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Looking for erotic tales of kinky sex, fetish fantasies and deviant confessions?

There is some snobbery around when it comes to adult content, particularly when it comes to the differentiation between erotica and pornography. Whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubt that erotica sites are thriving – with a number of hugely successful communities to choose from.

Looking to read some kinky erotica online? Literotica is by far the most famous of the erotic literature sites. It has thousands of hot submissions, and a large Fetish Stories section. If you’re looking for a kinkier library of sex stories, we’d recommend BDSM Cafe (the largest of its kind) or the fetish-based Lust Stories.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best erotica sites where you can find kinky stories around almost every conceivable fetish.

Looking for kinky stories to liven up your bedtime reading?

You’ll enjoy these sites…

What Are The Best Fetish Erotica Sites?

Best fetish erotica sites

Of course, we have to start with the most famous erotica website of them all…


best fetish erotica sites literotica
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Originally launched in 1998 and still one of the biggest and best go-to sites for literary erotica online, Literotica is ranked in the top 75 adult websites in the world. It receives well over 40 million hits a month which isn’t bad for a site that is almost entirely text based.

Yes, there are other elements to its platform including some personals, free chat and visual content but the vast majority of this site is the written word.

Though not a Fetish site in itself, Literotica has a great selection of stories for some mainstream kinks as well as niche material for some more unusual adult categories.

Arranged by category, you can find an entire section for Fetish in addition to:

  • BDSM
  • Erotic Horror
  • Exhibitionist & Voyeur
  • Incest/Taboo
  • NonHuman
  • NonConsent/Reluctance
  • Mind Control
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Transgender & Crossdressers

However, it is the Fetish category which offers the most diverse of kinky stories with over 16,700 user-submissions. And all of the content here is written by amateurs and submitted by members of the site; this includes fan-fiction as well as original stories, confessions and fantasies. There’s even some content with audio.

Browsing for stories is easy and you can use the Advanced Search tool to narrow down content by keyword within a category as well as by author’s name and date.

The Story Spinner tool is also pretty cool and generates a random story for you to view if you don’t want to browse through all the submissions.

Content is voted on by members so you can also view work that is well-regarded by other users and the Fetish Hall of Fame contains plenty of quality pieces of writing including such titles as:

  • Hypno Sissy: Cum Cravings
  • Becoming Her Wife
  • Gloryhole Addition
  • Teach Me Professor
  • Kinky Tales: Pegged By My Wife

There are also some serial works which run into dozens of chapters so if you enjoy one, you can catch up regularly with fresh new installments. One that has many followers and now runs into a few dozen chapters is the Two Hundred Dollar series which embraces plenty of kinks including spanking, role playing and domination.

All in all, we rated Literotica one of the best erotica sites available on the net – and the best part about it is that it is entirely and 100% free. They do monetize the site with ads as well as through the sale of anthology collections of its best stories plus through live cams, premium porn affiliate sites and sales of sex toys through its online store.


best fetish erotica sites bdsm cafe
Image via website.

A modern site that is reaching wider audiences all the time, BDSM Café is (surprise, surprise) an erotic fiction collection based around the themes of subjugation and domination.

It’s the longest running BDSM themed erotica site in the world and as well as offering free fetish stories, fantasies, poetry and some longer novels and series, it also acts as a great source of information and has some good advice within its pages.

Unlike Literotica which is a bit staid in its design, the style here is offbeat and humorous with a more edgy feel to it.

All of the content is user-submitted so quality and talent does vary and there is no system in place for upvoting a story if you think it is praiseworthy. However, the folks at BDSM Café do seem to have reasonable quality control and the few pieces we read up on were pretty damn good.

Searching is via a standard keyword bar and there isn’t an advanced feature to this or any kind of sub-categorisation.

What we did like about the way that content is organised is that there is a ‘Reading Guide’ before you click on a story which tells you roughly how long it will take to get through. This is handy if you are looking for a quick kinky story or would prefer a longer read.

Titles give away much of what to expect but these thumbnails also include a visual image representing the main themes plus the opening few lines to entice you in.

The Fantasies section is particularly arousing and there are some kinky confessions here about users’ desires.

Overall, a decent place to find some well written kinky erotica and, again, all entirely free.

If you’re particularly interested in BDSM, see our pick of educational bondage books, as well as some curated BDSM fiction.

Lush Stories

best fetish erotica sites lush stories
Image via website.

With content submitted by a community of over 454,000 members and covering 57,000 pieces of writing, Lush Stories offers a great collection of fetish erotica. It’s another site vying to be seen as the top Literotica alternative.

Covering a variety of niche porn genres including looning, high heels, latex and pantyhose to BDSM, spanking, smoking and more, there should be something for every fet-fan here.

Of course, like most of the sites on our list, the content here is not just kink-related but the stories are well curated and tagged so you should be able to find material easily enough. There is a search tool to use keywords if you can’t.

Stories are upvoted by members so you can see popular content easily which does help with quality control as there are some pieces we found that were offensive in all the wrong ways.

Overall, a reasonably good library of fetish stories with a decent community based forum and chat service so you can connect directly with the writers; great if you have any requests.

Alt Sex Stories Text Repository

best fetish erotica sites alt sex stories text repository
Image via website.

Similar to Literotica, Alt Sex Stories is a heavily text-based site in terms of design. It’s very basic and lacks any kind of advanced search features or curation; it’s quite simple and dated which isn’t particularly appealing.

What is appealing is the vast collection of free fetish erotica contributed by over 1,000 writers.  The site is effectively a curation of the moderated newsgroup, and as well as several other popular erotic literature archives.

Here you can find over 380,000 short stories, fantasies and episodes of novellas all focused on similar themes of kinks and fetishes such as dolls, latex, bondage and feet. You name it, search for it and the chances are you will find hundreds of results.

And, for all its lack of visual appeal and slick design, ASSTR actually ranks very well in terms of performance, notching up monthly audiences in excess of 4.5 million visitors and putting it firmly in the top 800 adult websites worldwide.

Overall, the quality of the writing does vary and the site could be far more user-friendly in terms of finding content but as a free archive of fetish erotica this is one not to be missed.

True Dirty Stories

best fetish erotica sites true dirty stories
Image via website.

With over 800 ‘confessions’ available to view this is a small archive of sexy stories by comparison to other sites on our list. However, there is a niche appeal to this particular collection of erotica and that is that these stories are all (supposedly) true; this keys in to a popular niche fetish of voyeurism.

All very brief, you could probably read the entire site in a couple of hours, it’s not a site that you will keep coming back to unless you dip in and out. Which is another aspect of the site that makes it enjoyable; sort of like a s’mores board.

Fetishes aren’t the main theme of the content here but you can find some mainstream kinks covered including:

  • Wet Sex
  • Pantyhose
  • Sex With Strangers
  • Voyeurism
  • Outdoor Sex

Overall, some of these true stories are more amusing than arousing but a big thumbs up for free fantasy confessions and for the people who bared their all for our enjoyment.

Sex Stories

best fetish erotica sites sex stories
Image via website.

Back to a larger collection of fetish fiction, Sex Stories is a massive library of user-submitted writings from diaries and essays to short stories, sex jokes and poems.

Again, just like with Literotica, the site isn’t strictly about fetish themes but you can find a huge range of kinks covered within the site:

  • BDSM – 3,207 entries
  • Bondage and Restriction – 3,622 entries
  • Cock and Ball Torture – 290 entries
  • Domination/Submission – 5,749 entries
  • Female Domination – 1,893 entries
  • Foot or Shoe Fetish – 454 entries
  • Lactation – 591 entries
  • Latex – 98 entries
  • Pegging – 164 entries
  • Sado-masochism – 755 entries
  • Spanking – 2,230 entries
  • Torture – 1,363 entries
  • Water sports – 1,698 entries

Whilst this doesn’t cover even half the content here it does give you an idea of what kinds of mainstream and niche fetishes are included within this vast collection.

Another site that could certainly do with some modernisation and slickening up, Sex Stories is another text-based platform that lacks visual appeal and good navigation. However, just like Literotica but unlike ASSTR, users can upvote quality material so you get a Rating which does help to filter out any pieces of total rubbish.

There is an advanced search tool which will help you narrow down your results and responds to genre, theme and keyword.

Accessing material here is free but if you create an account, which is also free, you can rate the text and add your comments as well as upload content yourself.

Adult Fan Fiction

best fetish erotica sites adult fan fiction
Image via website.

Another popular erotic fiction website and one that reaches over 2.5 million people each month, Adult Fan Fiction is for a specific niche of erotica; the fan fiction.

If you remember that Fifty Shades of Grey originally started out as a piece of fan fiction then you will know just how addictive some writers’ work can be. Yes, we know the general consensus of feeling that this particular title has among fetish communities but there is good work to be seen from amateurs attempting a similar thing.

When you hit this site you will be tempted to believe that it’s no longer being updated but head to the archives and you will see that there are plenty of submissions still piling in to the site as well as a huge collection of fan fiction stored online.

By fan fiction we mean stories that parody or are based on popular existing titles or characters and are often subverted to include fetish themes.

Popular targets for treatment of this kind include Harry Potter, Anime, Buffy/Angel, Lord of the Rings and Manga series.

The quality varies a lot here and it isn’t easy to find stories with a specific niche but you can head to the forums for help from other members. Certainly a site to have a look around if you enjoy subversive takes on popular culture.

Novel Trove

best fetish erotica sites novel trove
Image via website.

A nicely designed site that offers a broad collection of erotic writing, Novel Trove receives around a dozen or so new stories each week.

As well as covering mainstream genres they do a good selection of BDSM, Kink and Fetish as well as Cuckold, Soft Domination, Femdom and Exhibitionist/Voyeur themed material. Mostly short stories with some full length novels and true confessions, there are definitely some writers here that deserve a wider audience.

Speaking of which, Novel Trove only gets around 80,000 hits a month making this one of the smallest sites on our list but certainly not an undeserving mention.

We like the design of the site and there is a keyword search tool in addition to content being well categorised and easy enough to find.

Like Literotica and other sites, uses can upvote the stories which makes filtering by popularity  a good way to find quality kinky stories.


best fetish erotica sites bellesa
Image via website.

Not a massive amount of content to sink your teeth into on this site but a reasonable standard of quality, if a little on the vanilla side at times.

It’s a female-friendly erotica site that ‘dabbles’ with kink rather than giving way to full-blow fetish fantasies.

You can find around 100 Kink and BDSM titles as well as Rough Sex, Group Sex and some non-binary content.

Remittance Girl

best fetish erotica sites remittance girl
Image via website.

A completely different site to many of the others, all of the content here is written by the same person, Remittance Girl. It makes it easy enough to discount the site if you don’t like her style but she is a talented writer who can spin a great story on a range of categories including plenty from the kink niche.

In the main these cover the themes of BDSM and bondage, domination and submission as well as some rape fantasies. The length of erotica here also varies and there is a good selection of novellas, short stories and series. She has even published some of her work in eBooks.

The site itself isn’t easy to navigate and there is no way to search for specific keywords in the content. You do have to head to the individual sections to see a summary of what each story contains but this is quite neatly laid out and easy to spot kinks like Needles, Cutting, Rough Sex, Caning etc.

It doesn’t look as though any new material is being added at the moment but there remains enough on here to keep you occupied for some time.

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