear and surgical instruments.

We’re also a little bit fond of this small UK company since they leapt to the call to arms against the coronavirus. Stepping in last month to provide the NHS with their entire stock of medical scrubs (free of charge), they deserve some support for their generosity.

Other medical fetish toys suppliers who ship internationally include:


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