12 Top Cosplay Pornstars: These Models Bring Your Dress-Up Fantasies To Life

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If you’re like most men to ever walk the Earth, you’ve probably had a crush on a video game or movie character at some point. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to watch Harley Quinn sleep with the Joker? How about Catwoman seducing Batman into abandoning his principles?

Or, or, bear with me – this one’s for my Star Wars fans – Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt. Not a pretty pairing, but it’s been done. That’s the big hook of cosplay pornstars!

In this guide, I’ll be checking out the best cosplayers on the porn web today. Anyone can get naked for the camera, but not every actress with quadruple D flappers can pull off a sexy costume. It takes dedication, commitment, and love for the actual character!

Who Are The Hottest Cosplay Pornstars?

AdultVisor guide to the hottest cosplay pornstars

OK, disclaimer: hottest is subjective, I know.

I’ve tried to base this list on notoriety, fandom size, viral content and each model’s sheer popularity with the horny masses. As well as appearances on the more notable specialist Cosplay porn sites.

Beyond playing dress-up, these cosplayers completely embody the persona, mannerisms, and vocabulary of the characters they’re playing. It’s just so much more immersive when she acts the part.

Without further ado, let’s dive into fap-fest with our top pick: the one and only Purple Bitch

1. Purple Bitch

Purple Bitch

Hailing from the land of vodka and sub-zero temperatures is the lovely Purple Bitch – originally from Tomsk, Russia; this 28-year-old porn star has built her reputation on the back of dressing like Daphne, Velma, Miku Hatsune & Raiden from Genshin. FYI, her real name is Tati Shumaev. 

And boy, is she smoldering hot! In addition to flawlessly looking the part, she gets into character quite well. Tati makes for a great Pikachu, and she’s not afraid to indulge with some girl-on-girl action while playing Rei and Asuka in latex. In case you’re curious, anal creampies are her fav. 

Judging from the kind of content she normally creates, Purple Bitch likes it dirty and rough. She gets desperate for blowbangs, goes both ways on a whim, and enjoys double penetration from well-endowed men. It’s like she was born to become a cosplay superstar on the casting couch. 

Aside from her exquisite library of tantalizing cosplay scenes, Purple Bitch has a life outside of porn. She has a pet raccoon named Kuzya, and she doesn’t like to drink alcohol or smoke due to past health problems. Finally, as you’ll soon see, Tati enjoys body piercings and sexy tattoos. 

Standing at 5’4” and weighing a meager 116 pounds, this anime and manga lover is the kind of magnetic minx you could only dream of knowing in real life. Luckily, her exhibitionist tendencies mean that Tati is more than happy to bare all for the camera on PornHub, OnlyFans, Snapchat, and Twitter. If you’re a sucker for exotic chicks with curves in all the right places, don’t miss out! 

2. Amouranth

Amouranth cosplay clips

Next on our list, how could anyone forget the lovely Amouranth? Born as Kaitlyn Siragusa, she famously sold 1,000 fart jars to her fans. “Scents by Amouranth” was a smash hit, so she soon began selling her bath water to boot. However, she got her start as a “hot tub” Twitch streamer. 

In other words, she’d repeatedly push the boundaries of what Twitch deemed acceptable. This resulted in her getting banned from the platform on eight separate occasions since 2019. She dabbled with the idea of creating an OnlyFans for years, but now she’s a full-fledged porn star.  

Eventually, all those semi-purposeful wardrobe malfunctions pushed her towards doing the real thing. Taking a closer look at her Linktree profile might explain why so many fans were willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a whiff of Amouranth’s protein farts. All that whey really has to stink. 

However, she’s just beginning her illustrious career as an adult actress with no boundaries. Until Amouranth starts dressing up as Poison Ivy and Spider-Girl for Brazzers, you’ll have to salivate over her YouTube try-on hauls instead. Her budding PornHub profile is worth checking out too! 

Aside from her dressing as a skimpy cow, role-playing as a pirate and embracing her inner freak as a pole dancer, there’s not much free cosplay content available for Amouranth. Her OnlyFans page is another story – she’s even giving out a free squirt video when you subscribe right now.  

In addition to Cameo, Discord, Snapchat, Patreon, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok & Instagram, she has her own ASMR YouTube channel. You can even call her phone number and get featured on her next stream! Getting even more raunchy, Amouranth has an AI program that talks dirty just like her. It’s really impressive to see Amouranth flaunting her figure on every social media channel!  

She’s also selling a fleshlight that’s designed to feel just like the inside of her pink money-maker. I haven’t tried it myself (yet), but I’m looking forward to test-driving one in the very near future. Yeah! 

3. Sweetie Fox

Sweetie Fox

Sweetie Fox keeps her personal life separate from her identity as an adult actress, and her real name isn’t publically available. Luckily, we don’t need to know her personal details to appreciate her creativity and the unbelievably sexy outfits she’s demonstrated on PornHub and OnlyFans

After all, how do you think she got her name? Her fox ears look the best when they’re bouncing to the rhythm of a grueling trip to Pound Town. We’re fans of Sweetie’s preferred “slave-daddy” dynamic, but then again, she makes for an excellent dominatrix when she’s playing as Makima. 

We’ve also seen her flawlessly replicate the likes of Yae Miko, Mikasa, and even Black Widow. 

If you had any doubts about her dedication to dressing up, she’s the only p-star we’ve seen that sells cosplay photo sets (and her nudes) for a fixed price. Check out her fledgling online store and drool over Sweetie Fox as she embodies the spirit of Mitsuri, Tatsumaki, Sakura, and more. 

She’s a huge anime fan, but she loves video games just as much. That’s why she can easily pull off Super Mario, D.Va from Overwatch & Ada Wong from Resident Evil. She delivers versatility that’s not often replicated by cosplay porn stars, and she never seems to run out of outfit ideas! 

When she’s not busy on all fours, Sweetie Fox loves playing Dungeons and Dragons. She’s also an avid powerlifter, and she’s just as comfortable drawing characters as she is playing them. If this 20-something-year-old Russian exhibitionist gets you going, welcome to the horndogs’ club. 

4. MollyRedWolf

Molly Red Wolf

MollyRedWolf might have been born in Russia, but she’s adjusted to all the cultural customs of the Western world. She’s smoking hot, curvaceous in all the right places, and a huge nerd at her core! She loves video games, goofy TV shows, Nintendo-themed characters, anime and manga. 

Unlike the adorably submissive Sweetie Fox, Molly Red Wolf is actually more of a dom than we expected. She’s cosplayed as a seductive nun, pegged the guard from Five Nights At Freddy’s, filmed Yuzuriha’s sex trap, and pleased her co-star as Pomni from The Amazing Digital Circus. 

Still, her most impressively wacky scene is modeled after Family Guy. She pulls off the perfect Lois with two kinky twists: cuckolding and rimming. I have to say, I could picture the real Lois as a dominatrix under the right circumstances! In this scenario, she’s making Peter sit in the corner. 

Even though MollyRedWolf’s free PornHub content is pretty awesome, she’s got more exclusive outfits reserved for her Fansly subscribers. If you want to see what’s coming up next, her Twitter is home to some seriously sexy trailers. Most recently, Charlie takes Alastor’s load in the hotel! 

You can also find Molly on Instagram and TikTok. She hasn’t launched a premium Snapchat yet.

When she’s not busy taking punishments and dishing them right back out with equal fervor, she loves drawing and 3D modeling! She’s also a big fan of warm blankets, thoughtful compliments, and delicious coffee. Standing at 5’7” and 141 pounds, she’s got a little cushion for the pushin’! 

If you feel like chipping in to pay for all the dildos she uses during her free time, Molly’s Amazon wish list is filled with potential options. Personally, I like how all of them are 8 to 12 inches long. 

5. Indigo White

Indigo White

This one is for all the closeted (and proud) femboy fans out there – when I first stumbled across Indigo White’s profile, I honestly thought he was just another cosplay actress. Then again, when he’s dressed up, his gender-bending abilities are unmatched. It’s really the best of both worlds. 

Indigo used to be a waiter, but he quickly discovered that waiting on his superiors hand-and-foot was much more satisfying (and profitable). He also used to have a PornHub account, but he’s in the process of moving all his PornHub content to his personal website because he got banned. 

He explains the full story behind his abrupt and unfair removal from the platform in this video. If you don’t feel like watching it, allow me to summarize: some of the videos he posted a long time ago conflicted with PornHub’s new ToS. Because PH doesn’t let their creators delete videos, he ended up getting his entire PH account deleted. That’s a very unfortunate circumstance for sure. 

On the bright side, all the profits from his website go directly into his pocket, so maybe all’s well that ends well. You can watch quite a number of videos for free to get a taste of his best outfits. Never afraid to stretch the boundaries, he’s equally at home roleplaying as Mistress & McBussy. 

Some of his more creative ideas include dressing up as the creepiest Minecraft character of all time (Enderman), sprouting his tail as werewolf boy, seducing Nightwing as Blackfire, and more. He can oscillate from a femboy bunny maid into a fem dominatrix giving out jerk-off instructions. 

Finally, Indigo is a stickler for organization. He streams on Fansly and YouTube every Monday, records new content Tuesday through Thursday, does a Japanese stream on Friday, takes off every Saturday, and posts a new video on his personal website every Sunday. 

You can also find Indigo White taking over Twitter, Instagram, Cameo, and TikTok. He hosts a Discord server for super-fans, and his alternative website is home to a trivia game along with more information about Indigo’s physical attributes.

6. Emanuelly Raquel

Emanuelly Raquel

Emanuelly Raquel is the exotic bombshell cosplayer we didn’t know we needed. Even when she dresses up as Cleopatra, your naughty teacher or Velma from Scooby-Doo, Emanuelly Raquel’s trademark caramel skin tone & voluptuous figure remain on full display for our viewing pleasure. 

Her outfits might not be the most creative we’ve ever seen, but her beauty more than makes up the difference. Besides, even though the whole maid trope is overplayed, Emanuelly makes for one hell of a cleaning lady. Then again, when she poses as a goddess, she’s just being herself. 

JOI (jerk-off instructions) is the word of the day, and Emanuelly loves telling her viewers how to pleasure themselves over the Internet. She’s instructed hundreds of thousands of netizens while dressed up as Mrs. Santa Claus, a sexy nurse, the new office secretary and even Princess Leia. 

She’s one of the few popular cosplay pornstars to speak English and Spanish with truly fantastic fluency. Whether she’s seducing the semen out of your sack in English or speaking in her native tongue while she buries a huge dildo to the hilt, you can tell that she genuinely loves her career. 

That’s why she’s expanding her online presence on xHamster, UVIU, XVideos, FanCentro, and Sheer. Fans of Emanuelly’s thick, exotic accent might also enjoy her ASMR YouTube channel

She’s been a recognizable cosplayer since 2008, and you can scroll through 583 videos on PH before checking out her exclusive content. Emanuelly is active on OnlyFans, Instagram, Twitter (X) and PornHub. She also goes both ways, despises rude people and dislikes golden showers. 

Relatable enough, am I right? 

7. Mia Bandini

Mia Bandini

Mia Bandini might be of Polish descent, but she can role-play as whatever you want. There’s really no boundary she hasn’t crossed: from dressing up as a horny devil to flashing passersby on a jet ski, this petite minx does it all. She stands at a demure 5’5” and weighs 115 pounds. 

Needless to say, she’s the kind of girl most men dream of sleeping with after their wives go to bed. She’s eager to follow orders to the letter, and her creativity is unparalleled! She’s adept when it comes to “getting in character”, so you might find yourself getting lost in the storyline.

Even though she’s published plenty of videos where she’s simply being herself (such as when she seduces and screws a stranger in the forest), Mia is at her best when she’s pretending to be someone else. She killed this Catwoman rendition, and she’s crazy enough to mimic Harley Quinn! At the same time, she’s addicted to eating carrots when she puts on that bunny onesie. 

She’s also a stunning secretary, and she’s just the right size to play a petite schoolgirl (complete with a skirt). Finally, she loves playing video games and getting distracted with her male co-star in the middle of a heated round. Mia has a bunch of free content posted on her PornHub profile

If you want access to all the cosplays she hasn’t posted yet, her OnlyFans page is home to the exclusive content you’re looking for. Of course, she handles custom video requests with ease.

8. Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine

Depending on who you ask, Belle Delphine is either famous or infamous. This gamer girl turned cosplay pornstar initially reached mainstream news when word got out that she was selling her bathwater. On the bright side, it’s not quite as shocking as Amouranth’s thousand-dollar fart jars. 

Much like Amouranth, Belle Delphine kick-started her career in the adult entertainment industry by pretending to be innocent while beguiling her fans into waiting for yet another Twitch nip slip. She’s also been permanently banned from YouTube, so PornHub is her place of refuge for now. 

Belle popularized the incredibly pleasurable “ahegao” face, and she might be the only white girl we’ve ever seen that can effectively pull off the whole waifu thing. Even though Belle technically stole her trademark “fuck me” eyes from Japanese pornography artists, she’s made it her own. 

Now that she’s out in the open as a full-fledged pornstar, Belle is making the most of her outfits. Her creativity remains on full display when she cuddles with her stuffies and squirts at the same time. She makes content for all the men who believe the girl-next-door is also a nymphomaniac.

Unfortunately, most of the free content on her PornHub page is nothing but a tease. To give her some credit, Belle does show quite a bit of skin on her Twitter (X) and Instagram. Of course, if you want all the juicy NSFW tidbits that aren’t available for free, her OnlyFans is the place to go. 

If you were expecting to find her on Twitch, I have bad news: her channel doesn’t exist anymore. 

9. Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush has a popular ASMR YouTube channel (one of several we recently featured) that borders on what some might deem to be “suggestive”, but she has another, lesser-known talent behind the scenes. She’s also a sexy cosplayer with an insatiable oral fixation.

Just look at her happy face when she’s gagging on it! 

Even though she seems to prefer facials to swallowing, we can forgive that shortcoming based entirely on her jaw-dropping figure. She’s what the high school cheerleader grew up to look like. Cherry has an eye for detail, and she always gets into character before getting on her knees. If you were hoping to find a demure yet nympho-adjacent minx on this list, today’s your lucky day. 

She’s made quite the splash with her cosplay as Starfire, and her Harley Quinn rendition makes D.C. consider suing her channel for copyright reasons. Even when she’s not cosplaying as your favorite superheroine, she’s always got something that’s long, thick, veiny & phallic to suckle on. 

While Cherry is undoubtedly versatile enough to pull off many excellent cosplay outfits, her main schtick isn’t all that far away from Belle Delphine or Amouranth. She goes for the innocent slutty vibe as a cute little fairy, petite school girl, Harley Quinn, Jinx & her adorable YouTube elf outfit

Then again, when she’s filming a girl-on-girl-on-girl scene with LenaSpanks and MelodyKush, she’s more comfortable with letting her dominant side shine through. We love a woman that can do it all!

And if you thought PornHub was the only place where Cherry posts her dirtiest content, think again. Her Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok are semi-SFW, but you can still get a glimpse of her beautiful body through the cracks. She gets down to business on Twitter, Patreon, OnlyFans, Fansly, and her “revealing clothing” YouTube channel.

10. Riley Reid

Riley Reid cosplay

Interracial gangbangs, no-holds-barred sex, squirting waterfalls, and getting stuffed in all three holes is all just another day at the office for Riley Reid. She’s only at her happiest when she’s mindlessly chomping on cucumbers. Hopefully, our readers can also read between the lines! 

Even though this AVN award-winning nymphomaniac doesn’t predicate her reputation on her outfit ideas, she’s done more than a handful of cosplay scenes. When she’s not finding comfort in Joanna Angel’s angelic bosom or testing the lesbian waters with her best friend after school, she’s likely exposing herself in public and risking legal trouble if a cop doesn’t accept her bribe. 

All jokes aside, Riley Reid is more than qualified to be a cosplay pornstar. She plays the part of Daddy’s naughty cheerleader quite convincingly, and she leans into the slutty school girl trope with enough enthusiasm to make us believe that Riley is actually a misguided college student.

If you’d rather see her get into the holiday spirit, she gets with Ryan Reid (coincidence, I swear) to gobble down all the milk and cookies in sight. By “milk and cookies,” I mean bodily secretions. 

She’s uploaded 300 free videos to her PornHub profile, but she’s been an instantly recognizable name in the porn industry since she was nineteen years old back in 2010. Before that, she worked as a stripper for a year. Her archived content is smoking-hot, but it’s only available if you pay for it. 

I say all that to emphasize just how many photos and videos she’s uploaded to her OnlyFans. For the price of a medium coffee, you can see 16,420 instances of Riley Reid getting plowed. She’s also pretty active on TikTok, Twitter & Instagram (but don’t expect anything too NSFW).  

11. Romi Rain

Romi Rain

Romi Rain has been making our khakis bunch up since 2013, and that’s in no small part due to her impeccable sense of style. By that, we mean her affinity for see-through lingerie. 

She’s also creative when she’s bringing new scenarios to life on camera, and Romi Rain goes both ways in her quest for orgasmic bliss! She’s at home while riding BBC and brushing up on her cunnilingus skills, but she pulls off the whole “slutty gym girl” vibe. I’d be her workout buddy. 

Watch her celebrate Christmas the right way as Santa Claus disposes of his milk and cookies. If religious re-enactments aren’t your thing, she turns into a dark and mysterious brunette. Her Brazzers films are good, but her cosplay films with Digital Playground are nothing short of elite! 

Whether she’s dressing up like she’s headed to EDC for a “rave” (getting obliterated & screwed silly), channeling her inner Twilight with a black skin-tight leather outfit, or seducing her stepdad with those scrumptious milkers, Romi Rain does it all. And, she does most of it for free on PH

When she’s not busy recording new videos for her OnlyFans page or updating her Amazon wish list with the latest lingerie sets, you’ll catch her gaming on Twitch and exercising her Capricorn tendencies as she hustles to expand her online presence. She’s also on Twitter and Instagram

Like Riley and a few other notable cosplay porn stars, Romi sells her own branded fleshlights. If you feel like connecting with other Romi Rain fans, her Discord server attracts a large crowd. Finally, she handles SFW custom video requests on Cameo (and NSFW customs on Tempted). 

12. Stella Cox

Stella Cox

Last but certainly not least, we have the aptly named Stella Cox. Standing at 5’4” and weighing in at 116 pounds, she boasts a 32E cup size and has curves in all the right places. Together with her come-hither eyes, she’s irresistible. 

She began her porn career in 2013, and she’s done 343 scenes in total. Stella is ranked at #142 on PornHub. Of course, there’s plenty of demand for MILFs in the cosplay world. And boy does she know how to pull off her characters. 

In her time as an adult actress, Stella’s been scooped up by some of the Internet’s largest porn studios. She’s filmed countless scenes with Brazzers, #LetsDoeIt, MOFOS, Analized, and more. From sex-addicted stepmom to the naughty girl-next-door, Stella Cox has seen and done it all. 

Her unchanging, confident smirk might be the result of her physical flexibility, jaw-dropping body, perfect bosom, or a combination of all three. The only thing we can tell for sure is that she loves her job, which isn’t common to find these days!

This feisty Italian is comfortable taking on a more submissive or dominant role depending on the character she’s playing. Stella has a thing for guys and girls, which means double the trouble. If you’re looking for a bisexual artist who can switch lanes to become a kinky lesbian nurse, you’ll love her PornHub profile. Better still, she’s also the perfect age to role-play as a bossy domme.

Don’t worry – Stella’s already made her foray into more traditional cosplay characters. She loves getting railed by Harry Potter as Hermione, and she’s a stress reliever for Sherlock Holmes. She was nice enough to teach someone how to drive, and she cleans houses as a sexy maid for fun. 

Even though her PornHub profile offers more than a taste of what Stella Cox has to offer, she’s got even more exclusive cosplay content reserved for paying subscribers. As of right now, her OnlyFans page is undergoing renovations. Stella also has a Twitter that’s currently suspended. Whoopsie…

Have We Missed Any Cosplay Queens?

Cosplay porn is quickly growing in popularity. After all, it’s both more exciting and more specific than simply watching two people go at it. Really, cosplay porn is fantastic for people who enjoy the plot just as much as the sex scene. I’m all here for the escapism.

If you’re feeling bored with your current roster of bookmarked PornHub videos, give these stars a fair shot.

Then again, with so many porn stars trying their hand at cosplay, we’re bound to have missed at least one of your favorite adult actresses. Let us know if we’ve overlooked your favorite. 😉


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