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Looking for free adult fantasy and fiction online?

If you are, then you’ve probably heard of Literotica. A user-submitted erotic fiction site with over 420,000 stories, essays, poems and audio titles….all available to enjoy for free.; it’s like having an adults only library card. The site has been running for over twenty years and has a huge community of active writers and readers. However, Literotica is not the only site offering free adult fiction and there are some niche communities out there just waiting for a new audience.

In this feature guide, we take a look at the best sites on the net that offer free erotic fiction to rival Literotica from diverse collections to those that specifically cater for more unusual tastes.

What is Literotica?

Literotica is one of the biggest websites around for erotic fiction and gets over 53 million hits each month. It was founded in 1998 and has over 420,000 adult fiction stories, poems, essays and audio files….all submitted by the site’s members themselves.

Categories range from BDSM to sci-fi and fantasy, romance to taboo and pretty much everything in between.

Despite being dated in design and not regularly updated by the site’s owners, Literotica still has a huge active community.

Membership is totally free and the site is one of the largest repositories of erotic fiction online, anywhere in the world. We took a closer look at the site in our hands-on review.

reading is sexy best sites like literotica
It’s true. Reading is sexy. Image via Flickr.

Why Use Sites Like Literotica?

There are two main target audiences for erotic fiction sites where content is submitted by the public; the fans and writers of adult fiction.

The truth is that for some people, visual pornography is just not exciting and the written word is far more erotic than watching a video clip of other people having sex, or even playing one of the many visual novel adult games. Often thought to appeal to women more than men, the appeal of erotic fiction is still very popular in both sexes.

These sites, just like Pornhub or XHamster, offer a free way to enjoy adult content although some fans will still purchase professionally published books in the traditional way just as many porn fans will upgrade to a premium adult video site.

The second demographic of user is the aspiring writers of erotic fiction who find that being able to test out their plots, try new genres and get direct feedback from their audiences is worth offering their work free for. Some sites also allow authors to use their platform to market their paid content with links to their websites and online stores where additional material can be purchased.

Of course, Literotica (and other sites) offer additional benefits including that of a community of like-minded people. You can find bulletin boards, chat rooms and open forums on a lot of erotic fiction sites as well as personals. Again, most of these are free to access.

Sites Like Literotica

So, if Literotica is offering this much free material, what’s the point of visiting other sites? Is the quality better? Is there more diversity? Are the pages easier to navigate?

We’re going to give you our best recommendations for websites like Literotica that can answer these questions and, yes, some do tick all the boxes.

Lush Stories

Best sites like literotica lush stories
Image via Literotica.

Probably the closest competitor to Literotica, Lush Stories is more of a social network than just a free online library of erotic fiction.

The site has 370,000+ members and gets more than 5 million hits each month making it one of the top 1000 adult websites in the world.

Members can browse over 52,000 stories from diverse ‘fetish’ categories which include watersports, fetish and BDSM to threesomes, steampunk and swingers.

As well as fiction, you can also find audio files, eBooks and more.

The social aspect is a big draw and there are chat rooms, forums and groups that are pretty active.

You can register for a free 90-day membership but after that expires you do need to become a paid subscriber. The fees currently range from $10-$50 with a lifetime membership costing $200. The various levels give you different bonuses including discount coupons to the Lush Store, free eBooks and upgraded access/control to the social messaging parts of the site.


Launched in 1992, Nifty is a very similar site to Literotica and has an archive of more than 235,000 pieces of adult fiction written by 15,000+ authors. However, the site is geared exclusively to the LGBTQ+ market.

It is a popular website that receives more than 9 million visitors each month and is regularly updated with fresh content on a weekly basis.

Like Literotica, Nifty is free to use but there is no need to register a membership in order to submit a story of access content on the site.

The design of the site is pretty basic but does include categories, a search function and some special collections.


Best sites like literotica bdsm cafe
Image via BDSM Cafe.

Focusing on a specific niche of bondage, S/M ad the world of domination and subjugation, BDSM Café is a really modern and nicely designed site offering free fiction.

As well as free stories, the site also provides free information and advice as well as fetish pictures and some movie trailers. There is even a section for longer fiction and novels.

They receive over 250,000 visitors each month and are the world’s longest running BDSM fiction site.

All content is 100% free and you do not need to be a member to access any material online.

We like the offbeat and humorous style to the BDSM Café but it is the quality of the fiction here that will keep you coming back for more.

Sex Stories

With over 20 million monthly hits to their site, Sex Stories is notably one of the top 300 websites in the world in the Adult category. It also consistently ranks in the top thousand websites visited in the United States and the top 3000 sites in the world.

The reason for this? It has a ton of free erotic fiction.

The site is very basic in design and you won’t find slick visuals but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that you can get access to almost 300,000 stories. And these are split across a wide range of categories including blowjobs, orgies and consensual sex to bondage, coercion and monsters.

There is also diversity in the style and genre with fiction in diary form, true stories and confessions as well as fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

Registration to use the site is 100% free and users can also chat with each other on the active forums.

Erotica Readers & Writers Association Galleries

Best sites like literotica erotica readers and writers association
Image via Erotica Readers & Writers Association.

The ERWA has been online since 1996 and is an international website for both writers and readers of erotic fiction.

As well as providing their own archives of erotic fiction written by members in their gallery they also sell books written by their authors for Kindle and other eReaders.

Straight erotic fiction is available alongside queer fiction, kinky erotica, sensual romance and some flash short fiction and bawdy poetry.

The ERWA also has some nice links to adult forums on a range of interesting topics.

It’s a useful site for anyone who writes erotic fiction as there is a lot of good resources, tips and links.

Adult Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is popular the world over and is responsible for spawning works of fiction which includes the hugely successful Fifty Shades of Grey.

Receiving more than 4 million hits per month and ranked in the top 100 adult websites in the world, Adult Fan Fiction brings together erotic works created as an homage to genres as diverse as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Marvel characters.

The site is not active anymore in terms of the forum or new content but its archives are still full of some excellent content. Quality does vary so be prepared to wade through some pure garbage as well as finding some genuinely worth erotic fiction.

True Dirty Stories

Best sites like literotica true dirty stories
Image via True Dirty Stories.

Not so much an erotic fiction site but an online confessional where users can submit a ‘true’ story to share with the world. Most of the content is just a few hundred words in length so you can easily get a feel for what is on offer here without having to commit to reading lengthy novellas.

It is a relatively popular site that gets over 300,000 visitors per month and you can see why; it’s easy to get addicted to these flash confessions.

Content is free to view and there is some categorization.

Sugar Butch Chronicles

An award-winning blog site dedicated to queer-sex erotica, you can find a good deal of dirty stories, poetry and essays curated by writer and dominant butch educator Sinclair Sexsmith.

Themes including LGBTQ+ sex, BDSM and kink.

There is a search function but the layout is in a blog format so isn’t that easy to navigate.

Quality is very high and the site is very popular in the queer community (ranked in the top 250 sites worldwide – Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual category).

Erotic Review

Best sites like literotica erotic review
Image via Erotic Review.

For high quality erotic fiction then the UK-based lifestyle publication is the place to go. Once a traditional print magazine, the title has been transformed into an online eZine and offers an intelligent and erotic collection of submissions.

Unlike many of the sites on this list, there is an editorial team working on this site who have standards. This is obvious when you read the erotica they publish.

You can access new content as well as archived material for free but the site does also offer some great articles, reviews and essays.

The Kristen Archives

Founded in 1997 this is one woman’s personal library collection of erotic stories. They are not all written by one person but merely curated for the website.

The navigation and design of the site is basic and the fiction is arranged in directories that are filed in chronological order. In each, you will then find a list of titles arranged alphabetically.

There are some categories in which each story has been placed as well as a search tool near the bottom of the home page. This does make finding relevant content easier but we can’t help but feel that the site needs a little updating.

All of the content is free and you can expect to find a diverse range of genres and subjects covered including:

  • Impregnation stories
  • Military stories
  • Gloryhole stories
  • Swinger stories
  • TV, Movie, Sitcom parodies

Alt Sex Stories Text Repository

Best sites like literotica alt sex stories repository
Image via Alt Sex Stories.

Not as popular or active as it once was, the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository still remains a good repository of free online erotic fiction.

There is no shortage of people visiting the site with current hits per month exceeding 9.5 million but new content is not as forthcoming.

The design of the site is also pretty basic and is not easy to navigate or find specific content. However, don’t let that stop you enjoying the thousands of user-submitted stories, some of which are pretty good…but not all.

Quality is patchy on this site so you might be forced to read some utter trash before you find the gems.

Remittance Girl

Another site that doesn’t get updated as often as you’d like, Remittance Girl offers a collection of erotic fiction that is themed around BDSM and other fantasy/fetish content.

It is a personal blog site but there are some guest writers; however, the quality of the stories is very good and well worth bookmarking. It’s a shame that the blogger isn’t as prolific as they once were but there is enough content here to entertain you for a while….and it’s free.


Sssh is a female focused and ethically produced premium porn (sorry, sex positive cinema) site that also hosts a lot of original adult fiction.

It is unclear exactly how many titles their library holds but membership to the site is available on a 2-day trial at a cost of $4.95. If you do decide to opt for membership then you also get access to exclusive photo galleries and video content. The latter includes some VR Dynamic 360 movies.

As they say, it’s feminist porn for women and couples so might not tick everyone’s boxes in terms of content.

For the Girls

Best sites like literotica for the girls
Image via For the Girls.

Once a free repository for erotic fiction written especially for women, For the Girls became a paysite in 2003.

As well offering a diverse mix of provocative articles, hardcore sex movies and explicit photos, there is also sex advice, humor and erotic fiction.

You can get a free story without registering for membership but all of the good stuff is for paid subscribers only. Current prices are $22.95 for the first month and then $15.95 per month recurring or $44.95 for 90 days (non-recurring).

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